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Jan 17, 2013|

Dave talks about Northshore flurries and a call to be nice to Roger Goodell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM in the early edition of WW Albers is on this seventeenth of January 2000 and they're seeing the day before Friday as indeed it is text messages today 7870. It's snowing -- Franklin sand barrier go knowing -- Washington tired right. Now it's snowing in mount cart man. Another. Coming in at 87870. Says 43. In bush and it's no -- Snow and Franklin did too -- to stick text message today that -- that aren't anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- Significant accumulation. Yeah we got a slew of text messages telling us now playing just to -- the flights in the Franklin ten Mount Hermon. Ares and bush even in parts and camp fairs job in the Gaza exactly. So. Noses in Iraq from Hattiesburg to New Orleans very light snow on -- fifty nines for Iran quickly. 32 degrees. Man. Road trip. That's gonna -- -- -- -- that's going. -- buddy here in ten minutes being on the -- And just kind of highway 21 doing it to bush and has even gone and a -- Okaloosa. It was over time you got there the sun might be out that the opt she's had. If you're not there now. -- Miguel -- I'm afraid I'm -- Larry this is the big show right here and maybe if you're coming to. Some lightning in -- looking. -- snowing again aren't statement today that it. And I keep the next comment let me know where it's snowing and -- it is six airlines seven told Marie fixing. And here it definitely people -- that it. Well consider talking about people getting down and depressed in this kind of weather and and -- like this happens in the flight home boy again this is fun now will this get you off the sofa or out of the bad maybe not damage. Now I'm in now on not whether president that great -- impact on me where I just couldn't go to work and and feel like it and hang bind. You know my son's been one -- taken into the store to get them open for a couple of days in. That's coming home from mark and it's cold rainy yucky in common hurry in this them warm clothes than you know comfortable clothes and it -- You know make dinner and park and ultimately go on anyway and now. Today the sun will be out that the -- out there -- impact and yet to point that may mean you know. We've been doing though let's put it off thing seems like for days Sawyer again well maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow just like -- Absolutely. And dissent yesterday that we we had a meeting. But. Super ball -- getting ready and that the blues which -- -- about. I'm blocks. And that's that. Coal. And I know. That. Article you read it was ankle now my gap there with the wind blowing in and everything out adults and definitely in right Nina Easton. And I regretted the justice decided. Four and ride that your ideas it's just. Particularly but I hit a retired warriors that -- He had to the weather has an impact on people. That about it coming out money. They came ideas with those on the mayor. And he is real begging and pleading with people. To be nice to everybody. Knows you. Put -- -- -- everybody. Even if the falcons make this all he wants us to be nice to falcons -- And the falcons team and to the commissioner that's the other one he said come on guys. I know you're unhappy with the commission with -- target now. He holds the keys to the kingdom he decides who gets the -- line of course the owners and so forth but you make proposals to. The commission -- up presidential. And he said you want another -- to keep the second -- -- you want all the wonderful things that have happened in this is to get ready for all you gotta suck it up. -- -- nice to the commission. Mr. Roger W walked up to him easy if you are on the street he walked up to you. Folks if you've been nice to them in bars and restaurants to put up signs that they do not serve this man with Roger -- picture do you think you'll find -- cute and funny. But do you think he'll say you know what. That place. And if anguish and talent to go to -- party that we should dumb all right you're real jerk to a split. Or turn the other cheek now organized organized it because we recognize that maybe it's worth and we'll hear from the mayor. It take you comment on that as well coming up here at WW out days. -- And how much as it's now and then. Well. Go out here you are. It's probably it's probably going to be dawn -- Certainly -- that -- it is snowing that's going cats and dogs it is snowing. And David stick into the ground is -- a few flakes out there. Now it's been years it's warm appears optimistic based on that it wrote on. Identity -- like it. And it's so it's. Or so get out there easily killed me. Good -- -- here only once every act an average of Italy ten years -- the economic. Theory. Now we'll take your forecast for it to mr. -- thank you to all of our weather reporting text messengers and 7870. Text messages they flakes in the slide well. -- some opportunities and -- them snow in -- aside it's snowing and Nancy you know a text message states that mediate that says it is too. As is it's not -- on the West Bank. As his nose but I do this ours for the first time -- while Allen remembers starlets I was out in. Snowing and -- there's another line. You know snowing in Franklin and snowing in partners in Mount Hermon. Bush and it's snowing on Franklin then. -- -- Tuesday Yang and I think the grounds too warm for us to worry about any accumulation any real impact that. Wouldn't be worried that this is going to make for a sloppy commuter anything like that. It will make the roads wet. As its name is drizzle would have but when expecting any hasty conditions will be very careful on bridges and over because if we -- on any. Where it's going to be look at your forecast. News -- -- that. A slight chance for a few snow flurries or light sleet pellets north of the late this morning but gradually clearing it to go through the morning and afternoon and Faxon sunshine later today in highs of fifty to open tonight clear and cold. 37 on the south soared 32 north of the lake. Friday sunny but chilly -- at 55 and a little milder on Saturday with partly cloudy skies highs reaching 64. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- All right it feels like freezing all across the region right now it's mostly cloudy Armstrong international with a north wind gusting to 24 miles an hour the wind chill is thirty winds south of the lake. On the North Shore it's 37 degrees with the wind chill makes it feel like 32 and obviously. If he get a few feet off the ground it's even colder and that's why we're seeing snow flakes. Across northern saint Tammany parish eastern saint Tammany parish just about all of Washington bears. And the further north you go -- obviously the more snows you'll find. -- snow this morning. Sports time now and for that we welcome -- sideline reporter Christian Garrett tells all about what's going on could go hornets do it can they keep the -- they get on a winning streak. And much more this morning. The hornets on another winning streak taking down the Boston Celtics last night ninety to 78. Al farouq Aminu led the way -- -- -- -- eighteen points. I was good team wins and we talked about early. Won't recognize. There's got to move tires hold everybody has featured. Eric Gordon set out of the game with a sore knee the hornets are home Saturday night against the Golden State Warriors LeBron -- became the youngest player in NBA history. To reach 20000 points for his career James is just 28 years old. Ellis humans who falls to South Carolina an overtime 8273. The tigers dropped to oh win three in SEC play. It's and he he led the way for the tigers and eighteen points. And Notre -- -- a story about an anti -- girlfriend died in which inspired the senior linebacker play better this season held the Irish. To a national championship game appearance turned out to be a hoax Chip Kelly is the guy in Philly after flirting with the Eagles over a week GO Kelly was -- the -- -- from the city of brotherly love in franchise. Kelly is leave an organ detest his hand at the NFL today at four on WW college sports talk wheel Bobby married Deke Bellavia. We'll get a candidate -- they've -- and FC title games at 8 o'clock on WW LFM 105 point to raise the money William show Kristian garic WL sports. Five point three thanks Christian I'm days gone coming up next I'll ask you Christian can you be nice to the commissioner when he comes to town. About falcons fans would be nice to them as the mayor has suggested we'll hear the mayor and Christian. You know look at your forecast and where it's snowing right now on the doors are right after. Some talk and with New Orleans Miami -- yesterday after he was pleading with the media to tell people hey -- nice to falcons fans if the football team from Atlanta makes it to the Super Bowl here in New Orleans. And also to Roger Goodell. Obviously for the commissioner as well you know I know that people have a lot of hot feelings about him but I can tell he's always been a friend to the city. He's one of the reasons why the saints have been amber does stay in the city for so long and he certainly one of the reasons while we had a super bull and while we would get more. And so I think we ought to roll the red carpet out every citizen from across America that comes -- including him including land if they get here. Saints' sideline reporter Kristian -- do you think that saints fans can be nice to Atlanta fans if they come here for the Super Bowl and they be nice to commissioner Roger Goodell if you bumped into -- -- history. I could about get a chance to ask the questions that at least that's what I can't wait for a I think New Orleans will will do the right thing and that's not bite their tongue -- And be cordial to Atlanta Falcons fans along with the commissioners say they recognize the importance at least I hope they recognize the importance of being a suitable host city. -- you know one -- tax today 78 and I says it'll be easier to be nicer to get doubt if he -- patent come back before the Super Bowl. Is there any indication that John Payton could return in time for the senior ball. Or in time for the Super Bowl to be officially renamed the head -- of the New Orleans Saints and office suspension. -- everybody I've talked to in the league and in the saints organization. Don't hold out any kind of optimism that that'll be done. Before the symbol it looks like it's February 4 Monday deadline. Is when he's in all likelihood gonna be reinstated so it doesn't look like it's gonna happen any sooner than that the people I've talked. All right thank official talked about 25 minutes more sports here -- Debbie WL night your forecast. We may see a few snow flurries north of the -- -- sleet pellets as well that would start to end by late morning. And clearing skies as we get into the afternoon highs today it's chilly 52. This we head through tonight lows dropping into the thirties right about freezing north of the lake. And 37 on the South Shore still chilly for tomorrow 55 with sunshine but Saturday a little milder 64. And partly cloudy skies. From the Eyewitness News forecasts that are IB urologist Clark but now he's. Stars in this -- males in the sun today snowing now in many places including Slidell -- loose and keep taking you down can't word. Mount Hermon Franklin's and thanks for all the text messages sedate them and it then yes. -- coming up some Americans and others are being held hostage. In Eastern Europe and we'll find out what's going on with that from CBS's David like at UW WL first news traffic weather together we'll talk with meteorologist -- about now about the snow falling right now along -- reviving and put. In Franklin dance in -- and vocalist and -- -- -- gas going. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL prisoners on this January 17 2000 and La -- before Friday yeah how exciting for folks who are living in those communities where it's snowing right. Now or near all along mrs. in the upper Mississippi or -- you know hearing on that state -- dateline everywhere up there it's now -- bit. And even down to neat and bush and G Franklin's and having to hold up Okaloosa. And -- all of -- that's pretty neat stuff we'll talk more. Missed meteorologist -- but now about that coming up in just a moment here on WW well. Am FM and count as the -- get -- -- -- even -- a little less excited about life because of that and rainy dreary yucky this yeah I've I've been grumble grumbling. So -- well you're welcome -- yeah absolutely there are yeah. And then and then you know in this resurgence this on apparently does have a positive. Impact on your road you know the goodies in your mind -- you know -- may be whether kind of crazy in California I don't -- Two months on saw him it's that he he gets my idol. Has done yesterday that I decided to walk over to this this event that the house of blues -- interviewed mayor and other people about getting ready for the super ball on the crazy cold it was but I also add that. You know put on a suit for the occasion it was a formal or -- kind of thing began and so I come back here to the station afterwards and it says that walking estimates that while you look nice. And I interpreted as that is man and you don't usually look good. Reminded me very much of what I was in college. One girl Tom went and an important event to -- to now the college kids -- you know college kids you know was mostly jeans and teachers and and I can't think but I had to put Aniston for an event and she said that a -- cleaned up real good yeah which to me was code for usually you look like crap. It's I think it's funny when when people intending compliments a month even as saying yeah he looked. Is that I mean that normally nine now yesterday I looked like Joseph I think you're taking it wrong I think I I think gives you that you're standing out on this particular day that it's worthy of a comment and I theaters and -- advocate the Mac and countless chances we work on the radio and we get here before the sun comes out -- You know looking great is not necessarily top priority for -- thank goodness because people can't see us on the radio. And when you gotta get up at 3 whatever in the morning and do whatever in the morning. Some plans well in them is messing with ties and offering your Hughes and insolvent while you look nice today. Object I'm glad to hear that otherwise -- -- crappy generally it does the little -- Andy. Interesting comments about this whole Roger Goodell situation we were talking about how the mayor is asking people to be nice to Roger did. If you see don't throw things at them don't Holler at them if he's on the set at one of the live television shows and Jackson square on the river -- the next conventions that are the public's going to be coming into some contact with you out there and there is the potential for all of those bad things that happened gas and there already businesses all around town and I know they're doing it for fine day you know it's it's it's in there hang in signs up with a picture of -- -- out they do not serve this man they're putting his picture on dart boards there. You know at night and you know that people are angry with him he's that guy who. Dashed dreams of what could a bit this season there really was an expectation in the saints could be the first team to ever. Play in the Super Bowl on their own hometown -- but that it took the coach away he took the assistant coaches that way the hey did suspend a couple players you never actually had to serve a suspension. And it was a huge distraction all over the -- gate thing which many feel was a big bunch of baloney you know and didn't exist that he still believes that it did and he believes he had to do what he had to do for players stay -- that we says others say he did it because of the lawsuits. And he's just trying to create defensible position that protects the NFL owners from huge financial penalties. Either way the question becomes can -- be nice to Roger did now if you run into them. During their humor in May be -- -- May be it's that's too tall an order to be nice but don't be bad. It to him are -- -- on other racers you know like he's another guy general butchered -- go open. -- person -- -- yell off the sat in -- and I don't think that's going to be one person says we need to get Roger Goodell the keys to the city. This valor of the city. Don't have one of those Libya watery film. Man -- -- -- like a lot of points. Does that it would be easier to welcome the Atlanta fans but gave Dell in. And other says it -- money is not wanted here. Although I think the NFL the -- doubles money is 1 AM we need another one to. And -- be nice to Atlanta fans and can it be nice to Roger Goodell is. As the mayor has suggested that will keep thinking about it thank you gave her. But it document when he -- more effort is Chris Miller joins us with some state and local reaction to the president saying schools. Armed guards if he can not a bad idea to have armed guards at schools. Not really feeling I don't know a lot better hot about the fact that this not and making us feel -- always make him feel better as this meteorologist Laura but now. Any -- direct Eyewitness News forecast center and wow people aren't. Accidents all over the planet X I they see no it's. On -- comes -- us now and he picked up here and not permit Franklin sent you an outline. Where. Now now I'm going to be there. -- well north of me it's not really sticking much we have flurries kind of showing up in and that area that we are staying with could be that the case right along the state licenses well north of the lake. It's even north of the areas like Amanda bell and Covington. Larry your two possible still there but that the real flurries are going to be up north northern part of Washington through pearl river counties important it's. Iowa I get out here in about fifteen -- OK I want to hop in the car and drive up there and see -- no law. He would still be snowing in about an hour an hour now. I would drive up I 59 toward Mississippi is pulling eastward that you mean you could be -- -- pop -- you know time and -- yeah there's there's no there and you expect the worries continue for at least another -- I think for the next couple hours but as we had until later this morning you know and and it and it into the midday hours it's gonna come to an -- so this is going to be just for the next couple hours. And then it will start to see the skies clear and time Clinton today that tonight. Good night this afternoon we should be read on -- -- not. But not terribly warm now we're gonna say in the fifties that sappy look. Which is actually warmer than yesterday yesterday's high 47 today we're gonna be about. 52 -- -- and more Friday and into the weekend yet we can't look nice cool tomorrow 55 but. First Saturday and Sunday 64. And I -- and sunny. All right I like it I love that I want tomorrow the terms of the sunshine -- had gone exactly. So Louisiana pet owners are not fond of felines according to a new boards. This report looked nationally and animal ownership and where the middle for dogs a lot of Louisiana in zone. Only 25 point 9% own a cat with -- -- the lowest other than New Jersey Utah and Washington DC. People here apparently just don't care for cash. They just don't Q4 and maybe it's just that. We don't -- I mean I don't personally had a cat but I grew up with cats at all month -- maybe it's the kind of thing where we don't have them at least them. -- -- you -- -- dog but yet. -- dog person but that doesn't make you anti. Right person to I just add a group with cats all my life and I -- so I'm out in myself person to but I just happens only -- -- at the moment. Because a lot of people with one -- the other uses in person -- campers. He got it. Different they keep you love in different ways that they're at -- as long as you're aware of that I will -- love from a -- is different from a -- from a cat. They're both. Laura but now equal opportunity that I had a farm if I didn't live you know in the metro area I have lightly and an apartment I would have -- and if I I have an appreciation for every cat -- -- chipped in at all. Goats yet -- now. Man Mara does it -- I -- I. So locked about now I'm an immigrant from Eyewitness News forecast and I thought there yarder if you want to go see the snow and you don't have anything else that you have to give you can get there will be -- for a couple more hours. Most of Washington -- northern saint Tammany parish and obviously up. Into Mississippi's. Sports with Kristian -- activists. Source -- WW outside sideline reporter Kristian -- hornets in action last night Miller. Gordon last night no problem goes Lopez a little strange registrars loves LA outside Anderson right side -- pray. Answer the hornets beat the Boston Celtics 1978. May have started another winning streak in the process goes money -- -- -- through this team's defense. Both -- resume fourth quarter. But we have two consecutive starts in the fourth and Robin just over a barrel for us right inside. The world is back home Saturday night against the Golden State Warriors at twenty years old LeBron James becomes the youngest player in history of the NBA -- 40000 points. For his career. And overtime loss to South Carolina 82 to 73 has elegy tires at oh in three and SEC play this season. Anthony -- led the way for the mighty Bengals with eighteen points in the loss in Notre Dame says a story about -- -- -- girlfriend dying which inspired the senior linebacker. Play better this season helped Irish. To a national champs who gave -- pairs turned out to be a hoax. Chip Kelly is the guy in Philly after flirting with the Eagles over we deal Kelly was still in the world from the city of brotherly love in franchise. Kelly is -- oriented test his hand at the NFL. Today at four on WWL it's sports talk we'll Bobby married Deke Bellavia. Will get a candidate picks -- -- seen an FC title games at 8 o'clock on WW LFM 105 point to raise the money Williams show Kristian garic. That -- who else. -- I will the hornets break 500 and they make the playoffs Christian told us earlier this week he's not no way. Has anything changed now they're just waiting waiting and waiting some more last time that after the -- thank KO at the center of this controversy over his fictitious. Dead girlfriend. That hurt his draft stock -- Christian after that. 553. Text messages -- 87870. Nice to get down old maybe while apologizing for losing his hotel reservations. Another says Dave went well saints fans -- it's not get -- Thought you might get down Benson knows that. I think we need to just let it all slide until after the Super Bowl. We're in the hospitality industry we can use another Super Bowl on New Orleans in the future is being nice. Another says though he has led gavel on the that person's going to be nice to congressman -- noses get knows better with patent. And is trying to wrote -- for a long time he must step down now. I could not put on a fake smile for him or shake his hand Byron Indian -- -- -- New Orleans needs remember that we won another Super Bowl. They'd better be nice he is that by 54 Christian on the hornets he told us earlier this week I'm not gonna make the play because they've dug such a deep hole last place. In the Western Conference. The way they're playing now they keep winning winning even if it's. That they get 500 and they in the post it on and on anything changed in your mind. Sure there's a chance that I mean I just think that you know when he -- -- you mentioned the start -- -- haven't got off to a horrific start and I think that's ultimately going to be there aren't doing it is encouraging though. If you look at and say I hit the have a respectable season I believe. The Vegas oddsmakers had -- -- the over under for a win total this year with seventeen. And in -- four wins away from that. I think it. They're probably another player away for -- -- some noise next year I think next year's going to be season that they look at -- -- we had allegedly shot. Gadget I've anti -- very quickly all of this controversy surrounding him now indeed the university admitting that the story about his girlfriend who dies with cancer is not true they say he's a victim of a scam other -- he was the scam artist how much does he slept in the draft as a result of this. Well if he is found out that you know he was complicit in this whole schema I think he slipped dramatically teams don't like to be like to question his character at that point. It will slip from first round draft pick maybe into the fourth. The sixth round hole now think Kentucky fifteen minutes with more sports note. I'm -- WWL for the boarding times some light sleet or UST few snow flurries possible north of the lake. That's gonna clear out pretty quickly though and -- clearing skies throughout the day with ice this afternoon around fifty to think clear and cold tonight 32 on the North Shore. 37 south of the lake sunshine for Friday in a high at 55 and sunny on Saturday and a high of 64. But the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologists are -- We have snowflakes falling over just about all of Washington partners and northern saint Tammany parish right now and will continue. For another couple of hours. Now other than that it just called folks feels like 31 in the city right now with winds gusting near 25 miles an hour to actually fortieth international airport feels like 32 and flight hours mostly cloudy and thirty -- 558. Mean for two minutes away from Tommy Tucker here on WWL what you got for the next four hours of time well Dave I would like to dedicate the show to -- on -- girlfriend. Room. Never matter of going into your girlfriend yes never meant. She passed away. You know wooden leg and she died of termites. So. Who I think you are anti tea Al. Dedicate the children her we're to talk about that semis line somewhere and tell you Notre Dame says he's the victim and a democratic. I'm not easy this girl never exist never. -- His parents or at least the Notre Dame newspaper. Quote his parents. -- -- At Notre Dame newspaper quotes is parents is saying that she traveled to Hawaii. To meet him so. Some you know what somebody's line somewhere and you know you ever had imaginary friend combined to talk about motives here is -- whole bunch of motives including Notre Dame could have had a motive to drag their feet they found out about this on December 26. Keep him eligible for the BCS championship game and Lotta good that the animal. Now -- -- -- -- 78 that they went as Christian it is meant to active stock in the draft -- because of this Imus does his draft stock split because of that five. -- expect -- haven't got the element was talking sports leader.

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