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1-16 6:10pm Drew Brees

Jan 16, 2013|

The Cajun Cannon has his weekly sit down with Brees and talks about the NFL playoffs. Plus a Super Bowl raffle that Drew is holding with the Gleason foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final moments of sports are coming up next it's LSU vs South Carolina and NBA basketball -- 1053 points. And Celtics. It's -- now following a conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees in QB to QB has brought you by -- employees of Crosby tugs. Downing -- handle and Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual Stanley. And group played its true great to have you on the program and what some marquee matchup to last week in including one with a double overtime and two great wall is there and you know that's at times seem to be the charm for Ray Lewis as he was always not a believe it was against Peyton Manning in. That team never did quit last week in the Baltimore rate. Those are greater start reaching about -- much where football umps are returner. Fractured arm that double overtime rules. As that game you know we're approaching kind of in that first or Tyler actually. You don't see that all of their regular street religious and their side that I'm sure they can't remember the play out from. I think it's a lot about the rate and the fact you rarely go to Denver despite. We'll give him at QB that. Special -- touchdown. Which would be pretty much a sure bet than the other the other excellent and to battle back from that and be able to a score in the last it would interest so the local time so. And believe in we're on the on the. Now what drew look at the four teams remaining. Look at Tom Brady the last quarterback in the post season have won a championship and an -- come in and you look what the Patriots what they've accomplished you know you look in the seventies. You talk about the Steelers -- the party niners with the Cowboys in the ninety's -- -- -- this past decade applies. And you look at the Patriots are just about how hard that is there's seventh appearance in the title game in twelve seasons. Yeah that. At third or the arts that's pretty unbelievable. That. Let it release style. He'll -- for obviously tutor in that stretch and talk about your that they meaningless in Indianapolis obviously -- face. The Patriots quite the player you know the Steelers had their run it would where they went to three Super Bowl here during the 2000. So there were some really good -- that they were very long way in. But he just took a lot of the program paid so there obviously with Belichick -- -- -- two main stage. Seemed like that the pieces around shuffle at times and yet. You know there -- consistently. There the model of consistency level. Now -- -- your comment on these two young quarterbacks -- they surely theme of poise but when you look at Russell Wilson and you look at Colin cabernet. I'd be Aniston is Steve Bobby challenge that it falcons' defense to contain cabernet. When you look at Russell Wilson he was able to rush for sixty yards against the Falcons. That and went right down to the wires as -- made an outstanding comeback. But you look at cavern. For a reported four yards of offense. Two is 63 yards passing ran for 181 of post season Russian -- it a mile. And think about what Alex -- his consistency. Which he brought to the table. -- that Jim Harbaugh have a crystal ball what to make that change. Yeah. Obviously. After -- had an element that offense just with his ability to run the ball. You know makes them really really are different. You know. Certainly I don't think Alex that the in thing for you to lose that job you know you know unfortunately he he got a concussion without the fall -- game. I believe that was Monday night game which chapter started his first start in Chicago and came -- played great in the in the next week it plays -- some Harbaugh decides to stick with them. It seems like -- -- count toward the way it continued to play better and better sphere comfort level confidence and swagger in the way that he plays -- Obviously we're reaching a lot of really good. Offensive skill position pieces around -- both running back position I didn't want -- in the defensively you know what dusty certainly has little extra year -- so. You know they have they have all the makings for -- -- -- could. Can go all the way. You know then then then it just seemed like they're getting better and better for -- or. Drew a lot of things gone on in the city a lot of folks having all sorts of the bands to get together some great calls as Amanda. The Brees foundation team Gleason I was gone although a what you're Chris sits in the overlook. Phenomenal day it's the same kind of format two tickets at two dollar ticket but yet -- is fine but. This -- the prize is the the event they can be won and -- testing the accommodations. At that's a sweet pot when you talk about just footnote ten dollar -- let him as the crow about this great event to -- come and. -- that went well it's and we go out on right now on Sunday and people can go to net raffle or any Peoria. Or -- You put my dollar ticket like he's certainly a memorable night that the that -- -- -- -- actually -- on the that you -- under an -- but couldn't put the the point is. It's it's it's a -- that it basic usually day. Super Bowl experience here in the world for -- people. So we would pay for travel. What year -- patient took a flight out here in the world. Or like the Ritz Carlton Hotel get four tickets to the Super Bowl it's. Passes to our. Party how to lose Friday night which you are are they in the -- and that hurt and your release. Where you have the a private meeting with me. All of its victory at experience as well it's a coated party. More and more important games so it's really think we we try to box out my spot -- we were trying to. Great that much money can't foundation that approaching from the apple will split between looking Gleason and hurting and so. Again into the net that -- -- -- two get more information about it and also. But that pick. Now I drew barely at -- opinion on this what you think they'll only be. When you look at the key matchup Tom Brady. Is that Ravens defense. And -- -- look at -- this is if you look the Broncos they had their most success against the Ravens on Saturdays they like when Peyton. Ran a no huddle offense. And then you know the question is you know can an aging Ravens defense that played. The -- -- -- as they play more in nine quarters in the sixties band. Recover and by next weekend. To keep up with the Patriots because I'm looking. If you look at it says the playoffs have started. That the Ravens defense has 99 more plays and in the Patriots been on the -- 174 plays the Ravens have faced the -- -- only 75. By the Patriots that that was against the Texans so do you think that cousin the play as far as that time -- And -- and there especially appealed the player. Yeah you know being the -- BAC change you are both conceptual -- -- In these that you came in future game last year in which I'm sure the -- and feel like. They got those two games I couldn't really came out yeah. We haven't although it -- in a game you know they win right. Otherwise you know pupil -- retirement goes out so. Injury and feel like they're and that counselor their -- -- you what it's working him. -- -- a -- for a lot more patient and they beat the Patriots this year you know I should note that all I think that really mentally put them -- And that backed up there leading that. In -- -- it came out to it which I'm sure they knew their Patriots again that they can beat these guys so there there culture of football natural last week. Despite the odds and circumstances -- what we are probably the women. Are the Patriots the Patriots and there. There are there is consistent and being able offense and defense. You know really expecting comes down to who completed most mistake free football. It's QB to QB in this portion of QB to QBs brought you by. Jimmie Johnson America's favorite sandwich him every guys and don't forget now big event but the raffle ends this week in. All sorts of goodies which had to go to net a -- dot org that's net raffle dot or proceeds help. Mean if a team Gleason and Drew Brees dream pounding. And -- drew you look at all the story lines the Harbaugh bowl I'm threads -- Jim I don't know John. We're -- potentially how you promote that you look Ray Lewis is that. But the question I have and and -- only your opinion also about -- Woody think of this individual. I mean right now this analyst at Falcons but I mean does anyone in the polls he deserves a trip. That is suitable more and tight end Tony Gonzales meet this guy emotionally was well -- got to win after his great career. But just talk about Tony Gonzales and what he's meant to this game. Yeah they're they're not a guy that deserves an opportunity to bowl more important out. All. He's the ageless wonder media companies. Especially these last few years or just that you know he's been fortunate trick and sixteen -- -- yet and he's playing -- that's football you know. On if you see report between him and Matt Ryan and I mean just he does so many things it's such a high level. And I'm with ya all your game last week and to tell emotionally what -- -- Played sixteen years and had not gotten a single playoff where you know it had been a few times. But it never. -- never want for whatever reason you know it. He said and Prescott -- you know in the interview he said you know -- -- -- to slug it could be you know. Especially. That game when they're twenty point computer for a change here to Seattle -- pick or lower back take the -- the 32 you think. And he gains over suck it happened that yeah east. He he represents. You know I think everything it. As a player you know you look at -- say kneel when at all and I'll have a program like there. Now -- drew. Obviously you look continues today losing. Coach -- and what he meant to this team you know if you are successful coach Jimmy -- -- assistance. And what quote chrome or and established in. And -- a couple of great he's only had like policy and is sixth best rushing attack. But would you look he's now going to be with the Bears -- more dressed and that all the studies officer coordinator rob it's a blind coach. What what do you think his role is is gonna be kind of like -- overall -- of the quarterback on this transcript call plays are. Will coach -- or call plays -- -- thing I've been there. You know I'm I'm I'm -- -- and I -- -- notre -- they play caller. You know each. Trust -- -- actually spent part are back in 2007. During training camp and and throughout our first opportunity mark small I think you effort out there and to coach and play caller -- obviously others want people around the league that respect former coach you would have been fired -- -- Chicago Bears. You know coming off of two consecutive great up. Injure him and see -- well. But what a lot of great things to say about specially Rich -- And he -- -- -- or -- -- the Raiders back when. That -- they were two -- ball out you can't get -- In shape aren't overworked or there are a connection between the truth but. It is -- that is a great step up for -- pro over -- You know I'm sure that -- be heavily ball you know and are certain plan in what we call torture like actual street post -- Certainly he would be accepting about it worker or split it through the temperature up with more. Now drew you look here in New Orleans. Everyone respect chew on and off the field but is that always the case you gained in every body to approve. Of what you -- present. And you look at and his situation. And -- -- Tuesday on a magazine askew at this he covers you know -- NFC south. And you know obviously your leader your acting in the NFL players association. But -- of strong criticism. From retired player film a cocky or did you -- -- query was coming from. You know what I am not I haven't seen or heard about that. So why I get sick early on. It would drew birthday is and he was at the Justin -- -- -- -- can't get -- sporting press and think the that we -- her know that but again folks -- a foundation of course -- -- released in team Gleason. Go to net -- -- or net rappel down all ten dollars it's a phenomenal. Opportunity for you to pick -- -- some great things the Super Bowl a season. QB QB has brought you by the -- employs -- Crosby to nothing -- handle in Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual family and group plane through. Thank you so much of the time we appreciate it we'll talk next week.