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1-11 12:45pm Don talks to Raymond Burkart about NOPD consent decree

Jan 11, 2013|

Don Dubuc, in for Garland, talks to Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Raymond Burkart about the NOPD Consent Decree

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd say if you -- listening earlier we told you there's some breaking news and -- police department consent decree has been approved by judge Susie Morgan today that's according to a court filing. Other federal consent decree is intended to overhaul the -- lawless police department. It's a hundred page document I believe there's some 409 need two points that are being addressed. And -- -- tell you what it's intended to do let me bring in Raymond -- called who is a spokesperson for the fraternal order of police Raman thanks for joining us send if you could. Explain to us this consent decree was filed back in July. And as a result of a case of the United States of America vs the city of new wall is what is it all about in what is its intended goal. Our veteran thank you -- have a look what do earlier all -- out there and -- sure sure that the wall wished orange number. -- Enforcing the law what the limits of the United States constitution. Basically make sure all shooters all all all as all all choose a person's a lawful. Financially it's time to do. Are we accountable if it's overly broad image go have -- should go further -- would normally be allowed legally and the constitution. -- guard should do the spirit -- concentration Louisiana cop. Now when you say we use speaking on behalf of the fraternal order of police tell me about your association. Our association of -- and mature won't police all stressed. Able caution which all under or so all social on the job and represent our suite 11100 of those -- church at least equal large majority going to file. A white shirt shrew in the upper commensurate to -- the luge or whether like your own mysteries -- you reject. I -- then you guys aren't basically vote the backbone heart and soul of the NOP -- Why are you invited to sit in on this and then here's some constructive criticism and maybe make some contributions in terms of things that you guys saw. In ways to accomplish those goals. Well the answer to that is a simple -- on the city and the federal government got together and as I should go on -- -- on the loan. But don't any type of gun -- on the very people who were going to be actually -- in the actual content -- The -- -- the judge to allow the couple Picchu entropy or at least -- ginger being. In the court proceeding should denied that motion which is now on appeal which could go to United States this Circuit Court of Appeals and that's going to be briefed next week before that court. And also chill out what was called a garbage sharing the averaged only twelve people per common street -- on. And explain what problems they saw what the consent decree as it was originally flushed out on the city and the federal government. If you could -- a lot of recommendations. In reforms that they are gonna try to implement here but what other major ones that you were opposed to either because. Are you were not include Italy just think it's -- wrong way to go about it. Well good that you want -- they got almost the most are doing what civil servants and all dirty PG jails this year. The track is United States constitution what we can't account situation. Do not worry themselves what all all do you pay. There's no call being paid to each other -- -- They all be taking -- shut level that you Egypt are caught it succeed try and sort earlier all morning and it actually has no place. What could elaborate of a constitutional policing judgment so that would absolutely ridiculous we believe that was politically motivated. I would like to see that taken out if not now -- has not -- but certainly in the future and the doors all at book open Somalis are -- urged. But socket or had to do a civil service reform. -- called cerberus is saying stage constitutional. Issue that has not been true to what how police treat the public good of a portrait of a wage. And it has everything to do with appointment. In state and city government. So again it has no place with regard to whether or not people's civil rights are or not -- partly. So that the place but again it was politically motivated. Cup needs to go and we're gonna keep Kosher and as told to go on the weekend so the court culture we can't anymore it's just so I want America. I'm finally -- our problem -- This thing called -- true large won't each had two especially a -- the arts. But it won't police department had been implementing a large majority of these calls forms. Without the consent decree to just. Most of what the consent decree calls for what the police are constitutional policing issue. Has already been implemented by the won't push on the administration. So delicate to pay -- billion dollars extra for something we've been doing much more cheaply. Without the consent decree cannot make absolutely -- arms or about money needs to be used. Hardball and challenged to promote or were they all the -- and to get -- also the equipment they need to be out in the community and doing their jobs protecting its Herbert. Well the counter rampant here Rehman of course city in the civil service in the pay details enough probable move up properly funding nosy major concerns. I'm being that this is the a decree. And it's a judge that is I approve this and is the Justice Department is there any recourse that you have. The FOT legally -- you file a lawsuit. If if it comes down of that. All the first and we do have been hurt our members to Obey the judgment or change by the judge. We do have a -- and again before the United States that Circuit Court of Appeals which would create next week. Just -- we can be allowed to intervene and have more of course. But emergency decree also additionally if -- sure that any of our members tried to being violated we will seek any legal recourse. That is available to us -- we're sure that that and immediately. Understood thanks for coming with -- on on -- -- -- really appreciate -- -- will stay on top of this and if you have anything else you want to put out for a song for -- offices and we can help them please give us a call. Great thank you very much have a great weekend and I.

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