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1-23 8:10am Tommy talks about Tyrann Mathieu

Jan 23, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about if they'd want to see Tyrann Mathieu on the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you Chris got a hot topic on here about redemption and from the the former honey gadgets ran -- and how many chances he gives somebody AD just throw somebody away is out a lot of ability. They spotted apparently at one point had a problem with -- but then again. If this guy I was drinking it up -- never heard anything about it. You know if alcohol was his drug of choice and make no mistake about it out well is indeed a drug. He won a flaunt any tests -- kittens managed out of his mind but still -- and able would go to practice. Oh subs no cuts are a bit like college definitely and well -- -- access -- her drug got to remind you will fail politics what depends what the testers I mean to be taken gulf for example. If that's a PE elective who knows it might loosen up in the tires -- my dog. As I have met a seasonal Beers like golf there's the -- zone where you have to be relaxed I'm being serious here because alcoholism drug and if that had been his drug of choice. No harm no final -- on a team nobody would have known anything but because marijuana was his drug of choice. And apparently. I don't know not his counselor I'm not his doctor I don't know if he's addicted to it or not. But it he had used alcohol. And had decided to. To Alter his consciousness with Jack Daniels instead of marijuana guess what he's still on a team he's still as high rated prospect -- -- Leo think. 261870. Toll free 86 exit eight and early seventy brandy and slide out the morning -- on -- WL. I on the name. -- And I gained that it is ridiculous and he definitely should get out -- -- and I don't believe. They should even be clack. Side of the draw personally. I would definitely rather be an accident with somebody let -- marijuana and somebody strong. Carly didn't question opinion -- drop in on. Or. Well I. I don't think anybody should drive anything impaired and I would prefer not to be in an accident at all so. All want -- -- -- oil barrel. It not a big deal. And he's not winner monogrammed. I don't think action all and I believe and -- -- less than a mile. Ride. How long. Everyday to the idea. The action and tell you would you have you are addicted to it and -- EU. 98 so apparently not subject to drug test. Should all. Night he had children. Do you you go -- lengths to make sure that they know you don't do this -- -- -- Actually she -- nights he got a different room -- news. Outside Tennessee and easy to make you a better parent. -- and how much would you say this costs you. I would probably say 46. Week night do you think this is any different. Then a mom who who goes home and and hits the yellow Taylor the box of wine or anything else. Obviously I didn't. The only thing I -- different is that you know with people trying -- they can have a little. And be -- -- on marijuana. Nobody will be so happy. I and I said mom I should make my mortgage is to be -- make -- apparent right. I will open up our minds of people think I'm glad you're so honest and candid with those that don't even thought I would even say your name again right. That I appreciated T 601870. -- three. 866 and 89087. Need to arraignment he was on the conversation about marijuana and and alcohol when he went to another chance he's in mobile he's not. -- participating in the Senior Bowl he's he's shaken hands trying to recreate himself and get invited to the scouting combine to get himself a shot at the NFL. Does he deserve another chance would you want him on the saints and if even mind if he'd been drinking and if he'd been altering his consciousness of boos and set him week. We never about -- -- -- leaving phone lines are open back in a flash Tommy Tucker got a W. Tommy Tucker -- WL first news at age seventeen got -- French market Mardi Gras gift basket coming up for you will tell yet. When they call in and win that we're talking about two ran Mathieu and in some texts from yells and that. -- ran Mathieu would have been in trouble if he drank -- well and L issue but I don't think -- case technically it is illegal because he's not of legal drinking a habit. I don't think they do any testing for that L issues so I don't think it would have been a test for him to fail in the age you know I don't know this for a fact I'm just. It is my opinion I would guest. Just like any student at -- issue I would presume there's some underage drinking going on on the football team. I'm just presuming that I could be wrong. But while technically it's illegal I would think. That he wouldn't of gotten caught there would have been no testing for that so. Yeah I I think a lot of that goes on so eyes still stand by the premise that I gave you before that if the -- that -- had chosen alcohol. Only as his drug of choice. Presuming he did drink or does drink. Then -- think we'd be having this conversation. Bob and river ridge thanks a colony on dubbed W good morning. They thought -- -- it. I just wanted to make sure I understood wanted to previous politicians to actually say that she'd rather be an accident with somebody. Drunk and smoked pot -- round. Okay well everywhere regardless what what what the logic there. Mom I didn't I don't know I think she was saying that people probably drive slower dude you wind and their children when Iran. But -- -- -- -- that was -- smoking -- and being proposed at this kind of illustrate the whole point as a bit of -- That's that's that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. Yeah as I say I would prefer a personal view should never drive impaired on anything even if it's night -- And secondly I don't wanna be in an accident with anybody. Well let's -- try to destroy the formation registered. Get those at what about Iran Matthew. Well tell me which is saying does he deserve another shot and an -- chosen. Alcohol as opposed to marijuana we would be having this conversation. Well I've I think the NFL has has made some some pretty apparent exceptions except when it comes because it hit the -- that. You know I think he's gonna get a shot I think you know if he can claim that that follow along with the -- that he started on them -- it. You know one shot you know -- say he's quite talented he would -- somebody can get through that -- new beaver agency model field again. That the deal would tilt toward the people. You know if I can you tell us stories about you know how could better should've been that never blows. That's Jamie OP OP he can get to get a coach Johnny. The -- Colin good morning -- on -- WL. Time -- I'm doing well you. And will be avatar net Humana Aaron old time outlook football coach Manning and tyrant and that that the president great -- -- -- -- But the best of people hear the cheers and you know as star proceed it on in the in bracelet already got -- been. Great all the outlets -- Coach got in a roach coach -- interrupt you for a second talk a little bit if you will about when he went through as a young man busy. He started out -- with some challenges. Eat it -- with them is that it is that guy that pretty does and more. Was. Pretty every day the I mean you know without trying it would you come from good families and you know that. Yeah and the rule in their right but -- Katrina hit -- eight. That debt or -- -- -- -- wanted. To -- anyone attracting. And get. Our market -- but as sort it out an agreement can be addicted to on a -- wanted to -- -- current group. You don't need to -- -- directed at all. And I am sure that aren't prepared to do. Make everybody. -- -- 2%. You know. And -- hurt people but -- gonna turn around and it won't take and I really think so yeah. Really need to give him because you don't get it cute it's. You going to be it's in well worn out of football media in any position. I mean you mean being. Easter morning guys out there for -- to put it in and sport is but Germany. -- you know getting so you know we we re somebody -- parents. Yeah. I coach appreciate -- call it a good day or if he added to six 187803866889087. Attacks comes and ray Lewis and Michael Vick got another shot why shouldn't Iran Matthews. More call's going come back right now -- time take a look at it traffic. That would go to terror Robinson I Tommy tiger was -- you -- a Taiwanese -- talking about two grand Matthew and his abuse of marijuana and he's trying to. Do use them. You re creation of himself. Rehabilitation of his image yet the Senior Bowl in mobile -- won't be playing but he's trying to get an invite to the NFL scouting combine -- -- -- -- ready -- -- people. Would you wanna see him in a saints uniforms 60% of you saying no. As far as attacks those around evenly split some saying yes they can help others saying no -- But does doesn't have enough. Enough discipline and his character isn't good enough. The world and we would ask will these things Sean Payton could turn all of that around or not and what about the does that help from mentors on the saints team. -- you know has called and she doesn't like would brandy had to say earlier page getting Euro on got a WL. Hank. Would you were there. Are. Somebody. That let. I was cheated a -- he feared she says herself. -- What. Would it. It worked out of the car and that -- But. Our government -- edges are eligible words amount there's no sense at all when she actually ever in -- -- somebody that we are. Right. But you'd rather be killed by somebody to make -- better -- -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- What about a grand nephew. -- wait until they tell me why. I what about if he had been drinking instead of smoking marijuana would have been different. You've never been gone we wouldn't even be talking about this right we wouldn't. We -- out later somewhere. Unique. Problem that right. -- -- -- -- Well. What problems. Which the data that -- jailed. You know about you know we. Would we find and -- what would we find out what's in them. Well I mean I have no control. Self control. Tuesday they -- beat a lot of -- aptly. They have no self control. What do you mean by cuddled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was it before after the. Was that before after the kick him out. They were on hand they were holding him before they kicked -- -- I'll alleged -- -- have a good day we're gonna take a break now it'll ever Abbas submitted coming -- right now time for WW offers news. -- -- We had a -- I'm getting some tax on this so wanna clear the sub Ginny was calling from Picayune Mississippi Picayune. Mississippi got a muscle -- coming up the Eagles have a -- documentary coming up it was at I'm a big Eagles and by the way. The eight -- premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. And it's gonna be on showtime. February 15 through sixteenth includes forty year old footage it was in the band's archives. And recent interviews at the band so here we go get a little Eagles. Muscle minute forty gets him moving get the blood go under rowly arms lift the lay eggs tighten the man. The video. We will continue our conversation about Redman here. Smoke in time alcohol -- deserve another chance or not when we return. Tommy Tucker glad you -- -- -- on this Wednesday morning get a W well. It is a great role in this weekend ocean -- town on Friday night Cleopatra. Unless bank Friday night. And then had done as Saturday. Morning onto trains Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon 1 o'clock chalk talk. On -- West Bank. Sparred. Saturday evening and -- -- -- Saturday evening and then on Sunday Carrollton. Because this is all split up because of the Super Bowl so we'll keep you apprised Soledad here on WW well we're talking about. -- ran that team and getting another chance and marijuana as opposed alcohol because yeah we get that Merrill marijuana as illegal. But it ran Mathieu had chosen to Alter his consciousness with alcohol instead -- we will be having this conversation tech's guns in and says. This being on issue of pot was -- eleven slogan for over forty years I'm a professional a nurse and I know many other professionals who. -- do it as well. To the phone lines we return now to trade invasive Jose Drake. Yeah that -- is. Check the -- serve warm beer whatever is illegal Haiti Haiti's failed. Alcohol actual high school football and beat probably wouldn't. Have gotten in. The that this scholarships to -- Young and out alcohol testing works I think that would have to be while it's in your system right I don't I don't know that that stays in your system other than. Well you -- want to metabolize it and go that's the same thing with. With with -- not believed to. Illinois clean something up -- quick -- -- and operates I presume Cleopatra was on the West Bank but it's not it's uptown this year it is history now and thanks to whomever. -- Betemit choctaws also uptown this year not on the West -- -- gum that up and I'll fix it by Margaret on the go ahead finish your point -- The question does he does server. And -- and other Internet. Deserve another chance because he's ordered an opportunity while he was an analyst. -- -- given several. Second and third chances. Should he be precluded from -- participate in and that he should have been able to. Execute on the Iraq think that saint that it gets hung over Pro Bowl running back Ricky Williams here. It did turn out real well but yet made it. He may be able to come but do you have a good culture of the quarterback scriptures on it and and straight and others. Straight and that those involved made mistakes. I so tell me where you stand on -- UN and a black and gold or not. -- -- You know they. Leadership bode well shortly there have been some good -- back pages. Possibly could be at the hundreds and. Yankee gear and possibly need to get off the sincere -- you know all you anyway you want -- on a team and a you gotta you gotta decide how -- you like contractor and a you say yes. Two thanks for Colin limited there right out today to market nor can they Mark -- WW good morning. Priority on. And who. And -- that. Such as who don't smoke we market. Cheap issues you. That we. Probably but yes it is. Is. Is that really different. Or is it any worse or better. Then sit in front you kitten -- and second down a bubbly yellow tail the well but we -- it to kid doesn't know that you're doing needed you smoking marijuana outside -- doesn't know. Which is worse going outside to smoke marijuana where he kid doesn't knoller of adrenal -- -- until -- get bombed -- problem there. That they know. For those who -- And I am. How would they vote the wrong. Mom as far as words if kids don't know I would guess that second panel -- -- its interest in front as hours. Issue that you would think that it is why did an absolutely. I'm now. You know. And it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Special thing and you know. In place in the court. And what about. It's a -- you know it couldn't. Put a lot current law. But -- give up -- draft choice would be getting for free get him as a free agent signing. Or late round draft choice. Yeah people that you're in Munich and college -- and I -- you know he started and you. Can tell you know somebody who go to the Antarctic. Got to play again pledged I'll have a good day. -- -- when he epic set again lets you graduate a winner first off. To Barbara board on. She won a French market coffee Mardi Gras gift basket died at a 110 botched and don't forget the surprise your office with a king cake from a Dell's. During carnival season making the most popular person there. In a coupon for two dollar was off -- an expert is a new loans famous French market coffee. If you visit the French market coffee FaceBook page B should listen to meet Tommy Tucker all week for another chance to win happy monogram. Organization and loves carnival in purple green and gold and VW -- -- clean this up. Cleopatra. Chalk talk rolling up town this year are right. Not on -- West Bank. I should have read they got a little more closely. 260187203866889087. We will continue our conversation about two grand -- UN. Drugs and alcohol and marijuana in all of this right now times -- regulated Traficant. It's -- -- ready jaguars opinion polls should throughout would you like to -- to -- Matthew. In saints uniform 60% of you saying no attacks comes in about. Iran Matthew it is one years -- it was body didn't kill rape molest children LEA -- chants. Alec mid city -- on your on got a W out the morning. -- An island in mid city will put you on hold see if you wander back to the phone will slide ally here on WL. Thank -- I think yeah absolutely -- in the chain. This guy is one of the U defense with players that people aren't round at least two -- Yet he's undersized but so was Doug Flutie those Russell Wilson or some other players I think the game changer. He's electorate. Yeah you'd think they can't let me kid does or it won't pan out he probably needs in the Saturday. A 109. -- it's a special player. And the I just think especially important for the sank that you know -- world. I think they got. I tell you one you know there's this thing they call intangibles. When it comes to athletes and you mentioned some players and I think. -- -- To arraignment he does handmade quality -- -- time again I would if for whatever reason I don't know if it. If it's quickness as opposed speed I don't know if it's attitude and how you measure it. But he has kind of player I think that makes things happen however. Also note that it only takes com. One bad apples spoil the whole bunch girl was the -- sent along time ago so -- -- -- -- rows of a woody column mind influence in the in the locker room -- in -- going on but at all. Can't. Jump. On the Drew Brees would tolerate and I don't think I James Lofton would tolerate a Curtis would tolerate that. Know Indy and like people that he is you know. Maybe he'll continue in the addiction might -- well. But he is currently work which I eat one of those rare players they can turn a game around by and so I'm not -- -- that. -- the NFL level but he certainly Capel making big plate and I totally agree with you about potential. They're just some athletes they were thankful. We're doing big things and not a big thing that makes things when you need that when you really need something big happens to turn that game around. Absolutely right now. Out now underway now as ours -- business side of it as far as the business side of it. What he'd do -- -- given up because it and I'd given up day -- And I given up a high draft pick or anything like that -- signing as a free agent or house may be very. Low hi Adrian not a low draft pick sort of down every a look at it's not anything in 123 -- my dad maybe. You know some at the end of the draft. Absolutely agree with that you know what in the -- in. Not not just because of -- -- but because it's nobody can in my so I mean -- would be probably. Am Dutch nowhere around. So where this person. Have a good -- glad you called -- -- -- and honey -- sell tickets. And the saints don't have problems selling tickets they get a waiting -- -- -- tickets not at Texas my eleven year old was listening on the way to school. And said the as a screen refreshes I don't think the saints should go for Matthews really haven't they had enough drama and distraction for more than a year now. Let somebody else give him a chance some interesting point -- to take a break we come -- get right back to a phone lines -- jammed wanna hear from you. I if if this wasn't pod and it was alcohol that he used chose. We will be having this discussion but as the legality of that factor and Oliver is back in a flash in -- have you.