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01-15-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Jan 15, 2013|

Sitting in for Scoot; Todd Menesses talks about:Is Gun Control about safety or politics? How do we take guns out of the hands of people who should not have them?

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One final hour here -- -- -- dubious or from a prominent tomorrow. Tucker will be a man for himself. Tomorrow. He was out today the and a Monday heavily. So Tommy will be back tomorrow. It's dispute over him for -- Tomorrow night. We have but LSU basketball. Here on WWL. So you can tune into that that'll be coming up up right after sports talk. You have a choice actually it's 7 PM. At 630 you have LSU basketball little take on South Carolina that'll be pregame and of course the tip off will be at seven so it's seven the other choice. You can have the -- issue hoops. On the big 817. Or 105 point three the hornets will wrap up their road trip that they've been on. And they'll take on the Boston Celtics. Up in Boston they won the night they were leading last time I checked the -- yet they won big it was like a 111 to 92 good. Because they had they had a three game winning streak and and they lost. The other night of -- game winning streak wasn't there was a four to host four was a fourth and it was three a for the knicks was the fourth game and lost the mixed the other night could be. And then I called me up so I was so they won the night I get confused as their standard so many -- you know they they keep coming and everything and still have played ago. I can't be expected to memorize an 82 game season I'm -- Now what you're playing those first. First person shooter game so Lebanon -- and and mad Xbox and Madden. Yup -- you know what I play Madden a lot like Madden so. Because I'm good -- does this mean now that because I'm good at Madden -- go tell Drew Brees when the throw the ball. Yes does that -- -- he can't they catch it every time I made him throw if you put it on to the sideline you can tell him. Now they go like this press the expletive has it they have built a -- But he but I think is Eva and -- until -- 786 exit 89 and early semi on my game system anyway here's -- we're talking about today. -- tonight I should say we've been talking about all night are pretty -- or opinion before you move on it was a 111 -- 99 and 111 tonight now in the interest of accuracy excellent all right -- -- -- in Philadelphia so the hornets win beat the beat the 76ers and move on now tomorrow they'll play -- Boston Celtics. So we'll see how that -- at the gardens so we'll see how that works out. All right it's thank you mark today's a Devin earlier project where opinion pull his gun control about safety or politics we hear a lot about gun control talking about it so a lot tonight all night long. He heard a lot of the other -- talking about it today. It's been in the news because New York today passed one of the toughest gun control laws in the nation for their state. And tomorrow we're expecting to hear from President Obama and vice president Joseph Biden. On what they want to do. Four gun controller to try to curb gun violence in America. So the question is will is any of this really gonna have the desired effect on gun violence or is it just more feel good legislation. Is it about safety. Or is it about politics. That's the question. You logon to WW -- dot com. And cast your votes. And tell me what you think as we always say it's an unscientific poll right now. 81% of you say it's all politics. 19% say it's really about safety. And making the public safer. Against guns. So what do you think. 2601878668890870. -- dean on the West Bank eighteen year on WWL. We don't got to tell you and I are I realized. That I had not grown up even at 46 years old when my wife walked and delivered in -- at about 11 o'clock at night and I haven't had that plan blacked out. You know we all kind of impact we all gonna hit dead -- -- removal of the PS3. -- you know but duck. -- -- like the Xbox-360. For summaries and I just public a better. Everybody -- their preference I've got a got a PS2 I got an Xbox-360. I got a PS one. I got to Sega that still works in every now and then drag that out how what I have been three days ago. When our -- it will be pretty. I used to have a I used to have the the old Nintendo any -- that aren't somewhere along the line of one of the lose my wife get rid of it so. And that's been suspicious to -- -- so let's look. All we'll listen -- beat you know beat everybody that they can call and they compete this around as much as they won't. Look I'm all for every you know -- for the federal government I think it should be uniform. Our background check and I think that that's one. Solid way. But this is all about politics they're the real issue that nobody's talking about. Ineffective -- for these kids credit and the -- for young adult for you or kids that a commit these crimes. Most of these kids if you look at the stats. You know from the time there was 78 and ten years old still put on lateral grip went the drugs whenever American kids. I'm the parent of an 882 -- child. Would but it really neat about personally think that. These these these kids have their error could have gotten to the point where. You know. -- -- -- don't know how to socialize they don't know how to deal -- -- -- situation. And maybe certain drugs whatever you wanna call it. You know you don't want to know orange and whether that -- a mental issue or not the fact of it is there's a fine line between. You know -- and an aspect dog gang war all are so much rob the bank. Changed and shoot twenty some more kids man has yeah. That there is something from me and visibly wrong with that individual because in the case don't think. This can pointed video games which is preposterous. They can point at the garden which is preposterous you know. Do whatever they want to the bottom line is is that concrete track. The issue of an individual. That's somehow get a chance to own a gun. In his. A problem I mean somebody that does -- like -- different then literally wrong with them. And this isn't about any or it's not about -- And the other day and Biden and Obama or any president for that matter. And holy crap we got a good -- about desk we penetration. And we can't let this go to wayside. Column bar and we got a dude watch about remove -- shoots people. These all these are all individuals that disturbs. And then again you can't. Quantify. Should said that this is it about an assault rifle. And he -- nailed it manned deep. What Kryptonite for a saying if you don't kill somebody could -- -- -- human beings have been killing each other for. You know decade for thousands of years since that's not gonna change. But I do think in summonses and you're right. If it's mental health issues and if they tighten those up which is what some of this New York legislation does. With some of what the president's gonna recommend that they do as well. And they have said that you know in the past. That is one of the reasons why you can't get a gun or someone has been denied. -- according to the FBI has been because of they're been what more than a a million people have failed these background checks in the last thirteen years criminal records drug use or -- healthy. Aren't you know I think when you look we don't know particularly about the guy in Connecticut. When you look at the shooter in Colorado. The bad man shooter. He definitely. You could have seen something was wrong with that guy. If so are these things warm place him ordering all the ammunition online him buying all these cameras to build this stuff. Aren't you know this the sort of the you know the trying to get buying the guns and binary I mean you could kind of tell I don't know how he passed. All those things because apparently his psychiatrist that he was seeing. Supposedly knew that something was not right with this guy. The feet that's that's the point that I'm trying to make into all the -- visit -- you people level wanna get a chance. To understand the medical issues that -- owned by young people. And out teachers. Have hit a pair of and -- you know give evaluations and and they go to the doctor and doctor and I cannot discredit him like it's candy. You need to watch a documentary called generation RX. -- that doesn't enlighten you. Who he is it more so hard children publicized. Idea I think you're right I think we we have gotten to a point where we Medicaid and our children instead of disciplined him or are taking care of them or herb or doing what they wanna do now. I'm not saying that there are not some of issues with some children but I do think in some cases and and the profession has come out he says this that they think that they may have over medicated in some cases are. -- is absolutely again like that I can only say that trick anybody. That's gonna pointed a gun and video game. -- that don't get me wrong. I'm actually in at some of that gulf cannot antagonize somebody that sister. You know you're talking about such a small print and trial. -- -- the majority of people that are capable of playing game which worked rationale and reason. And the fact of it is is that you know being blamed Eminem commercial and I don't listen to that we're -- -- -- for crying out loud. And I don't I don't buy any thing about you know the video game influencing -- doing this or what -- are or television or from our movies I mean let's face it. What -- the top show lose. On TV it's early infancy in the fifties and sixties. Cowboys. And Indians western -- shooting people left and right I mean record. It's not like you had a ransom rash of kids going out and saying -- -- Obama to -- people. They might have done that in pretend. That they did write a real gun into it. Look Billy Idol wanna push show Matta no other people are trying to ecologist. Everybody out dead just realized a horrific thing happen. That you know. Somebody have to put their finger on the real button in a real boy it has. And college kids and talked to won't you in and stop trying to to trade the farm truck in the babysit him. Deal with what you brought into this flight to try to make the best people on because guess what. They're gonna find devices. And -- defined by -- just as adults we do. -- and in some cases it truly until this crap that would be a moment now -- WDB guys. Right dean thank you were very well also thank you for the call 2601 a 78668890878. Do you agree with -- you think. That's one of the issues until they say. Mental health is one of the problems and that's what they're trying to address. Getting guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. And trying to tighten up those laws we'll hear what the President Obama. And Vice President Biden has come up with -- but what they have hinted at that they wanna take care of that too. And try to tighten up that loopholes and make sure that those who are mentally unstable. Cannot purchase guns the New York legislation has gone. Very foreign to that if you haven't heard I'll tell you -- what they're doing. What they passed today for that and some other states are thinking even stronger measures. They keep guns out of foods that are mentally challenged. We'll take a write a break. To be right back touted pursued on WWL. This is in for scoop to 60187866890817. Or you can texts me dad 87870. -- I'd like texting messages slow down there we go under repressive. For a moment. You know I mentioned before about the violent video games and we were talking about that with the U the last -- just a little bit. -- -- -- Released -- three shooter game and people are saying that. You know proponents. Of the NRA and those against the NRA and those who want stricter gun control are saying they're being hypocritical because he already said. Violent video games -- one of the reasons they think. That some of these shootings are happening. This game from them. Is. Called NRA practice range you basically. Shoot targets. And a shooting range what you would see -- at a at a cheerleader practice. Now. I don't think that. You know which one's more hypocritical here because. There's another game that has just come out also. That allows you to shoot and kill NRA leaders. It's called bullet to the head of the NRA. So those who were against the NRA. Has come all of this game to shoot people in the NRA. So who's been in the hypocrite here. For this. Does have proposed to be against gun violence. And guns. With a game called bullet to the head of the FRA or of the NRA. Who said that. Shooter games and video games -- one of the problems but they have a game out now that's basically practice. Game where you shoot targets 2601878668890. Waits and it just goes round and round and round let's go to -- uptown -- Brad drug WWL. Any think just so much. You know I find -- curious. -- even know mental health has been brought up there's an issue could be taken to zero. There is. The very steep. There are in favor of upholding the this Second Amendment. Are often the ones that are cutting. Mental health spending extraordinary look at our own state Louisiana. And we just had. More than 500 workers laid off at southeast Louisiana hospital and then to bill. And some of those workers by the way are appealing. To the State's civil servants. And we hope that there are able to reverse. Do you play at all. But I can tell you that. I mean think Tammany parish. -- percentage. As the -- it's suicide rate. Industry. And. You know we we look at. We've got to have major layoffs and they'll if you hospital system -- many psychiatric facilities within the system. You know we we have a state government that is. Giving -- -- money surprises. Medical providers. And yet you know that we just passed the state law. Into the constitution that says that. The Second Amendment you know it's strengthen the Second Amendment. And you know. We we hear a lot of good talk about want to do about mental health everything I'm seeing it's major content. Didn't you know I think it's just outrageous. I mean you know in New Orleans we. Brad and and I think that's why the talk is as started again because I think that that is what's cut you know it's amazing we talk about mental health. As being one of the main issues in the problem -- gun control is is as we saw in the last couple of mass shootings now not everyone who uses the gun and kill somebody is mentally has a mental problem. But in these massive shootings that's what usually seems to be. It's a teenager or someone with an adult with a mental issue or problem they're not all quite clear and they get their hands on a gun. It's just like. We talk about obesity in schools with kids. Yet at the same time work cutting physical education out of schools and were cutting. All the things that would help to keep kids from from getting obese and focusing on something else we do this all the time and everything but I think now. At least when it comes to guns it looks like word they're trying to focus more. On mental health. Whether that means going forward and I again I don't know what the president is proposing tomorrow he says. He wants to crack down on mental health too as one of the issues if he's gonna proposed. Funding more. For mental health will find out about that. But at least I think now all they're saying okay wait a minute maybe hopefully. We're on the right path and we realize that we really shouldn't cut. Mental health services for years. Even with the insurance or whatever you have. Mental health issues. Have always come under fire. And I don't know if that's simply because. They think it's being abused I know if you have an insurance company you have to file something to do with mental health. As I had to go through the briefing here at the WWL woman rundown all the stuff for the new new insurance everything. And and that's probably one of the hardest to -- they don't fund a lot of that insurance doesn't pay for a lot of that. And again and I'm not sure why I think it simply because as you heard the previous caller. A lot of times they found out it's been over diagnosis not one of those things like if they could go to the doctor. And you've got problems with -- a blockage in your harder you got a broken arm or you get that's something they concede. Mental health -- deterioration the brain and they look at it a lot of times they really can't see it you know what I mean. They can sense the that I think -- now there are hesitant for that. I think you're making a lot of sense -- kind of respect to. Mean we had a terrible killing a little bit mother and -- are killed -- children yeah. -- and the men and forever who now cured his father. Most of them. Well you know woman tried to actually seek -- itself beans and was turned away because they think. Turk put paid adult units in the central in central Louisiana. To it's the same with the mania and you know. Our Governors Island about that he has no problem given the way. Hundreds of millions of dollars of private providers their leadership and people away. While inpatient mental health beards are being closed and you know of course another issued -- blooming and church for a lot of. Well well you know and I I think -- and and I'm not sure but I think a lot of that has to do with the state they're waiting for the new hospital to be built. The big well Nancy has been. That is the -- awakening boy do we have a rude awakening air because. Governor Jindal had not. Favoring their Medicaid expansion leaving literally billions of dollars on the table what you told -- -- -- prevent new hospital called prevent Medicaid expansion. I I hear say we might have a building built just like we can't remember way back when error include built. And then it would go shelf for two years. Because leaked that the private company and now we -- a parent doing well well. Inconsistent. That top little Lleyton ever opened and you'd trip people who can be in mid city. Borders new hospital state law prohibits -- seeking up land for private purposes. We got them -- Where we're probable and we have our and our governor in the big problem a bit. NN bright -- in relation. Got -- brand will -- over common -- topic here thanks Brad thanks for call and that you're getting off topic on something else with the with the hospital that's an issue for. A -- other day 2601878668890870. Let's go to mark in Metairie hey mark thanks for holding -- on WW and thank you so I -- they don't find it. I just comment because. Again -- made a little statement saying that can go anywhere and I could dump up to streets. No no I said they won't take oil all the guns I don't think you you'll ever be able to roundup every gun in America. Who makes distinct. Entity while saying you know by twenty 27 that they will have tomorrow off the streets here I mean -- probably be dating grown. But you know everything that you -- just gone on basically be in states. I think or your -- start to -- -- -- and don't -- when you send it you know these people. Basically act on broad you know in a pretty much like you know. You know. And we cannot seen things so what do we you know could have been -- slam -- you know what does -- and and other drugs and that's been gone on recess. 19951991. And I'm mistaking. You know anything about their have you been hearing about that. About the drug is -- psychotropic drugs yes sir. As far as what controlling people can't correct -- and I don't think anybody's given him anybody to do to control them. You know a lot of -- -- on the -- -- on the Internet I mean look we're not -- honestly well the secret this stop this weird I think it has wave before. You need people I know I don't have people been talking about because. Disconnect in the fifties back in the sixties I don't know about it treacherous CIA looked into mind control drugs. And the CIA was trying to find ways to do that that's -- The goal went in Portland when a Russian out of -- went to Russia and or do you got Russian -- doing it the German everybody everybody has been trying to do. I went in there it didn't also thank which we are the subject now which is still dealing with guns still. Bit of the guy that side John F. Kennedy didn't say that he was on some type -- drugs of some folks. When this active after the the shootings. Do you know or we didn't think he could remember. In the what was gonna at all. And they could obviously be -- a ploy to have any kids I don't know what you're talking about the. You don't get this -- this result stage in just stick to dump up mysteries and we'll do it because it the technology did this in this -- -- the federal government. Only wanna do -- controller PPM America. Well to discuss spears that they don't get the opposite of what to note is that the Obama do it. I'm mark. And and I want my bank now. You'd say that it's the right they have a right to on the gun. And yeah. I thought it was a privilege to strike a coal producing anything man making. Veterans -- it's it's it's in the bill of rights. Or would be your Bryant. You know man on man oh I got you got a -- -- -- Particularly when mark they did to use excel 1786 X eighty nine's earth. -- nothing about owning a car is in the bill of rights. Notice there's even nothing about owning a horse. That I know. Or carriage. -- But guns are in there and that is part of the constitution the first ten amendments are considered the bill of rights. Because when they were putting the framing of the constitution together. Many of the continental congress members would not sign it until there was. A clear definition of what. Citizens' rights would be. In the new country. And that's why they're put in there 2601878668890. Aides have is go to Ryan in. Cannot and Ryan you're on WWL. I -- Actually a so so licensed dealer and not a killer and I just why these are a bit here a lot of people called and what their opinion to what they think is so great. What -- think it talks and I just wanna give everybody a clear view. Oh you know -- actually anti NRA which is pretty weird sort of felt -- I'd opt out into question. If you look at gas. Which decade from 1920 to 2000 -- go to -- did which decade had the least amount of mass shooting. What -- would you guess. Probably this one. Actually you're right 2002010. -- record United States is actually the least amount of mass killings in the United States. And all the people are calling his musical problems and everything that's you know that's that's that's -- nice in the ointment on. But the truth of the matter is when it comes down the gun ownership. It comes down to the people who own the -- I think is gonna get traffic -- working Olympic undercover -- that are born criminals and it's -- police -- unstable people. It's got donors and you have people that are. Not rock the leader cardinal locker leaving our government cars. And we they're gone now on his face -- up protected in the houses that's how the guards are getting out there. And then you look at -- -- his mother knew he had mental condition and still. Take on the map out what it comes down to. Is part of America's looking at ourselves and realizing we have to take a step forward to actually know. Well I don't think -- in the case of of the Newtown the mother were from what from what we hear she may have been a little bit too she was one of these doomsday people I think we actually was. You know I'll tell you the money to -- and -- and that harvesting like that -- body is not I hear all these. Think that there are looking forward to do like universal background checks -- everything like that. What they need to do it. O Leo walked the walk actually -- go on Saturday or Sunday if you want to if you wanna go on in this country you have to go take a three hour tour. No actually keep all its outcome of the -- store. Who has no business going Oregon and they can bygone I don't know how to work there anything. Bring it home and you know they leave it loaded I of people bringing guns -- -- on the loading -- -- them you know yeah. And and that's the issue right there and the other thing do it. Assault rifles are just one more thing could put -- being you know -- because. Those follicles no more different than yours acquire Paul hobby horse although the semi automatic all the problems the -- -- And I have no problem that woman in the clutch putt because it's don't think about it is. A guy whose experience and knows what he's doing teaching -- acquitted by a second. So you can't just blame little -- -- assault rifles so labels just you know. Drug of choice right now for people when they're doing his -- -- it's gonna get. Love there and -- and they're what they're saying is of the clips and so for the -- well maybe. By the time he had the change it's someone he only shot seven and he had to change it and someone could have stopped him or someone give them a moment do you know. Have knocked him down take it I mean they're looking at any think possibly that can happen but nobody knows what's gonna happen. Unless you're in that moment if so that it is something. I don't know but so their their church trying to be proactive and and I understand that and and they're trying to do something in. You know short of an again. I don't believe this but short of going -- door to door in rounding up every gun and burning it and melting it down and and all this stuff that you hear of all the always nightmare horror stories. You're not going to get rid of all the guns in America to take him away in -- and I don't think any of this legislation is actually doing matter once to do that. I think they'll realize that that's. Part of the constitution it's a bill of rights that I think they realize that we need to keep that in and most members of congress agree on that as well. But. If they're trying to do something and again it is -- feel good legislation. He had away. Could it possibly help and make things safer and away but it's not the total solution I don't know what is. Yeah exactly I don't understand. And I appreciate you talking about it tonight and and that -- the one thing that people don't realizes you know. Finishing their release started -- -- was column -- because -- think you're really struck a chord in America in part because. It just realize those you know. And so what can go in and not attack you as an adult protect your children in this school. And I think that's the main thing. They actually saying all this and you know I don't blame them for trying to be proactive or anything like that. But the thing about it is people or blaming mentally ill -- you know people can go get a nice you know. And Ryan and it and that's because these last couple of mass shootings. The people were mentally Il. I mean today I had a history of it -- -- legislation is like I stated earlier aren't if you were listening earlier or not when you're talking about which decade had more mass shootings. People think that you know children are not safe now there's more child abductions people are stealing kids and -- -- actually they're not there were more child abductions in the United States back in the thirties and there have been. Within the last 3040 years. It is because of the new cycle the media and news cycle and it feeds into it and everyone buys into it and thinks. That the world has actually. Not as safe as it was way back when and we we tend to look back. At those periods. And and we put him with -- rose colored glasses everything was better in the good old days well you know what actually wasn't. Back in the fifties your taxes were way higher you were paying way more taxes to the government. You know you didn't in the thirties and forties you head machine guns running around with gangster shoot and everybody in shooting up. Cars and businesses and so forth and so on when prohibition was going on -- If we tend to forget all of that. When we look back we only think of that we only remember that I things and that's part of that's our human nature I think the brain are -- does that. To keep this going forward because of Wii console -- dwelled on the negative stuff I'm holding in my can get up the next day. Exactly I doubt either that or more than that -- analogy gone and you have got a lot of -- has played a little fortunate that. I hear about people clinging -- universal background section and you know. Doctors being able to -- -- not -- your own guns Ernie thanks. I'll you know in some states that would be all right the -- of the -- states it's it's it's compensated but we have a lot of corporate culture we grew up and. A lot of men. Don't wanna go to therapy if they're to track certain -- that can you imagine how much -- going to be. What you're trying to counsel and trying to get the help that they obviously need now and they -- the sort of gimmick or take away and I think that is one of the worst things. That's really gonna take it against this nation. The cardinal to get people to get mentally and. I'm an -- I don't think it's it's for those that. Our. TO are going crazier thing they need mental help I think it's to try to prevent because all of these people all of in the last again mass shootings. We're already seeing. Doctors and were already at that point. So I you know I know you're not gonna hit -- -- a guy that's never gonna go to the two to the psychiatry you're never gonna catch that guy. And I understand that you know that. That they're only seventeen people understand that the doctors say that these people don't usually -- hill. But the bad thing about it is the way our culture. A lot of people are -- as. You know how people are they get and automatically all the buzz right at all just because I actually did appear courtyard proposed deal -- And that storm guys you are given what I thought all right Ryan -- thank you so much to 60187866889087. We'll take a break and be back. For more here on the TWO. And RW WL perk of the day New Orleans paint and party get a forty dollars to get -- Twenties Bucs looking for something fun and creative can grab your friends and your favorite beverage and head. Out of pain in party they'll provide the canvas paint brushes. And step by step instructions for you create. Your own work of -- -- -- world in Spain and party on south Carol and -- on sale right now just go to my New Orleans perks all one word dot com. And you can take advantage of that deal. -- coming in -- 87870. Says why doesn't President Obama set an example by taking. The guns away from the Secret Service agents protecting his kids and they heard this before the President Obama is not trying to take away the guns. And he said that. He has said over and over. His belief in the Second Amendment right of citizens to be armed he believes in net. -- made it clear he believes we ought to take common sense and enact common sense measures that protect Second Amendment Rights. But prevent people who shouldn't have weapons from obtaining them. -- And that's basically what. All the says everyone says who don't want criminals they have weapons -- with the background checks do you don't want the mentally ill to have weapons that's what the background checks do. And last fourteen years more than a million people have failed background checks to buy guns. Because of criminal records. Drug use or mental health issues this is according to FBI figures. 26018786688908. Simmons go to Steven in New Orleans say Stephen thanks for colonial on the BWO. Trademark fairways the largest manufacturer. Of gunpowder in the world would pop up in the business anymore but still -- -- and we don't. Particle called the police. I'm. We. Over again and don't get the continent but. I live here in New Orleans I have those things back home in Delaware. And so yeah there museum pieces and no one saying that -- not heard anybody say about the right to have -- -- our founding dollars it was sore right to have guns. They work black -- governance and think you could shoot one shot maybe two shops. And then you have to reload. It with take two or three minutes. Is best for people to relocate. Sixty. Shots in thirty sector so. Well here so that took a break. Big difference suing him hero having these automatic weapons. Well but I but I also think via the founding fathers -- to. Gun technology would emerge I mean just in their own life gun technology was emerging and change you know the guns that they. They had you know 4510 years ago were not the same guns is they have this. Weapons Smiths were developing new and better ways. For -- to work so. I don't think they meant just for those type of guns at that at that period of it if I think if that's the case you know. Then we shouldn't have electricity we shouldn't have cars we should have you all it's Sunday can you start saying all that don't know them. I mean I don't think are sounding positive expected. I'll look sort of bullets attempt to keep it in loans between Tuesday and had no way of knowing that Pakistan. Well I don't I don't think the founding fathers. Even dreamed that the country would expand all the way to the Pacific either so. You know. And when they devised the other electoral college and all I know they're there all sorts of things that I guess can be changed in two weeks. But some say that. You know because they only had this type of gun then you shouldn't have. This other type of gun that's not with the founding fathers meant. I don't think that's what they've read Steven you can't you can't take it literally that way guns a gun is again as the guns. No matter how advanced it is from the time that they were talking about us. I'm thank you for the call 260187866890878. We'll take a final break come back and wrap things up here on WWL. Thomas is in poor student wrapping things up tonight's more text giving him as 870. 870. The people texting about things I've read the text someone -- what in the president stop using guns to protect its own kids of the Secret Service I mean c'mon. That's what we also we want guns -- protect their family right so that's why the president use and that's kind of silly to say that I know people say that. Whenever gun controls about the president's not saying he wants to take away your guns and so that over and over and over and I don't know how many times. That could be reiterated none of the legislation that passed. In New York or what's going to be proposed is to take away anyone's guns. It would be on the sale of future. Quote assault weapons is what they're thinking about -- which have been banned before. If you already own one. You can still continue to own they're not gonna come and knock on your door and taken away. Kind. What needs to be done I know it doesn't it's not gonna cure everything it's small steps. But they're taking some steps. Is it more feel good legislation -- thing. Most of you seem to agree. To a vote.