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WWL>Topics>>1-14 7:15am Dave talks about school safety and security

1-14 7:15am Dave talks about school safety and security

Jan 14, 2013|

Dave talks to Paul Timm, the President of Reta Security, about school safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

716. Thanks for joining us on me. WWL first news they've gone in for Tommy Tucker we spent the last hour talking about whether violent video games played a role. In the violence that we see in our society the mass murders that we've seen. Whether bullying plays a role an interesting -- our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you school officials take bullying seriously enough and -- question. An overwhelming 83%. And are not scientific but always interest in surveys say no school officials are not taking it seriously enough 17% say yes I hear from the folks. On both sides of this -- -- why are you voting that way why so many people feel like schools are not taking bullying seriously enough. And if they're not what would you like to see them Q have you ever bullied have your kids have been bullied and have you found an effective way to handle it. 26 1878 bowl 38668890870. What do you think and what are the solutions. If it's not if if -- get violent video games on the promise some people told us and violent movies aren't the problem. What is the problem and how do we fix it. Paul Tim as president. Reach a security and all you have been looking at this issue I know for the last month cents. Sandy hook shooting and bottom line is. What do we do you to keep our kids safe at school and prevent. Future school shootings. Thank you for asking well okay that's your shingle. And -- solution it will -- collapse or public sector that never going to be the answer. Are we need a comprehensive solution more more important that you elaborate solution so we need. Flying in from all stakeholders from parents from administrators. Responders and students. Anything middle school and about -- record -- of technology -- a -- -- We need class solution. Well yeah that sounds easier said than done the White House has been making what they say is an attempt towards a collaborative solution by having. Violent video game manufacturers come in for discussions by having the NRA -- for discussions by having gun control advocates come in for discussions. Has our nation started this conversation and are we headed in the right direction or not. Well I'm glad prediction has started the conversation all of our our hearts were broken arm at church and you report. Per school page and since where they need to replace store administration needs let's say let's do the -- committed other. Let's have not the world's longest media -- report on rebels won power structure and vulnerabilities. Hand and ideas on the table. We we look at the shooting in California last week where a shotgun wielding student. Said he'd been boldly goes into his California high school and shoots one of the kids he said bullied him. -- armed police officer assigned to the campus but they say it's no kept him from getting there more quickly to intervene. But take that as an example first -- all. Yet have a kid bring a shack and a school and shooting Katie says it was bullying him idea stop that from. Well. That -- difficult question and answer your fingers and also has -- perfect security but we we -- levels of risk that we need to readers and let's not forget. Could have been a whole lot worse it's not for adults who intervened and roll action and. So in this case you're right that teacher was able distract the shotgun wielding student long enough for the other kids to get out of the classroom. And eventually the staff at the school did talk him down again to put down a lap. That those relationships are so very important to be cultivated. So bottom line you say. Each school really needs to handle this. To look at the issues that are in their school whether it's bullying whether it's security. Whether it's procedure. What whatever it may be you think this should be handled on a school by school. Well for sure and in notes -- of the government wants but you know it's already just. Upon the government -- help that they cannot do everything on -- you know we wonder it's really couldn't help but surely we want people everything that we can't but especially start at the school. -- them president of read a security thank you for your -- but we appreciate you joining us here at WWL percent. A.

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