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Jan 11, 2013|

Scoot reviews the movie "O DARK THIRTY", and discusses the correlation between violence in entertaInment and actual acts of violence. Are we as individuals ultimately accountable for our own actions; regardless of what entertainment we seen?

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Is -- Friday night the beginning of the weekend I hope you have some great plans I know one of the things that I am definitely gonna do this weekend is I -- gonna just kick back and enjoy it. NFL football. And even -- the saints -- in it we of course have expressed interest in the Super Bowl this year because it's in the Mercedes-Benz superdome right here in New Orleans and I am. So expect I've been here when there have been Super -- for as many of you have been as well and it's just a very very exciting time to know that the country and much of the world. Is focused on. Your city and New Orleans always looks so great on TV. During the day. At night the river through visited the city the French Quarter the scenes of the people the frivolity that the boxer -- I mean it's it's a home. It's it's all so much fun it just makes the city look like one of the best city which it is one of the best cities in America and I've always loved. The impression that our city and leaves. On the nation and the world when there's something might the Super Bowl and in our city. This weekend be a Baltimore Ravens will take on the Denver Broncos Texans will take on the New England Patriots the Packers take on the 49ers. And the Seahawks. We'll take on the falcons in Atlanta. Here -- my predictions I'm not a sports expert Thomas sports fans. I think the Broncos are going to be the ravens the patriots will be the Texans. The 49ers will be the Packers. And the Seahawks will be the falcons. And I I say that not just because I missing -- and you know it would be really hard. For saints fans to welcome the falcons to the Super Bowl this year. In our city. Did because of the relationship that we have with their with the falcons it's it's a sports kind of hate it's not. And ugly kind of hate it well I guess some people would still describe it as an ugly kind of vague but you know they is saints fans take -- conference. And it's understandable -- Dawkins they hate the saints is no love lost between these two teams but I say the the Seahawks are going to be the falcons. Because I don't have not just because I want that to be the case. But the falcons have yet to show me that they have the character. Two in the playoffs. And to win big games and I don't think coach Mike Smith is a particularly. Good coach he's done a great job with the team this year maybe he will surprise me in the end and a lot of us but I don't think in a lot of clutch situations she is really the end. A great coach and so I I look for the CR to win plus only that but did this Seahawks -- -- just have just been playing on. Such a highly emotional level and think about the traveling. And those of you who who travel quite often know that the told the traveling can take on your on your body and your psyche they had to travel. Last week. Two big east from Seattle. And now they've got to travel to -- planner from Seattle it's that's probably three and a half hour for -- -- apparently a three and a half hour for hour flight. So as long flights for. The CR -- really I guess wherever they play because there really talked up in the northwest part of the country. I here's one of the things were talking about tonight I saw the movie zero dark thirty today this is the movie about the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. And I hope I don't ruin it for you. If you haven't seen the movie empire I hope this doesn't ruin it for you could put some of them on his -- -- eight guys in the movie and you know I got a lot of criticism because I had gone to see the movie Lincoln. With Daniel Day-Lewis. And I sit on the year that Lincoln is a shot and killed in the into the movie. And you would not imagine how many people were critical of me for revealing the ending of the movie but. Before they had -- deceit. -- So I was I was really impressed with zero dark thirty as I said at the opening of the show. It if you don't know anything about. Osama bin Laden and the role that he's played and our recent history and much of this movie would be very boring in the beginning. Fights as an audience member investing in the buildup to the raid is worth every moment and as I was watching this. It occurred to me once again that. Week intrinsically know the difference is human beings. Between fantasy. And reality. There's always a lot of talk about. Graphic violence in movies. And this is something as I've said many times and they've studied throughout my career in radio and I've been done some television. I studied the relationship between. Mass media. And the audience. There are people who say. With all this graphic violence no wonder we have violence in our society. I don't think you can blame but graphic violence and entertainment -- in video games any form of entertainment. For violence in in in real life. Let's remember that as human beings we are just naturally. Drawn to be entertained by violence. It doesn't mean that we like like violence or does it mean that we like the result of violence it doesn't mean that we enjoy a what's happening to somebody. But it is human nature to be drawn to violence. And there are so many examples of this. Why do you think people slowed down to see Iraq on the side of the road. As I was watching that the movie earlier today zero dark thirty and I thought well you know as a as a movie this is really kind of boring. But then it's not boring to me because I know what it's leading up to. The raid to kill bin Laden. So the dialogue and did did the scenes in the settings in the good things in the movie that might have been a little cerebral and -- -- perhaps on the boring side. We're really very compelling and exciting because it's based upon. Reality. It's based on something that we knew really happen. And I think that you continues to support this argument that we as human beings know the difference between. Graphic violence in in movies and in entertainment. And violence in reality. This movie is not really bad bloody. Obviously there was a there was a bloodbath. At the compound. But -- -- comparing it to a movie like Jane going chain which I've also seen the Quin Tarantino movie. -- movie was very graphically violent. But that was sheer entertainment this -- this movie. In terms of an excitement level with the graphic violence you see. Zero dark thirty doesn't have a lot of graphic violence. But since you know it's based on something that's real it's still has a great impact on you even though the violence that you see in the movie but there's some aspects of a -- There are violent because I think about what the movies about. But it's not as graphically violent as say -- going chain or big godfather or -- a number of other movies that there we have all seen. Over the years so I think again this is placed into this argument that. You know well this this idea that we really do know the difference between real violence and and and graphic violence in movies and just to also point out that. That we as human beings are just naturally compelled to be entertained by violence. Violence has been part of entertainment since the beginning of entertainment. Mean I don't know what existed before Shakespeare but even going back to Shakespeare. There was violence there was sex in Shakespeare. You've got a guy having sex with his mother. -- what kind of -- that kind of plays that but yet that if this was Shakespeare this was something that was intriguing to people. So what's not be so quick to. Blame Hollywood but don't be so quick to allow anybody to blame entertainment for the behavior of individuals. You know I grew up as a young kid in The Three Stooges were wrong. If I would've seen something in The Three Stooges. Enacted bent out. My parents wouldn't blame The Three Stooges but wouldn't have blamed. What was on TV. They're going to me. That's what's missing in this country that's what has dramatically change this country over the last several decades. The diminished respect we have for personal accountability. Regardless of what I was exposed to. I was accountable for my behavior. That's the way it used to be. And today we have adults who aren't so quick. You wanna blame. Everything else. Not their -- knowledge it's -- if he did this it's not his fault it's cool I mean think about what he was exposed to. We think about the video games think about the movies think about the TV shows of course he's gonna act is no. You can't blame. What you're exposed to four -- negative behavior. We really should as a country. Get back to promoting this idea that we are all responsible for our behavior when it comes to violence when it comes to sexual activity. When it comes to everything. We make the decision. And it's either a marker Matthew I'm I'm assuming no biblical scholar but I. At at at some point I Jesus says. Nothing from the outside can make you people. These are not the exact words but nothing from the outside can make you peaceful. Evil comes from with -- And relating that to today. That means that Jesus is saying. No violent video games no violent movies no sex on TV or anything else can make you evil from the outside. Evil comes from within. And it would be really important for. Everybody to just two to get back to. Teaching this concept and demanding this concept not only if kids but also a lot of adults. You are responsible for your behavior. And when something goes wrong there's not always somebody to -- And lawyers to make it easy for people to be sue happy and their frivolous. Lawsuits that. It cost all of his money to run our our our society. -- -- people against a frivolous lawsuit unless it's one that's gonna bring them money. And lawsuits for many people to become -- a new welfare system. Personal accountability that's what we've lost in this country and I I just again I thought about this is. I was watching zero dark thirty -- today because as I said. There's some of the scenes in the early part of the movie called the very beginning of the movie they're there at the torture interrogation scenes. And those are very. Very uncomfortable. And that I would say -- -- a little on the graphics side. Not so much physically graphic as much as they they emotionally they make you emotionally feel. What's going on so -- again -- by highly recommend. Zero dark thirty and if if you find it a little bit I think I don't think you're gonna find it's a little bit boring in the beginning because. You're gonna realize that they're maybe not even consciously but really subconsciously you'll know what it's leading up to the raid to kill bin Laden. And that makes the whole movie excited here's our WW authority -- opinion poll tonight. Will you go see zero dark thirty the movie about the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. Give -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We'll give you an update on that also on -- a front page under our opinions the -- blog tonight is zero dark thirty. Riveting. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about on this Friday night our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. -- Amber's age 7870. This is this good show we pushed -- All right you got my NFL playoff picture for the weekend Broncos beat the ravens patriots beat the Texans forty niners beat the Packers. And the Seahawks beat the falcons. -- -- protest turns out and doing. Among other things we're talking about the other movie that his shift at nationwide -- New Orleans and throughout the country as of today is zero dark thirty is the movie about. The and then the mission leading up to the raid to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. And I I thought the movie was excellent. Particularly. Very. This scenes. Of the raid itself. And it wasn't. Nearly as graphic as it -- the end. It was so graphic but it wasn't nearly as graphic as it could have -- wasn't nearly as graphic gives a lot of violence and I've seen in in movies. But it was very. Compelling. I in my heart was racing. And I could I could tell that the people their seats were kind of moving their around a little bit like I really hate to build up a movie too much. Because I don't want anybody to be disappointed and sometimes when movies get built up too much you are disappointed. But -- it's it's David the kind of and movie that at the end the year may be almost a little bit exhausted. Because you were so anxious even though you know what's gonna happen you are still anxious about it. And and the other perspective for zero dark thirty and I know a lot of you haven't been seen yet. And we'll talk about this time next week under the WL as well after more people have had seen the movie. The other thing that really stands out is. How if she hit it showed an even though this is a movie and not reality. How it's. It made our seal team and our our soldiers and our military just looks so precise. And efficient and you were just proud to be an America. If you enjoy our show -- the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And our text number is 8787 here's an update on tonight's WWL pretty -- -- opinion poll. Will you go see zero dark thirty to movie about the raid to kill some of them want. Yes. Only 28%. No 72%. And since this was a a very exciting part of our very recent history in this country. I wonder -- politics plays into into this I wonder some people are not gonna go because. President Obama. Gets the credit. Because he was commander in chief and made the decision although as I said earlier in the show I think any president sitting in that position would have made that same decision based on the information that we head. From the CIA operatives. Who were on the ground and it gathering all this this information. In fact I'll tell you obviously do the movie. There's not one scene. Then I -- seen. Even somebody who appears to be the president. This is not a movie that. That promotes President Obama. It's a movie about something. That happened. How accurate is it but again remember it's a movie. And I don't think we should never go to a movie and expect history lesson we should expect those who make movies to entertain us. Not educators. Glad there are people who disagree with that they think that if the movie is based on a historic event that he should be historically accurate. Again to join our show tonight our numbers 260170. Toll free 866889. -- -- Texas 877 it if you wanna give your opinion on our party judge Roy opinion told you gonna go see zero dark thirty. Go to our web sites WWL. Dot com. Up from New Orleans Mary you're on WW good evening. Good evening -- -- on the tea that does come I am at a disadvantage because I'm talking to a brilliant person but as I never left feel like I need to give my opinions. So yes you're laughing. When mom and I don't know that I brilliant by night and nobody can come and have an opinion you anthem at the back to come back but any way damage if they didn't get -- they a lot of things that I play whoever. However. And I'm talking about video game -- -- tied to thank both ways Cuba from the fact I'm but that's -- But before I bring up this point to ninety. A video game demand for -- I'm mindful. Now I am talking about because. Hall when I grew up they hit. Bad thing for me to look at. But I had parents that taught me -- flight from long and I also had good things to look at now I'm talking about. Beyond mind that -- not fully developed. And make sure yet to. And they may not have parents that make guide them correctly. And if sitting in front of these video game with the capping off hand and hand them finger of the whenever. And I say that I mean in my opinion our faith. And factories that -- exploit this come on the radio I -- you can have them both sides. But they've said that the Asian mind. Can be informed. Are buying what they see and hear if they feel wonderful fretted standing five feet. All they could be informed that the way they feed. Mostly these violent thing that young minds and come -- though not completely developed to get. And be informed -- to be counterfeit. Towards the job violent for. Mary I agree with giving young minds can be influence but I think those young minds are influenced more by what you talk about it is a lack of parenting as opposed to what they're specifically what I do and they read about the mind that don't have as well I'm OK so do we ban all alcohol because some people can't handle alcohol in the whole amount I'd get so we try and see more off. Variety of all this -- variety and they are saying is that Mike Henderson well out now parental guidance with Billy Crystal. Today I haven't seen yet but I hear it's funny and that's more of a family oriented movie there are a lot of options when it comes to. I'm the video games and it comes to a lot of different things and I I don't think. I don't think movies are entertainment can. Can encourage us to do sunlight and I'm gonna do -- -- one kind not a moron and I can't double wide. Why blame why blame the entertainment in the same way that you don't blame the alcohol for the alcoholics. You can't you can't remove it all. Because some people can't handle so the best thing to do is to figure out a way to convince everybody that they're responsible for their behavior and punish those who. Who do wrong very good there's a million do without tiger -- I appreciate you listening have a great weekend. Hi thanks for college there was some -- Research done at Harvard university and I I talked to. 2 in the morning show for Tommy Tucker for Lester a couple of weeks and just we talked to a professor. It was a -- professor this research at Harvard and there was absolutely no link. If they could find between violence. And today in the real world and violence. Video games say they could find no direct blame game. Paid big -- all the reading that I don't over the years about this I've yet to find anything that convinces me that. That's. Good entertainment can cause you do something you don't really wanna do. And you know it especially this time here's the Super Bowl approaches I constantly. Am bombarded with comments like well if if the media can't influence you then why do companies spend millions and millions of dollars to air commercial during the Super Bowl. Well I I've studied advertising in my career and I've written and directed radio and TV commercials. And doesn't mean that I'm in absolute experts. I don't think commercials can make you do something you don't wanna do. If you have a predisposition to something you pre disposed to something. If you really wanna do something. He he'll do what I mean I grew up with -- -- I guess is a kid I mean I I don't don't remember any of the movie plots but I remember seeing Fred Astaire dancing. Well I didn't grow up and wanna dance like Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers made it can. No I'd I'd eight I have I -- I didn't wanna dance like that. But when Saturday night fever came out. I did want to dance like John Travolta and I practiced and worked on dancing like John Travolta so the movie did influence me. But the movie didn't influence me beyond something that I was already interested in doing. And I brought that if you heard me say this before. Forgive me for saying it again but to me I think this is a classic example. If you are not a beer drinker if you don't like the taste of beer if you don't drink beer or if you don't drink. No beer commercial no matter how great it is no matter how much money is spent on it. No beer commercial will make you a beer drinker. However. If you are a beer drinker. That commercial might cause you to select that particular plant. If the commercial is affected. But it's not gonna make you a beer drinker. I thought I would challenge you to think about any time. -- a TV commercial for a movie. For TV show actually made you do something that you didn't wanna do I would I would love to hear a real example of that. Not sure somebody could call up and just -- about it but yeah I mean we we have honest conversations here and every WL. To be -- I mean honestly can you think of a time when a commercial for a movie made you do something that you didn't wanna do. Maybe weren't consciously thinking about it but you've got the idea from -- movie but yet it was something that was somehow could -- it with your. Inner feelings. But the direction that you're going in like can you think of anything that made you do something you didn't really wanna do. Did you -- showed your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. And our text number is 87870. Here's a Texan -- just do you just made the case against gun control by saying you can't punish alcohol because of drunks. Now I I've said that as well. I support the Second Amendment I don't think it's fair to blame guns for what bad people do with guns. In the same way that you can't blame the alcohol for the alcoholic. You can't blame the presents and availability of a car. For those who don't drive responsibly. We can't blame inanimate objects. For the behavior of people and and again this is something that we've lost in this country. We lost respect for personal accountability. And yeah it's it's it's easy to not be accountable for your behavior. It's really easy to go through life and nothing is your fault it's it's somebody else's -- somebody else is to blame something else is to blame. That's easy way to go through life as an adult or as a parent. But is it fair. For you really ultimately responsible. For your behavior. From Baton Rouge Brian your -- -- showed good evening. Hey -- I want it don't agree with you -- and -- you know tell you something about me when I was a kid. My mom and dad used to let me watch wrestler and I hope people laugh at that but it kind of probably let that go along with villagers saying about the movie. You know there were people technically fighting coming not directly technically -- -- -- -- but you know I mean that that there. The fighting the violence. You know -- so -- believe threatening each other. Taught me. The difference between good and evil and I think violence in the movie. At this same kind of affect which to me that's far greater than if he -- defense surprising to a violent car. What -- you know people like to use that as an excuse sport you follow but I. Yes I I I do an end and we're so quick as. As a society to wanna blame something else for something bad that happens in and I I think not only is it not fair. But it's very dangerous to two and remove personal accountability from people's lives -- We should be held accountable regardless of what we here's CR were girls who were exposed to we should be responsible for our behavior. Period. I'm just saying that I think there is say play ball violent and it plays for fighting especially if it's in my life. Good. Punishing or doing away with -- fighting evil you know I I want to -- -- what the movie's. All right. I I agree with you and and of course we're we're fighting an evil Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda. We're fighting a very very. People unique entity in the world in the movie 20 dark thirty. So this was. A positive way you're right this is a positive way of showing. Violence and and you know we do learn lessons about how to apply. Violence in in certain situations you can look at. From World War II -- you can look at really many or movies and and -- -- it and think there yet westerns -- -- there's justification and the bad guys killing. The good guys killing the bad guys. Yeah I mean I'm not here to forget that violence has always been anthem I think you have you have to use. Good judgment in -- when it's necessary but if you know somebody thinks this. They're totally removing violence from the world is a good IBM I think they're very Loma IE. Well we've we've we've we -- -- and we won't any human beings we are just innately compelled to be entertained by violence it it doesn't mean that we. Like the results of violence it just means that it's something that really from the beginning of entertainment has always been an aspect of of entertainment. O'Brien I'm -- our conversation and thanks for a bicycle -- I if you're on hold stay where this who -- your calls are just a moment our numbers 2601878. -- free 8668890878. -- number is 87870. Here's a text -- -- do you have any video of you trying to dance like John Travolta. Thank god no but listen if you want a good laugh. For those of you who are new to New Orleans are due to. We need -- radio. I did a dance show in the mid eighties called the airwaves. And it is at this point in my life. Embarrassing but yet highly funny -- very it was a very very good show very innovative it was. It was before MTV started there afternoon dance show with downtown and video and then dance show is -- downtown Julie Brown. And I you know I had this concept for a hit show and I am really proud of the people that we -- on the show anyway. Beyond the first show the pilot episode of airwaves is available on YouTube and if I give you permission to laugh at me because it is very laughable. Any different levels they can find it on YouTube by a searching airwaves. Scrutiny. And if you haven't lost respect for me after this void after she thank -- world totally lose respect for me today. It was fun and a good interview with Gene Simmons. And Paul Stanley financial. I'm screwed -- we'll be right back on WWL I. Always going to win the AFC and NFC championships and who is going home hopefully that's falcons get a full preview of this weekend's playoff games. Right now. And our website WWL dot com always something fresh and new on our web site. And also mayor Mitch Landrieu says a court ordered reform of the NO PD could wreck the city's finances you can hear what he has to say. All of that is on our website right now. WWL dot com and here's our -- into a pretty -- opinion poll tonight will you go see. Zero dark thirty the movie about the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. 31% say yes and 69%. Say no. I really expected more people to wanna go see this weekend this is Shuster for reflection of those were listening to our show it did this. At this moment in this is not a scientific -- -- the city your this part of the country or even America. But it's a relief. Interesting aspect of our history. And again I I I have to. I have to ponder whether or not politics comes into play here that some people maybe don't wanna go see it because it's gonna make the Obama administration. Look good. There I don't recall one scene and I was looking towards I don't recall one scene where there's any time direct. Reference to the president both there's there's -- there's a direct reference to the president. When that tough person with the CIA says I'm gonna have to look my boss. Directly in the eyes. And telling that Osama bin Laden is in this location can I do that. And that's when they're discussing the the percentage sheriff bin Laden being in this particular place and and there was one woman in the in the CIA who was the only one who was 100% sure that Obama was amid bin Laden was in this particular. Location. And as she was right in the movie really centers around on her. Her. Passion for killing Osama bid on but this is not politically driven. And I know there are for many of you who believe that Hollywood will do whatever you can to promote liberal liberal politics. But in this case it didn't do that. Now again I don't know how. Specifically. Accurate specific aspects of this movie are because a movie does start out by letting you know that it's based on firsthand accounts. A factual events based on. So that means it wasn't necessarily exactly like this but you get the feeling that it's. Close to what happened based on what we have read what we have heard and there's some of the video that we have seen. They do -- bring in some real life a video from the news. It's it's part of all of this whenever that happens in in a movie that's about historical event. Well that's. Always something that is that it makes the movie seem a little bit more. Authentic we'll talk a little bit more about this are coming up after the news that at 10 o'clock if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 so. 187 and toll free 8668890870. And it takes Amber's age 7870. And we were talking about. Once again and this is something that comes up are quite often on our show. But the influence of movies -- can a movie make you do something that you really don't wanna do. I don't think anybody can tell me that there was a time that. A movie made them do something they really didn't wanna do for the TV commercial made you buy something that you really didn't wanna -- Now that's not to say that you didn't buy something and you were disappointed with it. -- the movie didn't but the movie of the commercial didn't. Cause you to act in a way. It was not in accordance with your innermost. Feelings. Here is a text that reads. I wanted to be sandy increase. I'm a gay man solid seven times in 77. I would not want to be her now because. I realized I'm a man. And that is from Lance. I here's a tech student read a book by lieutenant colonel Dave Grossman. Titled on killing specifically the section on video games and the effects on violence. And young people I will love I will try and look for that book. Again if he -- -- word give is your opinion on our WW a pretty general opinion poll go to our website WWL dot com. I also love my blog tonight on our website is titled. Zero dark thirty. Riveting and that's under our opinions on. Our front page and also on the dispute page. Here's our daily WL part of the day the wind lost in man to go get a fifty dollar certificate good for food and drinks for 25 -- that's a great place across lake -- -- -- I've got great -- delicious food relaxing atmosphere with live music on the weekends going off to Amanda -- back working on the first on sale right now. At my -- was perks dot com. This is this good show and we'll be right back. I wanted to see zero dark thirty before the show tonight so I can talk about it but we'll talk more about it next week on WWL. I would more people have seen -- here's an update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight will you go see zero dark thirty the movie about the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. Only 34% say yes. It surprises me 66% say no you can give is your opinion by going to our web site. They're WL -- come from like -- Bob welcome to our show tonight. Hello Bob. Hey -- good. On the radio yes you are bumped off unrated but that's -- got a long -- in -- tournament -- them. It. Eight and every -- you -- about it in big league game. And the other argument KBN report that. Hit it to me. I'm not kind of your your kind of breaking up badly and I'm I'm having a hard time hear what he had to say so let's let's try that again you said you remember me talking about the movie Lincoln and I was really excited about it. Yeah but how horrific period at a movie that's being made and yes probably. -- here because I'm Bob -- A couple of. Bob I'm gonna put your Bob I'm gonna I'm gonna put -- on hold. And we're gonna try and get to you after the news if you could hang on through the news please do because right now you're did do this sometimes happens. You you're just breaking up too badly and it's difficult to hear you come from they'll chase Lee welcome to WW good evening. -- -- it goes out how good curious how I mean when they don't like good news. We're all -- live little blue column bin Laden and it goes far back. Do go to the Ollie north Houston home. And it won't -- though you know I know you don't want -- -- It did they go back into reality north -- here and we had everything ball well. Any going back to -- going that far back. Well you know are -- -- -- I would agree Ollie north let me hear you haven't read value. Thirty years ago and. I don't know they know they do admit this is more. This is more -- modern history yard you know there were. There were at their worst there were people in the movie who were not directly identify you could kind of identify with them based on. The position that they were in but their names were identified and no they didn't go back that far there were you know there were times that several presidents have said. And Osama bin Laden in the cross hairs and I didn't pull the trigger but they didn't go back to that they really went to. The more. And the more media it's on a mission that led to his. Guys. Okay I'm good out there without -- corner a very good I mean I'm -- -- -- bid ninety good I'm telling you think straight I let you know it didn't prevailed they all you have good. Really should go back and are growing. Birdied the whole situation because. Their very own parents certainly -- opportunities. We don't we gonna come away with only a cargo. Now we did hear about those over the years Leo I've got to get your news break I appreciate you calling her show. Com we'll get back to a more of your text here in just a moment if you wanna join us with a comment right after the news our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- numbers 87870. I'm -- Friday nights we are heading into the weekend. On WWL.