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WWL>Topics>>1-17 9:10am Tommy talks ab. buying houses where tragedies occurred

1-17 9:10am Tommy talks ab. buying houses where tragedies occurred

Jan 17, 2013|

Tommy talks to Arthur Sterbcow, a local real estate agent, about the buying and selling of houses where tragedies have happened

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Factor in another topic here and and it concerns the the side of the shooting in Aurora Colorado some victims have expressed. Outraged some victims' families have expressed. Disdain for the fact that the movie theaters set to reopen that's a big old giant building. And unless somebody has plans stood to buy a the facility I'll see where he can blame any any one for wanting to reopen this establishment ending you know they've lost revenue. For a long time keeping in close as long as they have and Lansky who. Would you be hesitant to go and see a movie and at this place if it were here and Crescent City or the surrounding area oh the site of a man shooting like this. And also becomes a real estate would you be hesitant to buy a house. Where murder occurred in what is the law say when it comes a real estate I get a text about this theater and I think it's a very valid point. Even more incentive for a lunatic to go on a Rampage -- to forget these people and you know move on. Is it they never existed and and I think it's not a bad point that if if if if one -- taken on a shooting spree and cause a building to be torn down in essence. They're becoming a 9/11 terrorists and and taken a building down our thirst -- -- joins us right now local real estate analyst. To talk about what the law says when it comes to private residences and how hard is it. Com -- to seller residents once a murder happens there and and in is that a good real estate investment are not good morning sir how -- More telling you let the law says about disclosure when it comes to a house where. -- murders been competitor somebody has died or somebody is committed suicide. Well it buries our state here in Louisiana we have a law recorded what's called psychologically impacted property. And that the property that it homicide or a felony suicide. Or even someone who. In it was dark note which would aid in the property. The in Louisiana the realtors. Not -- obligation to disclose that. It's not a good business practice because clearly the consumer product from the neighbors have to. But -- in the agent as knowledge that it's always in the best interest to disclose. But there's no liability from the standpoint the -- to go out and proactively try to determine the region's Mercury has occurred. Well as a term Martha used psychological what impacted. If a murder as. Taken place within three years and those realtors are obligated to disclose that at three years and they're not. In New Jersey that they have laws that are required to disclose. About 31 stage right now basically -- -- similar to Louisiana. Where it's. It's a material effect of the property that's practiced. So if in Louisiana now luckily you go to buy a house in the end it during the course of of closing went to make an offer and it's accepted and the loans being approved and all of that period is that as early Collins. Well between the where are you waiting for because it would act as sales and technical escrow. It would just waiting for the closing in to a -- A process. I'm sorry did so during that period you're talking to the neighbors and you go take a ride around the house and you just not been and say. Hey -- you just stop by an and they say how you do on -- like I am buying a house oh you're buying a house with a triple murder occurred. And held a site -- your eyes widened. -- -- you have no course of action nothing you can deal. Well yeah the course of action from the standpoint of being a couple. -- And religion. It's somewhat worn out contract on that -- but it certainly make a -- and I would think that most. Probably go -- that the -- If they're not. That reason there are some other reason during the inspection. Real clear during that the arms inspection that within our right. But. It's caveat emptor. Buyer beware patent. -- -- potential issues. -- you should alert the agent in those questions for you. Generally speaking have you found throughout the course see your career that. From those are and not to be in delicate here because we feel sorry for everybody that suffered a loss but. You know just in the course of -- people -- not necessarily. Are murdered and and that sometimes could be in the course of a home invasion where. You know maybe somebody's breaking in house and people defend themselves they issued a a burglary and and because of the bad memories associated -- don't live there anymore or sometimes. People just died in a house and and because it it might be an elderly relative. Did the family doesn't wanna live there anymore. Is that maybe. A good opportunity for somebody that's a look at the buy a home. It certainly can be there are certain people that certainly it's going to be a real issue just psychologically. Impacted -- -- just don't like the fact that could be someone pass the way. But like like most things you know it depends how recent was someone passed away you know. News release issued -- an impact -- property today. And in the same token it just happened yesterday. You interpret the an awareness back to that disturbs people generally the house itself with the but neighborhood the neighborhood has a history of -- all workers. That's generally it's gonna hold in that particular area. One at the arms restore more. But in most cases to make it may be a little bit longer but so but I. I haven't seen any evidence of real values being -- attitude in the appraisers taking walked -- -- Because it was a murder in the scroll bar someone in this property. A committed suicide just -- at call. I'm gonna tell when we come back from break a true story that was related to me about a house on cracked. Is that lake -- relate this to -- areas and Arthur. Lake deal OK and I and I am not divulge any confidences or he or leave it. Certainly a bad blood in your. -- experiences. Do you give any any stories of anything weird that's transpired as a result of houses where murders have taken plays sort. Suicides -- anything -- -- -- ever seen or heard of anything out of the ordinary. Well. You vote hurt something -- as a ghost in this house or something like that in yet. In the look for those cards property write it straight but. You know a lot of these that they liked the fact that -- quote historical ghost dispatched to the property. Finally those things like that. In -- for example when the -- who is well known designer gotten murdered brutally in Miami. Here's outsold -- almost immediately follow record thanks. As the notoriety since it was. It's about alms with. The Manson murders shared. Many years back tell it. You know that proper result of cost -- also. Think it's it's really. -- local certain cultures certain areas. Respond very -- elect an armed frankly be sent -- -- it so what would depend on the area. I that's authors Serb cal real estate analysts when he talked about earth author stirred Powell -- person. Human being would you buy a house where a murder took place or -- would you say nine you know what I'll find something better. Wouldn't really ought. To be up but -- sent -- country and newspapers. And things like that -- it would have little or wore a value is about. Again some other than maybe -- like financed. But. -- wouldn't teller that's what you would do you value. I would I would -- were closed tomorrow. You -- and I take I think because you've been real estates along it's all about those three words. To -- those three words -- Quote quote -- it was location location location. Well. Herbert. I get you I appreciate your time I really do you know your pleasure to talk to every time yet sure there.

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