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1-21 3:10pm Spud talks to Arthur Hardy about Mardi Gras prep

Jan 21, 2013|

Spud talks to the Arthur Hardy, editor and publisher of the "Mardi Gras Guide," about this year's Carnival season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They would have. -- 170 is our number here 866889. Steroids -- -- told her mind got a lot of Copenhagen and -- and then there will just take calls and comments about everything we talk about today joining me right now. Is the mark key demy -- on the publisher of the Mardi Gras guide and several other publications the one and only off a haunting -- Well it's very very I'm good David thanks for taking a domino you. And I got to -- -- -- get to the point this is going to be not this one MR aggressive to be split in half by the Super Bowl. We -- pass and -- -- -- -- yeah you know -- and it is it's funny -- that news' -- An hour after hour. After our heroes that gave me -- and yes that's what it is well and that's that's what it is that we didn't split right down the middle. That a saints they have brain but need all the dirty birds so. I'd like if if Powell ask you can I know how hard it is to put a lot of these things up but I also know how inventive and how quick. Masters can be if they wanna be if the dirty birds had made it to the Super Bowl would we see a lot of dirty bird -- McGraw. A lot of my baby in the room. I think it's quite like well -- -- right now ordered -- of the super secret satirical crew. And I can tell you the NFL will be well represented this unanimous verdict. -- -- -- -- -- It's good skirts are that's sort of recorder when. That's what -- all this is it -- you know it's a bit so I don't know it's kind of a mockery and yet it's incredibly serious and incredibly expensive. There's. So what if we laugh at ourselves that's what you're just through the night in the day in the storm and everything else. Absolutely I mean if you camping and if you can't laugh at yourself how do you get the gumption to get out of -- And I know this then I'll talk I don't mind be in about a Richard good joke but it's got to be good to me no clever knowing that there. They're -- or -- it means doing a plea that somebody else alone so that's good. Now let's talk went Rodney got scores you've got autograph guy which is which is the all the penultimate. Guide for US but I didn't ask him if you got frankly common I don't know it's got it's got everything you need is guys you know it's got into the history. You know and you can order -- you can have a -- TI know hey they'll send them out on the senate there're some kind of book -- and I'll scroll but to. You get no benefit they're doing their own publication number we've got to Burkhardt former knowledge and then you know you can harder on the web site -- regard that -- com. Go to FaceBook page now and just have a whole lot of farm but this is going to be as Susan remember we're -- -- twelve parades scheduled for this weekend. And then have little -- game and then moderate -- up again so I think for everybody as far. Now twelve this weekend is that. I mean I know they did a lot of shuffling around because of -- because -- -- -- those those those Super Bowl and everything else and -- and that's like the forty's is not like it's just Super Bowl Sunday they're gonna have events happening all weekend so it's not like they have parades on Friday and Saturday in the Super Bowl Sunday. You know but but in fact we do have -- on Friday and Saturday's Super Bowl again just not in downtown -- now we've got family brought preparation does Saint Bernard in Covington Slidell man -- So water -- goes on just not a norms -- but for a plant before it was about three weekends of storage. And of course somewhere in the middle option and yeah it's going to be good look we've done this before we get -- -- just weeks noticed that in the end though too often on eleven force to NFL moved the Super Bowl walls up we can push courage that Kuwait was. Christmas cash and that that was itself what we thought through that. And -- -- editor such overt. That sounds like a lot of fun doesn't push because of that though did a push a lot of things together so in other words we're gonna have considerably longer. Evenings of parades and stack them up on top of one another's economic. I don't not real not real schedule is basically didn't -- same internal issues at some point just -- back a week but. I don't think there's going to be everything. But it gives anybody too much -- burned. There are some crews away convenience more than others yeah course hotel rooms if you bring people a lot of -- market -- programs are premium even now. But what is that we were better before we can get through this arm under as well if we're really good. Good carnival season at the weather's -- one thing we can't control the thing I can sort of flows but. You know some exciting new things salmon growers are from the West Bank after years absence. Well we've lost your original -- Beers and man the real. And but a new group harass his scheduled for an Olympic bronze -- so there are some -- some -- -- What struck at about fifty parades and -- in airfare. No that's actually pretty good now tell you what. We were cement talking about the Rose Bowl parade and everything and and and friends who went over them are kids are going and they gonna thrown off. Then why I finally hit -- -- -- dynamic card beans were not this of Karl. There's a movement out there BP and I'm probably gonna have this person on here in the next week or to find them on here. From a Newsweek about -- greening up Marty -- and and and doing away with a recycling a bunch of bees or something like that. Are we gonna see -- go down that path just which you although I must admit I would prefer. Me personally I would prefer to catch a couple of them old time -- The last be here Czechoslovak earlier than the tone of Beasley coming when with a low around schools yesterday and we didn't catch it on the beads and we still come on man that's enough. I have appraisal on we caught a couple I was planning you know put better I'm I'm worn now I guess. Because there I guess because my attic is full sort of army installation I can possibly use. A dramatic I'm looking more for the quality instead of equality now what are we looking at -- here what are the what are the what are they absolute gonna have catches. I haven't seen everything yet book. You crews that have their bomb near where were some of the things are very bricks are broad and sharpen up before -- and a grateful throws high. You know always you can expect from -- barker or fears. Muses. -- -- these crews. He cheers and reinvent -- -- thrower or there's some -- with more than thirty logo items. I mean it's just it's incredible. Clark should brokered lighter things are world there are pictures -- -- that players are strong Americana chipping it wrote an inch. You know what when more -- The book the one downside is that these -- -- I think should know him. You just have to be careful what you when you throw these things that you don't throw -- of donate sperm bank a little bit wanna you. I don't know what I think not what some people do stuff they need to quit thrown bags of stuff. They -- could ever Hartford because unless there is one thing the hand that kind of stuff down but it tossed a big bag that you not expecting. Half these people to drunk they don't throw very good anyway they're almost a new turn your face around and you catch and make -- beg -- -- -- to face coming Garland was tummies are about time somebody. Somebody hitting into it in ahead -- would have big -- be journalist like -- well. They can't are coconuts wanted to on bags of eight. You're our -- appeared in the conventions are last year during a -- partners live shot. And you're not like to thank you will somebody just -- something to me not there but I mean it really hit me hard and almost knocked me down. And then of course you you know you're not prepared for this. It's if you -- looking at the close you can put chance open and blocked it I was just looking at the camera and it's so you know -- there's -- -- inherent dangers -- what. They would just need to use good judgment the end and and just be careful also. Well yeah they need to use good judgment -- does not heard of one point summit. But again -- again if you can't throw a coconuts which they don't let you do that anymore. If -- -- coconut you should not be able throw bags of beads they have to be open pleased they should nonprofit is this some kind of wait lemon and who. Who would enforce that would have to be a state laws go out. They're they're there is no longer know. But they're good judgment should prevail and our our you know our senate humanities organization meetings with a captain Charles the crewmembers everything that they should do. Properly and everybody here it is not like. Everybody took yeah I didn't know my -- and -- both metals might get them you know we don't know better completely given -- a little bit odd to us. I thought these little ninja throwing stars -- we really cute you know get people -- and Manila. You know -- -- at -- and. But the -- again getting back of -- -- -- news of this season as part of the season it's going to be you know that Kelly Clarkson. In a Demi and and yours commissioner our current union come on shorter -- Moore's daughter -- -- -- -- There are the arm and ask you what you gonna get GW -- are always liked him. I don't know I don't know him well are but I know him I I think he's going to be ever has gone all man he's not that famous but what he is. Is a hoot. I mean -- Generous he has got to work our objectives in cash and Martin they're the called Argo was cool. And then all bad guy once they're sort of -- yeah blue that guy you know you know that guy you know I don't know he's where he's going to be a good idea. He's Dubrovnik is a bit better -- and people who are expected in the end we hope so -- -- -- you know it's just harder more big get. -- -- for a celebrity's you have to know each of these organizations tries to get the very best person I care more what merit and you know it's a very competitive and difficult market parent and arbiter -- -- that's from the surprise -- put -- our political game is gonna bring on the -- No I I agree he and you know what is -- like OK well how many times do you think somebody like GW bail because payroll whom. How easily beat you up so he's gonna -- twice as hard but you unnecessary hit him Harry -- we're great friends he is no stranger to this area he came east to still does comes in here regularly. And does he does a lot of good work he does a lot of charity work and he just loves loves the area so he is gonna soak it up. And be a great boxes so. I think this -- it's almost appropriate. Who was the best Marcus. Well economic I don't know how anybody who was the best -- our arms are still vacant and Bob Hope and how -- got to meet your marbles before I was in the -- -- I was judging -- but I gunned down as art but remember I only met him briefly what. You know probably the biggest name ever and just -- voracious the army interest wonderful -- we -- shakers but what -- -- retention and but that's a good question. I'm Diana there was the Escobar was the best -- and who was the worst pocket some of though that out there right now because no -- secretary but aren't there. Damn right after our first security -- equity -- net texted throughout you know I got to step away for -- -- don't tell me off there than I'll I'll let Joseph go look at and maybe I'll just you and into the conversation later. I -- a aren't there Amara the publisher of the Mardi Gras guide -- and it's everywhere you can find it in grocery stores and been magazine shops and bookstores and get it. Everywhere -- -- all over the board -- bookmark our guards are found and then there's the list of the book for you especially if if you got friends coming to town. Let them read up on that get a heads up on the Monica. All right also -- my guest here we'll talk with you later in the season don't go anywhere. I'm -- -- -- does -- who was inside -- showed a bigger revenue our whole bunch of stuff and a -- -- got a couple car but we haven't talked. Let's show big 87 WWL. There are examining -- Okay lot of stuff in the pot we're talking about what would you raise taxes on. And we're also -- -- with -- Arthur hardy be -- key demanding grown that's my label I gave him that would. Who produces the Mardi Gras guide which group fitness is an excellent. Guy is an excellent piece just for you to read up on a bunch of history to it's it's it's a great source but if you specially got friends come to town of your coming to town. Promoting -- -- never been here before get yourself one read over. And I was asking him who the best and worst because. Because GW Bailey is going to be baucus and about going -- and ECB is facing all that guy he did this movie where does Tom Beringer called Ross Stores rhapsody. They played like -- sidekick you know but he is on the closure he was Indio police academy movies. He's got a long career he's done a bunch of stuff and -- to. He's going to be a good box. He loves that area he's become an -- for years I'm sure he's incredibly flattered that he was asked to be -- and I think he's gonna make the best of it. I mean not you know what I remember when though Michael Keaton was asked he was here doing a film. Right before Katrina. And you know they offered it to -- said no and then the storm hit and he called legacy if you still want me I'll do it you know what -- minute dude you don't have. He was that he was a good -- to. He's funny. But anyway I think GW built a big number that's what I was saying to who was the best and who was the worst who the best through the worst baucus and boom. Was there should be -- on. Oh what is the parade you gotta say we went solo harassment yesterday I haven't seen crew view I just what kind of say I don't I don't make I wish I could -- -- into the wife and I wanna do stuff happens. Didn't make it what parade you Odyssey. What I mean you won and Demi and I you've got to see in Demi and do you have to see -- do you have to see Zulu. Are you a pockets -- what parade do you have to see if you're only gonna see one what parade do you see every season. And who was the best and worst baucus is. Here's a list of worst Jackie Gleason. Is the -- ask him honey boo boo is going to be a fifth -- at the family -- on mentoring program Papa. There's one saint Nicolas Cage and the best dom -- Luis got to spend time with him and his family while they were town. Really were a boot down I never met him but I've heard that -- Redondo -- is just an absolute hoot if you've never seen the movie -- so. You should rent that fat so don't -- we've been at some funny. Art is out and about I don't -- thanks for -- WWL. Under great I have to second that don't always end. Case stick with cage he was. I'm pretty sure that he would even -- the baucus outfit he he wanted to Wear a black consumed you have ambulances press conference showed up and went. I. An internal. Transfer. -- here in New York LaGuardia drink blood. It's -- -- that's what I've done a couple of films -- -- one on one like that nice guy you know that we're. Well what's he gonna do. Well it was disappoint you because everybody kind of thought it was going to be great team but I think. I think the problem with a lot of these guys is they don't really real much what this is all about that they don't realize how. Much. We love our our -- you know money dry and it took them -- sort of oh I don't know you know well here. Use the Rose Bowl parade they've gone I gotta throw stuff two. Plumbing company at -- bottom -- approach or maybe what you guys Ibaka sought to do some -- was going to be celebrity guys is invite him. Like whoever you thinking about for next year. Invite him this year and let them like not ride with -- with the muck itty mucks and watch -- the saying India next year you'll be bachus the have a good taste of. I I think the problem with with with these guys are also is that they. You know this is they're busy time now and and we saw it really hit the -- we always want to get because they're missing so you have to take. The irradiated you got to which you wish list then end up -- those guys can make your and you go down that list. And the first guy that except that this boxes is there's a -- right. Well what about if you did five or six or seven guys baca said an invited a mall and go hey. -- -- -- three years from now and in three or four years from now you'll invite and a seminary guys and maybe they can all make I want to turn down a free party because I mean nobody -- is more than just. You know shown up that morning put on the suit. You know having a big tall one and then get normal things are falling and beats it's more toward the net. Yeah at -- did they really get a great time they should dinners and parties and and you know it's it's I -- I think it's more. -- we appreciate it more than they do they just they just don't understand how we can be so excited about this until. They get on the ride in them and then it's then they realized. There's a million people out there that are that are that are are adamant and and I guess they kind of then get into it. But I won't say if they came a year ahead goes like I don't know we don't make good men like them but he did that you -- bad boy knows how to enjoy Omar gripe all -- -- -- You know I don't drink no more. You have people who really was great I mean I don't wanna say that that they he wasn't one of the very good he really was a lot of good -- but I think. -- -- don't we use. He just. -- it's. -- they came around all that dressing rooms -- and talked everybody -- and then made so available much and that's why I say he was the best because he just was. More available to the other writers you know and and then I think -- but that was a long time going I think. If I if I'm not they have trampled I Iran I think people who were back in the -- Uh oh what's what was that building that they toward them that they go look we're building. Remember Bremer era make but that's at. Yeah that's a long ago it was split. Well ask your real quick I gotta gotta wait for the news what is the process do you think you have a list I mean who gets together and puts together the list you know I mean. The other as a community there's a committee that knew that. And then you -- it's somebody that's connected. Some are -- it's what Hollywood and and had no a lot of these people and then make school searching it and then I guess. I guess the committee says OK try this guy this guy and then they go after but it's it's some kind of connected. That I necessarily have to have a connection to to New Orleans somehow. Don't know probably in his speech. They. But it can't just elect them and connect it no I mean I mean though that the people -- go after when they put the list together do you favor people like Nicolas -- was one because he's made several films -- GW Bailey comes -- all the time. You know when you ask people to be baucus do you first look at people who already have some connection with a city who may have. Who may automatically go hey I know that's going to be cool. You know they've hey I'm not part of that committee so I don't know what that criteria is what she. But I do know that. Certainly they would if I mean like they did with which. Drew Brees you know he certainly is it always. I want somebody everybody would love you today they will attempt but you know I really don't know where it where it boils down do other than than -- They try to -- We hadn't been beat the end Demi and to a half. -- that you're gonna try to get it. So you guys just a just fight each other raw book I gotta go way overtime aren't I appreciate you taking the time you walk into God's put art on the committee. I make -- a marketing muck and let him decide thanks for a dollar apiece they thought their 260170. Jane rose wants to be on the committee to pick pockets. But yeah thank you down the mighty fine that's all kinds -- -- as ever imagine SR deserve -- a woman baucus chairman a queen debunk this. I don't think so now that would be a fun -- well slightly Leno vodka with king of muses though how whenever explode for -- I don't think so. I don't know how I would I would the last ten minutes for a fall off the -- the -- and -- -- -- I'd be drinking so much Champaign more for your I got the Americans like that. I don't have been another drunken fall I don't know it would be I would be a site it would make a lot of YouTube videos like Terry and that's what else to go around the world -- -- -- -- WWW. All -- first -- the -- -- -- -- 250 dollar certificate good for three month membership only had one Tony. So start the New Year's resolution referred to was an off a three month membership man's best health clubs racquetball freeways to your ex. Fitness classes spinning. Delonte is -- I just learn how to pronounce because my wife took that. Pure Barry which -- no idea what is that can't be buries the closest and a weapon or should I should frankly joined this club and to learn from the stuff can be -- -- Swimming pool so much more actually mentally almost for the -- or whatever and about the movie across the street. Use common nice Musharraf I shot a film over there once they got that climbing wall and everything. Don't want fitness and -- -- there right now my new loans purchased dark comp. We're talking Mardi Gras we're talking raise in taxes the whole surveying here and a B 870 WW let's get your phone calls. Mary's drive it around out there would say America I don't. I don't know what's going on you drive around the NN I don't know how -- -- -- -- this and I'm going to -- don't sound right yeah you're right that's. All help is your friend the best thing about health is like well man I can go abuse myself now. Well that's sort -- I wanted to make a comment about my favorite quote hate. Good. Haven't I -- the -- saved her memory. -- yeah well you know I Syrian. Well Lou I know my husband did it how they have the moment I just can't don't an awful lot of thought they do they do. -- had been executed about a column notes that he and make sure I kept -- Evgeni has the dog I thought I would get an army tradition. And I -- spend -- -- -- all he did I open if you haven't been what he's about our new evidence -- the golf ball well -- have been to a season all the money and -- -- -- -- What next year and you don't have a go hey I'm like aren't. I'm trying to have a great time everywhere I go I don't always succeed I'm -- and I ought to put on a tuxedo home Wear a tie shoes now also. I don't I -- -- -- -- I guess there are a couple -- they -- that you can with a -- we won't say thank her car I know somebody well. So my blood that and I haven't gotten now and my husband's been riding -- -- are almost the irony here is my daughter has been an empire with anime ads. We did the -- bit. When -- that's a it's a -- out and really of tonight's parade. We're gonna hit a lot of a lot of mystery parades this year. Yeah -- -- tonight. Yeah I can't catch it I'm I I just -- matter and you know initiate or they're gonna be the only game in and out there that Saturday about Paul wasn't Super Bowl and and I'm a big friendly girl thing going on nobody to my own and only absolutely. People how much -- especially the web to cooperate. If the. I would put all of fail right. All right so moon was the best buckets and who was the worst or. I'm not a good I'm good I'm -- and back Fineman I was at yeah I don't remember that -- back Perry Mason. I guess that maybe he needs -- -- that is why you know I think he didn't and happy and grinding banging against fat. I'd say yeah I think I think the wind really quiet but they have to was. What's that comedians -- in the -- guy I can't think anything that he put so much fun. And I don't know a lot about how it's all right when she rode on and -- and she was then yeah. We have gone through that with an -- -- strapped to the behind the largest wave beautiful -- film and blue chip chip and not everybody in a follow up. Well if I ever been that Dolly would they actually mean I don't know how's that she grew up billions like. Lot of young and raise that little house sort of patrolman upon from the back you know from. -- and at every kid paper and -- he has. I -- been great time. And I. All of that -- -- -- I've gotten police say for the drive thanks -- and Caesar is a -- that's the ground really really -- Thank you guys and I thank you and Bob -- -- and I I mean but like you to. That's obviously he's the captain so where's my free tickets to six ONE seven recruit -- best a temporary. Baucus who's the got a -- not the goddess. I don't know men. The fans and of course. Zachary Levi should be -- next. Exactly -- on. -- end your hip and happening was that -- You don't even though they should be bound cargo load graybar. -- -- Chip it up Ponzi was a great but Kirk Douglas oh yeah. All right more calls Leon hang on your first I'm only a bag acrimonious bush -- -- coast Danny Kaye. Danny Kaye. And his what John Ritter that's that that was the same when you die young but Jim birch John Read -- -- -- until -- GW Bailey is going to be a great market demand. Appreciate the area and he appreciates CNN. That's becoming a good cargo box to six only seven back from -- -- -- for the get a bunch of next all Leon got a great point you know Leon very young WWL miles ago. I don't break you don't Tom -- -- you you've you've got a great idea to tell you the truth. Yeah -- you know like he's got invention of them ourselves. True I'd like see that too but you know -- idea make whoever whoever is the winning quarterback at a Super Bowl. But I mean that's got -- -- their symbolic of the need to you know. I know -- you let -- so well -- sure whoever wins this next year they become. Can a box and. Actually our best interest out there would be cool what they did it this year if they they would -- had a plan that way ahead of time and just go right -- -- You'd have you'd have to clear it would basically every every team in on just go where this is what we're gonna do so. Asked all the quarterbacks and if everybody agrees when you know you got -- bachus is just a matter who's gonna do. Poor guy is possible loan played before the -- and it went down well. -- just Emmy winners Mardi -- next year's late I don't know how I don't have -- I don't know immediate out. Sure well yes that they cannot write a short term -- will be wonderful and -- -- -- really give us some allow local people are. You know you go some artists -- then that would would be great because. Even -- they're on the they're not then you're right maybe not -- good time. Road true answer what I like I think Tom Benson. Be to be up there and then hire people to throw form Savimbi. And unemployment right then I'd be right dig. And and that's they way Sean Payton got more who who nothing ever about their. I'm CNN com which is you know -- out. And I are beginning yes they league already. I'm -- -- for humanity because. You know -- did there there and oh. And. NFC -- VoIP NFC to win this is that a great -- so -- we'll take the NFC don't win that we gave me doesn't you'll keep an and they keep it in in the family as much as possible -- exactly what we're good thanks man I'll let them have a lot of -- to six only seven is the -- stepping -- ramping it up here. Sports are coming up next here second guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right I got some of the -- attacks MR drug marks the sixth. And you know you guys looked up in the movie fan of marks the fourth anyway it's early march. So there you go that's what's happening. Here next year. This year and forgot GW Bailey has pockets. And it's going to be a -- Whoopi Goldberg the end of my wife a voodoo -- 19 a Napoleon when one of the floats broke down install the -- she was shrug and why amount about. You look we -- you know trying to have fun. -- -- you can't begin renamed Whoopi and I know how to have a good time. Come on down -- we have one great years ago when. Parades on saint Charles -- is muddy ground not on veterans -- or wrong it's money grow all over the place guess what. The people in mobile say they embedded -- are you gonna drag that argument up again. Mari gras parades. Parades on saint Charles Cruz Margaret are you gonna hotel and Jimmie and that they now monochrome closely come out -- and -- What about mid city these great mid city off on their -- Marta ground. Wrong wrong wrong. Zachary Levi did the voice of defeat in the movie tangled he has his own show called chalk on NBC Ariel is from Lake Charles I don't know -- to a room. All right folks we're out of time -- generous gonna bring -- today we'll see you guys tomorrow against bush only access.