WWL>Topics>>1-10 12:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about Brent Musberger

1-10 12:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about Brent Musberger

Jan 10, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the controversial comments made by ESPN Announcer Brent Musberger.

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Hey good afternoon I'm still looking forward -- today this cell line of strong thunderstorms continues to move through Louisiana and now right now in the downtown CDC metro New Orleans area. There is not. A lot of severe weather right now but that doesn't mean you're not in it we're gonna continue to update you on this. Throughout the afternoon -- breaking news weather updates here. Those things that he's. People do. And some of the things that people should not do when driving in this kind of weather. And isn't it amazing how many people simply don't turn on. Their headlights. Which puts on your tail lights as well what what what sort of not putting when your lights in. In inclement weather doesn't make total sense but see that's the big challenge. The challenge is to get people to use. Common sense which is not nearly as. Comet as it should be a -- so I'm talking about -- must burgers comments during the BCS national championship Monday night. Where he had said that they see that young lady there and as she does go to Auburn I'll admit that but she's also miss Alabama and that's AG McCareins girlfriend. While I'm telling you you quarterbacks get all the good looking women what a beautiful woman. And he said that to his partner in the Booth Parker street who's a former quarterback for Ohio State must -- went on to say. Lol so if your youngster and Alabama -- getting the football out. And throw it around the backyard. With -- I -- is -- Want proof. Then it's. Ugly quarterbacks. Get hot women. Look no further then. Heisman Trophy winner Johnny -- Zell and his girlfriend. He is not -- handsome got it I can't really -- pictures of the Heisman Trophy winner of the freshman from Texas a and M I can't really picture him but look quarterbacks. Britain must -- right quarterbacks get. -- -- -- And I can think of some here in the New Orleans area well who are good looking but they still. Have great looking women and again it's saying that a woman is beautiful. You know maybe some people are a little uncomfortable with how much time Britain must Berger spent with. This you're talking about her and but I heard it when it happened. And it just didn't seem like it was a very big deal to me and I don't night it seems like we've just done gotten far too sensitive when it comes too far too many thanks. -- comments have been described as creepy. Uncomfortable awkward. And evidence of a culture of domestic violence and sexual assault in football. Are you kidding. Apparently some of the ESPN's staff and the production truck cringed. At one point when I'm most Berger was -- talking about it. -- -- -- The parents girlfriend and they told him that at one point 20 to move on now she was not offended at all neither was her father. Mean do you think ESPN did the right thing by issuing an apology from -- comments were you offended. And does the fact that must burger is 73. Making comments about a 23 year old. Play in this controversy. If you wanna join our show a comment our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889. At 0878. And it takes number is 87870. And a since this is live radio if you're in this weather right now when you are reports -- flooding or heavy rain or anything that you see wherever you are. And in this sudden this area. -- not just downtown New Orleans but anywhere in this area if you want to work. I join us with a report on what you see a caller show you can give us some on instant information on where you are. And other people are going through this as well. Also if there's anything that you would like to pass on to drivers that. Consistently don't do the right thing. In weather like this to to be as safe as possible. One of the -- is obviously turn on your flashing lights. The other thing that you should do is. Not to turn on your -- turn on your headlights don't turn on your flashing lights and we just had Louisiana state police on the -- I want to set the record straight on this one more time. It is. Illegal. To drive with -- flashing hazard lights on that should be an indication that the vehicle is. Stopped. That should be an indication that the vehicle is a hazard. If you have to put your hazard lights on. If -- that if you're that much of -- hazard woody doing on the road. Get off the road. And the best thing to do is to pull off. Off the highway off the interstate completely but if you can't do that the at least get all over on the on the shoulder so again I just. Wanna set the record straight on that and and and here's why. Especially when you're in fog or -- there's the visibility is very poor. If I'm driving and I see on all of a sudden I come up onto a vehicle with a flashing lights on I might slam on my breaks. Thinking that vehicle is stopped. And that could cause a chain reaction of accidents. And that's how those big massive. Chain reaction accidents happen somebody slams on their brakes. But if I see the flashing lights that's what I'm supposed to assume so regardless of what you've done. I mean we might be saving your life here. We might be saving somebody else's life. Don't put on your flashing lights. If you're driving in rain or -- And here's an update on our -- W -- pretty general opinion poll do you use your hazard lights were driving it's -- 82%. Say no 18% say yes and you can give is your opinion by going to our web site. Demi WL dot com I in the immediate downtown New Orleans area CB deal looks like we're in some of the lighter rain but there's still some moderate rain to come. And I'm getting some text about -- street flooding I'm around the area up from -- Scott -- under the W well good afternoon. Yeah I -- I drove from the war was -- -- chatter coming back to Metairie no. About a half pogo there was heavy rain on interstate going toward -- But it's just beloved moderate to light right now in Metairie. Yeah looks like they're heaviest part of this and find this and it's moving there through our area has moved through word downtown New Orleans but there's still some moderate rain too. To the west and again to the south and the north a lot of people are getting it on. -- on any advice for people driving in weather like this. When -- -- -- -- lights on and drive carefully at all. Dan if you if you ten to text while driving. This would not be the best day. To do that. I hear is attacks did feminists appreciate most burgers remarks. On Hillary was appalled. I did not hear comments from the secretary of state to Hillary Clinton. I hear is attacks to men are bred to admire a beautiful on women no matter what the age. I hear is text -- reads ESPN needs to leave that man alone. They're making a big to do over nothing. -- she said herself that she was flattered. And that comes from jog. And let's go to New Orleans and break here on the VW out. Stay you don't take Brad. I just want to comment. You know more apology. Mr. must burger it was -- -- mentioned. You can Chile was contractually with a woman shouldn't have very good looking woman. And are you are are gonna compare -- -- broad governor it would that would junior large. You know it's if you can if you can get away we're going to do our. Now he's 84 and she's I think 34 and now we're learning that she's pregnant. -- exactly what -- -- I initiated gap and Koppel. At least publicly. Yeah I don't you know there's nothing wrong I I've dated people much younger then me and end it is to it depends on why you know it if it if you're a creepy guy and you're with the younger beautiful woman for the wrong reason. Then. That's wrong but you know. Edwards has always. Been surrounded by in beautiful women to Brandon Lloyd employs college show thanks for listening. If you're on -- say what -- if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And a -- number is 87870. Because we've had this severe weather to talk about Andy had the possibility of -- that the tornado watch in effect until 2 o'clock for all of southeast Louisiana. That includes the other metro New Orleans area also flash flood warning in effect from the food shift saint Charles saint John the Baptist parish until 1 o'clock. Again the strongest storms are now moving into Mississippi. Light to moderate rain for the rest of the afternoon for southeast Louisiana whatever we don't get to talk about today and we'll talk about tonight eight to midnight on this -- show. And we'll be right back under the WL. Good afternoon I'm -- -- -- garlands we continued to I bring you breaking updates on this severe weather moving through the area. I know let's go live to the channel four forecast center and chief meteorologist girl buried under -- joins -- with -- update Carl. They skewed yeah the O line is still pushing through washing -- so essential saint Tammany parish. And approaching the Slidell area of its say into lake -- kind of bowed out. East toward a bit so it's into lake born there -- marsh is a saint Bernard parish down towards extreme southern. Plaque -- and spares so it's still pushing on through the threat for tornadoes has greatly reduce now if you're west that outlines of that includes New Orleans and westward. If you're no saint Tammany washed in pearl river county. I -- -- accounting extreme southern -- men's -- you you still wanna consider that tornado watch until 2 o'clock but. We're still gonna have rain could you see some more thunderstorms later on late this afternoon. Looks like Summers trying to fire up back towards new Liberia. And and -- west of Baton Rouge so we're not gonna be done with the rain until at least after 6 o'clock this evening and there may still be some thunder but. As far as the threat of severe weather I think it's done with at least for now with this initial line. The secondary thunderstorms developing will just be thunderstorms I think so we're still gonna be dealing with simmering through most of the day. -- a disservice could've been worse based on what we are looking at earlier -- well last night and earlier today. Yeah we're looking -- also say heavy rain threat because of the slow movement at this. System has it been to parts of Texas they got 789 inches of rainfall in sections of Texas. And it's sad last night over central Louisiana for a while and -- -- the line did move on to but we're still dealing with rain we've had as much is that. To a two and a half inches of rainfall in parts of our areas so far just today alone in the still gonna rain most of the rest of the day so. -- river flooding is going to be an issue over the North Shore for the Nextel. Day or so with some of those rivers will start to -- with all this heavy rains so that we something we'll keep watching along nor shall rivers. For the metro New Orleans area is the worst over. I as far as this -- threat for severe weather yes they're still going to be some rain there's -- could be some. Isolated pockets of some moderate to heavy rain that could produce some street flooding. But the rains knocked in a letter it's gonna be pretty persistent light to moderate at times but it's going to be raining through most of the rest of the day. Until at least 6 o'clock this seepage and is also moved through the Mississippi Gulf Coast and on to Alabama and Florida yet eventually it'll get there right now it's part of its didn't approaching the up pearl river. All the way from washing -- on south where so pearl river -- -- county it's about to begin for you with the line pushing off towards east who looks like it's more intense along some of the coastal areas from Hancock county so. If you're along the beaches there in Hancock can. Harrison and Jackson counties that you may wanna be a little more concerned there's a line looks more intense from that region on southward. Or another breaking weather update with the chief meteorologist curl a Redondo from the WW LTV forecast center -- we'll be checking with you. Again throughout the afternoon professor if you're right in there heavier whether right now just -- it will be careful regardless of how heavy the Iranians and he'll be really careful about Hydro playing somebody brought this up earlier. When you start to -- complain. At that point it's really too late to do anything about it. And assuming sent a text earlier about not having your car on cruise control in the rain. Because if you're on cruise control and you hit you hit water and start tiger planning is. He didn't you're gonna get an accident and it might be serious and you may. Cause of the people to get into an accident as well I'm screwed in for growing pressure on WW LA good afternoon. I don't don't go to. They're a good -- through -- home. Also -- triple the -- alluded to a nuclear right now or. I'm over here already achieved basic boot and Gulfport Mississippi and it will reveal all become an -- we experience. All the real crucial bill. Or it's not as bad calls all the who gloomier moments typical story about it in my -- drive and it's only. They don't want to give him his book -- -- it'll be -- -- -- with the -- or so. I Kristol thinks that I days so I had not his foggy is it wise but also the rain has -- sort of -- yet. No no it is -- you over here but -- important -- a little article appeared live there not been coming down. All -- we all over here at this point so. I -- I don't I don't want to go look at closely was forthcoming about remote burger and -- orders you can say controversy behind it. Now. It's enormously assault and now at the wall in social grew older folk that major he would do play pool. -- ceasefire or. One that you compete in -- blog at a -- for a good people have a Victoria's Secret also. -- let's just -- everybody was thinking. Can't can't can't say it's like all out. I'd -- like to -- opiates were reportedly told us. Ourselves open but all political impact look like there and on the stay in the content heard about me. Cute Mena airport and here's -- -- so we don't always going to be a little that would eventually it felt like they're afraid I don't know I wouldn't say go to a you predicted expansion could attribute chasing you -- Whoever put out what -- -- little complicated -- didn't have a problem with -- profile or an envelope mature and have a problem with -- -- being here and try to have a problem. About it Chris I -- -- hey thanks for the weather updates from my Mississippi from Florida Tom you're under the WLA good afternoon. Today. A lot towards a lecture at about -- and whether it broke. Outside about bill off outlets are mobile -- and they try to order. Period of one kind. You. People need to understand is did -- onto interstate. You know -- your -- -- But certainly they're really bad. It's a refugee agency argued it -- speed drops below forty Bob -- -- you -- supposed to try and watch on. And so you can safely. Get to the soccer rodents. That that is kind of an exception. Well and then that exception comes under that part of the -- the state law that says unless your vehicle is a hazard to other traffic and if you're going ten miles an hour on the interstate you would be a hazard. But you shouldn't be -- ten miles an hour for long you should at an. The most the most -- time get off the interstate. Judge I agree I just wanted to I just wanted to make sure that people -- -- pickers. Those flash really do help if you could CO Bob Bob yeah repeated in June and you didn't know. Bob but something's up but you start small like out on this sort of -- news. Yet it Brett got lost -- -- -- -- added some levity to. Otherwise. Terrible football game and he was talking about. -- -- -- Called her beautiful woman. Who tried -- The ultimate beauty contest. Fortunately wrong with the. And there are a lot of beautiful women in Alabama so if you are miss Alabama if you win that contest of course your beautiful. I I I I agree with. I don't think he went on too long although he went on -- too long for for some people are just I mean think again it was it was it weird because he 73 and she's 23 and why should that be weird. You know right now. I love Taylor Swift. I don't love her but I think she's absolutely adorable she's really cute. I love her personality although she doesn't -- with guys are very long so even if I were her age and assured wanna be your boyfriend 'cause I wouldn't be your boyfriend for long regime changes boyfriends like they changed the that the menu of -- the -- and to address -- But. I'm older. But I can still say the Taylor Swift is really cute has a really great personality. -- in several Levine. Was becoming popular. I just I loved her edginess I thought she was really cute. And I was very open about that I didn't want her to be my girlfriend. But I said you know what if I was that age I want her to be my girlfriend because I never attracted girls like that when I was cars to minority I guess I've. To some priest told M. But I don't think there's anything wrong you know. Consider the source considered the motive. There are people who are lectures in this world but not everybody who complement somebody. Is lecture us -- everybody who complements. Somebody was attractive. Is hitting on them. If you -- -- show with a comment our numbers 260187. The toll free 866889. Is early semi Texas say 7870. I'm -- in fort Garland were coming right back with more on WWL. It's amazing how many songs include the word raining it that are appropriate other daylight today. So it's not purple and it is raining I'm students to enforce our. We have a new WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll for -- -- spirit is ESPN apologize for Brett must Berger saying. The girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is a beautiful woman. Did ESPN do the right thing or the wrong thing. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes if you are to the east of the immediate New Orleans area there's going to be some very severe thunderstorms that are gonna still. I hate you but the line of thunderstorms has pushed through New Orleans and the line of heavier thunderstorms. Now we still have some isolated. On heavy thunderstorms that are -- to our west and are gonna be moving through the area but the strongest of the storms now moving toward Mississippi. I'm light to moderate rain is expected to continue for several hours throughout New Orleans and southeast Louisiana and all of southeast Louisiana is under a tornado watch until 2 o'clock. But Carl Giordano from channel -- just told us a few minutes ago that that has been greatly diminished even though it's still. Officially in effect. And the National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning that is still on effect for look foolish saint Charles and saint John the Baptist parishes. Until 1 o'clock if that is extended we'll certainly pass that that information on -- I just a use common sense and I know for for many people that's are a real challenge but. Attorney used common sense when it comes to how windy use your flashing light Hugh your supposed to be pulled over on the side of the road turn your lights on when driving. I don't drive too fast. Don't tailgate at any point but certainly. Don't tailgate. In weather like this and don't have your your -- cruise control. I in this kind of weather because you could end up by complaining and if you're in cruise control first of all even if you're not in cruise control. Once you start to Hydro playing it's very difficult on to prevent something very serious from happening. If you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 26 don't when he seventy toll free 8668890. Wait seventy and it takes number is 8770. We're talking about the the comments that Britain must border raids on ESPN during the a BCS national championship Monday night when they focus the camera on eighteen McCareins girlfriend Catherine Nguyen who dismiss Alabama. And he said she was beautiful and said did you quarterbacks get all lived the good looking women I I mentioned that you know quarterbacks get all the good looking -- Yeah I know that was rather -- -- that a text haven't saying that I should've said that I realize it was rather pedestrian but. You know. That's the you know eight guys talk about about that in and I'm far from being a person who is a sexist -- know sometimes I'm gonna let things -- and so you don't quarterbacks get all the good looking -- which is true. Here's a Texan Reid said miss Alabama has far more professional assets and -- pretty face. And an attractive body. So sexist simple minded and not expected -- or acceptable. For. A national spokesperson says mr. -- must burger I wonder what he is. Grandchildren. I wonder what his grandchildren family think about his inappropriate comment ESPN. Knows about sexual harassment. You know I again. I I think if you're offended by those comments your -- you're due to sensitive. Polite not by I don't think these were -- -- -- a lot of bad people in the world. -- -- because somebody says that somebody's beautiful. Doesn't mean they're a bad person with ill intent. From New Orleans when you're on the BWR good afternoon. Yeah I -- interracial look to just comment. Even Oprah Roethlisberger made the comments about Billy. The camera. Katrina relief went back -- throughout the game -- think so yeah at halftime and -- they went back to a total return now and that. And I'm so very little burger together what is the -- is being -- police say it's. But the cameraman continually went over to that direction like keep it going make to keep the door to the mine so it's the British should be here at the end partners book. It chairwoman has behavior. I think that's a really good point -- and also the director calls the shots that there are numerous cameras throughout the stadium and they pick the shots so. If they're picking a shot with her -- it look we know that sex sells that is -- that is a fact of of life when he comes to human beings. And so here was this a very beautiful woman and yes they. Did focus in on her but I again is she can't help being beautiful. Running the reasoning wrong I don't think there was anything inappropriate about what terror must Ferguson. It's a bigger than -- quite must -- them to try to cameraman and -- production. I think it's a good point when. From Algiers want a year on -- WL. I hate and that. I've -- that group considered so. EMT and they're about making news keeping you attend their attention focused they don't want to create an epic -- at saint to a certain extent. Mean this particular -- -- man that come up Luke complementing a woman you know if he has been. Didn't want the attention they would have played it up. They want the attention. Well you know I think that's a good point although you know sometimes negative attention is -- good attention ally great -- -- TN has gotten some negative attention I got a text earlier. For somebody city ESPN should apologize. To see general manager Mickey Loomis for the whole wiretapping studio whatever happened that that was never I was never proven. You know because because they blew it all up and when they got -- and when -- work but I will just. Got a it can't it can't predict that I can -- people that is too sensitive. I'm 67 Israel if happy young man and I think he's -- look and get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it's okay for women to do that but it seemed to be OK for men to do that and did something wrong with that I you know one I appreciate you calling her show and thanks for listening. If if I wanted to compliment somebody my motives would be very sincere. And yet I have really backed away. From complementing an attractive women because I get snubbed. It's like they think I'm hitting on us and I guess women think that because of the way most men on. But a lot of guys just might wanna compliments. A woman. Patricia is attractive or say something to just because I say something do you doesn't mean I'm hitting on. Roethlisberger. Called AJ -- girlfriend beautiful. Did you quarterbacks get all the good looking women. He's right. On both counts. Take your -- stay with a signed -- in for Garland we will be right back with your comments on WWL. I just get back from Portland visiting my son and his girlfriend wherever it was rainy like this and it's like that all the time I was in Seattle before that it. And it's raining there -- a lot -- -- -- the weather didn't bother me at all but you know there's no place like home and that's the title of a blog that I wrote for our web site visit WWL dot com. There's no place like home. I think it's true. He could find that in -- if you will not come under our opinions. I think with the heaviest of the rain has moved through the immediate New Orleans area but it appeared in the east of us it may be coming toward you. Quite -- go live to the -- WL TV forecast center with the chief meteorologist Carl there Redondo who has another update for us. That's right skewed most of the heavier rain is still extending from our eastern Washington perished. In 2 eastern saint Tammany parish and down south towards us Slidell and moving -- along the mile to the root of pearl river and then most of that line extends offshore Saint Bernard -- in just now moving off yet lower tip -- -- plaque commenced perished but. West of that line it's a pretty persistent green light to moderate at times at the looks like back towards up. Couple loose and new Liberia looks like a couple of showers and thunderstorms are in -- pop up again so again it's gonna be rainy most of the -- and -- 6 o'clock 7 o'clock this evening we should start to see that rain begin to taper off but for the the next several hours. 234 hours it's gonna be mostly rain. Look through I watched the progression of these a little pockets of thunderstorms that look like they're developing back towards the west. All right as chief meteorologist Carl -- -- for the WW LTV forecast center to. I'm screwed in fort Garland today and chuck here on WW LA good afternoon. -- its behavior they do with good. I don't -- real quickly here I would like the game -- Table two below basically if you don't do it we don't really -- a -- at a couple points number one. How -- sports commentators at the united commentators -- play by play guys. It color commentators they paid entertainment and flavor. -- something we -- we're watching. -- -- -- When you look at economists number one bit worried Norway. Did too little oil oil derogatory toward the other lady. He called what you saw -- what you saw a beautiful checked give young woman who would one of you know. That would be a little bit missing Alabama so I mean I could see few very -- just. And an even though it even though this were stolen the first quarter -- in the game from the beginning was almost a blowout so. It was only time because intact because given the fact that Notre Dame normally would scoring about twenty. It maybe 27 points per game or 26 point she gave the game I had given up more points in the first half they've given up. -- and it's the it's gonna play by play announcers responsibility. An obligation. To talk about whatever the camera focuses on and that's the decision of the director. What -- the irony and hypocrisy. Over it that I see this do you look at ESP did in other than I am Oliver who's African American. -- -- a reporter who's been on W Leo. -- -- CBS trailer for years. Advocate Erin Andrews page to steal. You'll see an Anderson. And others are talking about -- -- very cheaply and attractive young women and how we're doing. -- not necessarily color commentary -- but they're hosting children co hosting shows how quick athletes. You know because -- shown this thing that you feel very attractive women. In front of the camera. Why is dead certainly these days. Com. And at the same time legal TP go to games go to sports game who don't support these spores came. The young women who -- -- And I think patience at the global here even if there is slow here is very cheaply and they opposite they Wear these or not. And shapely unattractive women. I wouldn't let let let us be honest excelled at sex sells. I'm well whether we like -- nobody -- -- -- it's it's entertainment. Every everything that's why wouldn't even though it's a sporting event everything that's on TV is designed to. To get your attention and sex. -- I would -- terribly -- I would simply say. They would put subject matter in front of you to prove to promote or. -- it's provocative. Sex sells. I'd be glad to color show eventually stick like just take a look at Fox News this is not a criticism this is an observation. Fox News knows that sex sells. Fox News goes out of its way to in certain situations. Have. Sexy women. In a predominant position if you look at the TV show the five on Fox News. There is an alternating. Attractive female with long legs with -- -- her skirt up to mid -- Wearing clothes to stripper shoes. On on the senate. Now they don't put anybody else they are they put an attractive woman they alternate. There's some of the women and there are a couple of different women who were in that position and then when they go to commercial break. She is swinging her leg to get you to focus on her leg and her hem line up to her mid defined. More than MSNBC more than CNN. Fox News uses sex to sell. They have the highest ratings. I'm scoots in from -- and we will be right back on WWL. It's still raining and New Orleans and really throughout this a part of the country interference in light rain now there's still a possibility of some moderate rain. But the heaviest rain has moved on past New Orleans now appear to -- east of the city Mississippi and Alabama Florida. It's heading in your direction I think they -- we still have a tornado watch in effect for all of southeast Louisiana including. Orleans until 2 o'clock but did the chances of a tornado laden I'm coming out of one of these clowns is very greatly diminish. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. ESPN apologized for -- must -- saying the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is a beautiful woman. Did ESPN do the right or the wrong thing. They did the right thing 17%. It was the wrong thing to do 83%. That's on our way -- cited heavy WL dot com. And we'll talk about this a more tonight on the -- show from eight to midnight from New Orleans Doug welcome -- show this afternoon. Hello Doug. And I will put -- Donald we will do choose to get back to him Paula you're under the W a good afternoon. Hello ball. Assistant a lot of people are just such Leo dropping off. Did you think that ESPN did the right thing to apologize for Brad must burgers come as the -- at the woman was beautiful. Here's a text the female host of NFL. AM is absolutely gorgeous to me. And they are also others out there just is gorgeous just saying. Here's a text or where was all the uproar when a -- -- name if said he wanted to kiss -- called bear on Monday Night Football a few years back. I missed that here's -- section Jennifer -- from fox eight is hot. I hear is attacks to on the comments about this Alabama he was trying to make a boring game more interest saying. The man had to say something it's the responsibility in the obligation of any play by play announcer. Or anybody who's behind the camera. Anybody was talking to give a commentary of what he's shown. Why is Britain must burger being criticized. The director calls the camera shots the director makes the decision about what you put up they're. And it it I imagine how awkward it would be if they show her and he didn't say anything. And what he said again this wasn't wasn't that bad and it is true. The quarterbacks get all the hot girls. And women -- -- -- rich men and get hot women. It's a fact of life I don't like it you might not like it when he it is. A fact of life. And got a couple of text about AJ McCarron as a mom. That she was hot. -- -- was sitting right in. For preferred that the right in front -- women in the -- again we'll continue this a conversation tonight. And what I want to know is if if you're attractive woman.