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1-23 12:10pm Scoot speaks with WWL callers about Goodell

Jan 23, 2013|

Scoot speaks with WWL callers about Goodell.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon welcome back to our show and every WL -- students in fort Garland -- today we have just heard Saints coach Sean Payton speaking for the first time since his suspension. He was like for the Senior Bowl in mobile talk to reporters and that was his way is talking to you and me and I want to remind you that Saints coach Sean Payton. Will join Bobby and -- This afternoon. On sports talk forty here and every WL. What stands out most in your mind about what Sean Payton said and if you just joined us I'll give you a recap of some of the things that to stood out in my mind. About a Sean -- talking to the media are number is 2601878. Toll -- 8668890. Point 78. Or text numbers 877 here's a -- reads I can't wait for the 2013 season. Yes it definitely will be on and -- can't say enough the Saints are coming. Another text people outside who dat nation just don't understand our love for our team. And our city our hearts souls and lives. Are part of the New Orleans Saints. Here is another text. Now that drew and Shawn will be back for the whole. For the whole season. We will we will be back in the playoffs I'd have to agree that this is going to be of dairy fairy good season for the Saints. In -- one of the things that I thought was it was personal -- Sean Payton reflected on this this past year. One of the things it was personal was when he talked about how difficult this past year was that not having. -- the personal contact with people like general manager Mickey Loomis and and mr. Benson. Not as. Professionals but as as his friends and I know going into this year of suspension. One of the things that Sean Payton did talk about was how difficult it was going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was asked if he would talk to Drew Brees and he said that he got a text from Drew Brees or drew is heading to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Andy said -- drew is gonna come back and spend some time. In New Orleans and they'll they'll be meeting and and talking before he goes to California for somebody in the off season. He said he sent a text to -- drew on his way to the Pro Bowl says staying healthy over there are from a -- -- and that a year and a BW well good afternoon. It's Erica and Telecom. Listen to -- shorten the -- -- as a player. Yes there are reports say -- I don't feel strange. And ultimately -- be. On this victory news and we have coach -- I think coach statement Colonia. Best offensive minds and it felt about it now. And I think people animals -- that my coaches and illnesses. And I think what impact calm peace about them -- in the almost guarantee. This basic reachable competitive. Well I hope you're right I don't know by guarantee that I I hope you're right I think one thing the the -- really miss this past season. One is the adjustments at halftime that somebody like Sean Payton can make. That was something you receive the Saints senators get a lead and I've written not to make the adjustments they needed to make at halftime so that's something that we'll be back there with the Saints Anthony I appreciate you calling -- -- thanks for listening in our publicist. Here's our -- W a pretty jaguar paid to pull this afternoon. When asked if the Saints had a bounty system. Sean Payton said that he and the commissioner agreed not to talk about it. Should -- who dat nation drop it. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com is it time to totally dropped. The whole thing and and Sean Payton and his press conference in mobile to -- talked a lot about closure. He talked about how this is this is time to to move on it's time for him to move on and he was saying that it really it's time for for all of us to move on but yet there were some people the -- -- nation. They can't move on and moving on I think means to have total respect for Roger Goodell when he is here for the Super Bowl. That's what we do is a city. In spite of differences in spite of whatever frustrations we may have within that individual for example. We host people in this city better than anybody Sean Payton even talked about it he said. You know we entertain and we feed people better than anybody else we will do a great job with the Super Bowl and I think that also. It transcends to how we treat Roger Goodell. And I know David sign -- signs up in restaurants you know do not serve this man yell at the height of the that the bounty gate scandal that was fine. But it's time to let -- ago in my opinion is time to let it all drop. If you're gonna give us an opinion are numbers 260187. He told 3866889087. -- tech's number 67870. Sean Payton also said that they have a lot of things to correct on this team. And they're gonna have a very big meeting this afternoon on defensive personnel -- coming right back with more I'm -- in for Garland -- WWL. And here's another news updates with Donnie. We carried that Sean Payton life from mobile at the Senior Bowl talking to the media. First time he is -- spoken since returning to the Saints who we have in our country you know long time. This afternoon coach -- will join Bobby and -- On sports talk 48 here on WW well. There's -- dubbed W a pretty jaguar opinion poll when asked if the Saints had a bounty Sean Payton said that he and the commission agreed not to talk about it. Should -- nation dropped it right down 15% say no and 85% say yes. If you and give us your opinion an influence our poll go to our website WWL dot com. Here is a -- reads I think it's time to move on from the bounty scandal. I'm here is another text. Drop its. And give up our draft or don't drop that until we give up until we get our draft picks back here's another text. Oh my god -- is back and we Saints fans are ecstatic about his return to twelfth man will blow the lid off the dome. While he's back oh my god yes. Here's a text you cannot tell fans such as myself that spent thousands of dollars on season tickets and we should just get over it. It's not that simple they are deep -- frustrations this year. Here's another -- why would we treat the commissioner all white with the commissioner agree not to talk about it because he knows he's wrong. And is once again abusing his power. Well Sean Payton has accepted this and the Saints have accepted it last night on the show -- talking about how. The reaction to that bounty scandal was a lot different then the reaction to that ESPN. Story rumor -- and Mickey Loomis way is illegally. Listening in on opposing coaches in the dome. They immediately rejected that idea. They didn't immediately reject the bounty scandal. So even though a lot of people don't want to believe it happened apparently there was enough there for Sean Payton and others to accept it and now to move on is it time. To move on and what else stands out in your mind about what Sean Payton senator's press conference today from -- talent on -- under the W -- afternoon. Yeah. I thought other. O. -- All now I. Thought much about proud -- Raja -- Italian you did right. -- ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our arch yeah okay. We are tired by now. There. -- well. I know. Or. At Roger. Should be sure. -- all all. In. All history. I think it should be treated. There. And the years. And it would all so there are. -- I I agree with you we are bigger than. The bounty scandal we are bigger than the things that affected our team this past year were bigger than that and as a city that is blessed with hosting its tenth Super Bowl. This is what we do we host and that includes hosting Roger Goodell. From New Orleans Paul welcome to Russia this afternoon. I can't do. One of the biggest band -- Goodell right now. But as an example to market. Let's let -- -- particular -- -- grudges hold. Watford pitch more vengeance against stopping. That not been off for somebody it down and want to cut prime and never yet to be upstanding citizen. Like a long way to go to me. Paul that is an excellent point think about how your actions of holding this grudge or not forgiving if not moving on think about the message that that sends to. Your kids. And two others. I'm -- and for Garland got a comment are numbers 260187. -- 3866889087. Texas a 78 -- will be right back with more on -- WL. Earlier today and every WL we heard Sean Payton talking to the media lie from the Senior Bowl in mobile. One thing you said was he said there was no way he was going to another team. And while his contract had not yet been signed there was talk that you might go to Dallas and Michael here he said there's no way he was going to another team something very comforting for. All of -- who dat nation. He also was asked is my suspension too harsh and he essentially said no and he didn't really wanted to -- -- But the main thing that Sean Payton said was it's time to move on and not dwell on the scandal. Can you -- that's her to be a -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. Sean Payton asked about the bounty scandal. He's the commissioner agreed not to talk about it should The Who dat nation drop it. 16% say no they don't want to -- -- 84%. Say yes. I'm here is a text. If the coach says drop it drop it. He's the coach here's a -- get over it move on look forward to good things. In 2013. Season here's another tech's next year we will party with the Lombardi from New Orleans clear welcome to WL. -- -- -- good. -- Manny felt that. We are the biggest party on -- here. -- -- it out for Mardi Gras and the kicker call. And we are why are we can survive anything an actor I actually. I'm ready. Let me back -- it means well and -- an hour and what you're. And the -- that show the work. Actually. We. Aren't here -- well. Any indeed we are and Claire we all need to remember that right now we -- on a national and worldwide stage -- senator his girlfriend and I have come in town for a from Portland and last night I got off by the yard midnight. And they picked me up -- we -- to have coffee and -- a cap figure on -- you go around Jackson square and there are so many. Things that are up now stages in so many things that they just tell us that the Super Bowl is approaching and then of course it's a money draw as well. I'll from Harvey. Valencia your under the WL. He. What -- -- I think the way. When I can. Pick. -- treatment and what particular attention. Gone a little and Katrina and go out and go out and pocket and pick it up to that. We -- not happy that we want and are being. -- -- I totally agree normally graduate took time to express your opinion on our show here's a text that read. I'll drop it after the next Super Bowl in New Orleans. When the Saints won't have a sabotage the season you know I I I'm getting -- in there are some people who just don't want to let it go. It's kind. It's the past. And the more you dwell on the past the less likely you can appreciate the moment in the future. And if Sean Pate in the Saints are ready to move on. Why are you. If your holes they were this time students in for Garland hang on we'll be right back on definitely well. We've got a lot of things we've got to correct. To get where we wanna go for me and that's just true so there's there's a lot that goes into winning and there's a lot of those in the lose. That was what Sean Payton had to say when he was talking to the media life is mobile at the Senior Bowl just a little while ago which you heard here on WW wells but it's coming up next he will continue this conversation. I'm scoots in for -- here's text and reads I'm in favor of putting all this behind us but how can we at this time. The draft is a few months in a few months and we are missing a tick the punishment is not over. We still have to have to what Disco I mean Sean Payton is like you in in life whether it's your your personally for your business like you can't dwell on things you don't half. That's gonna prevent you from being his goodies you can be. And and we can't dwell on the things we don't have we have to move on we can't change the past this is the way it is if we get a draft pick back -- that would be wonderful. I hear is attacks that -- a New Orleans gets more than its fair share of events and should be more financially solvent than most cities. If it continues. To take things personally able only have a reverse effect financially. For the people who make the decisions. To bring their corporate events to New Orleans from -- -- Mike here on WWL. I don't -- my. Yeah I did but then did move on that would -- it and -- nude scenes. All along -- did you know over. Now like I I totally agree with you an overall look forward to work to this season here is a text that -- a Sean -- its ability to move forward. And not dwell on it. Happens to be one of the reasons he is a great coach we should all learn from him from Covington Mike I've got time for a quick comment welcome at every WL. Don't. It. Yeah. It in this. My take -- either shall pay it decide who to drop over so of course. Propagate it out on purple ball such as -- would make it saying things to. But I Ehrlich all -- was say you know we we we ticket holders. And what we do have some say. So out of we can't -- I but it would be seeded Mike and I. I I appreciate your -- got to get to it to a news break. You know that that the truth is a Saints fans don't have a say and changing the past I think it's time to drop it. I'm studio for Garland spot is coming up next caller show right now and get in and talk despite the conversation continues.

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