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Jan 11, 2013|

Dave talks about good songs for Friday, eliminating the state income tax, and the NFL playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this eleventh of January 2013. And give me a paid gold -- EG I have welcomed death ride. News. It is the top vote getter -- when I asked her to get them what songs we could play this -- out Friday. I'm not sure yet I'm trying it out look the other -- ally. You know here guitar. -- -- And now he's. Very strong -- I have to have some other samples and I Obama's vision it was another suggestion and you needed to -- TG IF welcome enough pride. So while riding my last night line up. It's -- blues on call these cigarettes. Craig is tradition started in our bag rounds is that the pocket of the. -- think of that. I kind of where we're number one on one more and then loses -- and testament. To what. TGI -- will go out. Real time rendering. -- -- -- -- We'll talk. Lines on the party. I didn't -- and I yet. A lot of work on Friday event. Three of the suggestion. Kind of went downhill I think the number one on those to me is just doing market for the weekend yet. Well those are wrong -- Maybe -- -- -- -- unity can we were doing crock you know have to -- your yacht that Newark anyway. Anyway don't hornets are playing these days three or after come over the hornets are part of its -- -- -- thing -- -- Man about his ticket to get him back -- -- -- -- NBA if what song do you like the -- -- out library yeah -- we got that beat good choices right. We -- -- little. Plastic pop there I guess it -- and for the weekend my lover boy and then a little newer country with radical Black Friday. And that this is classic rock that -- -- and bang the drum all day. So there are all right. Yeah there's so many more to go and I'm sure you will get a that's the of those suggestions that we listen we're gonna have to find one more we found deploy it which is one hour ride them. In the meantime text mediate 78 avenue -- -- know what don't you think is appropriate for fry today is and lost on this one about about governor Bobby Jindal suggestion that cannot rid of this state income tax. And replace it with a higher sales tax -- couple different ideas. Some people say -- raise the sales tax one point something percent -- an -- as much as 3%. To make up for the loss in revenue program the would be state. Incomes that we don't wanna be broke at the end of the day on this but the idea of not having amassed with high I don't know. There was a little cheer that went up and parts of the newsroom early this morning when those came out soon. Maybe people like it. Lot of people anyway. Ads are. You know the arguments for -- mean more business for the stated it'll attract more retirees for the state it's very business friendly very retiree friendly actually Bradley are the people who make a little more money. Yes it is that is true it's considered a more fair tax by many because everybody pays. You know based on what they -- the more you buy the more UK I'll spend what you pay. But other people complain that it's regressive meaning that. The -- If he'd -- As poor people pay more taxes are currently off. A income taxes more programs that means that wealthier pay higher taxes. As sales tax is considered regressive in that. Even though haven't paid the same amount based on what they buy it is it more a larger burden on the poor that is. The income tax I guess the question is do you want the port paying more they would some people call it fair share and -- on unfair shares -- We'll put that out there should the state of Louisiana get rid of the income tax. And charged higher sales taxes -- other states like Texas really get their body out of higher property. But don't talk about that in Louisiana days ago thank you David there about fifteen minutes. More news here on WWL I am not an attack on coming up whether you're sports and while stuck about it violent video games and -- -- violence in the text messages fly and an 87870 with Friday song suggestions one person says why not wrong well I -- last week especially with the playoffs underway in the ninth out of it awaited season and it just felt wrong play that on Friday morning bit. I don't know maybe after some time passes we do -- and we'll try some others that coming out of the news coming up at 530 WWL him implement economic value forecast. Cloudy skies and some showers possible all day today says still keep those umbrellas out highs around 76. Tonight cloudy skies with ball rolling and and those in the mid sixties now for the weekend was it 20% rain chance on Saturday still a high of 77. But Sunday we get decent thunderstorms rolling through a 50% chance with highs in the upper seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell cloudy skies now no rain -- the international airport it's 65 degrees cloudy and 64 the National Weather Service office in Slidell wins -- all around the area a little bit of fog reported here and and there. Cause any trouble. They have causing trouble us the -- -- specializes and it isn't a sports on a Friday morning good morning -- Good morning -- the red hot -- loved ones are back in action tonight on this Friday night at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves coach money -- in the hornets have won three straight away and says they're not satisfied. You gotta get on even when they're doing well you got to point out the things good Ken merchant and it's a natural human instinct zoos. -- Tip off tonight in the arena is at 7 PM -- catch all the action. On WB well FMR 105 point three now that Sean Payton has signed sealed and delivered for another five seasons. With the black and gold saints general manager Mickey Loomis says the deal really wasn't that hard to put together. I don't think it was that difficult. Because. Look at insurance and pensions. All along was to be here with the saints -- crew that was their intention. -- stop by sports talk last night you can listen the entire interview online at WWL dot com LSU's list of underclassmen entering the NFL draft reads eleven. An offensive tackle Chris Paul decided to forego his senior season. -- was considered a candidate for early -- before the season. But he suffered a season ending knee injury in the opener against north Texas. Any NFL to Cleveland Browns have found there necks think coach it'll be Roger -- the former offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers here's ESPN's Chris mortenson. They haven't done villages since -- he's does this native -- -- he's sixty billion. With the browns on two different stance previous stint as an assistant coach. Divisional round the post season this weekend the top seed in the AFC Denver Broncos host Baltimore Ravens tomorrow at 330 in the NFC it's Green Bay and San -- at 7 PM. Today at four on the media do well it's the fans in the pro with the saints color analyst who you guys on myself all -- RG three. And new year kicks are for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs I'm Kristian garic and that is your little of its. Five points you all right right now negate your picks for the Saturday playoff games and then next Apatow look at your -- for the Sunday play games the stood. All right so which -- its first tomorrow. There be Baltimore in Denver writes in Denver -- Denver hosting -- game the rate -- ten point favorites. Now OK so who wins the favorite the Denver Broncos or the underdog the Baltimore Ravens lose career is over Denver. I'd buy a bunch. By a bonds. Bought that how much that is the liberian -- -- at. -- Bombing nom -- pagan on the cover this -- -- and then the late game tomorrow. San Francisco hosting the Green Bay Packers -- rematch from week one. All right Green Day and it's and Fran. You think when the census -- defense too tough -- like the niners niners aunt. Big know how to be a close game. Three point six points with a visiting Denver and will be Baltimore. San Francisco will be -- all right coming up in about point five minutes -- it's accurate or sports or take a look at Sunday's games which are. Which. Are the New England Patriots. Hosting the Houston Texans Houston Texans -- and in Seattle visiting they hated dirty bird. Now. Aren't we predictions for those coming up in about when he says he has more sports thank you Christian because -- Troublesome or else he says will be back with your forecast. For your weekend on this Friday and some of your thoughts that you've been texting -- -- 7870. Right after. Size 46 this morning -- days on -- on take this job and shove -- one says lessons on text message to -- 78 semi -- look out weekend by deadbeat dad Ted Nugent Friday and my mind what Chris Tucker tells ice -- in the movies Friday as another. I like the last one thing that dropped -- does Loverboy got to vote. It's finally Friday by George Jones says another one cheers by -- it's 5 o'clock somewhere is easy -- just get paid. Thank god it's Friday about Wycliffe Jon -- crop we talked about that song is as another one that was that Rascal Flatts song Friday. Finally Friday by George Jones finally Friday by George -- to Margaret that once the chicken dance has my vote no no and no. Fun -- Not a man with a four. Dave -- session for -- I am keep that I'd never once has another one that was working for the weekend by Loverboy and noses about Johnny -- just get paid that there are some choices. We'll keep considering that. What should we play for Friday we're gonna play the forecast for you now on this Friday. -- the umbrellas away just yet still some spotty showers around today into tonight. Look for highs this afternoon around 76 -- tonight cloudy skies with some fall. Lows dropping to 66 degrees set for Saturday 20% rain chance highs in the upper seventies then Sunday high of 77. And it's 50% chance for some showers and thunderstorms. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist -- Now I get text messages from a few people traveling and I twelve senators have missed in some -- a little bit of rain up there on the night while on the north or near Madison bills though you know otherwise cloudy 65 international airport. Dublin just at five miles an hour cloudy and 64 the National Weather Service office and slide out relative humidity is running between nine be a 100% there was. Moist and muggy outside. War for a morning in the mid sixties. I'm -- it's nearly into WWL. First news coming out. CBS takes a look at one student injured in a rural California school shooting a kid brings his brother -- at school and -- another kid. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this eleventh of January 201013. -- is a big TG I have welcomed outcry it and. There's another nomination the cheers Friday Amazon. In the whether it. Surgery that's not as rebellious. I'm familiar with Kristian -- suggest and one that some other people also like this is the Rihanna song it's if you like this. Yeah unity -- oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I'm doing. -- it's effectively the -- you know -- you have that it media boat out at all yes response that you just want to get up and yet -- parts. That is. The first one on the working for the weekend one not some bite for Ireland -- -- -- several votes here argument began. TGI outcome of pride game. Easy commented. Okay. This. Again it's. And we never mind set of them. -- -- -- It's so far and -- she's got a whole bunch more vote or yeah a much more -- come in and month and all the rest of my guess for next week -- many other selections and it's that your favorite so far more time. Yeah TJ I have Rotterdam and. Good job of. -- -- -- 878 cents. -- start -- by -- the majestic and system attacks coming up here on WW Valium and right now though you know we can talk about it the movies -- year out and -- as a box office and you know once the nominations come out for the Academy Awards it kind of throws. A wrench in the -- is most of those movies come back to the movie theaters and that's still there and they are available -- they -- the result at right back in again critics choice awards were on last night that was interesting. And we had the People's Choice Awards and before that. So all kinds of options. Now available to you but let me tell you what is opening in wide release today at the movie theaters. And your first option is zero dark thirty goes into wide expansion that's the chronicled it belongs on real. Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin -- I wanna see that ban it is picking up all kinds of awards last night and the night before so that's that's an option that's in theaters in wide release now. Gangster squad is the new movie coming out Sean and Ryan Gosling Emma Stone and -- cast of as superstars Los Angeles 1949 a secret group police officers. Led by two determines sergeants were together in an effort takedown ruthless mob oh boy. So again that. Haunted house this is a comedy making fun of other. Scary movies and this is the Wayans Brothers that are involved in this one at least Marlon -- And they have a lot of fun at the expense of scary movies. Program -- -- otherwise he's going up against the current top five of Texas chainsaw 3-D. Blood splatter everywhere in our 3-D. Guy wearing somebody else's space that is that. I jango unchained is number two currently hobby it hanging in at number three. Name is at number four and parental guidance at number five to David like what you think will be number line tall man -- -- -- -- watch him from all of that I gotta go with zero dark thirty -- I think I don't think I've got a lot of company retrieval went on national I'll keep my that's already open in new York and LA now. -- -- people there at the Upton the now open everywhere else thank you thank you rise higher gusts that come to stop thank you David are wonderful weekend -- talking about thirty minutes with more first news here on WW -- disappointment actually Chris Miller joins. With spokesman for the Jindal administration explaining why the governor. Wants to get -- of the state. Income tax. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I take it. -- -- And as meteorologist Laura but. Friday happy Friday you had that five day -- ready you've been waiting lines and haven't day. Right let's meet with you I'd been taught right and Juliet feels -- -- do especially since the bulk of the rain. Is gone and finally we have a morning where it's warm and we don't have any real problems in the weather no. -- -- but there are some showers out they're not here in this city but it just west of us they're still at some rain. And we still have rain in the forecast today not heavy rain and storms from yesterday. But still showers and a few of them could you know be a little sticky here there are a drought that dated to. The evening we are getting text messages that it's raining in Gramercy -- at night twelve near. The western portions of saint Tammany parish and wringing over the causeway. Yep yep that showers north of -- it's really easy thing in the city right now but that may change later today to don't -- the umbrellas away just yet sorry I -- we are all that -- add -- that rain I wit yeah I'm ready for the that is well. What is it not tomorrow that rate is today about 40% but tomorrow down to 20% of mostly cloudy. But not -- rain chance tomorrow that change is that on Sunday. As our next cold front are rides from the west and I think Sunday night so most of Sunday to speak cloudy and and rain free -- that's Sunday plans Sunday night some thunderstorms roll through as another cold front arrives this time. Dropping Temps down a bit for Monday and Tuesday how cold -- -- go back door will see highs in the sixty stuck -- -- and right right. Just just at the seventies will say. -- there you go out there at the forecast. As we make their way into the second weekend -- 2013. To hear about what authorities in northern California discovered. When they were doing and AM check on -- home. They found what they call an alligator like reptiles they Mr. T we alligator like Gallo -- can figure this one man. Whoever on this alligator like reptiles named Mr. T. -- -- protecting his stash of marijuana according to cops and Castro Valley. They -- police found 34 pounds of marijuana estimated a 100000 dollar value. Along with a five foot long. -- -- plexiglass tank that's the -- of the animal yet okay yeah I am a man OK -- got a picture of it. It looking like an alligator it -- does between an alligator. And yes there are a lot of heat that that name obviously show that at alligator looked in the creative name but. That haven't yet real real Smart they thought about that. While visiting the guy was on probation to the -- that -- -- to check on him he's following the rules. And well the police as we got guard dogs all the time we search war in grow when we've third row houses people's dealers nationally all types of doubt but alligators you just don't see that every day. Dance of this. Alex you are looking -- payment. Yet they -- like. They're probably down here one that's not an alligator. -- because really how big with. About my feet. Pretty yeah yeah yeah I think -- was sickly in not doing well now cops took the exotic animal to the veterinarian and the event and that he was sick and actually died and once that there. -- I bought at that time -- why can't I I don't make -- not popular at yet. We have -- and not make it you know probation probation not a good idea at a used a exotic animal that illegal by the way to -- -- -- And didn't work out for the man provisions and he's in jail and news. Guard. Jeter -- Animal alligator like reptiles that. Happy happier thought that we. Yamana I don't now. Well actually -- -- India -- I'd like -- I don't think it. Then out again and that -- back -- -- and in our -- Wrong it probably. -- Nazis in a thank you Laura. I've now had its Rite -- finally on Monday. -- direct from the island is sport well gay Christian Gary tenuous sports after this market not that you're texting an 8787 yet what song we should play Friday. Also a few people texting and on violent video games that the White House is talking about today. Do violent video games contribute more violent society and despite court rulings things they're protected by the First Amendment. Should the federal government make efforts to restrict violent video games. That. For us. Down rain ice tonight -- splits as one segment -- -- 877 and the North Shore and others storming in Picayune that they go -- again as others -- rain out there. Well coming down on us on our radio now is -- -- Garrett -- Friday morning sports good morning -- happy Friday. Have a Friday morning the youth -- -- -- coach money waves are back at it tonight at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves Williams's trying to corral his young team and keep -- in -- After ripping off three straight wins. Just keep going keep -- And with young guys it's hard because everything they've done so far there is granted them a huge reward. The hornets and fuels the ball tonight at 7 PM on WB relative of 105 point three saints general manager Mickey -- stop by sports talk last night reflected back. Bullet point twelve season in which the saints finish seven and nine and out of the playoffs. Clearly that's what we expect. To be a playoff team every year ends and you know where they used thirteen and three year eleven and five -- -- -- it was a record it takes to get there. That's what we expect to begin to list. For the entire interview with -- log onto our website at WWL dot com L issues list of underclassmen entering the NFL draft reached eleven. -- offensive tackle Chris Paul decided to forego his senior season fall was considered a candidate for early entry to the NFL draft but he suffered a season ending knee injury. In the opener against north Texas the Cleveland Browns have found their necks think coach it'll be rod since he. He served the served as the -- according to the previous two seasons for the Carolina Panthers in the divisional round of the postseason this week in the top seed. In the eighth seed Denver Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens tomorrow at 330 in the NFC's Green Day. Visiting Francisco 49ers at 7 PM today at four on WW ballots the fans in the pro with saints color analyst hope you guys John and myself we'll talk RG three. Who's your pick in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs I'm Kristian -- that is your limit its. It's 552 all right last half how we had you tell us what you think what happened in the Saturday's game is to use that you -- Denver by a bunch over Baltimore and you think the niners to win a close game over the Packers so now the pats are hosting the Texans but he alike and that one Kristian -- As a rematch or early December when the patriots pounded Houston. I like New England much closer game though I think you know a touchdown here. Our a new inland. Eight CD all right what about -- -- hated hated dirty birds. Hosting the Seattle -- Could put it down Atlanta BO and four under trial Warren but Thomas Dmitry off Mike Smith. And then Matty Ryan in the post is. Pounded. Now I think that's -- 36 point ball game as well. The -- you think in Atlanta continued its losing ways. He uses -- for. Seattle I think right now Dave yes me -- and represented -- this is of. -- -- folks that are Christian -- Thoughts what are yours well take knows it needs that need -- your calls Tuesday no money that people read that the 8970. And to a -- there -- text messages today that it -- coming up on songs you think we should play on Friday morning. After this on WWL happy Friday and thank you for joining us. There's another. Now start chaos. Well maybe we should play on Friday and other -- I think that's the fourth vote for finally Friday night Georgetown. That's that's how about -- Bob and lollipops I got load. Finally Friday by George Jones is another one that. We're not gonna take it anymore about Twisted Sister I write songs for -- weekend my wet Willie check it out southern rock I feel like it thank you Walter. The other ones it's. I gestured Houston Atlantis and left her behind per year. In the air tonight they'll count I love that it's confident the right than Republicans or. -- to drum solo maybe a bank could come all days is another one. The easy job as one more. As well I would think in the here and now I'm definitely taken -- -- to -- with -- bush inner because of anything but wrong about that just. Because of look at the team that -- next the -- the way it was done states' out is another statement today that he would ever ought to get technically Mardi -- on that Friday morning. While to figure this zone right now the report. Or this Friday mostly cloudy skies at 30% chance for spotty showers and we'll see highs of 76. Tonight cloudy skies and lows near 66. And tomorrow mostly cloudy 20% chance for light shower and highs of 77. Then Sunday and scattered thunderstorms to make stand at 50% chance kite still in the upper seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist -- now. -- showers out their attacks and estimates 78 semi thank you raining on the I 310 -- on the causeway ranting on the night twelve that in Slidell rating on the night while the Madison -- Gramercy -- there's some rain out there -- cloudy the airport 65. 100% humidity in Slidell where it's cloudy and 64. I -- any suggestions to read them all so thank you for those but I will review them all right now we get Tommy -- review the next four hours of we'll preview the next four hours. We'll talk about playoffs and people for and against will also talk about this new tax plan by the governor. Would you rather like hearsay do away with the income tax and just -- sales tax I would having just -- -- 2011 partner. Is that he got extensive behind again and every thought that it's those still put about it while you're almost a year late and battery. Is that a big refund will be they would put. And them this one at eight American women binge drink three times a month that people have to drink the data get -- seems like it do. And that CDC report what fourteen million American women go up three cents a month drinking.

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