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1-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 14, 2013|

Dave talks about the NFL playoffs, who ya want in the Super Bowl, and the Golden Globes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL person is as we've made it all the way to one out and fourteenth of January 2013. Hours ago on this and on Monday to -- into the new year. What point is that -- people happy new year. That's a good question it was still tell me happy yeah I'm sure I do wanted to usually it's people who I haven't seen yet in the news or talk the year's first time. Since 2013 drive. It's at this point. With summits as coming inland OK now you know I'm getting at the grocery store Archos has their ties to -- every year. But to I I think I stopped. Well I I know that will stop and about well. A week and a half one of these market numbers Marty operated. And you know the first spread out like fit well we have this weekend we -- -- the precursor to -- mountain I think once we get the first of the big parades. A week from Friday that needs to be Marty yes you do. Change of the vernacular lock is on we've got that'll -- -- -- -- -- -- happen. In. I would I've had other friends tell me the same thing or they just because I guess the saints out and maybe some non interest in some of the teams. They just didn't feel let. The thing this year but I said come on mrs. I got two and I'm glad I did because those were. Right I'll I'll move up to the last game yet in the patriots. Texans game asleep but it. The rest of them are really exciting game I double overtime game and then America we had a last second field goal kick. To win the game. In Atlanta unfortunately. Wrong on the and it goes to -- though it would just fantastic. And well playoff football as special -- no doubt about it that's what I kept telling myself. As I was soaking it in and the 49ers were fun to watch. In now a man in an analyst at a lot of New Orleans but the 49ers lose because they -- that in the playoffs. -- I think two years ago was the Oxley not that that's yes it was difficult but you know now -- out so now we got to get beyond the niners unfortunately. -- falcons averaged out of the flowers coming illnesses out of out of the question but lots of great football at one. We're fourteen days into the new year and him more than half of them -- rains -- yeah at least its it's and we haven't seen the sunshine really it's -- ball significant. -- Get that ramp up and get the sunshine back as we speak to them now Morgan is gonna get Napier -- front coming in on top of the rain rain pretty much no -- you know it's cloudy conditions that will report. I also enjoy the -- the deceit its playoff football season and it's awards season and I really I did have fun watching the Golden Globe last night -- -- the critics' choice awards in the people's awards last week. Still at the grammys coming up next month we've got the Oscars of course coming up next month. I like and I watch today I want Jamal I enjoyed watching. In zoos in the days something released earlier -- -- -- really. Out here yeah yeah -- and the of the Golden Globes seems always as it controversy as some kind well and I think about the Golden Globes. Like the critics' choice they get to drink yeah I show. So once you get an hours three -- four of road rules. I'd right now with Alex feels like it went to get like a third hour of the show. A lot of the present -- and the award winners are pretty nifty. Matter. They dole lose again it they they've had a little. That they'll Tutsis by the windows looking -- and that they they say sometimes they -- because it snappy and weird. Which we had a couple of those last night by LT kind of funny and people say stupid things as well and -- there feel real. Yeah thank you are attacked him -- partners and a -- of them and that -- I'm Dave Cohen thanks for joining us on the early edition of WW -- is that now it's Monday -- now it's raining outside and now it's cold. By hey let's get through this togethers outweigh what you Christie Garrett in here now as much as he can come and up after this and we'll go to the channel four Eyewitness News forecast senator. To find out what the weekend and holds for us weather wise. Size 7 c.'s good morning I'm James -- who do you wanna see in the -- control of the four teams last we'll find out thing I've -- reporter Christian Garrett coming up. Now it's time to head on over to the Eyewitness News forecast -- -- find out what the weather has in store for -- The rain is here -- off and on showers expected today maybe even some heavier rain north of the lake. Look for 60% chance of heights at 58 today and cloudy skies lows of 48 with showers tonight. Rain likely -- Tuesday a high of sixty and showers again on Wednesday and chilly highs of 54. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- tell. Right now we have fifty degrees under cloudy skies at the international airport in Canada north went to ten miles an hour it's raining at the lake front where it's 54 cloudy and Slidell fifty degrees. And a little bit of fog reported along the coast and over toward bats and rounds. -- -- Exports of welcome at saint sideline reporter Christian Garrick and well. I'm glad I did not that your predictions in the playoffs this weekend but I'm glad I did watch the games to the darn good football unfortunately. But all that end. The hornets struggle it's good morning time for Christian scared doesn't. Hello good morning David Starr with the wants Carmelo Anthony snapped out of a slow start by scoring eighteen is 47 points in the second quarter in the New York Knicks snapped. On its four game winning streak 10287. Here's what money we invest at a game. But we -- -- have them on their heels early and scored an easy baskets and bring in. Our defense tonight -- Bit of the seduce us. The hornets are on the road tomorrow night against the 76ers in Philly the NFC and AFC championship games are set next Sunday. The falcons will face the 49ers in the NFC title game for the right to advance to the Super Bowl. Here in New Orleans and doing you'll go against Baltimore for the right to advance in the AFC -- the falcons blew a twenty point second half lead trailing the Seahawks 282 point seven. With thirteen seconds remaining in a chance to take the lead. Good place. It's gotten -- not a -- Great they believe what exactly. Matt Bryant with the eventual game winning field goal 49 yards to give Atlanta the thirty that's when he win over Seattle. It's the first career playoff win for Matt Ryan. And coach Mike Smith a New England Patriots are on their way to their ninth conference championship game after beating up on the Houston Texans 41 when he. Brady under the gun rolled to the forefront kept me. -- Know it looks down patriots. Tom Brady once again led the way for the -- threw three touchdown. Touchdown passes in the when he finished today with 344 yards in the air the victory was his seventeenth in his post season career. That is a new NFL record -- Philadelphia Eagles have interviewed ravens coach and current fox analyst Bill Belichick. Their coaching vacancy according to a source with the Associated Press the start of the College Baseball season is about a month away. And today the fourth ranked tigers begin individual workouts -- you -- 47 games last year earned the SEC title pitching staff led by Kevin Costner but now he's in pro baseball. Football and -- has Ryan needs to be just as good as -- Brain age I believe is ready to blossom. At the end of the year this QB the -- -- -- -- pitchers -- the FCC -- not the country. Today at four on to beat him to Ellis to second guess show live from this over the casino bay saint Louis the body there. And Mike today on -- -- and that is your early look at sport. -- -- minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WL offers -- -- -- Kristian -- spent some time with yet on the radio on this rainy cool Monday morning but they're really was some amazingly good football to watch remains of last game the patriots and that. And the Texans patriots on that the route but it may and the back and forth affair that was. The falcons and the Seahawks game that was lots of fun before the Baltimore and Denver double overtime out -- mile high that was amazingly good stuff now. I went two for four. -- I was 500 yet okay were you you you said that the falcons would lose and they didn't. And you said that the ravens would lose to. The bronco Broncos and they didn't write -- was comical thanks for as well as -- Roland is now well I mean you broke even night. We know what though. Every just about everybody has that the Broncos moved out yet. That was an -- -- -- people still shaking their heads out of the ravens do that as they pull that off in mile high that it was six degrees and snow -- in imminent. That. Whatever. -- -- it is what it is and -- we -- who do you want to see. In this Super Bowl Christian. Hello wanna see -- who I think is -- now would you like this. I'd like to see the niners are patriots to think that being invented as a rematch yes it'd be a rematch. Regular season game that. The patriots ended up losing. San Cisco jumped out a -- That's the case well coming up and point by administering it to back here with more support to us who we think will be in the that's the one ST but who will -- -- enactment is today 7871. Person does 49ers and patriots -- not Atlanta. As -- new England and San Francisco's so far we have complete agreement that the new team. Today you wanna see in the two over text messages you can -- made -- seventy that your call me Tuesday that one make them the year bowl 3866889. Euro aid them the you think the falcons could do it they -- real good in the second half yesterday. But then they cleared their throat that whatever was choking him out of there just in time it put together while you Wilson who well out there you know. The bad you really nice passes went. Under 32 with 31 seconds to play in the and the game winning feel golf. Man that made saints fans exodus them like you think that that did the falcons can do it Brooks is six -- at seventy tech 3887878. A look at your forecast after. Prize money -- good morning I'm Dave -- and get text messages evident today 7870 a lot of people in the last run of the text messages wanna see a Harbaugh bowl -- they wanna see the Brothers are ball which of the coaches. Of Baltimore and San Francisco faced off in New Orleans that would be some fun. Story lines and pretty amazing to have two guys. As Brothers grow up to both become NFL coaches and then faceoff in the Super Bowl. That would be neat stuff by things that again Baltimore and San Francisco says non those that it be nice to see our Bob ball hardball balls as another. On doses falcons are the notre dame of the NFL they win lucky every week well let's hope the same thing happens to damage -- next week or. God forbid if that make this doable atop the same thing happens to them that happened to. The Irish ABA says another one. Anybody but Atlanta so we'll share more of your thoughts at 8787 he would take all the T six 1870. Who would you like to see in those Super Bowl in New Orleans. Coming up in just a few weeks and it's close in an awfully quickly a teacher forecast now from the at Wednesday's forecast. Cloudy skies for this Monday and rain likely as 60% chance for showers maybe few heavier spots of rain north and west of the lake. -- it's at 58 and lows tonight 48 still with some showers. Tuesday looking wet at 50% rain chance tides at sixteenth and another 50% chance on Wednesday and a high -- 54. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist -- tell -- gets. With some fog reported on -- down along the coast over near baton owners so misty foggy. And a yucky conditions again this morning one Texas activate them and it's -- that can't root for any of the teams collapse. Lacking gold bloody Tuesday. Even walk while you like this not even watching. That message goes on -- 2013 -- Who'd had. Leo -- back with -- more after that including. The head of the NRA says congress will not pass an assault weapons band and Gallup -- also congress' approval rating is it. Ridiculously low level -- you wanna see in the Super Bowl drama thank you for Colin. Everyone in the super moment. -- -- feel that they always bet that happened to him but that it's about it. It and the so called on the -- Back back back to zero we appreciate golf more of your who you wish to see in the super -- responses coming up from technical. Today 77 -- CBS news is that. The head of the NRA says the -- has enough support to block. Any assault weapons ban my do you expect that to go through or not. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this is just right is it early January. 14. 2013. Almost afterward through the monster is on my paper here but it doesn't feel like two weeks in the new year -- I'll tell you what it does feel like Mon day. Hanky yen especially if you're driving at 55 right now at each -- over -- the whole -- -- and all the way on up to. State lines showers so there -- places didn't some light rain -- this kind of another three yucky yucky day. Well find out how long this round of rain will last and if we ever see this on again commitment to -- -- -- -- it. I'm not direct from the Eyewitness News forecast center and be round -- -- New Gallup poll comes right. And it says congress approval at a ridiculously low four -- percent. When asked Americans how do you feel about the performance of the US congress only fourteen are being planned vote the only they've done. Even remotely content. I would think that would get you fired in most places well it would but here's the problem. It doesn't matter what the American people think of the congress as a whole because they only get to vote on their home. Member of congress -- hop and their own two US senators and generally people like. There alone. Representative. -- they've been caught up in the match that congress' album merry go Andrew we saw her numbers -- very nice present greatly popular in the Louisiana despite being a Democrat despite. Date low approval ratings overall war lawmakers on Capitol Hill yet she does really well similarly Steve's goalies in his -- yeah. Ridiculously popular no one even you know with a chance to beat him ever run against them in it's. So it took me just kind of stupid because as a whole we hate how we -- Holler are but no losers they can't do anything right spend money like -- and auto market and it debt it's deeper than anyone can ever get out of it and alive and taken us off the fiscal Klansmen and saving and at the last second and whatnot are decisions and and it gets a reason to complain about congress they count. Only 14% even approve of anything they're doing really Smart modular Kabila president to have those kind of ratings -- while the difference there is we all vote for president. Think people like their -- congress members but they -- like congress which it is. That that the box office of the weekend damn what happened you were right. -- -- -- zero dark thirty would come on now what it on the done. That drama about the hunt for Osama bin Laden takes the number one spot at the nation's theaters and after all of them -- about it and it's winning awards left and rights and use them and Derek -- and he brings and 24 billion dollars an -- -- week in nationwide released. Our ticket but money in New York in LA but now it's everywhere the war parity all haunted house opens and second with about nineteen million. And gangsters squad in the third place opening. This weekend last weekend's number one Texas chainsaw 3-D -- the number nine carrier you know so it -- Lil. You know a flash in the and now at number one for one weekend and now known today more than paid the bills -- -- you know it's a not a not exactly a high budget affair. Pretty honesty in the it will. Los Avon really got four teams left so there's no doubt Baltimore. -- -- -- -- -- -- Forty niners and has -- I don't know a San Francisco where one might talk to them what. Sampras and I glittering as losers -- and knows yards so you're choices in the NFC -- 49ers in the out exactly. 31 camera I want the 49ers obviously regional falcons here and we don't really -- I don't think New Orleans fans -- the air either team in the AFC got the patriots and yet the race. There are a B. -- tired of the patriots thing so you -- are already in the Harbaugh Brothers. Is the brother bowl yet the brother Goldman niners and the ravens -- up an -- -- thank you David in about twenty minutes of our first news here and beat him I am FM and account. Does seem like it never stops let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecasts that are on a Monday morning. It's a good morning -- -- meteorologist Laura about. -- while you're chipper for a Monday but. Try to bum me out with a super ball choices would you wanna see that's not a the full or -- Thought that the all right thank. And me well. Yet we have in -- I don't I in the play. -- sometimes I guess people sometimes eight for elections like the lesser of two Angela you know I don't think -- -- flight. -- it's funny here and be done talking about it. It really meant to the team's got to -- I'd like the story of the Brothers are off anything off against Utah that beat up on now summit Tom Brady known for his fourth in that's pretty exciting one -- it was pretty good yesterday. You know she did with. Yeah you know -- happened -- like it rains almost everyday in the new year to everyone tells me they're very convinced that we haven't in the sun and he does well again. We thought a little bit on Saturday I thought he -- out kind of but out here -- Saturday but it was brief and then back to the -- to bought it yesterday. Were -- great today rain tomorrow rate Wednesday -- Thursday some. They really. Up Friday comes the sunshine Friday Saturday. Hi your name and he's I don't get fitness rainfall at all -- -- -- -- -- Friday for so many reasons right hand on me manager feels like Monday night and it's cooler this morning again. The temperatures going to be -- Temperatures right now fifty in this city and the mid forties north of the lake and we're really gonna sit in the -- all day is kind of a cold damp rain -- showers that we have north of the lake are really pushing at the areas that's not going to be. A consistent rain all day in fact it's probably be just mostly cloudy with -- patches of drizzle. Throughout today but it still could be kind of cold the streets in the ground of course super wet from all the rain we've had so. It's just not going to be it nicest of days but it's not going to be steady rain all day. All right in the rest of the week when the temperatures during while we still see all the way through things I. How did chilly overnight lows in the forties and highs in the fifties solidly through Thursdays -- a big change in temperature just because the clouds and the rain will keep them and it's steady LLC it is often on showers all -- through Thursday before upfront finally kicks through. And moves all the way through that clears out your Friday bringing it sunshine. Rank it on I am ready for it I would like to see the sunshine -- you know rain rain go away I said my wife yesterday that as long as it's raining and it's January. Should be called up to at least get some snow with that. 59 in the forecast and a -- now know old -- artifact called. But no it's not everybody loved it last time it snowed here let's get that they awful work in school for the most part it adds it and it shuts down. I'd like to see some snow I think it's a good thing I think it's cool I think. Upon cheated on well -- wife -- as -- -- the forecast. I would just as you called -- wishing opening. Would you like it -- On its heart -- telling us professionally. And fat and I eat there personally it's tons of fun -- so that makes for a crazy day in the forecast sinners. You see where a witness. Not I would -- is now the fun. Today accidents that we do it yet when residents now at last it was back in like Italy when -- -- what it was apparently they're kind of rent 8% and -- December yet. An Arab everyone ran out of the office buildings and was. Haven't snowball fights and building snowman and acting like small children yeah the kids at the school let out and they were all -- in the same bang and but now your -- not gonna have. And I at least at this week and it -- -- -- -- Not this week more rain all the way through Thursday with sunshine Friday and Saturday yep thank you -- -- are about down lavender. Stay warm today and dry port will. -- Christian Garrett up next with sports on WW. 5:48 good morning I'm Dave -- -- text message today 7870 -- as saying and should go for the team in your own division. Is that right did you rip your own division after your team is that that would make us. Have to root for the falcons another one says of the falcons do make it to the Super Bowl on New Orleans we should return the egg attack lot and often advocated that -- get to knock him out of trouble folks now. I don't know if I'd choose rooting for or egging it. I don't know about one -- either for the falcons but do you wanna see in the two or more reject Super Bowl mortgage that is coming up we'll find out who Christian Garrick thanks will be in the super ball. As a tells all of us. Scores on Monday morning that includes football and now some disappointing basketball here at WW. And one day we start with basketball in New York Knicks were too much for the -- on -- a four game winning streak is over for the -- Carmelo Anthony went off. Point seven points as the knicks knocked off the world runs 10287. Took money -- says the defense was not very good yesterday. So that was started way before. The second quarter slide -- scored twelve points. Just in play with a sense of urgency. Up next for the hornets is the Philadelphia 76ers tomorrow night on the road in the road to new worlds forcible 47 has been whittled down to fourteen the Atlanta Falcons will host. The San Francisco 49ers in next week's NFC title game after surviving. A furious second half comeback from the Seattle Seahawks. Yeah it was about 848. Yard field goal it's. One. For the second year road will be Baltimore and New England in the AFC championship game after the patriots and Tom Brady beat up on Houston. Patriots look -- add to their -- Little football. Soon patriots. Three TD passes for Tom Brady in the win in the wind came with a price tight end Rob Gronkowski fractured his forearm in the game and is done for the post season the Philadelphia Eagles have interviewed. Former ravens coach and current fox analyst Brian Billick for their coaching vacancy according to a source with the associated press and the LSU tiger baseball team. Begins individual workouts today the fourth ranked by -- bagels are searching for placed on the pitching staff for Kevin -- who's now the pro baseball football and Jerry says. Ryan needs is that guy. To be a first round draft situation and hopefully he's gonna win twelve or fourteen games horses break. Today at four on WB well it's the second -- show live from the silver slipper casino -- -- Saint Louis with Bobby there and -- today. I'm Kristian garic that is early in the sports fans tough second quarter for the -- Yeah Carmelo. Went off to yeah Carmelo Anthony scored eighteen points in the second quarter eighteen of 27 and second quarter hornets scored twelve points the court to which he outscored the entire hornets team. In the second quarter and that was and they it was different in the end they won they had four wins in a row they've been playing great ball. And at least it wasn't in the fourth quarter and it's all parts of his second quarters today include my -- a -- The senate after the game we we thought saying I'm quoting -- and we felt we could just show up. Winning four games he warned last week that they can't let this winning streak that they've been anonymous really good run that they've been gone. -- -- And perhaps or conceded it was Ortiz -- -- yet yet now apparently maybe they did -- -- little too confident thinking that they were really good now we just you know to show up and win. Any -- the nose in the -- grinds to write to you told us half an hour ago who you would like to see play. In the super ball. Again who would like to see in the Super -- San -- in new England and who do you think will be in the soup do you think your dreams and wishes will country in -- have Cisco in the and it's not going to be the Brothers are off now. Sure the falcons are gonna lose yes the time but this business Mac that's not your heart speaking to us on our mind -- out of that I felt like Seattle in the -- I just think that Angela yet and I didn't like the niners the best team that is. Man. -- He somehow that he really -- the eighties. He can throw the ball a mile. The -- golf Enron and -- France and he half. And that was his first ever playoff games than any set records for the most rushing yards by a quarterback ever and an NFL game. Ever for Michael Vick never ran that much in any game ever. You're making my point you make in my case -- -- I think it affected about fifteen minutes. Sports here that we -- -- well AM at them and -- now I'd do you think he's right is that how it's gonna end up. Where every text messages coming up here on WW well I am. 5:54. On your Monday morning thanks for joining us on the early edition of WW golfers -- -- Trichet has sent a variances interesting text messages message to us he says the saints and the colts are going to be in the Super Bowl this year at least in his house. He says I've got the best Super Bowl and it's going to be New Orleans. Taking on Peyton Manning and the colts on the game comes on I'll put in the dvd. And watch that -- to bowl Sunday is a little too far perhaps you know I get it I know your allegiance to the saints I understand you feel about everything that happened this season I'm getting a lot of text messages angry still that Roger Goodell. But. Nightly and watch the Super Bowl here at that here in New Orleans because of that angry. Forecast if you don't like grant him -- immaculate. For your Monday mostly cloudy and a 60% chance for showers maybe few spots of heavier rain north and west of the lake. High today 58 and lows tonight 48 silly with cloudy skies in a 40% rain chance. Tuesday at 50% chance for showers with a high of sixty and Wednesday at 50% chance for rain and highs of 54. For -- Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist larva. Tell heaviest rain now is on the North Shore go on from my 55 I intend to -- -- on into northern saint Tammany and Washington parish other light rain around here -- there right now it's fifty degrees under cloudy skies at the international airport in Canada we have a north wind and miles an -- also fifty degrees and cloudy and slide out the National Weather Service office. But the northeast wind at nine miles an -- little fog reported here there but no ridiculously low visibility. Otherwise it's just kind of misty. And yucky on this Monday morning's big week for gun control efforts it's one month after the new school massacre. But the head of the NRA says his group has enough support to block an assault weapons fans are you confident. If you don't want an assault weapons -- that it will fail or if you want one do you think that congress. Will approve it based on everything that's happened whether Newton Newton school massacre as a movie theater massacre. And the big gun violence do you think that the political will there is -- now and the ban assault weapons. Going to be a debate insisting expect that might really doing it in March. All right coming up for the next par is a fun here at WWL. More of me I could go on for Tommy Tucker this morning so hopefully that makes him happy will be talking about the latest school shooting. The kids taken a shot gun to school there that armed guard there. Then how does that -- victory. Factoring into the debate. What about video game violence you think that has anything to do -- -- thought about that. Loss talk about the controversy in mid city where some residents complain Metairie is coming to New Orleans. And that just a couple of topics we'll talk about for the next four hours -- -- -- -- -- earlier that he should root for the team in your division right now and others is only one problem. If Atlanta makes it to the Super Bowl they'll lose did you know they can't win in the superdome and Roosevelt a big saints -- and -- like the falcons to win but. Somewhere else those as we always root for the SEC should we stick together and written for the NFC south those of us forget the division crap. It means the falcons' war we had. Back yes.

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