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1-10 7:10pm Vegas Runner on who to bet

Jan 10, 2013|

Pregame.com's Vegas Runner breaks down who you should be laying your money on this weekend in the NFL playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What does all season long and he was red hot last week. He said take all was in the national championship that was 41 clearly. That was unlock -- -- go to Houston Texans he said go with the Baltimore Ravens. He liked the green bay Packers and also in the final game of the week in. He acted a bit of victory as well as the Seattle Seahawks. And as about the Ole miss rebels he liked him as well the once said that he fail in the Cotton Bowl but we would take six and one. Any day of the week these are a pregame dot com and -- October -- We're coming down the homestretch -- games this weekend down too so let's switch things up a little bit. And it's getting real deep this week in let's give -- in this those. Some may be some sixteen teases a little -- lays there and let's start out straight up. With the Seattle and Atlanta game where the Seahawks are about a two and a half the three point road on -- Yeah and a -- Clayton because that that all week. Long and pretty much but a few years. You wonder how you bet against the -- -- you can make some money around this season. Somebody forgot to tell that team they're not supposed to win in the playoffs -- rookie quarterback. And that's exactly what this week and that's exactly what they're gonna -- this week one of the top spot. He could possibly put a team and they played last week pet it. -- and now they've got a lot to complain Atlanta set and it's been a lot of the team but I. Think that it. Stylistically. That's what it takes to beat the Seattle Seahawks when we. Played at Portland thing the first time the Saints beat them. Protecting the paint at the end of the game the night beat that team was because. You know was able on the purple. If they can't on the well this team to be in trouble. That's not gonna happen against Seattle you're not -- on the football the second time they played the lead on that Thursday night game. They ran up successfully. They were able to do. I really think they're going to be able to do that against Seattle. Seattle gonna make this team one dimensional. And I know report regulars in -- not gonna get waged against Matt Light at home. It's it's just pick -- situation like it is pretty much with this point spread. But the play. And historically this team just has not been able to get it done in the playoffs I think that continues. I'm -- with Seattle I really think you won't even need the points. Don't be completely out there are coming to grab it for a short but I think in the games straight out. Now VR but now the question is and and and I like that approach you take him. But to me and they get him miss that now we don't know I mean he's a bottle of John Abraham the Benson and his ankle house series that is but Seattle's star Davidson and Chris Clemons. And -- word about -- -- said mark a bigger role for Bruce Irvin Bruce -- as a pass rushes in every down. Linemen I'd -- of thousands of Bruce sermon turbans in there they gonna be -- and Ryan Adam. Hopefully that the weather is trying to do we remembered it. Him as strong secondary Seattle and it -- secondary that I think is going to be able to achieve a little bit. Thankfully I think that's what they're going to be able to overcome that. -- that being down in the -- weights eating -- -- get that the number one seed by Hank I know most respected. -- odds makers most professional -- never really thought this team was a top five team I did because they kept winning games but. And they -- it not been able to get it done in the playoffs. And I think they match up well against this Seattle teammate and the real. And good defense like Seattle this entire season. And let's not forget Atlanta plane went in the offensive coordinator a new defense -- coordinator at ease and and I -- -- Think they're going to be ready for the Seattle team I really don't think and that the wet. Offensively. The weapons to eat sensibly so -- match up well the only thing they have is playing in this game and -- And that's been a pretty strong opinions predicting winning seven of eight games but again someone forgot to -- the battle but not supposed to be winning these kind of games. And it -- looked like there is poorly right now. And admit that very winnable game for them I really think it is. IVR now what take on the other NFC match -- San Francisco Saturday night. A three point favorite over the Green Bay Packers in San Francisco. We couldn't stop the game for the next forty minutes and whether it's at this stage a lot. I think that we into the game at bat that took place apart we can see it. When green it was a base and went -- there and they set them. But but it's simple. And why try to make it in the really need to be in ticket what one thing with this game. And that's the quarterback situation. You -- -- on one side of the field. And at can't make on the other side of the field. I'm gonna take the doctors every single day. In that situation. Supplement. To look any deeper if you make it. Big entity metrics and things like short sampling and statistically. We like the team on paper but at the end is playing a game. In -- rookie quarterback camp -- make one up against. I don't know where this game employed again I'm gonna count Rodgers and the green bays anchor is one that most. Important statistic he could possibly. Which -- it's displayed that the -- meaning the team that has been better. In -- this little. Situation will win the game time and not play its quarterback completing. Offensively and defensively. -- and that we get a team's quarterback. And now other team scored waiting is against them when they're on defense. Came in these situations applies only clean. And that we note surprise that they have a quarterback rating bands and -- but even on the offensive side of the -- quarter. That and a passer rating against him and against green light -- and even if you want it. A team that that. Category. Split up it would it. It. LB entire season can't pick and a little while. And again not get -- -- you get three points I don't think they'd need I think to win games straight up so once again on the out here and on the that they. Line because -- -- it and it same plane. -- VR also I think and you know always look at injuries also and and you brought out the advantage a -- Aaron Rodgers but I don't buy a franchise quarterbacks when all's said and done because his mobility might be the best at their best. -- is Colin cabernet but I look at also. Who widening -- be no football. He might be the best -- it's -- lineman the most disruptive in the National Football League is just in Smit. And I I know he hasn't recovered from his tries that -- -- -- -- playing with one arm. And all the aunts and it went just as it's been out he's cyclists so I getting a look at battles so. Agree 100% and we now. Get Leighton received in. There's nothing more game and look at the injuries and look at it equally bad sign as well I mean years. The way where it looked at as an -- is let it calm. When you wake up -- that situation. The -- That -- probable. You know. -- couple questionable so I mean obviously guys on them but they're most players. Better. An impact players -- going to be 100%. Toward the end of the season and what you remember when it comes that he felt like out. Even in the regular season. That they can't. -- now -- professional batters wise guys in the call it what you will. A substantial. Genes and because the more times -- This sport. Are gonna put out and -- the way they try to limit their exposure. So when you look at this game you would think that. Money's coming in Green Bay but that should not dictate because they -- -- this season. And you know sampling and get some play here. You know the way across the board to -- and across the board. I will we think there's a lot of view is -- base side and it's set up nicely if you replacement quarterback Monday night. That game on the -- for Seattle against green -- But came up there with no time last. Once the -- -- replacement at quite a bit. Green Bay should one game Seattle ended up winning that game I think these QB in NFC championship. To decide to go to the Super Bowl. -- -- let's move over to the ANC's sat out first match up Saturday to take Al divisional weekend. The mile high Denver Broncos at home on 99 and a half point favorite over the Baltimore -- In the posting I came in my mind what Baltimore's one that was. Page where now they play so much better and they do on the road if you look at that -- split. Compare players at the advanced metrics -- My home so well that the economy is ridiculous. And when you're in the -- -- the team with eight remaining. How -- the week went to prepare I like the way. Denver jump ball. The page and meet but to put in any game that I really believe that more to keep this close Amelie and I say that is. Denver business like. And they get the job done it if they're not. There really blow teams away and Kuwait. We know eight meaning it's into the next on to the next on to the next and brought a lot of experience in these playoffs. I think that problem they can't beat because he and pierce. Yeah it would it the way they did last week he and against the Denver defense successfully which allowed only three point six. Yards per rush attempt. I think it's going to be -- all about it more but again I will hit as many points with Denver he remembered eastern teams. He played and it was a couple of weeks ago it was in and -- I mean in and get beat them by seventeen points so new company in -- next now that they're -- now. That I'm gonna get any. -- -- -- And when I look at this point right now that's exactly why they're not gonna get a discount on the Broncos they know what that money coming in on them they know. -- -- Denver. To a wedding as just have to win by one point the comedy -- I think he's going to be closer -- and I didn't -- personal line so -- I'm locked up three games of the one -- but at. But. I'd take more than nine and -- ten points but I think Denver means is that championship game. Now the I was -- way you look at Peyton Manning vs the rays were Ravens it's almost laughable. Including the playoff Peyton has been the ravens' ninth consecutive times. The last big treated Baltimore beat Peyton was December 2 2001. In Baltimore so does that even come in the play that Peyton is at the Ravens number beat them ninety thing. And any time you're gonna win something else and weak game that makers understand that it's going to be the talk. They've got. In for the price the odds makers to make sure. Statistic -- information. Is back into the right. -- I want to -- it age. Information that statistic it's kind of like trying to be that bad. That they information and it's -- Wayne you know in the deal makers on what jobs because it's not. Factored into the price once since factor into the right now when it's not -- -- -- you find any kind of argue. And I think in this situation in the patent on -- more. Yep that definitely has to do it and that's why we're looking at this time of the number I remember. A time when they played Denver. They had just really offensive coordinator. Caldwell took over and he had never called offensive play before in his life. So I -- top of the situation as you could do for more that we get -- played Denver and I'd be content. And the Arctic kind of remembers one in the way and because these two teams played in the second week -- December but it's still fresh in everyone's mind. I don't think it -- that tied the game I think it has a lot closer game I would be surprised that we little course in the last time as well. The off -- the same number in the AMC. Nine and a half point favorite. New England over Houston how you -- You're your your list there's the please pull over -- it would be declared that -- But. I'm gonna tell you right now but this one is pretty much one of the easier ones I think at all you'd know I'd probably say you know it. -- absolutely lobby Houston Texans in this. The point where I know it happens you. If you've. He can play not long ago -- attempt at December of the plate. This game one in New England on Monday Night Football. At one point that it had been number two New England -- it's clean and five because the course late money would come and play it all that happened every single week but at one point the it's -- Now nine -- -- ten that this -- and hit point adjustment. The pregame. New England played three games since then Kim and play board games since then. And bet -- betting on things that an adjustment at that point should be made it. -- implode -- the first time. I don't think that's warranted one day I will Internet is different Houston team. Was in Houston new make in the playoffs cute puppy home field advantage so not. On. -- -- New England squad catching fire and Indiana now when any team could be seen any given week -- can flip a switch. -- -- -- Plane like that -- -- you he'll play in. Had been into school where you could flip the switch it up in the fourth quarter. And it came away and yet you on the -- down the stretch. When they needed the game I understand -- The one that came. They may -- Cincinnati. Sport is not indicative what it did this team out gained them by 222. Yards. They kept them absolutely not being if they'd settle for the open when it came away I think they don't in the ointment in. But I think it was a big game -- -- and I think you -- the ball on line and get more fine but. And definitely -- the point we don't Belichick has made you money in the play and I think they'll find time they played in New England these talk. Have been playing all game it's that same one that cupboard if you remember the Jets -- New England beat -- well in his -- Doing -- -- in the regular season. What happened at Jets scored on the England in -- playoff game and -- well. Look for Houston defense but put pressure on. And looked shocked but on the success against that week -- secondary. -- New England I like -- that. And and I liked the way in this game. Via -- got three of the four dogs only covering but winning I don't have a fun. -- off full team seven point -- And it simple and getting it. Q and Seattle was a big numbers. You're out a lot. And he again green back up and you again you stand up a lot seventeen. And you know well I think Denver but again. I think that -- going to be closer so I'm gonna take a more plus the points. As well if you want added total I think between Beijing stay on the I think that the little too many points tampering is not an don't want -- -- on the field too long. I'd like besides -- the total so it. That they're going to be -- week last week we got it. Don't be surprised that before the sport -- week. And B are you see any any totals -- like on in the same frank Green Bay game -- -- throw just a -- little bonus on my list and is now. Always. Of these old what's what's game -- best partly. That evident that that that I. I really think the most value is on the Houston Texans. I love you stand and and I -- about -- -- been in Seattle on Sunday part of that was that I think their money. V off a pregame dot com last week we as the office seven he was six and won his lone loss of Oklahoma in me -- him. But as long as you're Breeden I -- will lab will take six and one. Every every week beyond next week we'll -- not. What's a deficit narrows goes on I got two games so it got to kind of stretch out and get some different or it may want -- some don't it doesn't. -- -- that and try to pick up -- point spread going to be in the Super Bowl. These are a pregame that count the hot night so much as the crowd enjoyed it and make money this weekend. Had to make some money yes indeed via Austin has three dogs -- not only problem. But there will win the only dog he thinks will cover up but won't win will be the Baltimore Ravens and all the action starts Saturday different Baltimore. San Fran in Green Bay followed by ten in Seattle Sunday in new England and Houston it's the best round playoffs. On -- home was Super Bowl 47 is it takes. Osgood has over and lands in San Fran and Atlanta will win it -- we don't care who -- and we were about winning and money this is postal on WW --