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01-21-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Jan 21, 2013|

Scoot talks MLK Day and the Presidential Inauguration. Tonight on the Scoot show: its Inauguration Day…a day to be an American and time to put partisan politics aside. Were you able to do that? PLUS: It’s Martin Luther King Day and we had a drive by

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back George show on this Monday night and it got a little warmer tonight than it has been there the last couple of nights over the weekend -- I have to admit. In the French Quarter at crude -- It was it was a cold chilly but time and Lotta fun I mean a crazy parade very adult oriented that that they have the little wrestles parade. In -- for the kids and a couple operates on the north short believe one down in -- it is -- -- season. And via the grandstands are going out to tell your hall along saint Charles and then Mardi Gras colors to -- the decorations are up here in the station we have that. The WWL intercom. -- grow much free which is up. Christmas tree with. Mardi Gras decorations on a -- colors and it and then we've got the the Super Bowl before that. And then -- draw. And a lot of money -- going to be starting early the -- season will be starting early because we're gonna take. A break that week right before. Right before the Super Bowl. And then move that rates up so we're getting early morning -- activity. This week and so and next week so. This is just really a great time. To be in New Orleans and you could just sense the excitement here and I living downtown to block to the quarter on two different days -- over the weekend Saturday and Sunday. You just really get a sense that. It did. People know what's going on and people know that something is it is happening and indeed something is happening -- Super Bowl is coming in also. Also morning garage shortly after that. And even last night even late last night they were a lot of people the quarter four for Sunday night I saw a number of ravens and a number of forty niners a jerseys are on people's so obviously there are a lot of fans. From Baltimore from December Cisco. A fans of the 49ers and the ravens who live here and they must've gone out and party after the game because I saw -- -- Jerseys from those two teams than I would have expected deceived. -- on the streets of of our city so obviously there are a lot of a transplant here a lot of people who have moved here from either the Baltimore area or. The December -- area from Bay Saint Louis Peter Euro -- show good evening. These are older -- Atlantic called out there like old place made great error. Target bill to be sure Mott street and it would forego. Big toggle it cured it -- you talk about. Yeah I would I I would think that today the falcons would love to come here in the same way that -- we aren't there. At the city. My my RYY. At work today should cheer from -- -- or kill. And took them are are we ticket Libya mean your check it rubio reports do. Stay there to water -- -- them being in trouble. Sure you shop -- shot on smokey and you know just -- and that in and of -- earlier -- I'll walk around. The integrate surely. I could -- Because of politics on him. -- -- but we -- -- this city we know we know we're not Chico and went on to you. And Peter and that's and that's all you need to know and earn a living downtown I know where to go and when to go there and I know what not to do it. Yeah that doesn't mean that it is something can happen to anybody anywhere in any city in America but. At this city is. Is not the dangerous itty -- just betray -- -- -- national media. The city. And you walk anywhere you wanted it sure that you want. You know I appealed for some people. It on the line. I was struck the first couple -- -- two are at their hotel room. And a and a quarter. All org or mail or year -- -- go to it's a tell. You know. That you are rip off the tour -- you know and year note the spend money in the dark. And it taller fired what do. The bad -- nobody here. You know it's it's it's a good point I mentioned the other day that overseer of walking to the station and is there a couple we're standing on the corner with a map of the the streets of the French Quarter and the CBD out. And they're they're pointing to things and I just stop the city can help you find something and they said where's -- And I explain how to get to Burma street and they civil where's this restaurant and I told them exactly how to get to the restaurant. You know I think we we tend to. -- to minimize the impact that we as citizens of this city have on those people who visit here we're all ambassadors for the city quite often our opinion of another city. Is not just based on what's in that city but it's based on. The people of that city and there's a lot that we can do to make this city even better by. Being nice to people in welcoming people here. I enjoyed our conversation glad -- a white tickets came to the city to have fun from the West Bank Sam here on WWL. Go to under which was always -- public -- serviced Robert reportedly when you look at station one night a great. Deal looked at one or two in jumper. On our. But anyway what's the point you dismayed. Emphasizes. Everything like war. In the service industry of course it. We've we all are as we walk about down to out people go to and from war -- and all the time. You have people that don't walk into an office and so was -- it for so open and does -- -- -- something. And that that's like nature here you know to be like. Very. Southern hospitality. You know and that we get the bass addicts to like it much about the cab drivers were people laugh and so forth and you know it you know things that nature but most of the so look at that help folks -- down here. -- Iraq and and we we are nice and we wish you remembered it being nice to each other and not just terrorists. Yeah Eddie yeah and all the time markets were simple like ramadi often it's been like that now as far as people like come up on the belt considering. All you know my point of view was well at falcons didn't keep some of the soup bowl -- -- -- matters. -- -- The falcons come here twice a year. All right if they don't work things or concepts that scope people like five when they come to the loans. They spend money so for a selfish point of view only. About the robbery but he was bought -- -- Cisco had not do it -- -- just -- felt like well you know except -- people wouldn't come here and reduced -- money. That in -- that. As far as that they were eliminated my thing has well there -- not play in the states next week. You don't sit -- and it does -- bubbles that are going to sit next week out would be. When it comes down like overly welcoming. Like you know yelled welcome back because cease -- now OK you know have a good talent big game -- thank them get some gumbo. Yeah I have a good car model you know win join the club we won three years ago better late -- never. We're glad to have you focus people on -- -- -- roster without some -- join the club certainly. But they expect statement. It's -- -- what we're not gonna talk did a decent but yeah I'll have a good time this season. As semi yeah I had at Texas a money ya say we should take their tickets their money and then their women. No. Doubt. It. Yeah. Do -- you know it you -- respect and money. Put in Poland for. And in my opinion that everything happened this year. Idealists. That it would it. That would have been hysterical. I have never used drugs I do not ranked number out of my netbook they're so -- -- it. But after all of the stopped. That happened to -- -- the art team everything. This year been like erotic excellent exclamation point. The situation and know about -- and now. These are like fans of the other team. Businesspeople that it's gonna bring people back over here -- an -- thing is that we do like we usually do we since what would it. -- bill means we don't smashed -- well what over callers we had the biggest party. That's ever in any sports -- down here. Or not we don't you are now. Yeah you're right and I was on Bourbon Street after that Super Bowl victory arts -- -- watch the game and hotel suite with some friends in the corner and then. We were island urban street in his many times as I've been on a very crowded. Mad crazy urban street that was the most crowded in the craziest I've ever seen it but you're right we didn't have very -- peaceful peaceful manner that's -- we are. -- that not ironically I never saw that game at a in my particular currency the Islamic just never seen it again I got a -- -- -- -- do what's to gain but wait that night I was back report to the airport once dropping off that the -- That's when Tracy Porter intercepted the ball again I gotta get the hell out. Of the trip the -- To order a half hours later I'm trying to get back to their rants I've tried -- different routes was gridlock everywhere. The guys says well I got to carry on just what their hotel imports. Dropped the ball by kraus. Until well let me is that outlook I don't mind doctors are ball. You know and and off. But it is as far as our -- company to own year. You know just everybody. You know welcome everyone and a good idea being here lately and and my point of view is not a protest against about that. That was -- mr. -- The B word you know that stance was something else that gets in the year OK but my thing is that the whole weekend. Peppered body where there -- saints gear where ever they go now as the protests but -- show everybody all over the country. Budapest in the world he gets agree I. All right this day this show everyone there at the other teams. There's just people from all over the country all over the world this show them -- the best brands in the world. I think it's a great idea semi join our conversation thanks call. Aren't. Here's an update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight when it comes to the inauguration speech can you separate the message from the messenger. 36% say yes they can. And 64%. Say they know say no they can't separate the message from the messenger. A poll has been rather consistent all night you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We also have photos and video from the second inauguration of our 44 president Barack Obama. And also beyoncé singing the star spangled banner will play some of that forty coming up also Kelly Clarkson -- performing my country tis of the and a copy of the president's speech. And if you didn't hear it and you'd like to challenge yourself to find something good and I think you'll find a lot of good and it. As you will in any presidential inaugural speech. There's a lot of of a things that are very positive in very good for this country that there quite often are not received by people who. On judge the messenger. Also the astute blog is that titled the inauguration day we will survive and you could go to this two page. Demi and you'll dot com shows and schedule -- page it -- down the left hand column. Under under the blog column. And also on sadly there was a drive by shooting in broad daylight today and MLK day not long after the M okay parade and it took place on Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard. In New Orleans. We have the details. On ice it's coming on the air I haven't I haven't heard if they have. It faith. -- made any arrests in that case by the are expecting. To identify. The perpetrators and the car it's a late model white they believe two -- cart that there were surveillance video at a grocery store very nearby. And they expect to. Find out who's responsible the good news is again if there's any good dues in this tragedy. The good news is the F five for teenagers. Who were shot or not suffering life threatening injuries if you wanna join -- show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes number is 87870. Yeah a -- a little while or talk about it something that I noticed in the quarter that really -- hasn't occurred to me until now. There were some of those are. Reasons some of those religious streak if Angeles. On Bourbon Street with their cross. And with their microphone. Presenting their religious message. You know I kind of have a problem with no microphones. And the megaphones. What is everybody did debt. Think about how chaotic Bergen street would be then I mean there's enough noise on -- street noise ordinances in effect. Is an infringement on the First Amendment to to suggest that people don't use sort to ban the use of microphones and megaphones on the street. And this is beyoncé singing the National Anthem at the inauguration. Earlier today. Me. It's. -- are. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. And okay yeah. And it's. Okay. Okay. Yeah. On the broad shoulders rising middle class. That was part of what President Obama said today during his inauguration and beyoncé did a great job singing the National Anthem that wasn't the best recording but that was the recording the dead. We managed to -- to get beyoncé is going to be the big halftime show at the Super Bowl this year here in New Orleans. Today is inauguration day in America. Despite our deep political divide this is a moment when we should all celebrate being an American. But that's impossible for many Americans. Today the world watched as we once again change store renewed power with a peaceful transition. For all the things that are not writes about this country and inauguration as one of the things that is right about America. On inauguration day presidents make a lofty speeches with grand optimism and promise for our future. But no one should be naive to believe that the political fighting will not resume the following day because it will. Often a good message is lost. Because of the messenger. For those Americans who disliked President Obama and who have bought into the hysteria that this country is on the verge of becoming a socialist nation. That our guns are about to be taken away and that America is shying away from its role as a dominant world leader. I'm good message will be blocked by a shield of contempt. For the messenger. President Obama. Likewise when President Bush gave his inaugural speeches. With similar ambitious goals about Americans working together and doing the best we can to make this country even greater. Those messages were lost to those who believe that bush was not qualified to be our president and some believe that he was not even legally our president. Because if -- Chad voting controversy. In the state of Florida. So this is nothing new this happens. And both sides are guilty of not listening to an important message. Because of the messenger. And sometimes it might be important to go beyond. The message. And -- be on the messenger and pay attention to the message. Many citizens of this country will. Attentively watch the pomp and circumstance of a royal event in London. With great respect for history but will refuse to show the same respect for historical inauguration. Of our president. I hope students. And young people across the country watched even though many kids were out today because of Martin Luther King Jr. day. I hope young people. Not only had a chance to witness some of it not necessarily the whole thing. But at least. Be aware of what happened today. And hopefully they or enlightened as to the significance. Of this event in the context of the world we live him. In 1993 -- -- by radio talk joined every WL live from Washington DC for the first inauguration. Of President Bill Clinton. At the time Clinton was elected in our red states there were predictions that George H walker bush. Should've been reelected and and and predictions that Clinton was gonna ruin the country. The contempt for Clinton was plausible. With awareness of that contempt I went to Washington DC for that inauguration day in 1993. And quickly came to the realization that the concerns for America's future as a nation. Were -- found it. As I experienced the pomp and circumstance of that inauguration day. I was blessed with a sense that even though America is a very young nation relative to the nations of the world. We were solid and strong enough and there were enough checks and balances in place. So that no one sitting president. Even -- two terms sitting president. Could not rule in our country. And I still have that feeling today. I often talk about the hysteria of the political debate in the dire predictions of America's -- under a particular president on the show. We have survived. And we will continue to survive even though there are some presidents that some Americans believe are lethal to this country. There are too few moments. When we can come together as one nation. Under god. And see each other as Americans. And not conservatives or liberals. Today was one of those days. I hope you were able to do that but not everybody is able. To do that. That's the subject to dispute blog tonight it's on our website WWL dot com he could read it. I've shared and their comment -- -- if you like a go to WWL dot com under shows and schedules top banner and click on the -- page and it's their right to on the left hand column. Under the topic today in the top later date is an update on the things that we talk about every night we start our show and 8 o'clock with a topic things we'd like you to knows we -- begin the show. And we usually have an update on the on this page. Here is. Here's a text about the executive orders this came up earlier from a call a lot of people concerned about the executive orders that President Obama has signed. There is a degree of hysteria. A practice. President's. Use their power. To. Sign executive orders. Executive orders. Supersede congress has power. But that's something that every president -- What I find absolutely amazing. Is. Visit the tone and volume. Of the rhetoric today. And the predictions of a dire future for this country. -- there have always been d.s. Kinds of concerns. Again we've survived this it will continue to survive this. But other presidents have used executive orders as well. But when this president does it it's as if the first time this is the first time it's happening. This is not the first time a president has wanted to do something about health care. Whether this is the right answer or not we don't know but this is not the first president who's tried to do something about our health care problem in this country and we have a problem. And we have all contributed to. The doctors the hospitals. The pharmaceutical companies the lobbyist the insurance companies and yes. The American people as individuals have contributed to this problem. Somebody -- the sniffles and they go to the emergency room. That's a reason to go to the emergency room. And the frivolous lawsuits. Have resulted in higher insurance premiums that have driven up the cost of so many things. We are all responsible as a greedy nation. For our health care system today. And it would be nice. If something could be done about it. But this isn't the first president -- out of the -- you would think that this is the first president who has ever tried to do anything like this. Every president has wanted to reform health care. Including Republican presidents. There are many parallels between the speeches that Republicans and Democrats give when there in the White House whether -- state of the union or the inaugural address. Anyway here's a text about to executive orders. In his first term Obama issued 147. Executive orders are -- I don't have this information from -- this is from a text. 174147. Executive orders. In their first terms. Bush 43. Issued 173. And Ronald Reagan issued 100. I'm sorry Ronald Reagan issued 213. So again I remind you that. Quite often we see the hysteria and paranoia of building. Because people don't like this president. And yet the very people who support this president may have been among those who had total contempt for George W. Bush. Because they didn't like him and they didn't like his policies. While this is nothing new again -- I think the times that we need to recognize that. There's a time in place for political debate and -- it's any time in America is it time and place for political debate. But but so often the debate turns so ugly. So divisive. And so hateful that I I think we should look ourselves in the mirror as a country. And and try to understand that it doesn't have to be that mean. And we're gonna get through this as I say in this blog as I -- just a few moments ago we will survive this. And again this is that the first time that there have been predictions of doom and gloom because the president was elected. Or reelected. This is not the first time that a president has suggested something that some people define as socialism. Nobody -- like larger government. Larger government. Puts a burden on all of -- taxpayers. There's a role for government in our lives. But nobody should be in favor of larger government. But imagine what the debate would be like if today for the first time. A president did what FDR did it. And Betty is allow the transfer of government funds. To the people. And it happened following the depression. That was the first time government money had been transferred to the people. Think about what the debate would be today -- the president tried to create the great society which -- is. But it did dream in the concept of Lyndon B Johnson when he was president. There have been attempts. You could say to steer this country in a socialist direction. And where are we today. We are not a socialist nation. And I don't see -- becoming a socialist nation contrary to what many people are predicting. Any time in the immediate future. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't be vigilant for anything that looks like it's gonna head and lead us in that direction or -- headed in that direction will do something about it. I have. While this country is far from perfect and we while we have a lot of problems. I have faith and confidence and -- did. Annette January. In 1993 when I I've I did the show here at WWL from the Clinton inauguration. I sensed that. We are gonna survive and that no one sitting president. Has the power and ability to absolutely ruin this country. If you don't like this president that's part of the process. As we've said many times on the show after every election there will be people who will not be happy with the person who wins. With a person who was reelected. That is a political fact of life. It's a better system than a lot of people have around the world. And though it's far from perfect. We've gotten this far with it. And I think we'll -- a lot further. If you wanna join our show the comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free numbers 86688970. And a tech's number is 8787 in a joint we've also been talking about today being Martin Luther King Jr. day. And sadly and ironically there was a shooting five teens were shot today. Not long after the Martin Luther King Jr. day parade. On Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard. Here in New Orleans. And the irony of this happening today on that street. To me just totally explains the depth of the problem that we have. With a lot of young people. In our city. And in our country. Here's a text that reads -- as a black man it's absolutely pathetic and sad. It's some young black males failed to internalize doctor king's message. This is to their own. Fatal detriment. And indeed it is. That was a great message. That for a lot of young people in this country is dead. And why is that message debt. The main reason that message is dead. In my opinion is because parents. Haven't taught their kids that lesson. I don't care what color you are. What Doctor King. From what we have learned. Doctor King. Was human. And he made human mistakes. And like all humans. He was flawed and some of his decisions in his life were flawed. But in terms of what he stood for. The message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Transcends race. It transcends socio economic boundaries. It even transcends the borders of this country and could be applied. Worldwide. And while there has been a lot of progress. In this country. Over the years. And since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Certainly there's been a lot of progress. We still comes to can continue to experience. Setbacks. And we're continually reminded. That racism continues to be reinforced. Among many. And that a basic. Message of a man who has been. Honored by this country. And only by today being Martin Luther King Jr. day. But by -- a statue of a bust statue in the capital that President Obama took a moment to. -- to stand day in front of along with Republican. Republicans in in in congress. After. After -- us for well actually before I guess this was after his after his inaugural speech and guess when he went through their retarded and stop to this Martin Luther King Jr. statue bust. And then there's the statute now and in in Washington DC. -- The idea that five teens who were shot today. Following a Martin Luther King Jr. parade. On Martin Luther King Day on Martin Luther King boulevard. Is. Solid evidence. That the message of Doctor King. Is dead. For far too many young people. In this city and around this country. You could tell there is a buzz in the city even though we are G is getting to the beginning of the carnival season and the Mardi Gras celebration in the Super Bowl is. Two weeks away. But -- stages are being erected around the city a lot of activities are being plant was in the French Quarter last night and even late last night. A lot of people in the quarter. And you've really got a sense that. This city knows what's about to happen. And there obviously people in town for conventions and and may be some people already in -- well -- we know -- authority in town preparing for the Super Bowl and preparing for -- draw. But I was really surprised that they were just as so many so many people who appeared to be terrorist. -- -- street last night and then over the weekend and -- Saturday night for crude to who -- it was absolutely packed. You know I I have to mention that that is not one of the Maurer. Regulated parades in terms of crowd control because there were times when it look like the parade was over and it's just that there's another float. The and down there and it really they're not big floats. Most of them seem to be pulled by the but the did the mules in the quarters news that really carriages. But it was today it was a lot of fun and people seem to just have a great time. Here is. Here's a text that reads I know this is kind of a radical idea. Do you think any president's I'm not focusing on Obama. Looking to is looking to. Set an example of belt tightening. And getting serious about national debt would scale back the inaugural the inauguration. Even more than anyone's. A simple ceremony without all the glitz. And resources. You know I did touch on this this earlier I think this is -- I think this is a good thought. I think to some degree. The pomp and circumstance. Is important. For America. If we take advantage of it and understands. The historical celebration there were happening. But I said all along that I think this president and any future president and president in the passion have been doing this. Look if your company is broke. You don't jump on that that the company jet every time you get a chance. And there are a lot of things that presidents do. Using Air Force One. There are just for show. They don't really have to be done. And even though that this is a miniscule part of our entire financial problem in this country. If you have financial issues in your family. Or individually. You cut back wherever you can. Even if you cut back on one small little thing -- it helps you get to a solution for the bigger problem. And yes I think. I think it woods. Be very positive for this country. If they present I think would be very positive for the image of a president to say you know want. When it comes to. Christmas when it comes to. Inaugurations. When it comes to jumping on Air Force One when it comes to doing all this. We're gonna cut back. And I would say that I don't want you to think that America is is any less enthusiastic about. Its role in the world I don't you think there were any less enthusiasm you know there are there are. Less expensive ways to show enthusiasm and I I don't think there's any reason why there shouldn't be a demand. That presidents start cutting back. On spending on even some of the simple things like Air Force One we think about the message that that sends to the American people. You know when when politicians say well you know we need to tighten our belts but nobody does anything about it and when they waste money. When they'd do whatever they can to maintain their lavish lifestyles. And then expect us to do the belt tightening. That doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense to us. So yes better examples should be set. From the white house on down. This is the -- show on WWL I'm glad you're with us tonight did their best of times recently when I have been have been asked to do shows during the day here on their VW well. Objects are back at night now for the foreseeable future which is good luck this one the site show. And I graduate this here's a WWL part of the day -- -- fitness center get a 250 dollars to advocate good for three months of membership. Produced a 125 dollars start the new year off. Right with your resolution 50% off a three month membership at New -- best health clubs racquetball free weights. TRX fitness classes spinning. -- swimming pools and much more it's much more than a health club it's also an experience that really is a great place of been there are many many times. What fitness center that Perkins of the parts are on sale right now and my New Orleans perks dot com for marries Susan you're on WWL. I'd say about you season. -- -- President. I'd like to say I am an independent. -- maintains that -- 48. I've met. I would -- We know. And the matter and staying united in one. -- Susan I totally agree with you know I appreciate you taking time to -- to call our show. I here's a final update on our WW well pretty general opinion poll when it comes to an inauguration speech can you separate the message from the messenger. 37%. Say yes and 63%. Saying now. A tomorrow morning and -- WL first news beginning at 6 o'clock Tommy Tucker will talk about President Obama beginning his second term. What should be first on his list what would be first on your list. That's -- a lot more tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker and a if -- go from sixteen and one effective Shelden Williams our studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio. I'm still have a great night what you New Orleans.