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01-22-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Jan 22, 2013|

Scoot talks gun control, Taylor Swift, and Roe v. Wade. Tonight on the SCOOT show: Today is the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Ct. ruling Roe v. Wade. The right to have an abortion is protected by an individual’s right to privacy. Can a person be pro-

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- talking about everything from frivolous lawsuits to personal accountability to today being the fortieth anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling. Roe vs. Wade. Which was the -- the court ruling that declared so abortion wars legal in America based on right to privacy. And I guess if you look back over over forty years you can say that the war. To -- legal abortion in this country has so far failed. I wrote a blog tonight which is titled the war on abortion forty years later. And you can read it to share comment on it it's on our website at WWL dot com also we've got -- some reaction about Sean Payton being immediately. A reinstated with the New Orleans Saints as head coach reaction from coach Payton. Saints players Mickey Loomis Bobby -- My tallying and many more all of that on our website right now at WWL dot com from gentility Katie welcome to dispute show good evening. I can -- behind. Why. I think I. All podcasts but I caught the part where on the -- talking about -- a lot. With that I don't get that from the and it reminded me -- documentary that I watch on HBO got hot coffee. And then when it seemed like order. Anybody fox trouble last week they always bring up. The woman that was burned -- from the apple. Documentary. I know and I went out about documentary filmmaking like anybody should. And that they -- YLE. To a certain point you buy one -- About that particular lot. That -- was justified -- will. I think in her -- and and a lot of the story. Like a woman and -- -- copies from McDonald's drive through and she tried out and then she sold on the I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A parking spot and in part by achieved -- in the costing. You try and you know I caught the cream in the sugar. And then she and incurred. By area and one and cat has. -- And that if you. Not a normal. Temperature. Do you that would be the key -- what I would have done if I would have been on lawyers for McDonald's. I would have gone around to. Many and maybe they did is I would've gone around to many other. Fast food restaurants and I would've gotten coffee and I -- compared the temperature to the McDonald's coffee at the temperature was. Essentially the same. And I can argue that look hot coffee is hot coffee and if Ronald Ronald McDonald didn't stick his hand in the cart and knocked the -- for -- Sure but McDonald's had no complaints album at -- like several hundred point -- that over each other Conte. And out and still there -- won't he came up and then it reduced the temperature. If that was the case then that was not the frivolous lawsuit that he is been portrayed to be in the media. Exactly and did some good. On the front incident also. Been portrayed incorrectly. You know like -- I had found and he's so cute that some company for well. The reason I couldn't get out of them. When he saw the car -- for him. What does because the war was not operating functionally. It has been so many times before. And to bring everybody up to date somebody brought a case where a guy -- suits the phone company because she was in a phone Booth and got hit by their phone Booth was hit by a car Agassi was injured. And some people portrait that is saved a frivolous lawsuit but he also pointed out that. This phone Booth had been hit by cars several times and and -- still maintained by the phone company I would don't hold them the phone company negligent in that situation. Absolutely and the even work right. There are you know they are definitely. There are definitely. Many many cases we're. Somebody legitimately should be sued because somebody else or something else is at fault but there are cases that -- That are frivolous there are cases. That that don't deserve the attention that they get in court they don't deserve the -- there there are. Attorneys -- it appears this is the year interested in the out of court settlement. On because they just don't wanna bother going to court because of the time and expenses of going to court in May be there. Not that confident that they would ultimately win if they if they went to jury trial in my particular case I think it in my case this was years ago. On anyways where it was a lawsuit that was filed against me because I wish. In a Mardi Gras parade and representing a radio station that it worked for the time. And it was a ridiculous. It was a ridiculous lawsuit because the person was responsible for their behavior and I'm sure they wanted to not a court settlement. Well we went to jury trial because of my attorney representing my insurance company and he was very confident. And you know by the time we got to a couple of witnesses. The judge -- you know called the called the plain of -- and said what are you you know what are you doing here. This is ridiculous so it ended and it ended rather. Abruptly which was great news for my insurance company. We like you know you really have to scrutinize everything on KK state that because. Some of the and he carried out and -- it. Nearly on. It. I'm tired of people have a legitimate claim. Foreign -- is being portrayed. Just trying to lining out of the. Well but and there are there are people who do that like the example that I gave -- in Philadelphia there was there a case ever of a city bus. Hitting a light pole and eleven people sued the city of Philadelphia -- the public transit company. However. Video shows that nobody was on the bus at the time of the accident when they saw the bus crash eleven people got on the bus for the sole purpose of -- They were. Yeah I. Want you one. More. Check it. These are legal. Error. There and say one -- wrong and I think -- it. Why shouldn't buy them yeah and you know popular culture. You know either. There has been. But in -- -- society. Ally. He can do so. Mainly I. I know the searcher who by nature. I look at me want people -- -- -- in too -- hanging out whether what you're saying actually true. K I -- I do agree with you and I agree with you and I also applaud you for being a researcher not enough people do any research whatsoever and they take sound bites from the news or they. Read something on the Internet that is all it has to ruin -- -- -- People find things that fit the year. Preconceived idea about something and then bully the absolute fact and that's in the state. -- why I enjoyed our conversation. All right -- -- thanks to listen to W Julia please do. Also on our web site tonight -- the Super Bowl fix misconceptions. About New Orleans that is one of the stories. And -- W -- -- from Mississippi rub your on the -- show good evening. Very very -- -- paying -- -- to respond to call earlier. -- -- spot below where it was well. Are you sure you do to -- -- strangely there's eight or to a -- He he it's saying that global law. Have nothing to do. The well. Did you watch a lenient as well highest insurance rates in the future. -- image just dropped out archived for two minutes and probably point out. -- Presidential attorneys who are willing to church eight. I'm sure well first club and in the insurance into Pittsburg for two years. -- That. I've been involved in quite educate students. Where people are claiming victory. And -- sought to injury. Which is one of those things. About it and a doctor to tell you very much -- person is injured all its -- So but that we used to east. Investors. To follow people and we got. People -- that they set to. There. -- still being so. I don't know a -- Well -- -- you're absolutely right and I know over case in -- not tournaments in the name but I know a case of -- about because it was my insurance man who went into it and it was behind investigating this this person who was claiming disability. And yet this person was doing all kinds of things and they knew this person was doing these things I don't know how it actually ended up being resolved but. You know there are people who who cheat there are people who look at. The legal system as. They're lottery. Got to -- back to the personal responsibility. And so which does not beat that beat. That people do not wanna be partially responsible for the things they do it's always else's fault. It dead -- it is one of those situations. Where people looked liked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what they want they want someone else to -- -- Console to -- kicked it back to that but I'm. All which troop. You don't. Care about at this thoughts are for several months. With speech religion and output but my father close. Oh won't. There are words without soak up the purposes that are dead and it into a church -- our outlook mr. I have a little experience look. Would be kept religion in its current topic. He did it bothers me that -- talk about that it made people out there to talk about abortion. -- Gates aspects they are hypocritical when it comes to. He beat children lived in the last for years that separate church. It and -- and something on the news today about it's pretty California. And basically and bill -- and -- streets from church to church no one ever prosecuted. And detonate so -- and so textual. And mutual. Balls and do some aspects ghost children and that day. I liked -- that he. Thought they were gonna the that -- Barbeque pit person so to the hypocrisy. Beat beat traffic religion and how they treated. Those pretty important and what they talk about today. It it just as. -- I I totally agree with you and I'm Catholic I was born episcopal which is really close to being Catholic anyway but it was later baptized and and confirm Catholic and I'm I'm currently going to -- -- Catholic Church. I go to communion and I'm far from perfect and I don't agree with everything in the Catholic Church but I'll be damned if the -- -- -- -- have protected these people and and this is a case is coming out of Los Angeles now that I believe as recently as 1987. They have found -- cases have the Catholic Church. Transferring. Priest who they knew where molesting children I mean that is an unconscionable thing for anybody in particular. Or religious institution. And it just -- it it it points to the unfortunate image that the Catholic Church as an entity. Has been more interest in an image and money then in some cases doing the right thing. An -- it blows things where you're hurting your indoor lip or on. Don't don't talk about someone else's dirty laundry to secure doors -- I I totally agree with you rob I enjoyed our conversation Flexilis. And is a new study that suggests that it's marijuana permanently lowers your I Q but there's another new study that says that economic factors. And home life may actually be responsible for lowering. I accuse. If you if you said he young people who smoked pot. And their IQ's are lowered and you come to be immediate conclusion well it's the pot. But if you think about situations where young people are smoking a lot of pot it really might be. The whole life it might be the environment in which there being raised that has as much to do with it as the pot itself. Here's an update on our -- VW a pretty jaguar people because there was a shooting at a college campus today we're asking this question. Are you for or against guns on college campuses. 71%. For its. Only two point 9% against it you -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com hop from uptown Brad welcome to scoot -- night. Page cured -- just wanted to comment. Retired military -- or two years military. And Marshall and our -- at funerals are. Actually a response in the same thing in -- saga took the -- -- PlayStation word from -- The same -- in troops overseas -- -- they become desensitized. To violence and chew -- And associated. Also concur that it could change our urgency and saint. Mark's father took a weight problem. It is open to change much -- -- be changed. Our thoughts. Are -- at the video games ever have a tendency to show to -- -- you can't really. -- the difference between right mark you're still wanna say it. I do bread but I would also suggest that if there's a young kid that doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong there's been apparent to a failure -- And I I would think -- do since you're just even aware of this that you're not that you're not that parent. Well. Auditor Mozart anarchists -- -- demeanor changed it when -- took the video are you going to -- played video games. I just -- the you know black ops away our video games where. And it's all personalities -- their personal demeanor changed ordered set. And I also think that you had in -- with kids what -- console in the and so. -- -- -- it -- integrated into unit you know it's -- natural instinct got -- people -- To be yet to be tradition to kill people people. -- you know one of the things that gives us our morals is. The fear of harm and the understanding of of harming others that's one of the foundations that builds our our moral character. -- I really respect what you see and I I also applaud you as apparent for seeing a change in your sign and then taking the games away. However there are so many millions and millions of kids that play those games and don't show any change in their behavior that. I obviously in some cases yeah -- games might affect some people. And there's no question that people get ideas from entertainment and people could get ideas from. From from video games but is -- long as they. Don't act on the ideas that they gets. We're we're predispose to do certain things. And we we have idea I don't think there's any entertainment or any commercials that can make you do something you don't really. Wanna do and they are -- so maybe you noticed something in in your son which I applaud and that's what parents should do. I've had to. That he was responding. In a way that you did morning to respond to what he was being exposed to and you change it and that's what parents are supposed to do. I agree scrutiny at -- string Telecom had. About bureau control the -- are a lot read a lot arch and she's parents aren't so we're at the the other thing about current control the media. You know the media. You know media coverage these kids that can be saying these people these are -- You know we we we put on purposeful 8% here -- you know the -- yeah. Are you know pop science domains and you know all white history -- these people that really. Yeah it's it puts a lot on the council so you know I hate to say copycat that. A lot of people that you know -- somebody that was not going all the sudden need of something you understand -- -- I. I totally understand branded I did mention this afternoon the sandy -- shooting in Connecticut you know you you wonder if I even though they realize they're gonna be dead in and maybe they believe in life after death and they're going to be able to look down on the world and see that they they have recognition. May be you know and and we all know this is as parents. There is a lot of -- credence to the ideas that. Some kids will act in a negative way I. Because that's the only way to get attention some kids who actually. I'm asked to do something and asked to be punished because that punishment yelling at -- is the only time they get attention from their parents. So you know you wonder if in the minds of some of these cycle pass and that's what they are. If there isn't this. Somehow deranged idea that if I commit this crime. At least I'm gonna go on in this world and be recognized in so many of them are loners so many -- are quiet people and unassuming people. You know you wonder if their ultimate goal is to. Is do is to be infamous you know not the famous in a positive way big -- the infamous -- -- if that somehow in their minds. On motivates them to commit these horrific crimes. And I agree just a district that you know he legislation to basically you know you know. You know this attitude are written at least people out on -- I mean you know I bet a lot of them do it just like just like which -- you know to become -- you know where there'd be -- -- you know them. Brit I enjoyed our conversation. Thanks don't specialists and I -- -- -- it reads still really enjoy your Smart callers tonight -- I mention that if Shelden Williams are ours studio producer tonight. Clinton during a break I just said how we. Are awarded is the face of the moon or whatever but we here having some very very cerebral conversations. On the Scotia overnight. And sometimes that's fun but you know it actually see it makes me think. And you know sometimes it's fun to just not even think -- you know we get close in the -- -- stop to think in part. WWL is the official station for Super Bowl 47 right here in New Orleans and we will send you and three guest. To the NFL experience driven by GMC at the morial convention center January 30 through February 3. It's this big time family fun interactive games youth football clinics. Autograph sessions the largest football memorabilia show an NFL hall of fame exhibit and a lot more. Listened to despite show every day at 340. When you hear an AFC or NFC championship play will give you the number call. And if you're the eighth call or you win a family pack of four tickets to the NFL experience and tickets are good for one day prices by it a hundred dollars. And you can get in on the game the big game with -- WL. A from a plus Kathy welcome to dispute shooter night. Our youth group I'm good. -- have a question. About that Bob K -- -- -- get away. I mean look at the apple cart that he TJ. And that -- those working in the top. -- -- -- -- Thanks to me and it turned. My point point guard for rushing attack each. And (%expletive) I won't back a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still. -- but I'm com. Personal -- and on base can be optional and the school. -- like the school what should have watched. Her not to act like you know coming in you know. Wanted to say yeah. -- first of all I don't think that's a frivolous lawsuit at all. And many years you know I don't understand why it's cool to have security all its cash and I you know -- actually called the six -- there's a lot actually now RY here who actually take on the Kennedy -- -- album. And you can't hold school well and -- like why they should try this girl you know so what about it. It would it would it's our bench and -- as security hall campus. Security. What you need to work at -- spotlight he met. You know. Wow. What -- what do they say about that when they say about the wrath of the scorned woman. You aren't sure. Yet or are you okay. Yeah out okay my technical data that shot out of the election and calm it's it's actually going to. Court in March apple understand why he -- it. Want to take the war only nine and or -- me. Well. Everybody has a right to defend themselves alive I do I wish you luck and I hope justice is served in this case and I'm I appreciate you calling our show I don't consider that to be a frivolous lawsuit I'm not a lawyer another judge but it does sound like he got a case to make Kathy thanks for listening tonight. Here is a text -- some people are probably susceptible to video games movies just like others are. To alcohol and drugs. You know that's true I mean we don't and this -- come up on the show when when the the idea of violent video games comes up. We don't we don't talk about getting rid of alcohol. Because some people can't handle it. So it doesn't make sense to talk about banning violent video games because some people can't handle it. It's not the fault of the inanimate object it's not the fault -- the alcohol if somebody can't handle it it's not the fault of the video game is somebody. I'm acts on what they see it if if that acting is is inappropriate in an -- our culture. It's at the -- video and and to blame the video game really causes some. Honest to not pay attention to the real problem. We think will just -- and video games but what that's gonna solve the problem. What is ban guns that's gonna solve the -- a second solve the problem because the guns are already out there. And while I don't have a problem with many of the initiatives of President Obama I think it's nigh -- to think that. Passing these initiatives is -- somehow. Absolutely. 100%. To protect children in school. Because it's not. I wish we could put in life there's no 100%. Guarantee that something is gonna happen to us. We should take safety precautions. That we should do as much as we can to make the world as safe as possible. But no matter how many regulations you make about. And inanimate object there's still the possibility. That something is gonna fail. And something's gonna go wrong. And when it comes to life. There is absolutely no guarantee. That you will be protected. Every moment. Of your life. In -- -- Iran Libya do you think you. I just have to do it. Is it that you came as a slave morality but we in the educational now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what they pick and choose. You know -- but I called talk about on campus and you know -- do it should in theory. You know. Couldn't -- on the streets on top of them think also the problem because those code. Plant if you -- Wonderful people with guns on campus. Apartment want to get some. What would be able to begun that the conference on the brand. Oh yeah and their you know and then we we know we've heard after a sandy hook all this talk about security guards at schools will there was a security guard at Columbine. And that's true and the united dinners and technical -- movie quote. The -- -- of the doctrine dark. It would force medical I think he's brilliant plan and a and these guys whom. Doing all the killing two of these people was supposed to be. Partisans you know from water. And these guys I've definitely gotten weak and his wife. The trying to survive did not -- bottled water and but it traumas of and at the same thing he did you do that you -- Powell right of the -- well done. And -- get -- -- -- it's like about six so -- -- Obama Obama Obama got sick from that one done and never -- these children they have done. So my part is gone and not insult the problem not a problem we the people nobody would dispute that comfortable with all the normal they can call up more to the king day. Now that the five. -- delta hit two in the count and every category. You stated that. The Paris most of what we teach them about you know -- -- King's Speech and you know how we should you know of one another and work together and except. Well if you don't do it in the Bible because it just all respected Jesus. If it is a bit in jeans and disobeying. While call -- too well. Law. They're not worry about bikini bottom and work by the Imam -- because. Dare not being taught the book the principal. MRI I I actually agree with him. He had to keep -- its biblical principle if you know if the networks. Newspaper -- -- what the -- the TV would biblical principles deflected did at one time. We have masculine it would Victoria about it -- stop a totally. I don't know I don't remember when the media flooded the audience with biblical passages. Wow I could be wrong we understand that you know well but I did yeah. When you go back into the six -- in the cities on down of these -- you know all programs -- -- like for a little bit. You know he could be books on the program -- you know -- programs. And not -- and you know. Tell -- about. Elect the -- remember that episode of Leave It to Beaver when he has smoked his dad's piping got in trouble it was in much of a biblical message there was there. You who did it with his family values and -- the yeah it that -- I I I. I understand mark and I I appreciate it -- and scholarship. Right -- was -- Here's an update on WW well party jaguar opinion poll are you for or against guns on college campuses now there's a shooting ended at Texas campus today. Lone star college north of Houston. And Texas has had a concealed weapons law for about twenty years now I think. And the wall does prohibit guns on the college campus. Now would guns on the college can't hire somebody say earlier today quality of people would have been on this would have happened no this what does happen. -- -- -- it everybody on this college campus would have been armed they're still would have been the shooting. So is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that everybody in this society needs to be arms. Here's an update on our poll 71%. Are for guns on college campuses. Only 29%. Are against it from Biloxi -- you're on the stewardship good evening. Yeah. I'm not open elected. Thirteen and it can -- and they argued putrid. -- It. You'd give it away. At the -- -- don't people don't often hear what I say they hear what they think I said. Yet. It completely wrong you shoot it. Not at all. They -- I would drive in the it did and that would be caller had it. City and military. And -- Yeah. A quick and I don't know what. Exactly what it. With what I got was he added -- we -- in the actors that could be. You'd be on it you know they should be. You. Yeah he said something to be effective that they you know there were people who have been in the military who didn't feel the same need to be armed as other people and in society. Yeah well. -- today. Abu Dhabi and you know all our. Served in the navy in world war. Grew -- out there should be. And well -- Old. What Tokyo -- did. The economic outlook for. And when. Arm in case. To protect you badly -- country. In any country in world war. Told to read Japanese -- Who called quote and these. Are. Likable. Well I'm not sure that they -- you know that if they had the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack denial I'm not sure that. You know even at the time our military wasn't nearly what it is today affect I think at the time -- World War II our military ranked. Eighteenth in the world behind Romania's military which is surprising for for a lot of people we did an awful lot of very short period of time. I'm not sure that the Japanese says thought they were confident even if we. Weren't as well armed nation that they were able to take on our military on our shores but you know you you may have a point I I can't speak for the Japanese. That is awarded kicked dead. You ought they'll usually. One governor it was written and in England. And they -- bring in all armed and -- -- to England. Go to that it would that they're. In the Britain. And out of go to. And so that the thing that a lot of people not and and not duplicate them. -- And I'm gonna have to get to a break but since we're seventeen minutes away from midnight and tomorrow is your birthday -- was your very very happy birthday right now and I appreciate you listening and thanks for taking time to called to share your opinion. Yeah are up -- again when we think it ultimately bubble this. Are you call me anytime that. -- -- very very happy birthday. But tonight they have played a couple of -- songs. -- covers but they're actually better than the originals to smooth criminal animal farm. That's -- Michael Jackson. Don't respect Michael Jackson this is a better version. Smooth trip. To. This is this good show -- push boundaries at night led to this here on WWL. And for Picayune bill welcome to our show tonight. Or -- -- -- cynics who student -- Yes yeah absolutely as I've spent many years do and then here. It's our analysts in the remote. Thanks you know I I I enjoy doing music radio says -- in the morning in I'm really. And join us -- me this is the best my careers ever been and I love doing talk -- -- it's just it's a lot of fun it's a challenge it's a lot of fun. It goodness gracious a long -- you're only yes. Are forever. Ago. Obama. Took today to. I take shape which took -- four. And you -- Philip Gates's and she. And some. Kooky and funny. But. -- dictionary. Term look at. I'd look in the picture. And market came. You know they did not go to college and they're all great kids and they all are succeeding in they're. That there late twenties and early thirties. So now what well whispering you all are. -- -- -- -- -- -- When he goes off to college -- -- considered clash with people which so -- and -- just polls. -- with that scenario that would sort shouldn't. It's absolutely. Ridiculous and I heard somebody say it earlier following this shooting on this campus and in Texas on. People just become hysterical. And you know the idea of more guns is not the answer. Now we should buy you're kidding gone for the purpose of protecting himself on a college campus that's that's ridiculous. -- I mean it's not the case you should even be on the college campus of its acting -- no end in advance it is going to be a dangerous. I want to school there. And it was -- No it was and iron into Vietnam. And I want to screw a lot of Vietnam better. And I was in Vietnam better and better. And I were a little strong internal worried sometimes because they've -- things you that solved. But my point is. Really and truly. Our own. You know we wouldn't -- a lot of problems such frustrations certain. Award should be kill each other. But one thing if you will -- our story. About what -- News is very. And so. And as they have on our way. And the question was will now -- have a crime murder rate wouldn't say -- well this sales or their citizens they have done so. Kitchen utensils and well in the Middle -- -- -- You know -- -- it was. Bill I'm glad you called our show thanks for listening and I guess this song says at all. Ladies love. I'm -- thank -- we'll be right back and that it could well. Soon. Michael J. Fox said that Taylor Swift will never ever state his son since apologized for making that statement but it. Because she doesn't stay with guys that she kind of goes through boyfriends rather quickly. And I'm sure there's somebody that that you would not want your son or daughter to date didn't. I don't know I mean maybe -- what year. Daughter date Tommy Lee I don't know pink looks like she could via I handfuls is interesting it. Michael J. Fox protective of his son Taylor Swift will never ever date my son. And again and she just doesn't know how to stay with a guy for very long. I'm sure this text with you before our -- comes to an end. A stood on the 58 year old white male I can remember going to statements as a young boy and seeing the white and colored water fountains restrooms color to the rear on public transportation among other racial signs. I remember thinking how I thought it was wrong at such a young age even though the adults and otherwise. I am proud of feeling that way back then. Thank gods for people with the courage to change things there are many more changes to com. And obviously that is a text about. The message of Dr. Martin Luther King obviously being lost. Mine in several young generations in on being its prominence and as it should. And shame on parents for not a passing these great messages from the passed on to their kids. -- to thank our studio producer Sheldon Williams also Jack Harris in the other studio thanks for being with -- -- email address is -- That's SC OOT at WWL dot com and on Twitter it's cute WWL. Have a great evening. -- in New Orleans.