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1-21 6:35pm Lee Brecheen

Jan 21, 2013|

Bobby and Mike were joined by Lee Brecheen of Louisiana Football Magazine.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got -- with this now an attempt coverage of Louisiana football magazine we repeat the effects of what's been done just an idea on does that -- you. I'll collapse on. Thank you -- we appreciated -- -- -- went down the stretch here for. All the schools in Louisiana we saw this weekend Kevin Spears. Tate's commitment has the guy the that they're really. Great story you make a bottle and now prep recruiting wasn't even. Much on the radar before the season starts with the basketball player. The right thing if you go but think about the same thing I am with him he wants a lot of want to losses. Came -- a deal with wall high school yeah it to Tulane had record article but that he was a track athlete basketball player. All of a sudden they see you know. Great athlete didn't know how political football player you become. -- a really nice senior season at eight Shell get a scholarship to Tulane. It can happen very similar. In that similar type athlete they can do the same thing both positions -- receivers. And so what -- college prep careers. Yeah -- them of the you know -- -- -- -- down you know on the film company we've down in the first years junior year and you can syndicate that you know capable leaders about once that -- probably about six to -- Night about 19 -- -- no way he looks the Parnell more and but not all the that is -- year -- what not. You know that agree it's the most is he wants goals he -- so call that second year this past season I would crawl and you know across that some good players lately might get a few -- is pretty good Kentucky. They've had them all once won -- silent Northwestern State -- this year. You know coats is gonna did not put up some good players all across. Look at -- the we've CL issue basically it is -- got what they gonna get from the state now it's not about a state guys and Penske team we'll see what happens like they'll be ineligible this situation there. Couple of other guys but in the state. Of evaluate which you've seen from Curtis Johnson at Tulane and it also early on from Skip Holtz at Louisiana Tech. Yeah I think -- it's too early and you know he's gonna close I mean the problem is he did come in late. That whole mess with -- not taken -- -- on the matter -- I mean they're gonna lose some of their commitments right now that was there before him that. I think tech's gonna have a hard time signing a you know what they could've all this great season one of the greatest seasons ever that'll go to bowl games so on he's got to work cut out for him I think to blame. It's Johnson has really. Started a year ago -- -- last year's class from the local kids he went back in this thing and all he went into a lot of schools with two lane. Didn't recruit the past ten years actually I think it's gonna pay off point next you look at this class is going to be a great class of them but that the class and -- eleven and twelve. I applaud the last class to -- and starter -- the local kids you know to like a bit surprised next year for but it's -- villages. They hold on what they have and they've got to get these guys eligible might calm. Keep people fall in love with OK they got the top spot in a class in the country that number seven or eight whatever it you know three. Which you gotta get these guys eligible and Elvin Jones. Gotta get eligible -- Robinson got to get eligible on you know at some key guys that you have more to -- from Florida. Has become eligible -- these guys don't qualify. You know when all the guys going pro they need these kids -- -- QB Broadway. Now they look at this obviously he's that you won. -- fences around the -- -- and get your top players only two and a handful at Texas maybe do a Floridians. The company LSU right but only your opinion when you look at now and it's like elegy truly. Can't recruit nationwide because at their -- -- television in. Because they are considered a top five program. Just talk about does that if only slightly Greg Gilmore. Top they've -- to tackle covenant from North Carolina Cristian look good tour. I think effort out there right Nebraska yet the -- of line has been all of them a minute to go yet that you got a quarterback. He read it from Dallas fan excellence continued that on there to top -- -- -- -- lineman. Now from Illinois he's been policy positives I mean look at that I mean it's not just in the south Louisiana Tech to Florida it's such a wide. Nichols did that you'd -- -- you Miami of Florida neighbor is being able to recruit across the hole. Well I think it's about Bobbie you know you've now won that championship team that the collapse one that they went with three in the last few years. And I think it's been it's that the new thing now Tommy Ellis could never do it real anointed the pop off the attack on Illinois over there -- saying. You know and have a good lead and Penn State -- on all those schools so I think the the ten years six twelve years success -- back -- -- -- first got there kids look you know see differently in Chicago. LA. You know even in some parts of taxes that's like around Dallas you know not. He's been used to be the only earlier -- now as you can go on for war and those areas in Atlanta. You know I'm like you bought it felt like you know -- still think -- who missed the -- -- -- -- the kids don't Alabama State receiver Korver. With a big minutes trying Falcons. You know he's the best he's 642 when he. They needed out like that you know they -- they talked can Ron. He's gone the year your you competition. And you know they lost another big time players you know bad routes you hop Amway and they needed the year. In Cambodia you know whatever you know people saying things the optic it up all the -- on a sweep of freshman. 29 sacks as a freshman. And then he transferred that you -- right now. He would be a great talent to commit if you can commit go to LSU variety you that you know that that Gabriel as solid on Alabama he cannot -- do it more. You know -- -- -- One of the things -- in doing well a lot of that the props -- then. In talking to coaches and players it is how much you're -- laughter. Has made an influence the last couple years and what I would call them that the players yeah Louisiana. And everybody talked to -- -- that before about lap it was not a school that you heard a lot about right now. You know you get it fortunately because of Curtis Johnson especially in the southeast imported state. Like UNL has made a big influence -- has done a tremendous job that your real last. Would just like you Mike you consult you know a lot of Philippine stock consults for you well and on and two plain and you know it's southeastern a lot of schools from state lot you know economic gains in and they about it information and we film on the south more you know -- -- school but. Putts that's -- SEC mentality. And he learned it from it and all. And -- and -- and taught him how to go out and kicked out how to build a program real fast -- to get in junior college guys that can play that will qualify. In the churches he did that. Look at some transfers. And he went out got a -- to Mississippi kids that he recruited that weren't on the schools -- going back to JC. And he brought all these guys the end and it had -- -- -- -- sit there as a junior had a great year from watcher. And he has -- Broadway transferred in from Houston. And so. This man is like in the excitement I think it is a future SEC great coverage and and he's like that the animal and these aren't from -- a topic Hamels. Potentially another great move up coaches well. Now -- your opinion on this is delicate and things in -- I really don't know. I think he was in the one more which aren't nervous that I've quarterback that the -- models we if the quarterback that comes to evolution Ellis you -- -- Coming out of -- saying that. It is he like an option -- quarterback of that they even though. Now no because you guard -- even though we have with men -- a traditional and it fell. Dollar drop right pastor Jimmy less miles they'll want that dual threat. Yeah -- back -- run what is your opinion. And Bobby don't want that -- even if it's dropped back the starter and if he candies from -- Miranda George's I think is gonna still be its last maybe as a freshman. If men are -- take its control -- more leadership I think. My copy in body up they keep the good pocket wrong you know he's you wouldn't be in the pocket. And he he he's actually got really good compared to Matt -- is night and day going calm and ready. You know the reason these common because there's a few LSU log that was parents and they were good friends before got interest going about it a lot financial and so on the calls that. And also they had it -- -- welcome that place don't you quarterback. -- hell coached in was involved -- you know being instrumental getting involved will achieve it. Paper -- it might be that guy if Rivers who's got counts don't feed him well in the pocket. Com if it does he can't pull it out you know it's going to be a tough schedule. -- always thought they would -- Redick could be the future Belichick. You know early but I think about it -- it but there's you look at what we demand from -- you. Of being not only atop the and it not a top five program right when you look at Allen Hughes all that when they've been ranked. What you got to look at Matt Flynn were ranked 47 as right passing. And they -- one of right now that's almost an acceptable considering the kind of the -- to do we've. The women run the ball and the quarterback. And the path that people that are way. You gotta look at all the I. I think you got -- -- tell it like it is tonight again and you do -- in my view as well but you know I'll watch the game different like you see you watch. Formations talent we got on a look at the system. This is a tough schedule. This is a young team coming back with a better conference everybody got. You know and I really believe Ellis you know for the seventh -- your next year. They've got Hartnell -- coordinator and I hungry guys doing one in. I agree with you couldn't agree with you more leading got to get that -- in the running backs were involved in the passing game that's something that's been sorely missed. On this football the good guy -- game does Chone Figgins from bought. Who is an all world type player on the right guy and yeah they might just why -- -- nowhere is gonna do and NFL UFC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know I've been poll out bella -- -- you like you know that you know and only got it beat me at LSU. Was greatly. But none in the box and really what they would skate remember about two years ago. And and and they beat Alabama home -- -- commuters and he has book Peterson's fourth down pass but you know it's the same mobbed at the defense -- next year. I was you know it's going to be on it they're going to be even think with the number one class in the country. They're still young still young and inexperienced. We saw that part of -- thanks so much or that he takes so much what John and as we appreciated Louisiana football dot com. You're a great job -- we appreciate it done this tonight but take -- take care thanks -- for people who and a football magazine.