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Jan 21, 2013|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl match-up -- the "Bro-Bowl," the weather, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on this 21 of any -- 2013. Add some Monday it is it's the Pro Bowl one day -- -- like I -- live like horrible at first but now -- Steve -- tolerance for him on the -- and another option is broke people out Pro -- like the Pro -- Jim are bogged down by only fifteen months apart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's difficult is -- and -- the 49ers and a anytime anyplace anywhere for a reason why it. Having formally been in the Anders and again that goes along way. But -- I was not a fan of him. Back to when he was the quarterback that Chicago Bears a couple of decades. And. It's again tomorrow by John Auerbach it was a guy enjoyed greatly the NFC champion -- point on talent is it is it remember in my wife was cheering and jumping -- and she about a halftime she's -- You of San Francisco camps -- more in the closet. Have I got that a couple of years ago on our Brooke White I don't know somebody candidate you are what are going -- the closet but that the SF have on. And and now was starting the second half apparently at work all -- is your mortgage. You're putting -- yeah it's camp that allowed the San Francisco a team to beat the hated hated Atlanta Falcons. Absolutely we appreciate your having done and you guys dollars and had nothing to do with their talent on the field and on the Yucatan but it really was important and -- through your you know you're right a lot of folks -- -- -- up that game. That was all whole Lotta fun and man what great weekend weather we had I went out my son my youngest was marching in one of the man. And the -- schools parades I was that Sunday afternoon -- for the game and some and that whether it was -- right yeah I mean it was a little of that thing where though you if you were facing. Away from the side you're back with nice informant has to be front -- system. A rule in that tackle that whole thing on. But others that -- is now I'm not complaining noted. -- it was that was nice signs to -- seeks these. Yes the little bit of breeze that. -- this morning some fog here is that I didn't see any. You know. But we've got some of the North -- OK -- -- -- denial and it's like now folks in Louisiana fog it's thinking causing trouble this morning lot of snap. How many people are gonna work. I suspect there's going to be real light yeah it is a holiday. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it's also inauguration day as president Barack Obama officially. -- -- -- office yesterday because the constitution says the ads and to date as the public ceremony. For the inauguration in love all the inaugural balls and all that ones that -- -- Yet on how many people actually don't know if he did though. Or if you're just coming downtown -- for whatever reason it's a parking meter -- Oscar on you know that I inept elected in my -- on the rise today fox. -- leave -- on the street all day long. My you can make -- -- ticket -- quick getaway if you have to do that. -- -- We just want to leave report -- I have to get out of urinary because of whatever reason you can imagine. Make a quick hit there and this is waiting for you. I've never -- it right there I don't Visio view of well now breaking news I've seen it I'll -- and yet -- -- breaking news today that that like. Are you. Know you're right about the perfect weekend -- she asked right ride on. We have more of it down just this morning a little -- but that's going to be gone yet 40 that morning. Places that will -- -- -- forecast of 32 coming up next them yet these -- -- -- Steve Geller in here was. -- talk more about what's going on today going well it's. It's game right smack dab in the old days alive that's coming up as well here at WW LAM -- them and -- now. Miami team good morning I'm Dave -- thanks for joining us here on the early edition of WWL prisoners on this Monday inauguration day Martin Luther King -- -- those summit next innate and it's that holiday. Holiday. Clark Jiang. Goes on -- as long as the LT falcons are in the super ball it feels like holiday guests food act. Doubt -- the falcons then light it. Thanks for joining a bloody on the court today where do you stand alone whatever you do when. Thanks for joining us and being a part of the early days and at WW offers to show our appreciation to bring you the forecast. Sunny skies around for this Monday and holiday Temps in the mid sixties this afternoon and tonight. Still a bit chilly 45 for the South Shore 38 north of the lake in tomorrow. A weak front moves and it won't bring any rain but it will -- cooler temperatures highs Tuesday only around sixty. But by Wednesday back in the mid sixties with partly cloudy skies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- to -- Now we got clouds and 49 its international airport the wind is calm right now that's allowed some fog to build in some places like Slidell where visibility is only a quarter of a mile clear skies clear skies -- -- belt states. Where it's 43 nowhere even along the coast there's barely a breeze or along the Lakefront. And he gown and a much wind to speak -- But there are a couple of football. Speak -- coming through the Super Bowl in the superdome. Now in -- -- two weeks and the hornets have made mid day game here on this Monday holiday. All that and more sports say bad morning. Dispute -- -- this morning and happy Monday mania. 49ers -- rebounded from a seventeen nothing deficit. To beat the Atlanta Falcons 48 to 24 in the NFC championship game sending San Francisco to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1990. -- tonight a year ago in overtime by the New York Giants. This year civil war balls team gets to the Super Bowl and they come from behind to beat the Atlanta Falcons. Joseph Flacco out -- Tom Brady throwing three touchdown passes in the second half. And leading the Baltimore Ravens their first Super Bowl in twelve years with 828 to thirteen victory over the patriots in the AFC championship game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- it's. It's. The good way to Cuba. But both wins set up the first Super Bowl coached by Brothers Baltimore's John Harbaugh and San Francisco's Jim. Both saints tackle -- push truck been named to the NFC Pro Bowl squad is push drugs second consecutive selection as you replace the San Francisco's Joseph Staley. Early tip off for the hornets today who host Sacramento the action starts at noon on WWL 1053 at -- Notre Dame linebacker mayor -- he'll be interviewed by Katie Couric for the first on camera interview given by the all American since the news broke about the dead girlfriend hoax. Tailgating off camera interview with ESPN on Friday and insist that he was the victim and not a participant. And mark health -- as the new head football coach at -- getting a promotion from the offensive coordinator it's replaced Chip Kelly who left for the coach to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. The 39 year old health rich who's in Oregon native signed a five year deal for reported nine million dollars. Today affords a second -- -- Bobby Hebert and Mike did so you live from the silver slipper casino the who were you pulling for in Super Bowl 47. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. 22 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW golfers -- Dave -- and Steve -- hang out on your radio on this Monday morning January 21 -- how do you feel about the Super Bowl matchup we would that -- you -- to see you glad to see the alike hit it what. I'm deathly happy obviously didn't wanna see the falcons come into town and everyone would have the conspiracy theories -- think that Roger Goodell ended up. Masterminding this. And also I think it's great for just our tourism. You figure falcon fans my driving for a day or two and then leave you know the forty niner fans are coming. The state for awhile and in the AFC it's nice to see somebody different you know we're always used to seeing the though the patriots make it to the big game and the ravens coming here is a nice change so -- love the match up and being that it's everyone talked about it being. Aimed at a possible Manning Super -- well we spoke to brother Super Bowl just the Harbaugh yeah do you -- the brawl ball broke below or I like the broke ball. Because the dark EU acts right BR AU -- I mean. I don't think I you know. The growth -- going to be arrow for Brothers. Yet I never know with a spelling Yang now battled. For a -- our reliance on there. Harbaugh Brothers. You -- -- this fifteen months apart yeah Vance. Very chic clothes and -- I noted earlier that. Yet guess what you can indeed. Get pregnant excellent that there hasn't. And their parents -- that haven't -- in the -- -- -- in my sister's at ten months apart. -- now have a one month old and -- another one in the Yemen than it and another proud Papa who was actually head coach himself when a national championship with western Kentucky. Now what do you do you. If your mommy and daddy Harbaugh. I mean you just go to the game and what quality I guess. They they don't have any colors in -- you that would ghostly jerseys. Where half apple ones on after the right exactly -- winner either way or orders where it. That it go to either won the championship games my guess is go to the super. So yeah I would probably be in a nice you know one of the suites and in the and watching both their sons accomplish something that both of dreamed about I -- daddy doesn't celebrates -- the winner -- those missiles exactly. Mom is always there for three -- you know yet for we on your shoulder he can't and at a time now that. But it -- should be very proud parents have a both their boys -- NFL coaches. But they're boys are in the super. That's pretty neat and the tenth Super Bowl here ends up being something that's never happened before which is pretty cool. If the dollar thank you see what type in about placement that's what sports -- accident previewed New Orleans in Sacramento. In NBA action today -- the hornets. And the -- I don't know how these two teams match up so Steve will tell us get back here it was worth about 25 minutes here on WWL IMF them. That little sibling rivalry at -- highest of sporting levels. Right here in New Orleans -- last. And few weeks. I gave notice here edition of WWL vs statement like your forecast and how all syndicated BZR rated movie talk about that as well here on WW. Now. Hi Tony seven let's get your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center and for that we welcoming mr. meteorologist Laura but now. He's sunny for this MLK day you look -- mild Temps this afternoon if you happen to be off workers school enjoy it 66 later today and tonight. -- tapping into the mid forties on the South Shore and upper thirties north of the lake for your Tuesday plenty of sunshine and a little bit cooler a weak cold front. We'll keep us with highs around sixty and Wednesday back to the middle sixties with partly cloudy skies. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I mean urologists are -- 49 degrees under clouds at the international airport forty degrees amidst. Forget the National Weather Service office in -- coming up we'll check the weekend box office -- -- continues on this holiday and I'll always an elementary school teacher and trouble for some movies now and it's all. QVCR. Rated movie and I come about we've got one from the people file the latest CBS is next on this inauguration day David Blake as it WWL birthdays. Traffic weather together and sports. Steve Geller previews in the meeting today game for the hornets 37 minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WW -- says it's the 21 of January 2013. It's a Monday night. -- duration of the king junior day holiday editors. A ego parking meter holiday. With his unit for an nearest park in -- -- -- at the debate that's right. And it won't get a ticket line at that time parking meter and stay there all day long. Without putting. Dime nickel and order anything else. In the meter or using them and for a lot of other folks they're just gonna roll over and sleeping gas. I'm glad they turned us on at least for one or you need to get there. Exit the year that beat him is even -- were probably you'll do after work today like yours truly. Thank you for -- and as well now all's the box office in the new boy I surprise her Iowa first volume predictions you're I think you're one. One for Q&A new predictions that global yeah yeah I had about -- half -- that is going to be the patriots that think just about it yeah that is you've got -- patriot but yet what matters and and ravens -- the league you're half right on that. And you're completely wrong. On the box. Was going to be number one you thought it was going to be 38 out of -- picked it up again. I don't know where my mom -- -- yeah. -- a scary man he had a good -- name dominate the weekend box office. He has the topped Google yes he does so you're on the you're. And her supernatural horror film mama opens at number -- but -- at 18 million dollars to have but is not impressed if you're generally for an opening weekend of the box office but. Or let me -- to 28 million for -- and then zero dark thirty which is also an. Brought in seventeen point six million dollars enough for number two. And silver linings playbook isn't there that really -- -- -- I don't know anything about it winds picking -- so many wars -- -- everywhere you look. Silver linings playbook -- another award winners and the acting writing whenever it is nominated. In just about every well there you go. It it looks like a very good movie comedy. And adult market but not a heavy heavy drama type -- now well. May be built in that the plant and a whole whole lot about now. An early cause or adds even for those things. Now on him worked out really. Crazy. -- what I did see a bunch Yahoo!'s system. Bruce Willis movie my goodness. Yet even even sponsor in the post game show. -- camp. Champions and it was it was the IEA. And I was all over the place and again that we look forward to speaking of movies. But bill elementary school band teacher -- -- Louisiana. Is facing. Six misdemeanor charges. For allegedly showing. For Christmas and new -- and up the saint Landry parish sheriff's deputies arrested the thirty your world. And -- him with six counts of exhibition of material harmful to minors. While elementary school band teacher. Children as young as twelve or in the class in which he showed. I hangover. Head. And -- horrible bosses. I have seen two of those 322. Of those three moved out I've seen a hangover. We -- when I saw that when I saw at first it was a movie theater and -- it was a couple next to me that brought their two young children to the which surprised me pool that is that movie very nearly could get an NC seventeen yeah. Carrier was right on -- on the costs -- I mean full frontal male nudity -- that movie. Lots of other news he. Sex -- being depicted. That is name Mary Mary Bell hangover. And horrible bosses is about Saxon and killing your Boston as a very adult -- as well. Think that maybe a little museum that is well and Chad may be funny as all get up and it's racy to have a Teddy bears has got to be targets are crazy Teddy bear me out. Now -- at all so anyway. Just interest in -- Syndicated beat UC NR rated movie it would twelve year old in this class. Is twelve year old I'm now old enough to see these sexually explicit films and all the bad words of nudity and sex acts and things like that twelve is all. Well that's a parents decision I guess that. Guess that's teachers to -- -- made the decision. And I know my kids when they take band trips when there aren't high school. They wouldn't even let -- watch PG thirteen movies and they were all at least sports team but demand in regular dot PG only am a mass of whether the preferred GG rated yeah if he had any doubt at all and you were an instructor just -- don't go there and I'll leave those aside. David -- document when he meant more first news Chris Miller will join -- and get some reaction from New Orleans do the broad goal Behar -- they like the matchup. For the Super Bowl coming here less than two weeks. And let's use that match like an analog and I want some more of it as Leo Limon direct Eyewitness News forecasts -- -- -- -- -- game. To -- meteorologist but now. Having fun. For most people -- holiday. An hour on its goals that are happy -- four day work week that's pretty cool here we are and we're all here -- -- fact that I. Yeah it's -- like I don't again. Talent here. Absolutely it in the news and weather and Everest now I now but it is again nice weather real I was that it the -- and I was that -- that was ideal high -- whether -- get too high. Comfortable enough the only thing -- about my data on one side of the street on my back would -- really warm from the Clinton it was a little clue which would you flip flop between not -- and now idea that's not. The fifth. I like that cycle cycled it keeps it. That -- lot of people out there largely because of the well. Her ground and news any. Time does that weather continues. It does you know I mean we've got a lot of activities going on again today because of the Martin Luther King holiday that we're gonna say. 66 this afternoon and another mild day sunshine just a few high clouds. No current or at least it shouldn't be complaint that asked today. That that now lab. The complaint as well always complain but it nonetheless a little bit of fog this morning some clouds this morning reason that's all gone by the time the sun comes up. President high clouds around it and those a kind of filter out so if you with the clouds around today but mostly sunny skies and then. Looking ahead tomorrow -- -- really more so late tonight a weak front moves through no rain with that just that kind of change -- the wind and it will trot -- just a little bit for tomorrow I have a high of sixty tomorrow so I probably. Baptists and jackets promotes the day tomorrow. But then were right back to 65 by Wednesday. All right so to brief cool sixty today blows maybe barely sixty tomorrow and then yeah I -- Thursday and Friday. At the top perfect event out to me seventy at the ideal temperature for a high into lightning and the work week because by the weekend cool down just a little -- get through Friday night. Since Saturday and Sunday which is really the first day parade weekend ride at the -- that need sixty to sixty miles of perfect weather for the next week. And looting the weekend beret I just opened for everyone crimes and -- anywhere from sixty to seventy to cut and that rain -- ride happy as you question a pilot -- okay and people. Authorities in northern California say a man was arrested in nothing but a trench coated stock. He lives close -- one night after it broke into -- home and told the police statement using this on now. Assault and that's not usual how he he can't do it better look at the county sheriff's deputies in San entry is arrested the 49 year old after the respondent reported without a homeowner on top of the bad guy. In the driveway in nearly naked bad -- hold them down -- on them. Dollar comes up but apparently after the sunny with a little hungry was going to the kitchen cabinet like. -- yet ready to prepare somebody. It's about the door tackled him in the driveway the cops that what do you know -- -- I thought the house was vacant. -- the -- to use this on an active. Born this story. Has said that he thought the house's is a rental house. Even happening how long has been -- Anything coming in the past. You know we we don't know the details on how many times I don't know that dollar that's all we got today. -- -- -- -- -- here what about all the furniture and in utensils and all that. You know no it was a player does not limit and. Whatever they can't -- it makes it any better though -- -- feeling better as -- -- Eleanor how he was breaking. What happens Keating and pretty multiples on days it was his personal interests and that's why. It. -- That's gonna cost -- going to make. But now -- direct eyewitness sports at that did -- take house's -- Uses hot. It's not your. Is that sports is Steve Geller after sex that's. Today 7870 says seventeen is the age is that when you want to let your kids CR rated movies. Outlook my kids -- -- the and I know what's involved and it's one that I think isn't too graphic or that you know I think is okay for them but generally. Don't want my -- absolutely whether an element -- why would not -- teachers showing my kids are rated movies what do you think how young is too young -- in. Are you OK with your kids once and high schools in in my -- feel about that I feel like -- yeah. WW well that is a good morning these gala. Good morning Dave in the Atlanta Falcons looked like the team on a mission early but in the end it came up short against the 49ers. Fourth down. And wore it at that didn't guidelines Super Bowl trip pretty much on the line right here for the Atlanta Falcons run snapped a look right. The governor drive. San Francisco's heading to New Orleans after knocking off the dirty birds in the Georgia -- 2824. Over in the AFC championship Joseph Flacco threw 32 half touchdown passes to lead Baltimore to -- 28 to thirteen win over the wing wouldn't. I've been staying in the -- yeah. Did you go into the second half majors bring the blitz Flacco throws and don't -- who blew this. -- and good. Now for the first time in Super Bowl history Brothers will be the opposing head coaches Jim Harbaugh is niners vs John -- -- Your mom bush trucks headed to Hawaii for the second straight year he replaces -- friends Joseph -- on the NFC's Pro Bowl squall line. Over to the NBA with the Sacramento Kings are moving to Seattle reports indicate that the multifamily is selling all 65%. Of their share of the franchise. For 525. Million dollars to -- -- Chris Hansen who until then moved the team. Back to Seattle and restore the name this Supersonics. Those kings though are in town today for news tip off against a -- you can catch all the action on WW -- 1053 FM. Today -- four it's the second -- showed Bobby Hebert and Mike to tell you live from this so the super casino. Who were you pulling for Super Bowl 47. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports from on north congress clearly point for the 49ers because now he -- that furniture still. I mean. It's enjoying drew and Thomas -- dead and also Jahri Evans there -- Jerry Evans also suddenly slipped in the approval yes our -- we know they were too youthful for that that must have been awful get -- call. A yet rubble folks can become the -- next weekend. Mean let me check my schedule yet what we're paying for the triple -- -- -- you know -- take care of everything up yet again. Oh -- of course -- go to Hawaii's it's pretty cool what's funny is after the falcons lost Thomas -- -- -- you know I'm so happy who -- and you saw on the Twitter. Locations and Honolulu with Aidan yeah she's already there now about that. He's also glad that the falcons lost I think it was he who -- posted on FaceBook. Thank god they won't be. Painting the falcons' logo on the superdome floor now I'll get a medical -- -- end zone -- team they paid their logos on there and gas. Plus they would have been practicing at the saints' facility all of it would have been using the saints locker room so -- outs yet. Okay now let's get that ugly thought out of our head get the 49ers now will be doing them commitment that is but anyway better than they hated hated absolutely. So the hornets playing today against the Sacramento Kings is indeed this Seattle SuperSonics again yes okay so it's the. Sack. Grand accurate news. Actress that was combines Sacramento on Davis actress at all. Super gains or I'll over the not super kings this afternoon and a -- they match up with north. What are your classic cases -- sales offense vs defense the hornets having the defense. And the -- basically just being all offense not being able to stop anyone. Hornets had a tough loss this past weekend. It just ended up coming up -- shortly and I look for them to rebound and gave way they've won 67. -- -- -- -- -- -- Money really turned things around it's been really helpful having a healthy roster as often as my son's performance games people safe and okay. Evidently it everything it and when he went so Bobby -- and -- free -- the -- -- -- -- -- you know like put on. Have San Francisco had at halftime and that's why the 49ers beat about my son went to the game maybe that treatment lot now about. Has anything to do any thing. What we do is man does nothing to do with the one feel like the -- like commercial I think it is that is the only weird if it doesn't it doesn't work very. We'll let you work again in fifteen minutes for sports -- and beat him a little -- holiday forecast for today accident. My body shuttered when you talked about the falcons' logo on the floor of the dominant in our locker after the segment today deputy deputy another Tommy Tucker -- on the stock market today. It was the second greatest moment in -- history. -- the Tommy Tucker who that the allies in -- set a retarded no Ray Nagin coming up. That's another dummy yeah Ray Nagin we'll talk about -- Super Bowl teams we'll talk about a whole bunch of things.

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