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1-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 23, 2013|

Dave talks about why Roger Goodell reinstated Sean Payton early and gay vanity plates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on -- 23 of January 2013. Welcomed the -- today. Wednesday night in the middle yen for many people this is a short work weeks -- really. In doing this because just a step closer to weekend and short work week. After getting Monday off start -- kind of chill out there this morning north of the lake in the thirties on the South Shore in the forties a little fog reported. Near the water on the Lakefront airport down along coasted home monsters in a fog out their folks that's causing any trouble -- now we know. Have any reports of any dense applaud at this point no no restrictions advisors nothing going on causeway -- Some here -- there's this. Little cool front moves through today and that is warm today as it was yesterday but warmer tomorrow and on into the weekend and get ready for parades and that's exciting and some text me at 8787 inches -- throw a parade for Sean Payton. Coming back to the center. Back there today we'll hear from Sean Payton later this morning expected to. Speak to the media for the first time since as the reinstatement as head coach of the New Orleans Saints as he arrives in Mobile, Alabama. To take part in the Senior Bowl and start. Kind of evaluating the talent available there -- get in the saints ready for the draft while the rest the -- getting ready. For next year though the super bowl of course is going on here. And ramping up rather quickly every day I come into work at -- work that has been done. To get ready for the Super Bowl or blockade that are in place more fences that have gone up more. Banners that have gone up then more preparations. As security really for next week to music rush visitors of media of the teams arriving they -- here on Sunday. And off we go for a full week of Super Bowl madness. And the Marty cooperate after that. How excited were you to hear -- John -- it had been reinstated and can start now getting back together with. His fellow coaches and the rest of the staff. At the saints' facility and go to Mobile, Alabama it's a part of the senior ball and start planning for well just -- the sense that one do in the draft and of course street. I was glad that it came a little earlier than expected of me less than two weeks before is set to expire but this is the chance to go to the Senior Bowl streak and scouts from prospective talent. Also. You know the saints probably -- hiring new offensive line coach with Al Sean -- approval of any candidate so this lets them. Get to work replacing Eric Romer who's now off to Chicago Bears to run their offense. Yeah and -- that's a good point every day delay in hiring for any coaching vacancies. The thinner the talent pulled out. Lou you know the top names that are you know wants to go first like last year after Greg Williams departed you know ones. A very short window they had to go and get Spagnuolo who was considered the top. Candidate for defensive coordinator position. And I know some folks are probably sector has right now how that worked at the -- of the worst defense in the history NF now but the point being that yes every day they delay in the hiring Thurmond replaced -- -- To coach the offensive line which is big bulky guys to protect Drew Brees and give him time to find the open receiver or block or running back. To open up all the let him get some yardage. The longer they wait the last the fewer choices they have because well with -- coaching vacancies around the league that only a -- head coaches. But the new guys coming in replacing. Their entire staffs. There as fewer people to choose rooms so while I think some people initially said yak rate. Thanks Roger Goodell NFL commissioner you gave thirteen days extra work for Sean Payton real -- Now helpful there it doesn't make a difference. And clearly Roger Goodell once again this taking care before he Gatt to new Portland for the Super Bowl he would not want to be dealing with this. As intensely. I still think they'll be questions about it. At the news conference that he holds the state of the league news conference that -- the Super Bowl Super Bowl week -- got to. Based media from all around the world -- -- gonna get questions about the -- employment. Event here in New Orleans but there is still the matter of a second round draft pick. And there's still as a matter of well. Being angry and upset and and -- who -- nation feeling like. This -- it's really an opportunity go to the Super Bowl in the superdome in New Orleans this year. And many feel like Roger Goodell stole that from them on shaky evidence at bats well I you mentioned the fans so thanks commission of thirteen days earlier William there are a lot of fans who think -- you know why. Maybe -- they should have been reinstated after the first four games. Or you know maybe only one game need you didn't suspend Bill Belichick all when he was accused of videotaping. Opponents in violation of league rules. And here's something that will stick in the process as even more. Turns out it's -- -- suspension. And Gregg williams' suspension now the same -- Gregg Williams is being given the go ahead to start looking for a job coaching in the NFL. His lifetime ban. As it was received initially is indefinite suspension. And based on his cooperation it was a. Definitely offended it was an indefinite suspension. Apparently we misunderstood with an indefinite -- The that. According Deke Bellavia vivid and they have I don't know where -- suspension issue. Poking fun little thing but the point is that Gregg Williams -- now pursue a coaching job again and -- now. But I think he is still tell you we've suspended first you must secure job and then they're gonna talk about reinstating those -- standing. Well I think that it. Which comes first exactly. -- thank. Chris we're talking about fifteen minutes went for -- important news here on WWL sports is next with -- again Chris Christian Chris. For -- get themselves. Kristin -- it's up next it's worthwhile to an over the -- these forecasts better get your forecast -- -- right on up. So the weekend. And how happy were you that John take it back in how big -- deal as it thirteen days that make a big difference or not. And then about the mission and on the right thing -- too little too late let's talk about it. And I want your thoughts. Do you care beyoncé and listening to the National Anthem at the inauguration are -- the ground it's a big deal everybody's talking about it we will do -- Nineteen minutes after arriving in the early edition of WWL first news one text message today it's 7870 says I literally ran through my office. Hollering to every one page is back. Another says -- give Dell has not done enough he has hurt this team for two years you realize that he has taken a second round draft choices well -- Feel on not only did -- -- screw up the season last year but the coming season also by taking away the drastic. -- so glad the boss is back. Referring to Sean Payton being back in that -- -- you how big deal is it that John Payton get to comeback yesterday. Instead of having to wait till after the Super Bowl and does that make you feel better about Roger Goodell -- want a business owner. Telling WW LTV he would take -- is now that they did not serviceman. With a picture of Roger Goodell on them. Did it is this an olive branches -- -- -- saying sorry guys here let me give you something to make it better or is it Goodell saying hey I don't want to dollar's -- mean hate me when it comes -- trying to do something nice. To kind of take the edge off of your anger is he doing this out of self preservation. Or is he doing because he's actually feeling some kind of remorse to six 1870. Bowl 3866. Dated -- there at seventy or text me your thoughts of 87870. Right now we're taking a look at your forecast. Any of sunshine around today and were on that upswing with temperature is 67 this afternoon's appealing a bit milder. Tonight partly cloudy could see some patchy fog and lows not as cold 47 on the north -- 51 south of the late. Partly cloudy for your Thursday highs of 72 and even warmer on Friday 75. And just at 10% chance for a stray shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- Clear skies 45 degrees at the international airport in Canada south went just three miles an hour so barely a breeze at cloud fog to settle -- a few places Lakefront airport reporting fog boot build out along the coast. Reporting fog and -- reporting some fog. Cloudy on the North Shore at the National Weather Service office of flied out where we -- calm winds 96%. Relative humidity. And it's 37. Degrees. To start today in Slidell 36 and will -- as -- texture -- 7870. Sports and for that we had out of -- over -- I -- -- Mobile, Alabama. For Christian Garrett Jones. They knew exactly his team after being reinstated by the league yesterday -- will join the coaching staff today. In mobile at the Senior Bowl saints general manager Mickey Loomis is anxious to have -- back -- -- said. Obviously. That he's done this really -- -- going because they're being played a -- they live press conference this morning. Right here on WWL 1132 cajun cannon Bobby Hebert says the -- could do little more about giving a draft pick. Back give them good -- nation the second round draft pick in 2013. If you look now they Sean Payton is reinstated. Kamal you've already sent a strong enough message in heard the safe enough in 2012. So wanted to back in action tonight on the road. Against the San Antonio Spurs a 7 PM on WW LS and a 105 point three and college basketball last night Kansas takes down. Kansas State 5955 it did awesome now won sixteen in a row. Today at four on the need to be well a sports talk for Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia saints quarterback Drew Brees joins the radio model. From a Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama out Kristian garic WWL sport. Delegates Drew Brees is reaction tonight shoes reinstatement of his head coach. Now -- a feeling he's already talked to him wonder how that went and really had the captain and having a conversation. In quite a lineup at the hall of fame game -- and visited and here niceties now of the day. Get to each other very briefly after Drew Brees broke the record for consecutive -- touchdown but it. But I am league mandate they have been on a conversation with each other about football about the saints about their team about their. Now anything's. For quite -- -- But it would Drew Brees says that it it -- -- think we will hear from stance -- patent. And 11:30 news conference this morning we expect -- summer between 1130 noon those things stand it. The little blue in that situation. On -- time gave -- at the early edition of WW Alpert is one text message today 7870 says it now doing this purely for itself pres or nation. Do you agree do you think the only reason he allowed on date back thirteen days early is so that he gets it warmer reception currently that is colder reception when he gets in New Orleans. Another text message today 78 birdies and give us our draft take back. Then will light now. -- Another says he's doing this to cover is -- Doesn't that love the way you all keep blame Roger get down when it was the saints that messed up in the first place. What do you think about that. A lot of people feel that. With the well apparent or. Possible vindication of the players that -- deserving suspension with the past commissioner coming in and saying Paul Tagliabue coming in this thing down nothing these guys did raise the level that deserved suspension. -- -- feel like that that's even more evidence that the whole thing with -- the can down never had evidence of -- brownies program in place and that one never truly existed in the saints didn't do anything wrong. And other text message today 78 that is as solid big show and knows someone says that -- to follow him around heckling the I don't think you'll get that close with his security detail but that he will be making public appearances he will be shown up on the that the television and radio Asia. And that the public is around a lot to get those things whether it's in Jackson square weathered the conventions that are. Are there areas places where the television and radio networks can be set up around the city you can see the infrastructure for that stuff. Growing out of the ground literally as we street while literally growth rising up. -- in Jackson square in the last week man. It looks archive there CBS taken over there in the big festival that -- and set -- only. Riverfront that's all taking shape they're building new structures adjacent to the convention center temporary buildings if you by the superdome there's these. Ten buildings everywhere it is going to be events and parties and activities. Super Bowl that he can smell it right there. Just about here ladies and I'm -- on five point five Margaret comments. Keep them coming Cusick 187 XX 887070. What is your forecast. Your forecast to have witnessed these forecasts that are. Sunny skies for your Wednesday and a milder afternoon ahead for a 67 later today and tonight partly cloudy. Patchy fog and lose the upper forties on the North Shore and low fifties south of the lake. Even milder for your Thursday 72. And then Friday partly cloudy a high of 75. And just at 10% chance for showers are right now looking good for parade. From the Eyewitness News forecast center IB urologists Clark knocked out. At parades. The parade starts this weekends three weekends of parades this year folks thanks to the Super Bowl cleared 45 now at the airport in -- cloudy and 37 the National Weather Service opposite side now. I'm coming up Margaret text messages today 787 and it's not about why Roger -- now. Allowed -- -- to come back thirteen days earlier than originally planned to be doing it out of the kindness of his heart part of the year. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WW Alpert says it is January it is that twenties that are. It is 2013. The date still baffles me that month moving past 23 days and it. Excuse me question -- -- now and then it brain trying to wrap itself or brown -- We've come this far been a busy month again and head home he gets busier. -- we got parades this weekend. We get Super Bowl parades in Jefferson Parish next weekend the development. Great liberal super. Does operate in the city that weekend of that by the city's doing -- this week on the rear of the Super Bowl -- Jefferson -- in the world with a plan and then a stadium we get the entire. -- great we get the parades back the following weekend right in the fat Tuesday's that we get a bonus weekend of parading things that the -- ball. That if you wanna take an extra parade you can end and so we and it's going to be wild and crazy the rest of this month straight on in the next month. And then there's no sign of the party. Letting up that ball once it gets cranked up some fears early start on Friday so. You reminded TVs to the super. Guess no time like the present them with the prices are down -- can get rid of the excess inventory that they didn't sell for Christmas. And it's to get them to get new TV if you want a big party want to gamer whatever. I really torn by this whole idea of having the Internet and held. Alternately I think it's a great idea -- love it in its. You know in the basic idea of it hey I can you know do whatever you do on the Internet right there on -- big TV. Here's the problem. I wanna watch TV on ITV. But you can use the Internet to actually watch TV on your T I understand and I can access Netflix or or other services and even -- Q what Netflix YouTube Hulu yet all that stuff. But might issue with that is. I live with other people I lived alone and just and he with the TV no problem but I want my TV. To be watched TV about -- there my kids are surfing the Internet update FaceBook. Post and it seems to Graham whatever it is they're doing. I can't CTV while they do one sure you can't let the computers for you say -- kids dad wants to watch TV get out of here well. In theory that that's brilliant if that you can tell my kids are much older than the age of six and I don't white faults and then that factors into it and so I kind of like the idea might TV. Being the Wachtel. In my computer being used for the unit did not as easy to say. Pay white get out of here wanna watch TV -- -- try that the other networks. You need that you need to go sit at the computer so I can wanna go to a sporting mean to frying hand had to want to or their couch you're sitting under watched. The television that you do is keep your wife off of that would be awfully comfortable he had. It some controversy over our license plates in Atlanta I've ever had vanity -- -- out you consider what vanity plate might -- again. I had vanity plates briefly one was that. Living in Missouri after it left Chicago and it was when -- Chicago Bulls were winning championships left -- right Michael Jordan was. There and so my adolescence played Missouri at that golf balls. You know office lives right. Since then probably a lot harder to get better and Illinois yet -- stood -- was gone pretty quickly is easier to get visitors I had those but then after I moved to Louisiana I've never had been anyplace to. In an Atlanta guy wants to get a plate that says GA YGUY. Gay guy. But -- -- a pretty popular count for alternative lifestyles from islanders and New Orleans as well but. Apparently that state of -- don't know you can't have that. He also want to play -- Italy about gay power PW -- And gay guys and a mansion. But they said he can't have that what they got against happiness -- that would game. I any says that he's not asking -- folder over the top so he's showing now. He's hired a lawyer and he says that religious messages like Jesus for you are routinely approved. But he can't get one -- as gay guy. The suit contends the state is playing favorites. To straight people with a vanity tags. So is -- -- see how this plays that and what the state shouldn't shouldn't allow people to put on the license -- apparently gay guy. Is off limits at least for now. Intuitive thing accurate reminds me of when the guy wanted to get a Randall Gay custom Jersey in the NFL would let them do it because gas needed to realize that was a player's name yet he won game and the back to visitors in it that now you can do. And they respect -- a tournament first news here on WWL. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast -- -- they had bought. Day. Seem to you it's still have missed meteorologist Laura but plan. I love I love that I can have forgotten it was -- -- thank you for reminder. That the year for a lot of people you know they've only been on the second day where it's like a few more ago I love forty workweek -- as the best three day guys forty work weeks yeah I don't often get them we want one days away. I'd like we we -- every night. Now I know -- that would be off I'd say that for forever damaged and market our business would rather have Friday's offer Mondays off. Out Friday okay. But there's him exactly that's right that's right anyway that are being sent the cold for cool Bryant colder front. Is that made things that Chileans. Chilly this morning -- got a few upper thirties right around forty on the North Shore and where in the mid forties south of the -- That big changes it probably jacket weather this morning. Although this afternoon that my older 67 for a hike today really haven't he would. Yeah we have seventies come up it's closer toward the event. OK so yes there was are cooler days warmer today and even warmer as we get closer to the weekend exactly I want what every. Amid low seventies all the way through the weekend even into next week so perfect -- -- and I think the only caveat that there is a slight chance for a shower really all three days Friday Saturday Sunday in recent as. We're gonna see a little luckier -- -- and -- slight chance of rain we'll still be with us it's just 20%. And any showers should be lights are not talking thunder storms in the downpours and that sort of thing. But I do have to mention that there is a great chance Friday night Saturday and Sunday OK but it's small range or 20%. Right you might want to bring your little. You know Mardi Gras style -- assault with use it for IKEA so you can when you know musical floats in the man's passing you can use it to the -- get a little salary can you that you dial function I think that's a Smart idea -- -- -- I advised you know all kinds of that and knowing they'd be used. I was arrested by anyone and anything about fashion. Anything like that that. I tell I like it I love what I want tomorrow that perfect weather I appreciate -- delivering that not so apartment does what happened -- in Reading, Pennsylvania today you know called that is out there right now. Yeah it they've been there and it. Heat that aren't these the New York yet single digit thirteen. My brother's got a text me picture of his passport when the temperature was minus two. On cars that partner that her a ticket on down will be part is seventy just that they make up 67 look off the Internet the -- to eighteen -- collided. Right on state highway outside of Reading, Pennsylvania in the heart you know one of them was carrying two liter bottles of soft drink. It spilled everywhere island and Rhode frozen Coke all all over the highway they had to close the road for nearly six hours. What can -- you talk about black -- imagine hit and that. This is like an eighth in the scene exploded at a sticky security. Froze in man. I'll over the highway. -- -- get out there with so all the double activity with temperatures. That single digits cents at teens or whatever it like you can. Spray water on it to watch that and freeze right. -- Now their interests all the thing and couples than I have machinery they commute but it took almost six hours to clean now lack of frozen soda. And this advice criminals if you're -- rob. I store restaurant. At least familiarize yourself with the cash registers to know how to open it. You ask them dumb criminals of Springfield Massachusetts. Run into a Chinese restaurant with masks and guns on the employees to run out right -- then everybody get that run that out. Well. The thieves got away without -- nothing. Because after a few minutes of trying to figure out how to open the -- -- registered they just couldn't -- think each of those years some -- card. Whatever -- password they have. -- couldn't figure that cops say they're looking for the thieves now. They're trying to identify them but they didn't steal anything that they couldn't open the right and that love it down. Thank you Laura have a great but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast that sports with Kristin -- Right after -- Sex and it's just it's everything is nobody uses -- surface that you want the Internet connection for Netflix Hulu etc. Come into the 21 century you'll love it. Now I get that and I would love it but I just know that if it's connected to the Internet. It will be used for other things I mean I have a week on our big TV. And indicated to use and that they can go online with -- -- -- Anyway it is yet. Other text messages and 87870. About Roger Goodell. Answering the question that he just reinstated John -- thirteen days early. In an effort to extend the olive branch and do -- a cult like to this city of New Orleans in the saints fans. Or -- he just doing it for self preservation and did try and while. Reduce the anger that will be directed his way when he gets here for the Super Bowl. One text message to -- 78 that he says Roger -- scared signal fans that's why he's done. Another says I doubt the Goodell will give us our draft pick back that would say that his punishment was to march he let -- back to week he would eat food here without fear. Another says it's really sad to see you dealt treated badly for doing his job with the -- voted him in -- must be allowed to do his job he had no president to work with and is still. Had some compelling evidence of wrongdoing. -- notices Dave in Dallas trying to quote save face knowing he'll be at the forefront of The Who -- -- wrath here at the Super Bowl. All smokescreen in Mears what do you do that -- years. Another says every team has some sort of bounty Goodell just trying to set an example with the saints failing miserably. Another says it is what it is we need to show the world just how much class saints fans really have. Enjoy your visit to New Orleans mr. did now more of your thoughts coming up after sports here. That is Mobile, Alabama the Senior Bowl waiting for Sean Payton to show up there. Is saints' sideline reporter Christian there. Saints coach -- they won't be in Mobile, Alabama today the senior boys expected all the press conference this morning at 1130 right here on WWL meanwhile offensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo can't wait to finally get a chance to work well. I think it goes without saying that -- pretty excited about that anyway in this for this for a long time. Just haven't -- them back in the building -- this energy when he means -- organization. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert says the league really wants to be fair to say as they can give the team with the second round draft pick they took away immediately look he could forgive a do you forget. I think and not wanting him there are heard the saints going forward and you could truly put it behind you don't want -- back in action tonight on the road against the San Antonio Spurs at 7 PM. On WLS 0105 point three think college basketball last night Kansas. -- down Kansas State 595516. Straight wins. Now for the jayhawks today at four under me to do well -- sports talk wheel Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia saints quarterback Drew Brees stopped by the radio huddle. From the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama pershing Garrick WW else. -- man and it's saints fans dream days Sean -- back holding a news conference at 1130 you'll hear live here on WW well that on sports talk this evening's. If we get. Sean -- buddy his quarterback drew agreed. Talk about John patent reinstatement is a good day to be as saints fan. -- that not everyone's terribly pleased with Roger -- -- allowing John -- to come back thirteen days earlier than initially announcement that -- PR move by get dallas' one segment that today 7870. Because of the backlash anticipated coming into the city for the Super Bowl week. He should give SS second round draft pick back. Moses who cares we ever coach -- we can't change what happened in the past we need to move forward. -- Dave -- will move forward with your forecast right after. 550 or six minutes and promise that they -- -- that today's 7870 says -- -- punishment like -- man it's time for -- move on and -- says if you delegate was the draft -- back. That I would forgive him. And move on you for giving our ticket value moving on a lot of people were celebrating Sean -- retirement was announced yesterday but others. Say it's too little to play well it's not to let it to forecast that would at these forecasts and. Lows dropping to about 47 on the North -- 51 south at the lake with some patchy fog for your Thursday partly cloudy skies. Highs reaching 72 and Friday looking mild mid seventies. Which is to 10% chance for a stray shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I meteorologist -- about. A little wispy fog reported -- -- booze they'll all along the lake front but otherwise -- -- -- the international airport 45 degrees south wind tested three miles an hour 96 route 96% relative humidity it's cloudy and 37 at the National Weather Service office. In slide out the climate -- park near seventy. For well. Today tomorrow and on into the weekend. And I asked if you asked me to advance for whether or outdoor activities raids. -- well find out what Tommy doctors got for the next four hours of fun right here at WWL. Right after. Past text message today 7870 says we should have a parade and a huge party celebrating John paid injury -- statements sounds like at least expand right. Well motive is everything it would stake indeed gals draw lines that -- and others -- maybe mr. Goodell reinstated our second round draft pick. After the Super Bowl is over. NEC's how great the citizens of New Orleans are. And how well he has treated during his stay here shares incentive to give him the royal treatment when he's here. Of mayors has given the royal treatment as well so that'll give us another Super Bowl down the road. Well and right now preparing for the royal treatment is Tommy Tucker which -- for the. Well -- before we get to that you know I did okay in in biology both in college and high school but I don't remember exactly where the craw is where is it -- well. We don't want the things I remember that you want them and and I remember the colon is is somewhere Odom while. Maybe I don't know we use they do on reminds me dude. We're talking about what you're talking about -- today's summit stick it in my wrong wherever you know where it is now that's stuck there is as Gregg Williams today. Because not enough -- -- world you can have a high. That is recorded in this Steve Gleason -- that is the architect of this the mastermind. Of this the Osama bin Laden of this electronic program. Yeah and all of a sudden he's in the same penalty Sean Payton every time I tried -- -- logic in this and I try to see reason and is that this does not give anybody a chance. Colorado reason. Did to be rude to Roger Goodell is I think that he's gonna get the city of black guy what he. Play ball he he broke the statement that the -- handed -- that no political and addictive and then that makes you a hypocrite when it comes a players' safety and when it comes to meting out punishment so that. Now I don't pioneered that we'll delve in to this as maybe I don't think why is it.

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