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1-16 1:10pm Dale Standifer talks Sex Trafficking

Jan 16, 2013|

CNN reported on sex trafficking in hotels and what meeting planners and hotel staff are doing about it. Advertising for these services are found on the internet. An alert, meeting planner, recognized the rooms that appeared in the ads and made it her mi

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Yeah. He had baby. Thrown WW LA MFM and does come. Who's talking sports leader creates this bloodshed so tall golden -- to add some spice to the conversation golf club move toward 2001874866889087. Yeah. WWL's. Keeping food and this spot stared at one hot potato shotgun -- of Kano the way I. Phonetically as they already had that. We got a driver and I like them. He's been and been put them anyway. Careful stay out of a colon went in and -- It's got a good show for today we will speak later in the day were Robert Travis got his the president. On the public affairs research council and will be talking about opera of the opinion poll here governor Jindal wants to eliminate the state income tax. Increase the state sales tax do you think that will be enough or do you fear homestead exemption will also have to go away. We'll talk about that and other aspects of all these broad tax proposals that are coming up our first off though. We're gonna speak with an old friend. Who has been on the show many times. She unfortunately every time we come on we're talking about. I don't know sad things I guess way to put it details Jennifer is my guests this hour she's the director of the match -- battered women's program you don't -- -- -- -- That's -- and have gone by talking about Christmas cookies. And now. That always talk about. Well. Are. Going inevitably. Like that -- But you know what we we'd have to talk about the stuff -- One one of the things. Some of the stuff that's going on quite frankly is the super bulls coming to the big argument is great we love the cities. The -- and it's got nothing to do with the Super Bowl because whatever event happens wherever this stuff happens every every day all over the world anyway but it's for some reason other. It also seems that tag along with big events. Is. Human trafficking. And up abusing people and the prostitution and stuff like that there. And we're gonna talk about that because unfortunately the problem is not getting any better it's being attacked at a whole bunch of different levels. But. Let's not kid ourselves human trafficking is alive and well and and and unfortunately. I mean it's it's almost like -- even begin would have got a problem because I read a story about this woman that's the slow like five year old girls will commit -- first greater. Who woman just showed up at a at a school up in Philadelphia and checked just get -- that I have the the parents come to come -- and left the scope of the slugger. And -- founder several hours later under a slide obviously somebody letter ago but I mean frankly. They didn't have to that are going and who knows where she would in developed you know so you got a lot of people out there who are who were being forced into some situations. Where they don't even know how they got there to begin with and they don't have any idea how they gonna get out. So that's that's where we're gonna that's where we're gonna start today there -- dale yell over at the metropolitan. Women's program -- the room. Well let's talk about a women's program but I mean it's it's it's got a bunch of names but. I mean you'll have now taken this upon yourself to to help people escape from human trafficking to -- We certainly can't we tried on trying to working with FBI and I would local. By -- detectives basically cute. Try to provide some degree of and nurturing or sucking it into. Edward tick somebody off the street they need someplace to put them. And a battered women shelters actually pretty exit because we used our people and feeding them and getting that -- -- that kind of thing that person might knee was spent. I'm living their current lifestyle and you now it's probably very frightened that law enforcement -- -- ball. And Orion and the thing of it is a lot of these people. Don't understand the law or a lot of -- like these are their foreigners sold the army there are also filled with a bunch of stories by the people who actually ended up. Taking them or coercing them into that life in total and you -- -- off of and the comps -- what you're gonna jail you're going to be you know abuse has been the rest of -- -- in -- -- -- in there. They're basically lied to him and everything else and and now. I mean there it. And makes organization like you're well and frankly you know like. They repository -- state house -- organization does and actually go look for human trafficking you're just a safe house when they do find them. But there -- a lot of organizations that are coming. From town. Because of events that are -- happening here -- -- no noticeable but it bunch of the other things. And. I think it isn't that -- a couple of different art track and -- -- international trafficking and then there's domestic trafficking. And I think more attention been paid to people who have been brought me here. But they're -- like people who are practically in the United States. Thought that at one distinction being -- you're right we cannot -- an article you are fine. But there are organizations that are trying to do that I'll watch on what happened by law and hit a ball. And yet they'll go in and make a raid in fine group of people. To want that we do in terms of helping them at Q education. To law enforcement if you're making a routine traffic stop. And this is what you see. Look deeper look and the circus. Let's look at look at on the surface but it's also even what to look at what to recognize I mean. Like for instance got an article here -- on this from CNN. And it's it's botanists from the lady who quite frankly is a -- She's an event planner. And she load noticed I mean in in in the like on -- sideline helping people deal with sex trafficking helping law enforcement that. She's she recognized the much hotel rooms a lot of hotels that she dealt with. And so she's passing on the information not only to law enforcement but also to this particular hotels and a lot of -- mean. All of them are gonna and gonna confessed to a ignorance about stuff like back on but for -- and have a clue that that kind of stuff is going on in in the air. In their establishments I guess they don't. I don't I don't and I don't ceramic cruise the hook on line ads deceive are recognized that certain bedspread and certain motel. I don't do that kind of stuff and like I guess they don't do it either but the fact is this kind of stuff is going on under their -- and it doesn't make them look any better. You know how do you even know what to look for how do you how do you know what to look for. And and how do you point a finger at somebody and what happens if you're wrong and I mean it's this it's a tricky situation but unfortunately unless somebody actually steps up and recognizes and does something. You're talking about people may be trapped in this four alike for a their entire lives which unfortunately which in all too -- Right on the average. Like the -- average age for for people to enter into that although there are younger usually about 1213. And usually their -- on expectancy is -- when he. Because at that point -- so. -- have been exposed to so many different aren't actually transmitted diseases. Or experience such brutality. That they're having a major major medical problem that. And it makes it so profitable is it I -- you -- gone. That's at one time thing -- I -- basically granting you people. I get them back and I can do it over and over yet. So that's that's one of the reasons why people would would consider this to be very comfortable enterprise. We're not all that but the people who are actually paying them the money. Are one of the last people actually fess up and say oh by the way I -- at a couple of people from a foreign country while I was spending a long weekend you know. -- -- Wanting alternately we don't have going ports as -- -- party at its reputation or you know whatever you what you were doing or. And your party cities and urban street now that so I think. The notion. I'm -- the services -- -- is there would be they probably think that these are voluntary. But they're not. Just that you know what -- an -- that -- per second. But let's let me pick up right -- what's the difference in a voluntary prostitute in this and how do you tell the difference. You know because there are gonna fast -- -- There there justice here they're here to get her sister to getting -- -- -- there there. -- -- -- They are as opposed to somebody who has a regular -- -- and then I mean that's about legally. So if it's. It's an awkward situation and then when we get back we'll pick up right there and more hard about what people can do to actually. If if they can't do anything and who they contact besides one we're talking within a span of her room -- metropolitan when. Shelter and we're talking about human trafficking it is it is a problem. Frankly a bigger problem in New Orleans a lot of people realize your round in the -- big events come big traffickers come in unfortunately. A lot of these girls. Who knows where they'll come from -- Thomas dale. I mean there's a lot of them come from overseas who frankly even farther from home it seems like they have even less of a chance getting out this. Which also got a lot of people. Runaways and and such who are who were taken. Right here in this country who whom you know the year. Maybe family looking for a there may be. Certainly better options -- where they are right now but the problem is you've got to recognize and we got to find him and of the people who obviously. Have the best. Ability to actually find and recognized and so the one who -- parents for these services so they're not gonna fess up to so I mean. How to how to how can people help get this a problem. At least that down the road eradication. I think being observant and -- -- acknowledge -- there -- probably our people to say what not not two days you know slavery that went -- -- -- This is being aware that at all so if somebody seeing the -- and these folks I know where they are. They've been brought to a different city. They're not allowed to -- -- not told where they're going on what's going on so much if somebody seems disoriented. Or if you -- that simple question -- -- -- you -- French -- -- and when he talked about -- -- But that might include. People who looked cheerful. Mom or. You know again just a lot of activity going on that probably law enforcement our. Should really noted that when they're being transported. Aren't if you make a routine traffic stop he's the a lot of young girls -- -- parent. And you know what maybe one male driver and nobody speaking English and they appeared extremely frightened. And then you -- a lot of lotions and lubricant and that kind of thing in our will. You know maybe -- Then -- pocket figure that when companies you know first -- what -- reason Paloma over and every every car full of girls -- pulled over and checked lotions and I -- -- and I mean. Let me walk and you know walk and -- -- that my kids that -- can get somebody's kid back out. You know I mean. Look what -- -- -- you know I don't know like you talk about the somebody looks scared. Yeah I guess -- but I am gonna walk up to every teenage girl in the quarter like. -- you're -- Steer money is somebody you know keeping you know when you know. Especially. What part I know that there are on all church. Group to actually go into. I could repeat what and lap dancing. And pole dancing and all that and trying to talk when there how successful that is I'm really don't know I doubt it very oh but. -- -- are you re doing -- did you want to do this or somebody making you do it again they're usually so terrified and not in any. A lot of times what they're not necessarily stop the street it maybe that that gone into Mexico. And they've gone to very impoverished villages and they say -- we get your art excellent position. How keeper and -- whatever. And on and shall be able to make lots of money -- -- -- and wouldn't take care or. The girl go willingly because she thinks it's going to be -- life. And then she -- complaint. And -- basically. It has to work ineptitude. -- ask you to our wall we know you can't be too ashamed to. And I'll point out also and then telling them that what you know and I spent a lot of money to get through here so you gotta pay me back and why you campaigning back and you have to do this I mean so there there. Aggregate traps trap a lot of times that language barriers against them they even know where they are. And certainly they've been able you know this if you contact law enforcement is really a you can get deported and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And does that happen too though when you have somebody who finds out you know. 'cause I mean we we're a lot of our stores I mean we hear stories about you know people actually in the settling their children and some improper parts of the world. But I mean if if somebody who went to a family. And said oh we're gonna get your daughter a gig as a as a maid and then they leave -- and if the dark calls up ago he lied to -- he may be be a prostitute are today. Do you know of people who were going we don't want anything to do with you more you ashamed or I mean how can it be their file. Well in some cultures in that matter to just enriched. And in some cultures still you know women are considered accent it's not to women under arms make your -- In many. -- talk -- it somebody do it. I know people in great in the war on air that we had. On survivors in the economy and where their parents and basically rent them out for trucks. Yeah -- -- it -- which you want and you're an idiot whose annual extra. On it -- incredible people have become commodity and objects. And with the Internet and you know somebody meet some really specify how a young. You know our Hispanic looking female child and you know pretty much that they can they can find more. Well by the way though there are organizations out there one it's called faces of hold -- -- hope it is them. They are trafficking hope is a campaign that the organization kingdom was US's Condo work out thing they're -- they caught -- -- faces of hope. Cut up on to raise money for hope house in Louisiana. And that's coming up on the 27. Of this month. At the age to a salon spot it's a Metairie road for 41 Metairie road so they haven't fundraisers so there -- organizations here. You know in the state. -- full time that deal with the with these kinds of things in the end. Here you know it's a perfectly legitimate 501 C three nonprofit organization that tries to help. People get out of of this of this common nightmare here's somebody sent me a text the cost Gary genetic high end hotel can recommend a number of female escorts. That's an upper class -- get real -- Nolan has a well deserved reputation. My statement was I don't know what took -- look like. But I am a grown man and while I'm never -- councilor -- finger -- out -- Tokyo one bought. You know it is an incumbent upon me. To go and and ending -- and and try to solicit somebody in the incident Danica look if you really wanna get out its business. Well I'll take you over to the battered women shelter and you can I mean they've been lied to so many times while -- believe anybody like me any. Aren't you don't think what you're are great a danger because you know your stick trying to walk off their property. And -- -- a lob -- soliciting prostitution and am -- gonna explain that to a copy yet sure but sure go ahead. Yeah -- a -- and you're gonna avail yourself of the OP the inane under the consent decree gets. What you wonder -- straight question at the teenaged prostitute than the average -- in her prosecution thirteen. They're not even old enough to give informed consent to have sexual relations with any. Wired and. -- Jennifer is my guest and and again unfortunately we only talk which you when there is ugly things to talk about because unfortunately you deal with an ugly side of the world bought. At least you do get a chance to sit and talk about issues and director of the -- problem women's senator. And and this is the place where unfortunately. Battered women -- men to family members. If you have to get out of a violent situation. That's one of the places you go and they have also started being. Wesley a waste station but I guess the camping of a better term I guess basically this cup which all goes away station. Between one life to another life ministers and Novo. Like being protected area over there. And. Yes there are other people who are doing is great news. Look -- at call Eaton how is actually a short while women who choose to try to you know we believe like prosecution. And they beat you went to excellent work that we do that we shall we count or in the eastern nurturing people. Also very peaceful and law enforcement so. What do you mean conference and you can't speak -- now but it's that you brought up we're talk about actually. Following people and that's -- -- -- and help to get out of it this is an air that's the place where people and go. I mean does to people from me now go out and and advertise themselves -- today -- and approach. People mystery who they might BO prostitutes of people who -- in human trafficking situations. Don't think I don't -- really demand -- key -- that -- somebody's been identified and they would screen and a quick -- -- rigorous screening out people were really serious. About in changing -- And it's very typical thing actually make that decision to do that. I think the people who. Absolutely forced in order -- and you -- -- met our country in other part the world it to -- that much more complicated. On first -- and apply them amend it and understand that they it's still article on how -- useful productive lives and just because they have been told that there were -- differently -- -- doesn't mean there -- awful lot to compete on an omelet. -- -- get better pimps and drug and drug put them in -- the biggest liars walking on the planet you just can't make them the that. They had this it's it's. Physical. And the in emotional. -- wave that they hold over them right and it's -- -- but again do you recognize that the guys have a chance I mean is there. Especially with the there of a lot of organizations are coming at them as a big immensely and he kind of follow the events just like the human traffickers do. That that give like extra counseling to police officers. Oro or other people in on the for instance there's going to be additional law enforcement here in the city. And and and just like give -- heads up of this is somebody we've identified as a pimple deals in human trafficking -- look -- for him. That kind of stuff I mean what what kind of ammunition being on -- -- on the. I really don't know I was that they would talk to our other large city -- -- -- like my. Because that is going from from mark cynical are sitting on a major. Convention and -- what it's capable I would think that law enforcement purity to law enforcement they're. -- -- You know border -- -- on the anywhere where it pretty easy to transport and at one location and other. I'm again we're at you know I would we have them are on the street and how -- -- -- Airliner. Talk -- people and ask that they really are enjoying. You know the -- and living. The problem is we really don't happen on the war on it even now we can finger on shelter. So armed. -- -- Well we -- huge to cut and yet at all about when a child Christiane. And are scrambling aren't we had a 60000 dollar cut -- -- And we've been told that will be the last one. So it is getting better we will continue to try to do -- what we -- certainly not -- leaders. Extra man article out and try to. Find people to help. -- work and which the people that are able to find out. I think it's going to be a lot more interest in that private sector for trying to get the ball and try and help it I think. States and need and that and expect they get -- America. Actors and nobody has some money anymore I mean there ever been through the economy is in the in the in the toilet and a lot of this money comes from. Is that these if these kinds these kinds of programs to help the absolute on the street. Battered people who really and truly have no other place to turn to. There -- people semi -- wanna know where and they donate like women's business suits and things like that I mean how can people donate. To your program. Our web site that go chew on products and just -- On its outlook for 8375400. And we died and threw it to you know what what is that like to donate and that we need not and probably direct -- another. Sport. I know there's another organization that that collects suits for women so that thinking well like you know blow interviews and such and have a better shot again a job and yet dress for success of -- -- people who can definitely use your business suits and and and the -- while the women -- and they they can certainly as a whole bunch of stuff too especially like right now about to keep him. Google that when children. -- Google true domestic violence or when you look at our web site now look at all the other. Our possibilities to market call and we had 24 hour hotline. That aren't one I think it's really important that -- to be aware. This is happening if they see people who were out he -- frightening it looked disoriented. Eighty. Or if you know somebody's going to be used in certain that the Oprah actually. I mean eighteen and then opt out. And simply say it's not only voluntarily. On that one issue. But they've been tricked into it. Expect modern day labor. While Lester. -- but again though I mean I. Mikey just said an -- you put seven danger. Could you give like card with your number on it or oral or walk him over to a cop and just go here. This lady you know needs to get out of this life and and I don't know how to do it but here you do. I would think that -- both viable options are that it might be an idea to anonymously check typically. Call the FBI and say I wish is at a certain location and this is what's going on it and I'm not getting my name because I want to charge for something. And sent them quite got your check into that. -- that way again don't go anywhere got more text messages for taking your calls -- 26 so 17866. Dating -- nearly seventy are told from my guess is -- stand -- And she is the director of the metropolitan. Well it is because the battered women with -- -- -- percent of women children. -- the women says. What we're talking about human trafficking and and and prostitution and getting out of that how you get Internet life and you get out of it. And what can you do to help -- stand for is my guest. And. We are talking about and an ugly subject unfortunately requirement of -- -- talk about it with subsequent. She is the director of the metro center for women and children of the better ones -- were talking about not only that over also talking about. Human trafficking. And and basically it's sex slavery. It is what it basically boils down to people get trapped into this and their people out there who were voluntary hookers they're in the business that's what they do. They're perfectly happy whether well whether they're perfectly happy -- you know looking for a way to escape they haven't been tricked her worst -- kidnapped in this line of work. But that's what we're talking about the ones who have. And how you can actually helped that one of the simplest ways you can is go get a haircut. Coming up on the 27 of this month is a 25 dollar donation get a haircut too faces of hope. Trafficking hope is the campaign. A 51 C three nonprofit organization kingdom -- US and all of that money. Will go to -- -- and so with that the H two O. -- salaam on Metairie road for 41 Metairie road. And that's coming up on the 27 eighth 20 and trafficking -- prisons faces of hope come upon. Yes a lot more I guess fund -- like this there dale as as you look for other funding for what you do. That's correct I think it is just a trend that it's happening and I would say there are. Eighteen probably around about -- program in the state and -- not all that should add substantial. So we're scrambling to try to figure out you know how we can keep doing what we do with less resources and more volunteers and I'm more on Richard so yeah. Have have you as a mean. Inferences you you were with mostly with battered women and abuse people in relation to -- trying to escape -- -- now also become like. A way station for people who have been caught up in in in trafficking to do you you labeled as somehow under the get help. From those types of organizations who focused primarily on the human trafficking all the honest. -- Hopefully we stay fairly large. Federal grants that we -- for several years. Unfortunately it dried out plant here and they did not aren't. On any program. Anywhere they are are now Beijing cited a well we tried. An excellent corner next. So all that money went wait a problem is we still felt emotional. Moral obligation to provide it should assert itself. On artwork could eat out actually out there where they are running in social service agencies can and try to do that. If somebody can't provide that service in the -- election. You know let them have tree off the page or whatever it so I think that's what's gonna air it will be trying to band -- and more closely. And I'm trying to get more. Try to try to get more done for the slam like if you could double up on on fund raisers with things like that. Correct we have done that many cases on which Derek Ernie on the. And and so now what are we what are we looking at here for the upcoming events mean. Yes out of its -- try to put a damper on the Super Bowl Super Bowl has nothing to do with these people whom dole in this. A typo in -- slate and sexual slavery they follow events they gold where they go in though organization that put these things on and nothing to do it. It's just that did they draw a lot of people and that's what they're looking for their finger and the more people show up about a chance they have. And actually you know taking advantage of somebody who was looking for -- means shame on you get caught -- and shame on you for doing when it. You know it's not the organization's fault -- putting out the event it's the crooks and criminals that are following them. He could be a very very large convention and it. I just where there's going to be a large gathering of people who are coming in from other parts of the country and -- come into an area where we are now at a party -- And you know what I don't know -- got what they. What happens they get a good thing is that the summit -- that's probably true and want the public people actor mark. Yeah -- -- act like at all. I remember and I asked status -- -- and it was not a captive but it was a couple. From Atlanta and the guy wrote a letter to the editor in the paper and that it was his right and his wife's right. -- Condon to launch a more McGraw and for hurdle to raise her shirt and and and gimme -- that -- right to do that. And I mean we go why would then we should all go. To your house in Atlanta and standing your front yard and throw -- at -- house you come on -- and I mean is that it should that not be a right to that was a stupid argument but it's -- here you know you can't blame an organization that brings in an event these people are criminals. You know and their their in their engaging in the -- criminal behavior and if we can do something to. To stop but I we need to step up and do. While it appealed to the hotel owners should be sent into it because I have a feeling that probably no more than. Than they're letting. Well it was a -- my associations the deal yeah yeah they should include Iowa edition is going -- on it happening in my hotel. And it got on -- And Q what are whether. Arm I think the idea that it probably no more than and that -- our -- certainly I would thank hotel management pretty aware of activity. I don't know. You know what I mean it's coming but I you know I -- Lucas come in and -- hotel we don't have any of that over here. Sure you -- of people that text messages how to do you know that. But they're also an apartment and one hectic. Katrina that you can -- this. -- something else do we talked the other day about somebody who sell. Who rent out their apartments for events and had somebody call up they live and a six Condo building in the quarter and that's one guy who was always ran -- -- somebody had broken -- I'm just wondering if if you don't. People who rip up their apartments in their houses of some agreements like this of all of a sudden you know the next thing you know there's like twenty girls who don't speak English while staying at a house a someplace that somebody and its. And the owners I don't know. May it may. Just read at their place -- Massa. As we gotta have some place that the function. You know he can't correct it's one thing to go from place to place in the -- apply their trade out of man that's just. I know that Katrina -- -- and one of my children and on or that they actually brought in. Trailers that were divided. On and she's got multiple -- born in Korea I -- here having. Trailer and mobile phone that I think the women you could probably -- and women in general cubicle. Well I mean they have those in the movie industry's -- anyway. And it's like you know yeah I mean literally you know it's like they have trailers for actors Debian and and they have trailers that have anywhere from four to six. I mean to have one -- they have like trailer with a separated from the through. They call that a two banker is this week and is this that trailer that separate them a three room that's called a three -- and in the government money wagon and they can be anywhere from four to six small rooms in Monterey. You know it's it's it's common in the in the film industry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would be Bryant is aware of it and it here. I mean these this these people -- they're they're slaves so you when they're done with them they just -- ultimately. Dale appreciate it in the Thomas again when they would talk about Christmas cookies today. HM I'm glad you're alive and that it's a horrible thing to be happening and I think the more people know about better. Well we'll try to keep the line and I appreciate all built excellent Iraq. Dale's underperformed the metropolitan center for women and children to know more about a build him up they can certainly use the help make it certainly used for its advocates and.