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1-17 7:10pm Vegas Runner's NFL playoff picks

Jan 17, 2013|

VR of pregame.com gives us the wiseguys take on who to bet on this weekend's NFL playoff action

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- but Ellis say about me -- some of violent and terrified and we only get -- that even now I'm green and absolutely welcome an hour before. Of sports talk here on WWL am FM and dot com. He's the key cabinet -- as a -- they know he -- -- and you know it was in Afghanistan. Mike -- got it you know we had him at all -- I'll he had -- Off the -- Yancy in the last week last Sunday a much -- I got down to the wanted to ninth fighter wing. For the Air National Guard and do do much alive from there -- that must have been great experience is really cool they were great down there Kia by militia. Host in the am and take -- show every Sunday and every -- it once a month. On a Sunday causalities. Naval air station and -- -- issue for each branch of the military so next up but totally go with the army dogs and Gaudin and broadcast. With the army Vegas runner pregame dot com -- is now lets win some money in the VR starts off with the AFC title game what's despite look like in who were you goal. I -- that. Line opened up nine when it's nine innings but this instances where you got to remember that they can't batters recreational -- they don't they told -- the week and probably 90% of all the betting action is gonna come in -- -- books and bookmakers across the country to. Something warning. Because that's just how it goes pretty much every week don't know regular season and it changes because it's the playoffs. And what you remember is that the regular seat him. Better and 161516. Games that you brought so keeping your ankle better it's just gonna gamble on your 200 dollars. On Sunday there -- split that up most a couple of different -- a couple different tickets but when it comes to. To get that means. Money's gonna go on wanted to game's most likely the first one hit that over -- and that the second one so what money expected. Professional bettors are well aware that the books are going to be work to adjust their lines baseball action. And what the why I try to do -- get out and -- bit -- -- by anticipating. Where the public and ago. And pretty much we come -- conclusion that the betting public going to be on more. And that's why they're in this line drop even -- criticize mine and it it's now down to -- And it's probably gonna get a little bit lower because the next scheme number real is so. Won't be played money keeps coming -- Baltimore to drop it down the seventh inning and -- remember at one point. Obviously. There's going to be some value on when you look at these two teams they played six times now in the last few years. The last three times they've played it's been that the three point game. -- -- -- this line inflated. Because betters remember what people like that what it was New England maintain both teams that double digit favorites. And brought -- get by Denver but there. Just get credit they were double digit dog most thing they got lucky but they're a team that's really playing well I mean -- opt for a -- as good as anyone in the league and yet we can't get pressure on them. I don't think. It's been that difficult all the time. A moment much is it ended at least in the second I have to agree with that short money that it down it was on Baltimore especially when -- -- -- in. But it -- -- -- -- -- that set I think I may look at in New England by the best is yet. But rest assured the books are in need New England. And they're gonna -- the game to go under the total because batters will be on board more and they will be on the over for sure. Vegas runners airline out right now on the man tonight tail fiasco and whether the girlfriend did exist in a hoax. Yeah I'm sure sure. There's going to be that -- gonna put on a number on something like that simply for publicity obviously gonna take more than on dollars on. -- because. I'm a little under is under is fully -- a little bit about. -- that I understand but the thing is that they don't. Stop now or anything I mean. They'd they'd outburst stop like that just to get some kind of attention the funny thing is by official earlier in the past about that whole situation. And I can tell you from the biggest Spurs. Respective here's what's funny nobody -- It. Probably that we talked about now. I'm being in sports in -- it's like as if it's not gonna expect the betting line if it's not an -- Anything and that they do what sport sports betting concern at people out there just aren't concerned they're not really disgusted and -- on Sports Radio. It be our bit to how this state now this is you know conspiracy theory. When this all broke December 26. As far as in bulletin out coming in national championship game. Then I'll pour in I'll portly man -- played. Is that maybe was this on his mind emotions and point. Ending you know that's wears them online betting could come in the point I mean I know that it's highly speculated. But -- what -- also could influence the line of somebody would have known before game all of this came about before -- played the Crimson Tide. One on that even back out into the professional hitter. A linebacker has a good hit and wait and oddsmakers that I respect out here in professional bettors believe that top five middle linebacker. Com and and they're not really drop in his power rating based on this whole fiasco -- -- at at any kind of copy information. It is that pertinent to. You they're gonna -- to -- it got so rest assured if -- professional betting syndicate got -- -- on this type of information they would look to take advantage topics. And I can't -- -- the mindset as a human being and -- effect and now people at 100% mentally there. Wouldn't make a difference probably not. But they'll every little bit of information helps them to note that there's. You know -- on defense. It -- in the game -- his mind is in 100% better -- preparation. -- definitely. Out waited at least -- interest of most professional better. And it hit the it's -- down. And I think that's when when we would be able to take it because just like with injuries just like with suspensions just like the weather. The betting market. Over the tip things like that. So if it didn't come now I think trust would look to take advantage out. -- it comes out and and someone out there and thought they'd look to take advantage as well. Now VR. Before going to a 49ers and Falcons. What you what your take on this how much weight does this carry. When you look at Joseph Flacco is almost like the Rodney Dangerfield of playoff quarterbacks I -- you look at five road playoff wins in his career. Mean you you talk about the greatest said the best quarterbacks of all time. A -- Canaveral relegate him compared to where black was actually accomplish. And then we all know Tom Brady is the best quarterback -- in the playoffs. And then but the question is well. Will it will he be really be I'll do that being Tom Brady by Joseph Flacco like he was last year. And playoff meeting -- mostly with things at the ages -- it's unlikely. Yeah hey you're that they would Blanco. You're right he never get no respect and you know he went to Delhi the Delaware blue and not in the but at the end of the day there's a reason he wasn't recruited by the top programs in college football. So he's definitely played -- Expect. No VR let me help me out now not now we did some homework on this he was at University of Pittsburgh this shows you what the coaches know. He's at university of Pittsburgh. Andy transformers to Delaware. Because he couldn't beat out collar palca. Yes whose upper class -- -- Taliban that would dollop tackle has done. In the NFL compared to Flacco so I don't you know who is coach in the quarterback -- -- -- Pittsburgh and I give Flacco it's and. I think he and all of them didn't let the with a crime you know I mean we get all the time about Tom Brady. -- want to rant bitterly. That Michigan. Was recruited. And like it was at a beat quarterback I mean he won a playoff game every single the last. -- sixty years so his accomplishments and as it is. It let them make that play off game. I'll probably be -- but at the end of the day you look at Tom Brady over the last fourteen playoff games he only it. I mean if we play his career words. -- -- Orleans -- -- -- -- that -- Reputation as a bit of capital for five years he hasn't been. So I'm literally I mean as great quarterback is yet it was not take anything away from now I'll I don't. Really think he's gonna be able that now like all that much. I mean day I I don't think so I think Baltimore has. The better offensive line right now I think the end of the game. I would not count -- -- -- -- the first meeting you only had two receptions but bill would gronkowski now running back not on -- percent LP. I'm sure Belichick could come up with a good game plan. But and now and they seemed to me like a team that -- dividing his time but weightlifting and I think it was at this big of an impact. But it obviously -- And I'm not ready to lead this team just to get there by accident they were here last year they thought they should've been in the Super Bowl and Manny agree with them. So I think they're gonna walk in the new England and be intimidated. In the -- Now -- are you bring out rob Rob Gronkowski. And you know people. You know when you look at the suitable last year against the Giants and say well he wasn't nervous then and how. Maybe if he was -- how -- how -- have been a difference maker may be that the the pages to overtake. The Giants but when you look at the line and for sure Rob Gronkowski being out again he broke his arm. And now how does that and I think -- -- -- basically still be the same 99 and have played even -- -- -- who has played are well what difference does he make as far as his bread. I think that one and -- in the same maybe we wouldn't see a jump as quickly did get one ball. I don't think because when you win. In May look at now gronkowski played against them earlier in the seat and he wasn't that Dominique with two catches. Come and as as big of an impact at the end apartment -- sense. I think that. Pretty much that the reason and we know when it comes to the New England Patriots. It's the system more than it is every individual because we saw with the running back situation. One guy goes down the next guy steps and I mean is the thing that Atwood Danny would. And benching during that game and it's more that system would Baltimore would knowing excuse me that's why -- don't think it would have affected the opening number. Because most likely inflated if you looked. New England was that the three point underdog claiming it was the beginning of the year but at three point on the ball and Baltimore now we're at home if you do. At the track double -- a bit dangerous for both teams. That means that line should be 6670. The -- at inflated because better remember what baseball last. And again what date was knowing -- come now look Dominic. -- keeper for appointment and he don't fall behind because if you are behind in the England that's where the problems coming in. If there is one team that no one played good against them when they fall behind but I think. That we could get out ahead where at least contain them and make -- game bitterly. Now we are you talking about home field advantage now you go north and NFC. Talk about the Falcons have in the partners and home of verses that say that game would have been in San Fran and his David Givens in this -- the eagle on that match. Point spread out and plan B well I see time at five out there is what was -- it. So I mean people lines all over the place. And when an open mind instantly we don't believe the most important number one and it felt there's no bigger edge then get on the right side at every. With that said. Immediately. That professional betters came down on same plane because a lot of the -- -- sign. Because they know that's where the bettors are gonna put them on let's not forget. Same plane is little ways to Green Bay pack. Actors and one of the best quarterbacks in all. -- Atlanta has been seen where he can make it had not respect. And we respect by Spain. Oddsmakers let alone the wise guys -- and then in the top five. So that would best -- I'm not surprised same plane came out -- -- three point paper that I didn't think this line is a bit ridiculous. Because that game was being played in saint plane. And I think Carolina has won at the top home field advantage I think there in the top four. In the NFL I think it's New Orleans yeah. New England claimed at -- and a because what you got demoted to establish a home field advantage is compare Allen's team -- at -- When compared wrote it and -- -- an eight -- -- Bill could be -- is at best wrong. If there now but I. Don't know that they expert team is extremely important. I'm so it and it was strong -- brought -- -- sampling. If this game was it tampering with the -- tell -- it's not a -- would be can and can't wait let it. Yes and and play. Against going right. So obviously there's -- down on the Atlantic side and I'm gonna try and that you're not a big trend guy because. If you add it up there you can comment when -- try and next one you know or anything but it doesn't mean it's gonna continue. There's going to be fundamental reason behind -- try and put them make. Cents we talked about the the one in the regular season about double digit road favorite they don't do well now there's been good -- but -- long for a playoff game. A team I went in. When a team scored 41 more points in the playoffs. Next game the last ten times they only -- one. I said that the small sample size will be a little further so I went back fifteen years and here's what I am. Forty a team that scored forty or more points. In the play off the -- next week but like at twenty ninth time that happened. That -- -- -- time. And and I looked and I -- you know is on the recent verdict. And it's obvious there is one and when a team scores forty points more time. They would always come. And didn't play all that means. Debt that the market's actually it would Kent were betting money recreational bettors. And what happens they. Don't want it the way and when a team went by. What they think they're on speed. And they -- And to protect themselves. The oddsmakers have to protect their clients the bookmakers and in light the price so high. It's so typical thirty teams to cover the following week and I think that's worked in it -- same -- not saying they're not gonna cover the game or not win this game. And and I am 100% company in this. Is that the line is not a reflection. Of the actual reading thirty feet but. Line is inflated the line should be at 22 when I can't. And get pushed as the Tigers didn't let it dictate it. Because people -- a few days ago I'd opt for the Super Bowl different match ups and there was. -- New England. Against Atlanta. At six point against -- That's what I'm neutral field and we believe -- is probably better same plane sort of neutral field at it knowing it's only six. -- same plane before you believe in. Atlanta it doesn't make sense now acquainted. Next week when it comes now that there's Sunday night I mean. -- Baseball perception -- New England was out there and -- away. And Atlanta or -- play a tight game sure New England might come over a touchdown. That's going to be based on what. Secondly. At that today our ratings what station is the New England no better and put points better than any of the teams. And won the Super -- comes out practice short knowingly. In there and paper -- any paper probably around a touchdown. -- -- -- Pregame dot com bringing down with the view from Vegas on AFC NFC title game week in and before you run VR give us your picks. I'm gonna get a team and yet as we got split up approximately two and got loose unfortunate -- -- had a lot of people like I had. L you started out 501 in the 500 now you are negatives about that was pretty good view. The commitment didn't look at and unfortunately you know I'm gonna tell you take the -- -- Atlanta. I I hit again I I tempered it made me -- fair -- Have been outplayed -- -- -- the week I'll give the kid is credited that I adjusted my towel laying it on them and yet. -- -- I am from two point now met one earlier in the season and -- that better I don't know league when it comes the money -- that it just might numbers. I don't know the professional -- -- -- but it didn't think was that they -- because that's what it means metrics show. I think this game get away from them -- and I'm gonna that they let the points for England but wait until Sunday before kick off. Because the lines and keep drop in and get the as polite with Atlanta and that in Maryland game and New England in the late game. There you have -- the view from Vegas from VR pregame. Dot com thanks a bunch of stopped diamond. I'd go with some money is pieces to win some money this is sports talk on definitely --