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Jan 11, 2013|

Kristain and Hokey talk about the nfl lineup for the weekend of playoff games; consider who might be going to the superbowl. They play a pretaped interview of Saints gm, mickey loomis with an overview of the saints 2012 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

54 and final hour the fans in the pro here on the WWL alongside saves colorless -- guy's done a pretty generic. Welcome your phone call 50. -- 260187. Years old 3866. Inning nine and 0878. And now we're ramping up towards the Super Bowl team in the NFC in the AFC it's the divisional round of the post season many feel like this might be the best weekend. About professional football because. He he had. Eight teams left then he Whittle down the floor. After this weekend and we got some great matchups Green Bay Packers visiting. The San Francisco 49ers. And they pick the niners and I wonder now so flashing your thoughts on the first came on Saturday tomorrow afternoon between the Baltimore Ravens. As they visit the number one seed in the AFC Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos in Sunday's is Seattle Seahawks. Visiting the Atlanta Falcons. Who have the first round bye had been number one seed in that conference in the NFC. We've seen this movie before -- from the Atlanta Falcons. -- -- three under the yet triumvirate of Thomas to be trough Mike Smith. And of course Matt Ryan on of their leadership and do you feel like they get a win at Seattle against Seattle. On Sunday you personally know I and I don't think so I think. -- -- You know I've talked about this so many times you know that we're playing when other teams are playing you don't really get to watch their games but. -- -- I got an opportunity to watch Atlanta. At least two times face to face this year and are they good team absolutely. I tell you would. Right -- down the stretch. I saw in the afternoon need to watch. Couple games that Seattle was planned. Man defensively. They're very good that match up with San Cisco yes it was yeah absolutely. And here's another old saying in in football. A good run team any good defense travels well. That's exactly what they're doing now until he was. Week in week he really hadn't even brought up RG three very much tonight. But for somebody to sit and tell me that Russell Wilson is not in -- race for the rookie of the year economic. Now I won't say a good menial and all the attention and input on Andrew Luck in RG three. This kid has had a phenomenal year I cannot tell you what I'll lie came out I like the way he handled himself. Like the way that he runs their offense if he doesn't trying to force things. He's got nothing new with the defense side the ball is they are very very good defensively but I won't tell you what I. Marshawn Lynch. -- had to -- good year. Is you'd -- running back to have VD set records like Adrian Peterson know what you know what that was in his role. But if called on to do so. Ma'am wont say what I'll stick it to his good and let him run when it all the way so I think they've got. A lot of the pieces of the puzzle. To make it to the Super Bowl yeah yeah I mean. -- how -- do you hope CME there's a lot of things and again you know I haven't had. I almost trading you on evaluating teams and breaking down tees but just from my short time and watch in the NFL game up close and personal. I'm so I knew good teams and I know what that looks like a team that could potentially win the Super Bowl cargo to Super Bowl and they had a written all over the Seattle Seahawks and and I'm not trying to belabor your point. About the ability to run the football it played defense you go on the road and beat just about anybody but -- again going back to Russell Wilson. I had the opportunity to watch him at the Senior Bowl last year mobile. And as also talked to -- did an interview with the men. Truly walked away from it impressed. Sand this young man's got something about a I didn't know I'd be if I'd be lying -- so I knew it was going to be a good fit into that money but he'll walk away from a gone. The heat get says something about Baghdad the -- is no doubt about it in. You know they when you sit there and you look at that secondary that Seattle has been really what is what is Atlanta means. Michael Turner is still a good running back in the NFL but he's not when he was a couple years ago I mean all the time and don't catch up with years. Any particular point in time in your career. But you've got to Roddy White Julio Jones and Tony in Dallas. And was Seattle have they have a tremendous secondary. They got linebackers that can run. And so you you're really plain -- right into Seattle's hands because. What is your streak on offense. It's what -- they're hearing did zone defense. -- by the way the Falcons are 21 in the NFL. In run defense the worst of the post season team -- any got Marshawn Lynch coming at you and now we need we see what he's capable of two years ago. You saw this year the two guys capable of racking up a thousand yards. -- aren't -- well over a thousand yards NFL seasons so. I did that's. And and look I'm not pulling for Seattle because they play in Atlanta threat that's not the case here and all. I'm just looking -- match up to match up athletes vs athletes offense vs defense and I think -- got the better club. How -- gruden they're so we're on the same page Houston visiting the New England Patriots and then maybe six weeks ago he can look at the Houston -- ago. I did the best team in the AFC yeah and they've been in a tailspin and really defensively struggled offensively they'll look to be in -- area Foster the guys from. A regular running back he's been money in the post season but at some point you would like to think despite receiving can take away your best player. Bill Belichick is gonna do that -- -- bosses say -- you have to be -- somebody else they barely got by Cincinnati Bengals team last week with any -- Who didn't play well at nineteen to thirteen at home in a wild card round you know I would agree this would probably gonna get -- led to against the New England -- -- -- up over believe -- ten points. The yeah I mean this is a little bit of a flip of the coin. I guess some. Gonna lean the Texans wage just because. Four weeks ago somebody said -- you know who he expects him be in Super Bowl and I said. San Francisco and attacks and even that was my. My pick at the time. Well the taxes -- -- like good right now but you know you can look at a lot of other teams in say why and they played down the stretch. Well in some cases you know your -- and players because you aren't we Marty made me in the playoffs in. Yeah we don't have to show our best for now we just have to do it doing that. During the playoffs but. The Texans certainly didn't look very good head down and -- so. I'm sitting here right now thank -- for myself and there aryan people at the same time bogey. It's really tough for a team to go up there to New England against Tom Brady. And bill -- -- and in Foxboro and -- track record that they guy and yelled you know I've had the opportunity to be up there and more than twice and twice three years down points and they went up there and had only you know you beat you go out there and you see the facilities he -- the fans support that they give people just coming out to watch practice. And it's. I mean kind of rejuvenate feel a little bit when you go out there and go you know this is -- -- the Saints fans do it down here. We're doing it in a 109 degree weather. They're doing in so many I've -- -- the end. -- then on out there Swinton and every -- and the guys -- -- with the whenever we ice warfare and says you know we're and you don't give me ten dad yeah he may have been -- yet there and they're sitting up there and enjoy it didn't. But they do have a very good track record in the post season and it's well deserved because there -- Very well coached football team may have a lot of talent there any of -- You know I got the out do you see it firsthand that you want it's also led grand believes they can get right there and death and every time we've drawn that assignment hokey that we had never shied away -- the world where usually gone fault -- One -- of their -- we got a no don't do that Jimmy let me state and you need heat and humidity. Sure I'll stay calm out go out there those problems but nonetheless that's our picks. Our entire sports teams picks online at WL dot com defeat Bobby myself Steve Hokies will be up there as well. What are your picks who -- you -- to advance. In each conference to the title game to the championship game. Is that the niners. The Green Bay Packers. In the NF CC office of the Falcons in the AFC the Ravens. Broncos for Houston in New England final four to 601874. Told 3866 -- and I enjoy it and yes I'm hoping I didn't. I mean this is one of the more difficult seasons. Yeah. Because them and they just knocked that one and dominate team out there so. I think that's what makes this year so much fun -- how great the fans in the pro on WW -- Welcome back to the -- we go for -- on the cell phone you're on the WWL Ferndale. They've got what I had to -- Sluggish economy with cliff I'm not. If I had to -- -- definitely wouldn't wanna work for misshapen. I'm not just wanna get that out a way to begin let's just you know -- you know -- -- saying you thought it. But it's close it's close when you compare it makes shave until less miles -- -- been. And -- that I appreciate that but I think he's a better. I did a better. He gets a college coach. But what's funny is when you look at when you look at the polls from relish as compared to the polls from Alabama. When -- -- when -- look at NFL I think Alabama that's gonna get this price they put on a and not real -- have panned out I mean maybe Julio Jones. You know but if it -- Julio Jones and out of the lane both so you know you you really can't just say. Straight at the Alabama in turn three you know very -- the new young and Stephen greedy. He got it right there and I would even I would -- you know as a matter of fact I wouldn't. How would you know additions that Mark Ingram beat the other completely completely got it yet I think he kind of falls into the same category as well she -- back. They they did get on a -- but I made sure the guys don't really get a chance they'll. Just showed a complete jail and all the all the way around but that's one thing that will you have chase -- than I -- today. -- ticket guys in if you look at LSU and Alabama it was pretty much as I type offense. But if it looks like it looks like Childress and offensive because of the way to play with the play call and in a rhythm there at eight you know that they go ahead at any -- -- -- should it benefit. The bad cell issue well we'll have Kenny Hilliard you have to Jarrett that he got from the year before. And you look at the average yards per carry its they're just not -- now he's just not get an opportunity to leave a big back in a big -- Need to kind of you know get warmed up and land it up maybe -- the game at least. What can that be you know -- need. It turned out they took phone call enjoy your weekend listen Bobby may very Deke Bellavia sat down with Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. Last night when they give you guys together had the opportunity here where you guys -- and you're really need to listen to it because Yankee. Finally got an opportunity. You know. And I'd say his side of the story but he's he's able to at least say something now yeah and out. They don't talk about thirteen and a half minutes so we'll play that and it's entirely to a back after the break. And president general manager of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis dog -- now -- big -- and how are you. I'm in good -- be fairly good -- he gave -- Well Mickey big big news came out yesterday we knew it was basically just a matter of time but a -- -- became official. As Sean Payton sons is five year contract extension that. How difficult was it Mickey. With all the circumstances that we even know what don't know about. But you'd get this deal done -- Well hooker curry I don't think it was that difficult. Because. Look I think -- contention. All along was to be here with the Saints and that was our intention in. And look the biggest difficulty was we will bring to improve where we couldn't even you know discussion with the agent so. Come mess that was the biggest obstacle yeah oh yeah. Mickey I know you talk about the big expectations. And now I was reading what Sheldon and -- within and you say look. We knew what was going into this season but I expectation. Is still high. You your thoughts on this 79 season and what expectations weren't met. Well I mean clearly that's what we expect us to be a playoff team every year ends and you know where they -- thirteen in every year -- -- -- -- six over you -- record it takes to get there. That's so we expect to begin list and then obviously you know we go into every game expecting to win. And you know and it doesn't happen and you end up through seven and name in the outside looking in in the middle of it's difficult to swallow that's not the expectations that we have and are building it's certainly that the expectations that are fans. They have they have become accustomed to and so you're left with -- dissatisfaction. They I think it's simple that. -- -- the Saints executive vice president general manager Mickey Loomis here on Saints radio WW IA MFM. And at that time I'm making now I'm looking at this season and you and I'm Bobby had -- a -- Jets don't want this Sunday's said during training camp with the team was our practice and and you say guys I have who we have no. Whatsoever worry about how this is gonna be run we've got everything in place I've got the full confidence. As you begin this evaluation of process -- pick in the middle of this evaluation process. Or things I've done Mickey and handled like like you would have him there. I don't know that you know I don't really know we can do is look at record go back and inspecting gas. The decision were made during the period did a good GO. And myself and and myself. Oh worn out here in June and so on American and failed to -- -- going to be daddy girl we're gonna do is say look forward know we have to look back in terms of if -- -- you leading soccer team in evaluating the -- way that we did things. But Warner finished second guessed those those decisions. You know those those are made during the during the heat of the battle if you will in the end and -- look we're good people we have good people here you know doing that. It didn't work out we've got to you Gil drove down to -- the performance on the field wasn't as good. And we're going to be -- no different and we would do it today at the end of every year we're gonna start this process we started the process already. And you know we're gonna all the same types of process in the same types of evaluations. I think it's his decision making that we've done im very years because it's served us well. Now hug Mickey got an obesity in this -- first take and ESPN and and obviously he is the spokesman the figurehead for the players. NFL players' executive director of we'll make coach Sean Payton got show tremendous big guard. A raw -- field. As far as bagged goals as far as the biology field penalties and you look -- Bonnie fiasco. Should the league reinstate. I don't know the draft picks they took from your own stuff. To try and maybe. I don't put -- an olive branch. Oh well. The -- question I I don't know that they can answer this good and I can certainly answered the that wish I hoped that they we get it reinstated. Let's hook -- you know that's your decision and so I don't have any expectations. And a thumb. But -- certainly won't ask for that at some point. And do you have. And with Saints executive vice president general manager. Of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis Mickey. During your time. Away from the team. What what were you able to do anything to do their process that may be. Thank you ready when when you were able to come back to work. How well I was able to watch could have been television never able to listen to the game gun -- -- WBO so. That that was about the extent of what they can do I. In terms of the Saints couldn't have any contact with any anybody in the organization other than. The few days that have double duty dual responsibilities with the Hornets in the -- and so I was able to do some things with the Hornets did that. -- enjoyed. You know -- make contact with who is -- that team with money Williams and his staff and with -- -- -- -- in his steps and and so it was productive time they did so that's also difficult to be away from. Always from. The football team and in our days here especially win. When we just just such a poor start and and they you know that's rough that's structure are all over people and so I. If we ever made it more difficult if we'd be in. Off to a fast start forego what would middle of the year for me to be -- way than a -- would be you know whenever it starts okay. Think he's big and they'll miss the Benson perches in the Hornets -- its similarities are you finding some men in the and they are running of make an NFL franchise and -- -- friends as they come -- a continuing education on what they do compared to some of the things you do. Well it certainly think continuing education for me I do think this so far I've come a lot more similarities and have some differences and come home. And so that's that's. I would say that's been a little bit surprising to me come but. They're clearly their differences different game and then and Kim for some logistics are different but. But I think -- mentality. And and I think the types of things that it takes to win. And footballers. Are similar and in. And basketball and discipline and have a good system and have a great coach and and being able to develop a good locker room and they're all those things that there we. Emphasize here at this stage I think are important. With the Hornets as well in the end. I feel LA I like -- like great coach Marty Williamson in this GM Dell Demps a lot and I think they've got don't think you can only days. Hmmm I like to make up -- team we go our young guys on this team but definitely good people and and they want to be successful wanna be coached didn't end trying you know equity issue so far even though the record. Isn't going to know what we'd like it to be. But we're young team and so this this is early stages of a development here and -- after -- too -- a good start. Now -- gal like you take on this thing you bring others beacon of the right coach no matter what just. Our position not just the head coach middle school when you look at did the Mets have cornyn -- thing Nolan and implementing a new system and how the teams struggle. Last year I think your greatest show on turf setting moments of records were on the opposite side. As far as given up over 7000 yards and -- is why bring that out when you look at new system. Why I was able all of all of a sudden and look where they're at right now in the playoff picture Mike Nolan. The Falcons when he implement and I would have falcons' defense and how they grasp that and then also Jack Del -- with the Broncos and then their first year seemed like they were able. The big things up around that quickly is it then maybe then also has no -- personnel that they had the success in Atlanta and maybe Denver. Well I think this probably number one. He awards won't go into that evaluation right now -- and so it's hard for me peace day. -- What they generically we think that's. We need to do differently in the end I guess I can say this and they said this to they gave you the -- is that I don't look cool. Whenever we have successor whenever you have the opposite. Which is what we had defensively -- -- to many yards we've given up. Kill me it's no one's saying it's it's a bunch of things this it was perfect storm in the end in a lot of ways and so. We've we've yet to be very self critical. In terms how we do things what we're doing. And who's doing it in the -- and Campbell do debt that's put this process over the next thirty days is going to be about the end. And we'll have a good plan. Do you get that -- around. With the Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis here on Saints radio Mickey -- and everything goes since the summer when we spoke with you to now. What would maybe be UK is amazed with what if you learned through this whole process. -- Quirky question I -- I don't know they have a good answer for you right now I know I've learned it's hard to watch the games. At home. And not be involvement because -- look when that wind things and I don't know well you wanna do something you know you what you want to you. -- impacted in some way and and you know when you have -- he can't do get. I -- think if I was proud of the way our team and our in our coaches and our entire staff carried themselves. I enjoy I think this week when you go to adversity. -- find out a lot about you people up at the end. There's there's a lot of really good things they came out of this in our building. Come. Is -- and so -- we're we're gonna do we're gonna be stronger for going to a tough season at angle into the adversity. There we went through we're gonna we're gonna learn some things -- as well -- I you know I think that's that's internal more than it is external. Now I'm Micky out. Right now this opinion for the fans and the fan base in that nation. And now one also you have feelings -- -- many of them would have stayed despise Reggie and Lindell. You agree with fans come to me like I could do something about it I'm Dave Dave despise Roger Goodell because of his goal Bonnie Hunt this scandal. Because the impact on the penalty isn't that had on the Saints in the 2012 season demagogue them hard earned money or. -- and now I'm looking at the expectations. -- now and just by the speed of men in the NFL I had to bet I'd hate. Did Dave blame but I'll tell you waving Roger Goodell who do you have many ill feeling that toward -- can get -- -- I mean finally. Arrived at the wrong thing in the best interest. And the players are these big floor almost total dictator. Well I put the record comment on that. Bobby. I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on that film I don't think this so. Look we can't blame Kevin and I know anyone but ourselves. Rookie renewed they'll leave a brighter and understand that this decision had anything to do with how we practice how we prepare. Tackling. Film the way we execute our offense on the field we we had plenty of opportunity to do get the right way. -- I finished seams and make plays. And -- that this didn't impact that we can all. But some of the guys that were supposed to in this game didn't feel in this game because of this. Stands and you know every year there are distractions that exist. And you have to be able to the good teams have to be able to you and are able to. -- -- better -- of -- -- compartmentalize kept under way out when it's time to perform on the field and so. I am I certainly don't want to give in Q. Any discussion and that's says hey you. Or 79 record is default somebody other -- ourselves because we do get then we're going to excuse. This last season and then not be critical enough of ourselves to prevent that from happening it's happening again. And look I understand the feelings and I understand. That we you know we didn't expect to meet expectations bit. I think excuse makers would say all the leagues -- well. We're gonna be excuse makers here this is this is that this is our call home and end up. We need to be better. And we need to be better for when he'll learn from us we need to be better for him film and and I think we will be. Saints executive vice president and general manager at making -- is making thank you so much -- the time we appreciate. You guys I hated Vegas. They haven't -- German Jimmy Pugh was stopping by sports talk yesterday with Bobby and -- and then if if you wanna hear the interview again. Just thought you know make you -- pretty dog gone candid. Really good interview solid interview over thirteen and half minutes. You can check it out at -- WL dot com -- I heard. -- was there at the -- -- say that the situation at the Saints have found themselves in. They're not in the -- to the blame game and not to make any excuses they own up to they have owned up to it. -- at the same time though. And general manager Mickey -- wouldn't say it but I'll say it now I'm curious if you will I think we consider. The totality of all the punishments on the Saints team. For. Alleged role in the bounty program whether there was one and complacent -- and know that. That's a whole other debate but. The league I think should reinstate. Their second round draft pick I think they should get that bad back you know maybe even. Going back this past you maybe get that back -- if you if you look at the totality of that the punishment between. The suspensions of the players which were later. Lifted by former commissioner Paul Tagliabue but. Losing -- a coach losing your general manager losing years -- in him. Hey coach. Fervor among them that allowed time I think he was severe enough I think they should restate those if there's traffic. Yes in new not outplayed something announced here in the last couple of days DeMaurice Smith he come out and he made his opinion. Thrown out there and there about you know that you know any. Cool where were you back in in August where you -- in September. You don't throwing your voice out there and look he's ahead in the NFL VA. I'd guess he's got work under. Circumstances that you know and then you and I don't understand but where were your voice back me. Then -- come home room but now that it's all over win you know he's done new to the table and said. You don't think the -- was cruel and unusual punishment. He said yeah I do said the Saints fans and coach Peyton. Got the short in this thinking about a fiasco but did he say then September and now are back in August while when you think going through the pre season. He said back and said nothing you know. I guess you don't. Now's the time. Italy for me I'm ready to put everything. Behind Williams I mean I'm not an -- rehash with the commissioner -- an -- rehash what. I -- Maurice Smith says. Mickey Loomis I mean it's all over it's all done -- -- wiped -- slate completely cleaned and let's go forward. And of course and now media news official. Which we learn a couple of weeks ago back on December 20 ninth -- That the Saints and Sean Payton agreed to a five year contract extension while earlier this week. It was signed officially in the paper for the Saints and Sean -- so I think that helps put some closure on this whole process you know that'll be. Sure yeah absolutely and you know I mean. Whatever step you take from here. Into the future which is you know I'm gonna be a couple months and you know. You and I know me -- saint Dan Williams be talking about the draft coming up and then shortly thereafter. It'll be feel. Oh ball will be out fish what now rear ends off I'm training camp but. Just. Take the -- one time if they come yankees said -- close to do this chapter in what his men. A terrific year for the New Orleans Saints. Of course the world as a finishing at seven and -- he also heard general manager regularly saying despite the circumstances the bottom line is it's. Gave meet the expectations and that's a team that had over last three years made the post season is expects the most make. The post season all year long I encourage if you just kidding you know our immune January right now we don't -- McCain plan and I mean we're accustomed last year -- time we're done about Saints and 49ers you know what. Well with a game that turned out to be last year but nonetheless. You know look at -- Joined it. You know mid stream he caught the tail end of the interview it's all -- Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. Sits down with. Hardy -- -- and Bobby Hebert. And then I might want to I don't know and other things did today if you say -- was very -- met Sammy you know he had millions from the camera brother microphones heard. Quite some time and I'm sure they really. Some things that he wanted to get off his -- So. Colin home terrific interview right scared. He got -- at least they would he needed him because he couldn't do that for the first after the season there. -- Saints -- -- -- John Kristian -- this is the fans in the pro on WWL IM FM -- dot com. Bogeys who's got. Looks like hot topic come out. Zero dark thirty to movie. It it's movie theaters nationwide today it didn't earlier today. Is the highly anticipated movie about these seal team's heart and execution of Osama bin Laden that's who went and saw the movie earlier today and talk about it tonight. You plan on seeing the movie and are you concerned that this event. Was turned into a movie is it too soon for this movie to be made for the Muslim world view it as gloating come up tonight. In about four minutes three minutes here eight to 1030 on WWL. AM FM and dot com with scooped in a pushes boundaries and then I'll be tuned in an -- I want to hear what the but the reviews are I hope. I hope that he didn't give way to the the -- I mean. But give way to -- Keller should say the man that's a movie I wanna go see okay. I'm new to death Maine I'm not a huge movie guy. No but I holiday -- I mean it. Let me say this. Millwood went four daughters and four granddaughters really in about the last thirty years mostly -- I've known this is a Disney movie. Because you know that's the audience and I'm not in the way of my movie watching too -- yeah boy ended so. It's understandable. So having got an opportunity to really go around watching any. If you can talk about reality TVS a the only. This movie is reality TV. I mean it's actually took place but. I haven't really seen a movie. Gosh in in how long -- you know they didn't have gives me get to donate because. I agers -- my dad Aaron hill media. Instead of what I get from its own -- dated in. -- guest stars to -- yeah amen to your ear a little bit further along now I am I mean outcome moreover. -- -- Gotcha game to think of some of the mound but. But it's corny is I want to go see complements for real they did happen and this is not may have been fairy tales yeah -- will be then the instinct. Coming up 8 o'clock here with -- zero dark thirty and hitting the movie theaters nationwide today so that's -- VW -- topic tonight and valuable -- mind I want -- join me. On Sunday morning ten to 1130 right here on WB well for it's just sports. Obama be broadcasting from the 150 ninth fighter wing of the Louisiana Air National Guard and they'll chase for football and -- troops and they'll be discussing a myriad of topics Alabama is the best program of all time is -- -- in the the best coach plus four break down the NFC and AFC divisional games and -- do you -- to advance to the conference championships RG three also. And that makes them -- jumped -- again once again. It's going to be cool going down at the naval air station and -- troops when do that quite often throughout the off. Jimmie Johnson for. I -- out.