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1-16 5:10pm Jessica Camerato on Celtics

Jan 16, 2013|

The Hornets wrap up their east coast road trip tonight in Boston and Jessica Camerato of Comcast SportsNet New England previews the match-up for us

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

630 tonight it's LSU basketball get South Carolina 7 o'clock. It's New Orleans at Boston in BA basketball here to help -- talk about tonight's matchup. On a mortal five -- him just a camera rattle of Comcast sports. New name anyway it's a very busy time this week the Patriots host of the AFC championship and the Celtics -- at home the night. When it's going in seventeen overall and thirteen 86. At the TD garden Jessica always a pleasure to have you on the program and there's a Boston ballclub they got a lot younger. This offseason that how the young guys dornin in this -- teams still. About the veterans in camp Boston continued to lean heavily on these aging veterans. But at about ninety chatting with you guys and it's been a little while being at a -- But in. And I final starting to click for the topics that we have been -- the -- and Alabama are. Or December. Or January. Beat them -- expect by one Pratt came back he'd. Yet more. -- -- on the young guys. -- go. You -- -- -- -- brought an intensity back to that he hit it out and eat and that and eat that -- the kind the not having art. Once -- got back on the court match. Eat I glanced down between their cooking a lot better now -- -- -- like twenty -- -- -- talent that -- quietly play a lot back. -- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Happ is -- our. Now I just could you look oh boy here to Hornets are trying to turn a corner and he going to be faced in a red hot Boston team. I was reading where they -- in the midst of their longest winning and winning streak since a fourteen game run. Early in 201011. -- a season so what is the reasoning behind that visibly. I think you repeat the beginning and -- -- again. -- -- hot streak right now and in the midst of their longest winning streak since they act I data card in 2010 elevenths season. Well what was been a key to that. Yeah it. -- that impacts a lot effort in the end and it's currently at Britain part is that -- well. Yet and I haven't heard of why he can't keep hope -- it's team. He can't be quiet and I'm assuming that I end Matlock around and one of them it's quiet and you guys entirely. But we. Are in it I looked. That column I'll -- and he can't get out there and he went out and you look at. -- -- after -- like. You beat opponents aren't. Simply playing the trap eat and he'd bring the ball out. -- -- -- a camera does that the Comcast sports -- and and Boston made some young moves I was there to talk about here it's on him also arresting one. Seven foot but skinny as a rail fab Melo who is now and can cause and understand this EE in it. In the hold up it's used in the league red claws what is the situation and seemed like. On the family -- east and pac. -- He with a -- it's voted as the that the players in the country and -- -- could be. And it did not -- They can cut and -- -- -- motel room doors away you'd find in the that out -- though that side by. That high. Back in the -- -- market. -- not strapped in and eat it in and back. You'll meet with Ollie -- by and prevalent option for them that there. The team. -- Q you're. A soccer player and our April that the -- very leaking -- -- a lot checked up by. They Amelie -- and I can get mark involved with things like that he hit it I. You think actually it's gonna beat that on that. Or yeah it chop block the -- by a lot. At -- -- it. Though in. Now Jessica. What your opinion on this who when you look is this truly run those team an innocent like some oh win and I guess passing the charge happened was it sometime last year during the season. Public in a second triple double and four games. -- and that money went over to Bobcats seventeen points in eleven shooting. Twelve assists and ten rebounds as Saints as Rondo goes so goes the Celtics. Yeah that's -- -- -- Under -- act like they did. Spain are men and and -- even -- it at Rondo goes -- -- -- I mean you can't. -- 188 on winning at that not a player get out in meanwhile black and and that we're starting to -- Younger guys in ballot is that the Patrick share -- thought that at Jared Allen -- you can't entered and it's very rare but I'll have a guy that it will buy that injected or even. Now then on eighteen and we'll email that the kind I'll buy it. You can't have that he yet it down pat Pat White in that you on -- and. Now I adjusted this would be I guess a good trivia question and if it would be a trick question you were probably wouldn't guess it on though. And as you a die hard -- to Celtics fan. But the Hornets have won three of their last four games against the Celtics. Last year an hour long meeting nineteen point victory of the Hornets. And a two point win in their last trip the Boston December 31. New Year's -- in 2010. Well that's something -- wouldn't of thought into you know you reading the real last four games the Hornets beat the Celtics. Yeah I mean that they get that morning. A younger teamed up at not a lap and so -- -- you know let's see how things -- and I. I don't think anybody -- right it's not an expert shortly eyes right now. But guard play at how well even though -- had been struggling. All the optic Everett and not your night. Just look at Colorado cub was the Boston Celtics in New England area sports -- Comcast sports. -- New England desk -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate.