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1-22 7:10pm Deke and Bobby talk about the Saints

Jan 22, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints.

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I'm into the final how sports talk along the KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Alomar -- a who's who began as we will visit with. -- -- We will visit with Deuce McAllister and Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- from Honolulu at sixteen and drew would Jonas as we get to -- -- -- opportunity. LSU and Texas San him college basketball. And pro basketball Hornets and the San Antonio Spurs plus coach Sean -- tomorrow doing Garland Robinette show at 11:30 AM. Coach -- and addressed the media from Ladd Peebles stadium in mobile the site of the Senior Bowl. Plus the latest from the Senior Bowl with Christian -- all of that coming up as we get to sit for a super bow our Super Bowl coverage starts that is about it now. Gates is set will be on us signing at 10 AM talk I'll assume -- history SoundBite and so much more. An official sumo coverage from the -- and it begins Sunday morning a special addition of it's just sports. With Kristian -- follow back. In the morning. In the afternoon will be Sunday at the new Providence Sunday evening the 2013. -- yet begin looking at the Pro Bowl. Obviously disappointing year overall. You know when you look at tees and -- seminary guys I mean that's on the high in. But you look at Thomas More stead you know an outstanding year. Just frustrating inning get that net average. Because in the last game against Carolina. But Thomas Morris then I Jahri Evans Rivers in the Saints and and Drew Brees all of a sudden. -- Drew Brees goes from not you know being an alternate first alternate to be the starter. Yes you know Robert Griffin the third obviously he's out Aaron Rodgers. He says he's dealing with a lower leg injuries whatever that is and Matt Ryan agency righted in any game and the -- you thirty shoulder. So all of a sudden Drew Brees is going from being -- first alternate. The not you know being at third quarter but actually a starting. In game I'll wanna say. The Who was the ones that went -- was it Russell. You know Russell Wilson. And I'm not sure that tag team -- one -- drew Russell Wilson. But then the only promise I'll look it up and down the roster. And you look at you wanted to be legit ambush Drogba was they had yet bush -- added that not just. You know reputation but actually what you did this past 2012 season. Dez Bryant and love Ernie Dez Bryant it is eating you look at the numbers to me Dez Bryant should have been a Pro Bowl instead of Victor Cruz with the Giants. Look I love Patrick Peterson playmaker with the Cardinals. But Richard Sherman of the Seahawks should have been taken ahead. Patrick Peterson on is going on this year and probably the biggest travesty and I'm a -- hand the and also the way he treated the Bob and given him autographs of Jeff Saturday the end of the old -- -- Was -- Green -- the even made it change the bag candidacies and Jon Solomon of the Vikings. How could he not. Via Pro Bowl the you know dogged it -- -- offensive line and they should and it and it. And none of them none of them made the Pro Bowl that's embarrassing considering agent noble game. You block a fall mandated almost of the best seasons of gray -- there again when you think about where he came from it was the best season in NFL. From a run and expand ball come off a major surgery and not one lineman. Come on man that's like the one then meanwhile John Sullivan in the vikings' decision should approvals. 2601878668890. Rates and the today's parade jaguar opinion poll NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier reinstated Saints coach Sean Payton. As head coach of the black and gold. All you ready to move on vote online at WWL. -- the phones ago Marrero for Michael Michael thank you for called. They -- being bought into it and at -- the step back a little bit stagnant. Or talking about it now. Probably one of the first big game this season. I think that that number -- have been drastically different. And number -- if you look at so the chances of getting it to pick six into the argument seventeen points. You look at. -- tapes that believed in points. -- directly attributed -- booster -- as. And Michael what not a doubt if you look at that and Yankee game and Drew Brees a free pass. Out. In oh yeah you know those -- games and I think his -- and crazy. But our ultimate compliment -- chips -- Same note drew duties immediately but he feels like he put -- -- behind eight ball so to speak. That -- ever played so adding that the that is playing good in capitals are over and 49ers. Game in -- Well and I told understandably. But look at the part of the progression has been on defense here and you look if you look at this system -- number one team in the NFC. You know between those two games that need to -- look what thirty points. QB theory it's good being one game you'd you know party penciled in fifty point game off -- again. And you Carroll which we shut out Carolina. And you know you'd. The debate at the knee in the we sent him in now. That we did not stopped lines. And. -- Which which Tampa and yeah I would they'll welcome. Honestly I'm kind of glad we didn't. A residence and nine this year than say Nate because of their when he -- young people but it's regressed ops. You know like it's went against the got a league in that regard really pick -- AB's this team plays that Malcolm pitching as well as the number of 58. In the first round. When I'll look at -- notes adding we had sixteen is that it is seven and nine. But it's so all those teams opinion from nine -- fifteen but we've -- fifteen. Because history at the schedule. So yeah we have a guy kinda. Guy it's -- you would have thought at 79 it would be probably I was thinking you know you know you look at him more 1112 going to be fifteen. Thank you -- Kolb Michael we appreciate Bobby won the Super Bowl I came out this thought the playoffs. If you would have bet the Ravens. Twenty to one for -- negate the Super Bowl. Just going into Sicily that not only to want when it was then and all that I don't know that was just on the play well. Now if you go to -- the Ravens before. The championship week here in 100 dollars on Baltimore 1800. Now those it's 100 -- only when you won eighty. The Ravens all along with the best with the with the best aka spotlighted that -- ten point one want to make uses that confident in in the Patriots had just did I still don't understand. How knowing it was a eight in hand at -- point favorite over Baltimore. I'll never understand and as long -- I'm Leah I'm never on the and it's this is a Baltimore team Bobby -- going into the season was about a three point underdog. Against New England in Baltimore then New England suffered their first loss at home and got I don't know how long of a regular season but when they lost that game to Arizona. A late in the game. Then they wind up being a one point underdog at Baltimore so you only meet in a body of work in -- season. Bought them all went from being 83 point underdog at home. To a one point favorite at home to and that point road Dahl in a championship game in which they shouldn't want a year ago. -- dig in and sometimes sometimes even Vegas may as well. -- in the guy you match him against certain teams old agreed Tom Brady now but this that and that it -- -- -- on put Tom Brady Tom Brady's passer rating. In seven career games against the Ravens -- is the lowest against any opponent. He has a QB passer rating of 78 point four. -- -- hasn't numbered the he has not had success. Seven career games -- -- against any NFL team at any point four you know great numbers why he's not. There has surpassed all pursuing a surprise element and Tom Brady is now seven it's seven. In the post season innings 500. Since he started ten -- oh. Provide that right he was in oh in his eyes when -- department lately as of late number 87 then. As figured out about it -- back in my hot seat so this the last odds I saw here is that the beast this one before that with the beginning of NFL play out what is also. The start going to the national championship game that Monday night. And when it's all send -- Bobby Alabama's favorite over Notre Dame was Manningham point that was the 41 straight game. Right now Alabama's predicts to be a favorite in every game they play next year in -- they play out the Max. Which would be twelve regular season the SEC championship and a bowl game on national champs -- able to beat. Fourteen games. They Bobby will be a favorite. In 55. Straight ball games over. 55 straight games as a favorite. Who well -- you know and and Adam man and a bow and as LSU fans -- how -- -- is the will what elegy fans complaining about going into next year and that is in the schedule. Mine Lou Alabama's the play in the ease vs who relishes the play while he could do was update did the -- -- -- Yeah I am LSU Alabama Arkansas Auburn. That's was on the regular provide the Florida and Georgia and in Adam whose album playing Tennessee Kentucky. It Bobby are looking at though that ticket here so much more now is that the woman in -- -- tea house. Who supposedly the pitcher mean I was I rule you would have had a big column. She is now speaking for the first time and also Bobby on this question about Tom Brady's slide in the AFC championship game. Whether or not it was and I agree with coach John Harbaugh colonial he tried to kick Ed Reed right. This he had his cleats you know they'll Ed -- is an added Brady has apologized and yet despite throughout the -- that Tom Brady was -- Kind of panic this is good but you know when you think about OK -- -- in. A season -- -- all right. On defeat. Undefeated team. And they lose to the New York Giants haven't won -- stance. The Miami Dolphins Bob vicinity Dolphins. Won at Super Bowl. C'mon dollar Super Bowl they would and today. Made him wind it -- in at the last 11. What was that the Patriots know the Dolphins when they were undefeated yet yet because they lottery -- games. And then it all to the madness that's only two other ones that they've been. And then in the because when every government lately and into the pages and our team and -- -- -- on me but then what have they done you look at the policies and a good friend Louis scored Tino. Lives up -- Memphis the -- with a Bobble. He just text me says something about this since. The pages guy caught cheating they have not won a Super Bowl -- -- you know since spy gate and all that. I mean so a lot said and I wanna save on what was it 2004 when they won a suitable to two players that were all on that team was. It's wall for a and a Tom Brady with all the ones on that roster in. When you look now big I think about this and you are talking about longevity and getting it done. And you look at the great. Ray Lewis and you know what he's accomplished and what he's done. You know he's all league player. That was on. Like he's getting ready to -- to obviously is in the you know but you look he's only -- raven remaining on the past championship team. So you realize when they won their suitable. I was before John Harbaugh Bill Belichick we -- he memorably talked to -- is -- time and I think you were as a interviewed -- warnings coaching vacancy about I think the Eagles went into -- yet and begins as it's an amazing UNC Ray Lewis solo -- hate him. Lot's gonna come about his involvement. You know obstruction of justice you know that was covering. That -- it is Dolphins won the Super Bowl after that 24 assessment. I look though I love audience as an obesity you know most of the north and how well putting a -- but they want. Against the following a season and they beat the bike and they beat the Redskins. Undefeated 73 in and they won. In seven rifle but after that and know they lost though Washington Redskins the John Riggins Super Bowl in Pasadena 27 to seventeen. And then they lost a couple of years later. And Dan Marino's only Super Bowl when he lost and Stanford is what two point that was basically close to a home game yet for San Francisco on Palo Alto and which they lost their 38 to sixteen but when you look at -- history Bobby. All the team did it won the most who both with the exception. Of the New York Giants. And Warren all played in the Super Bowl in a long. Yeah. How crazy is the here's -- -- here is unbelievable yet know it it's as good as again it's that's and I think going forward we get -- a lot of future history. But they would -- in housing in about a Ray Lewis. And you look -- his arm injuries torn triceps and stop and is that how active roster of thing and I've been to 49 -- exploit this in him in pass coverage you can't get beat him and and give up like. You know -- lows of -- who was regarding BC man MA coverage Susie -- and you can get it 78 yard completion maybe to sustain drives. Who was so impressed about Ray Lewis right now. The you know you always try to get the double digit tackles ten tackles. In three playoff games this season. Do you think he had thirty tackles and you get it done he has 44 tackles. So I mean yeah he's retirement. He still tackling at a high level of. Craig in Jackson Greg thank you for calling WW it. And Gallagher and Jonas you got -- -- -- about it inkling that you got the Patriots did not. If you put it this scheduled for next year and he would -- the highlights of about done against are not enough on it. No I mean his ball they they haven't won anything since like Bobby says hopeful. -- -- -- -- as it is to you don't don't look at schedule because it is different the pros there's still clearly the best in the AFC east. But I mean this is a team that there a drop pass away from losing two straight AFC championships at home. They just don't have anymore whatever they lost. That year when it was there and -- something they don't have it anymore well and not as feared as they want to warm would you agree. But. Yeah right now and I think August you know -- apartment lately we've -- and and Els and window of opportunity. And -- one major when Obama too but his thing as last year. I think abetted who won this doable Kubel again the party niners. Why should take the lead in the five minute you lose the Giants at home. Like the matchup against the Patriots you know get those opportunities back in action Willis. Is talking about now that opportunity. As a point nineteen -- those Patriots team. The one NFL titles in four years. But none in seven full seasons in right. So I mean I still had gotten instilling the -- -- they still in the -- things may -- you know it and he still in the battle. And you gotta give a lot of credit to delegate at twelve team -- in a -- But to say yeah ultimately I champion. And that. -- think about it what would you get there Wes Welker plants last year I think that yeah. Any -- talent this year this is the key third down play. There you look at NC the record that have but the Broncos beat detection. Two of the other power -- yeah how it's gonna have that can't. Talk about a Wes Welker dropped about it Evans doesn't drop the ball club last year and it in at. Yeah. It and you -- the Braves -- going to win about when you win what the Patriots won. When you don't win Nadal it's it's it's not it's not what you want and my ID and you know. Until they get and now they go from the team aware that they went from when they first audit. The first -- -- Where -- making win again blown out by the Bears lost by two touchdowns the that it finally got -- -- against the that again if I got it done against the Rams. They went the way our mandate on between now nobody's gonna win it now. Robert -- to get those same Alabama there yet -- Asia project. All right thank you very much for it and 260 wait 78668890. Rates in the coming back to call this -- sports talk London and the mega sports talk he's a KG camp. Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia today's pretty jaguar opinion poll online at WW a deck down. Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Saints coach John -- take note to the black and gold all you ready to move on tomorrow. A -- of who's who hall of fame but we're zero. One of the most beard. And -- greatest Saints about -- -- Russian Saints history. -- at the and Saints quarterback Drew Brees live from -- why would join us at sixteen and they weigh -- -- -- tiger basketball the Tigers and Texas they and -- And the Hornets and this border. They went about it LSU basketball. Not not. They'd been last right now yeah not here. You know there's no break -- conferences now with or divisions of the basketball longer it removed it two years ago -- down a picture book. Well I mean overall pick out the conference has been an issue with a decent misery in the am right noted that. Ball I knew was those. Missouri Florida all -- Florida referring again Florida's Korea -- I don't know if they've got you know. I don't think they've got the plays that they had you know when he won back to back but this is -- best team they've made it. If they want back and Kentucky's Devlin academic now but they don't know yet no but a kimono yet they got my talent and answered it and -- Or they were they were -- it was like maybe they were the real deal for sure. Back to the -- ago Bobby let's goat to -- in mobile mobile home. It's -- good. Written about the Dolphins and they opened in. -- there god bless you all those -- you did. It and -- -- -- but it looks like it looks like. Now you guys -- the signal all. So yeah then you look like he's mobile right. On. An attractive to. Capable and -- and -- the year for sport. Where it would well Buffalo went almost. And I'm. But they. Beat Mario. -- -- -- so. -- Well. Why you know -- bill of an NI com surprise -- and now I'm not saying I'm shocked. Blyleven and and I never I always thought he was a tough front nine -- -- the little ways his -- in the break time is about I think Reggie Bush is an outstanding job for the Dolphins. He had -- real good job and our grade out like oh not another Ricky Williams. To get well or when it is I'm I despise that -- Ricky Williams I -- Practiced again on you know -- -- -- some better years ago it. What was -- and so we -- and I was here but it's the initial. -- Quite a bit you know like oh come on you know I'm -- moved on he did leave you on the best. No it does not mean an end with Dick treaties are drafted he'd Ricky Williams not opposed to one that is on the news or ever seen in. In draft history but you know that total -- but the -- are guys it's one what's on that number. -- -- thank you so much are we appreciate of OP Kolb back back go to the phones do we go and now let's go to. Began. And LAB and thank you for calling WW. They've got -- decent. I went on about what they won't get voted you. But -- they'll. While there -- still alive because. If you look at the way navy. Oh well it was structured. And considering how well Matt Bryant I played in the Georgia Dome does that it is right it may -- a lot of close games pretty remarkable. And -- and Matt Ryan it's his 2008 the as the Bulls. The most comeback comeback wins the close games so nobody was driving down the field McNabb and it's outs and that's why platoon you look at. Two receivers and it tied in that receiving corps -- way to rules are structured and that's like in the first quarter but not so plans. -- -- -- At the navy had a chance because they are pretty explosive. And that was a limited them that was if you will be fair about it we were sitting here we'd be monogram and gripe and at their flag wasn't thrown that was questionable. That don't want across the middle kids that at that was that was questionable and not think Bowman's -- silent count. Taken a deep breath because based it was well within the Atlantic got the ball back to China doing O'Meara right that was a questionable call all questionable no call. Okay thank -- B and we appreciate it back to the phone ago -- via Harvey from Mike thank you for calling. PP about it B yeah I don't see. Yeah how has gone and I'd do. Oh conversation would be Romanowski. My head that was incredible attacked him and it right I'm not. Actual rental was. I'm not out there though it was a crazy guys did -- About about right might he was after that yeah he was that he was smaller than -- key to turnaround time. I don't like kind of the -- I'm not it and yet either -- back and Murton Haynes now now now I get -- -- like people still bring up you know that'll positive you know you have to -- steroids performance enhancing drugs though he Devlin was on that. But I know our players on that and eighty's that there really started check it. All of -- line is that -- the early nine and I think a 100%. But it was over 80% that would involve -- to the NFL started dividend but now I still think. When it comes about and is still hasn't with a CV eight -- growth hormones. A -- that that's going to -- gonna have to be addressed and addressed eventually. But Bill Romanowski to about -- held three. We are at it that guy hit it is like an intense heat that -- he's about as tough. As -- you know and you think about is the -- you look. Yeah at the linebacker big lead as Mike that's about the stud linebacker with the Panthers the Grozny Heatley. Looking yet if a tough act of always around the football. -- that's -- Romanowski who has -- being part of Boston College. Well but what about what direct your question I think personally Dick -- was the greatest comeback of all time -- Jack Lambert. And that. Okay. Maybe they're a great -- And did a great analyst by the but just put it pot in the saying at -- and by the name would baucus. Redneck guy used to run sound conference not. I don't only don't living like it at a bid did not gets about a bucket but does -- -- household name you know get covered him. It did it Dick Butkus was playing today though I'm on third down they -- they would take him out the door for it and Doug they would burn them they would parliament -- talent. -- not talk as far as knocking the crap body yet. This I know they'll get better in net but got the complete linebacker pass coverage. They'll likely Patrick Willis and all it is the better skills thing you know we are even that Jack Lambert. I'm done I'm not completely in the US -- you don't Jack glamour and when I look at. Asked articulate and I -- and an epic that might mean look when you talk and greatest all of it's all. And tennis period away but you know in -- of the of those you mentioned I think Lawrence Taylor is as good or better than all of those. I got -- as his -- here's how we could run -- when you look at our long lost Taylor took over games you're -- -- that you -- -- Tammy -- game. He says I'm gonna make a late. When -- doom and gloom. T -- out Joseph Montana picked up the ball and stats I think if you go and they won the Super Bowl lowest Taylor could do that. Right and the ball went in it would do us. I -- not the Redskins -- -- and I didn't get it that are jail and let nobody knows which was not like you know I think that's projected to remarkable. Okay mine thank you so much for the time coming back more of your calls a Sosa more notes the big trade in the indicated they'd admit this is his -- Look like they were gonna makes -- move to -- that they don't know what they got allow people to play next year Randolph Mayo and of course a Gasol but a big move. Think you know as impressive right now on the NBA as the lorries. Is they are -- they put a world but on the Clippers at about surprise team whatever their at Bali at the water is a very entertaining to watch you. They are and we all continue to watch the Lakers suffer as well. The way I don't know those notes also in the the top stories in sports for a short take Sean Payton is reinstated is it time. To move on this is WW. Now tomorrow here on sports talk. QB QB Drew Brees what's on us at. 6:2 in tomorrow evening -- will be that would Saints hall of fame offensive lineman Willie -- and from a -- great. Deuce McAllister at 630 -- -- find tiger basketball the Tigers take on -- Texas a and am at the at the spurt to 60187866. 88908. Sydney here on your official station WW a suitable for his seventh Stephen -- is with a with some Hornets -- Steve. I think guys just what the call in here and that -- or actually tomorrow. That there is going to beat news -- read -- and being official coming on Thursday the New Orleans Hornets will then become the new -- in. The deal is gonna happen and we don't know about an official uniform yet but it does seem that and build a new name and -- go out there that. Are there pages ever again like an official newscast -- ago. I'm -- -- from sources that that you would -- -- will be reprinting -- who owns Pelletier and about social work coming this Thursday. And of course Stephen awhile back someone hits and out different -- work. Of possible. Looks and logos and vitamin. But -- -- work whichever one they go to they couldn't be any of these that I saw of the thirty of forty they were phenomenal I think you really gonna like the logo when they decide on. And I deacon Steve as far as the official colors. My understanding and begin they had that in the drawing. It what what is it red golden navy blue is that going to be the collar a change also. And that's what their field Hershey want to insult or whatever the. As -- know that's what you are getting it yeah. Right right yeah I would I'd think now I'll believe it and it. The law part its fans are pelicans -- the of the battle team does goal and a slot you know rubio the -- -- Knows that I appellate can't. Dance. Very very few decades -- what's the importance at a big daddy Steve get lets us know it could become official Thursday the new Hornets nickname being. Stephen thank you so much by the time we appreciate. All right 260 point 7866889. Houston and Bobby if you ever want to play and the sumo the world. Both big guys you would you look at this as a the past thirteen through rubles. Okay hold the suitable cities the past thirteen to ovals all in one. Has made the playoffs. I'm not about -- -- -- mobile and made the well the 2000 Tammy Buccaneers. Were ten ethics and loss in the wild card -- All the other suitable cities in the as the playoffs you know make the playoffs now ironic is this. 2001. Also was doable. Guess what they finished that year. The here's the Saints 2000 long Wilson is who bull. In his the twelve that finished 79. -- guess what 2012. Missed the playoffs. We finished 79. I just thought that was well that's that's weird in here we are we going to be a first team. You know not only holds Kubel -- to be an economic developers. In the past the routine so -- only one. Made the playoffs. -- that. Interesting tidbit. You know you win. Thing you would have thought that would occurred more at least make the playoffs that I'm going to -- should be -- A wealth of knowledge occasion came in -- Bobby a -- Reserved for Ashton Ashton thank you for calling WW -- Failures poor season. I got a -- -- questions all. Old -- What are also at what these -- -- sort of -- in the second pick a second world -- I think it might be a little icing on the cake now. You know the kind of you know. I'll say it defeat yes I would say that it that he takes the -- -- you -- you have to and I think again at that. Is that just. Part of the olive olive branch. You'll get the whole thing and that's why they kind of 5050 that B. You know coach Payton didn't wait it -- so. You know harshest forms waiting till midnight after the suitable coach Payton being back. And then idealize him on the cake and all of a sudden. You know you're not -- a 2013. Season. Because the Saints do that second round pick I like the guy we just speculating that I they could be. Maybe a 5050 deal goes one thing NFL. How these spin things you know they -- PR. That that now I can see him doing that and you know and realize they made their point. To doubt that wells over. And so let's move forward and not this linger on into the draft and an -- or 2013. -- a home not a question. Decreasing or really be conventional treatment to next. I think he's get a guy -- I think he's get a guy we'd also Bill Johnson on the defensive line you look at our secondary did I mean. -- now now he went from being defensive coordinator with the Broncos and head coach of the Raiders you look at Dennis Allen. I mean you know a lot of times is hard to keep great coaches because they can have opportunities. By you know you look at a coaching tree. You know -- his -- receiving coach Belichick. You know coach Parcells. You can now coach Peyton. And now it's its own extension. No I think everybody's going to be tightly. You know what his players staff. You know got to get a new offensive line coach -- point that is some Beers and to see. It's going to be like -- college teams play. You know you look at his Senior Bowl. The combined to travel all of it free agency. Notably burning the Midnight Oil. It was a top story in college football day and it's a buzz down in Hammond that. As a southeast in the we neighbors -- Lions -- eight formal pac twelve starting quarterback. My clothes on the prep football round up and the TV voice of the southeast and lion football program -- want dale Jones is now Allen. Thank you so much for joining us in brandy never leave a bitter it is now the quarterback at southeast. Yet began to grab him in the odd man is doubly exciting day here in Hammond Louisiana for southeastern football. Good Robert Bentley when that big time prospect in Brian Bennett. A guy who played ten games last year for the or -- doubt -- one Fiesta Bowl quarterback. A relief from Encino California. 63200 stop on the built or got scored six touchdown. But got it back here and it is definitely huge huge addition to go on global program India -- program in the country club this guy. Yeah Allen so is there any connection and you look at California -- southeast Louisiana Hammond Louisiana what is the connection that he Charles their coaching connection why did he choose saudis than. Probably that's one of the questions about it you look at it is it's on its from and you know California who -- -- in the -- on the -- -- you know. My sources. Tell me that there's -- connection with one of the coaches on the stop these years -- had a connection. Over on the on the part of the country and also correct Robert is originally from California. I don't know there's some other connection there -- However it worked out is doubly fortunate enough for furcal -- hands on it he made it to an entity that was different maker and we -- to see that in the fall. Formal -- to a starting quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. Brian Bennett now is at southeast and so he's enrolled in all campus right now. Yet -- you know is that talent. Got a call when it -- a couple of days ago that this might happen and it's one of those the other economic you know the treachery can hold your breath and -- in school and. And attending classes will be universe the actually release an official announcement earlier today that he is general attending glad that you -- -- Easter. So. As far as I know he's here and ego and he'll be here spring practice. -- why dale Allen are you Q a with the lamp program this is big news I believe it was -- on the ticket this morning and as this young man was highly thought of Bobby's to take over after the Oregon Ducks play for the national championship. He was the going to be incumbent quarterback within a young man. A freshman by the name of Marcus Mary out little beating out. Audience spring practice and over the summer and now he is now -- southeast legacies have been a benefactor of this great new blood. Begin now I think actually seen him play in one game on TV against Stanford. When you don't. The starter got hurt and he came -- I did a pretty good job if I can recall. And now but yet though that's great news the saudis and and a solid conference. Allen logged -- Allen packed and they volley onto the man. Value bonus where our NGY bill. I had always updated felt about that Asian athletics right there on Butler. Allen always -- -- odd man -- -- see you tomorrow or on lunch where I'm hoping you'll scope of the thing. -- Allen thank you very much at the big news about it would be a southeast alliance in the big news accounts -- ball. Today thanks so much two Allison -- simple. Having us Megan has a good giving all the calls and helping with the showed AJ backs Christie Garrett lap missing your bio. And Steve again and not tomorrow -- opportunity we got pro basketball at seven -- expires. College basketball at 630 LA issue entertaining. The Texas a and M Aggies -- will be visiting with Drew Brees at sixteen. We're zero and Deuce McAllister on the program as well. Thanks so much -- a sports talk them off from four to 639 Deke Bellavia. He is -- he cannon Bobby a ban on the lately at all that night.