WWL>Topics>>1-11 9:10am Tommy talks about living in gloomy weather

1-11 9:10am Tommy talks about living in gloomy weather

Jan 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to Mike Kaplan, the Program Director of 103.7 The Mountain and 107.7 The End in Seattle, about living in a place where it's perpetually gloomy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaking of Nike let's go to the Pacific northwest now shall wait what we're gonna do well because you know the sun just. Peaked out for what will we see the -- morning ground units as -- fifteen at the most made a cameo appearances -- at last night you may have been able to see it for just a couple of seconds and and man it's been. Terrible around here we that it already Vermont over the weekend either it's you know where your chances for rain right on through it's enough to get -- down it really is so we always thought we talk about that for awhile and and see how you're coping with the with his dreary dark. Great weather and you -- in the sunshine and are not and if you ever thought you could live somewhere else like I always thought I would love to live in the Pacific northwest -- at least not for example Seattle would be great place to live I went. And visited and you know -- get a feel for -- of the place and and I -- the nature. Rather -- rivers and mountains and all but it was misty. And cloudy almost all of the time. Conversely I lived in Las Vegas with the job about eight months just about every day. It's like when a cold front comes through here at 9 o'clock out in this guy occasionally some like. And as it man blues guys sunshine knee and hired today in he had against special. Stuff to put a new dashboard there to keep the dashboard from -- and -- are. Right signs Ohio in the summer that you can take that vague and fry it right there on the sidewalk and drove me equally is Griese so when it comes experience could immediately he either extreme -- -- with so we called predators might Kaplan -- vote into little while is that. He was here you man I remember my -- a night like last in the doors during Katrina when the windows blew your -- that. Is like her on the day HMS bounty Marciano he's in Seattle you're talking in my announcement thank David. Good to get bigger government program director for one of three point seven the mountain KN ET and one of those seven point seven yen. In DD in Seattle and and Mike remember those days last and doors together. Romney's and it wouldn't -- a lot and it seemed like yesterday seemed like forever ago right but he it was it was quite sometime and you know I what I like in appear to Seattle and maybe estimated that the -- company in Seattle on. A beautiful place yeah I heard about grade but kept it got a lot down and in New Orleans to talk a lot down there. Well what was that wrong column that is. Kobe because I that you know how he won't -- that you killed at a because yours deal how solid evidence that you guys did in the race. A little -- I would guess January 1 is seems like candid and here you have recently I think last Saturday we had some sun on the last. -- okay sort -- imagine eight months of solid ground upgrade their stop -- -- -- -- -- in the winner approach. And industry and are all you've worked up a lot of the church. I get the joke is appeared to like it is what it what you're looking forward to summer and so in China with. Great you get -- and watch that and -- in such an intact and that would attract people yes and that's what you you live for just that short term used time. Exactly it in -- -- industry and -- He is opposed to summer monster about solid slightly too much nobody liked it or not. But at least you see the sunshine and then you see the clouds commodity it's cloudy. And just like beginning of the movie the bridge on the river quiet right after that the sun comes out. No really you don't -- and and it's sunny again I don't know I couldn't deal with nine months of this I couldn't do her. Here shot at it and you don't do is to -- -- -- -- will be. Real. We're not what I did your -- of the -- our regional presence and they. So just just took a trip one so on. Capital and I. Say the -- to. Take a trip wants the ball in the church in the industry in trouble and it get shot. -- -- It's seriously. -- -- -- You keep trying to find a way. Due to a street it is. Where you better call your beer. Observed here. -- a lot of people had sun lamps. And does it work. I'd never I've never used it it just keeps it real for me but you know what people do people. Take vitamin BI -- you know they. It would be so Lance -- heard a few people wore them they swear by on the -- bet that's you know. And -- and you know whatever whatever works to make people feel again you know there's the thought it was you know. But -- and uber talented editors there is the micro brews that are very -- -- people it will -- one extreme weight -- -- put to sleep. And you heard -- talk about Las Vegas I didn't like that either is and I couldn't make everyday a blue skies and sunshine did you live with them. I don't know you know living with a it is pretty good right now I don't regret try to elect will. That would love the idea. -- -- -- Canada and -- -- Super -- -- we want on side I'm Mike good it's argue travels safe are probably.

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