WWL>Topics>>1-23 11:10am Scoot speaks with Jason Berry about the Catholic Church

1-23 11:10am Scoot speaks with Jason Berry about the Catholic Church

Jan 23, 2013|

Scoot speaks with Jason Berry, Author of 'Sons of Silence', about the Catholic Church.

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Good morning and welcome back to the think tank I'm -- in for -- today there's a lot of talk about lip sync gates fiance. Lip syncing the nationalism now it wasn't a classic -- thinking episode because she was apparently singing along with her own voice. Now my question is the people who are criticizing -- for lip syncing. We may not be the same people who would be criticizing her if something happened and it wasn't right he wasn't it wasn't perfect. There -- some people just love to complain. Not a fan of lip -- I would rather something not be perfect. And be alive and real Dan. And that lip syncing. And I'm I'm very disturbed when your summer like it to the Super Bowl with sick and I didn't I was watching beyoncé -- nationally that that we're gonna play it for you just while. -- I couldn't tell she was lip synching because I guess that's because a microphone was like she was singing along with her own voice here's our WW a party -- my opinion poll today. The nuclear beyoncé sang the National Anthem -- or lips sinks with a recording of her own voice. 30% say I care. 70% say I don't care. It was your opinion by going to our website Debbie WL dot com we're talking about new evidence in the Catholic Church in Los Angeles. That the that the church secretly protected priest accused of sexually abusing children and then move them around we've heard this before now there's new evidence that this has happened. -- got a number of text to get to which he'll do here in just a moment. If you're if you're Catholic. Has the church done. Enough in your opinion to. Apologized and be contrite for its flawed since. I I'm Catholic -- to a Catholic Church every Sunday and once in awhile and has -- right I try to go every Sunday and I enjoy it. But much of what I enjoy is between. Mean god and I have some disagreements with the church not the least of which is how the church's overall handled. This says scandal of priest molesting boys -- -- in the sand and it's illegal and this information. From Los Angeles indicates that. The church knew the archbishop new. And didn't share information with priests. Didn't share information with the police didn't share information with the public. Jason Barry is author of vows of silence an award winning film and book about the Vatican and the abuse crisis also. The book render unto roam the secret life of money in the Catholic Church Jason welcome to WW out the morning at W. Jason are used to go to church. And you're happy you go to communion. Well let me just say that. My problem is not with the man it's not -- the -- it's with the way the church is governed. You know -- been at one time the church was considered to be the third most powerful entity in the world behind the United States in the Soviet Union. The church is extremely powerful and so many ways and I think one thing that is so unsettling to those are Catholic and those who -- Catholic is that this religious institution. -- would have done anything and continues to -- some ways do anything to protect its image above doing what's right. And that's the same arguments were made about Penn State in Jerry sandusky. You know the story in Los Angeles there really hasn't come out yet but I think will the coming days. They're really begins in 2002. When the district attorney of Los Angeles county Republican name's Steve Cooley. Had information about priests who could be in recycled. And abused and was trying to indict Cardinal Roger Mahony. -- ponies attorneys. To prevent information from the clergy personnel files from coming out. And against a plaintiff attorneys to advance to oh something like 550 lawsuits. And basically the clock was ticking on the statute of limitations in criminal cases. And the DA's office was never able to yet. The information that is now coming out almost ten years eleven years later. That -- they felt would indicate how much cardinal Mahony knew and when he knew it. So in a sense this is really story the power of the legal system -- lawyers and we if you if you pay enough money warriors will keep information from. Getting out and keep that from the district attorney crew. I think probably would indicted him and they had access to disinformation back then. Yeah and that's that's something that happens in the the legal system with lawyers whether it's a Catholic Church case are or not. Well it -- It if you look at -- some of the you know high profile federal cases. In the war which hit a great many. Elected officials to go under present you know governor -- among others Ray Nagin has just been indicted in the Q and these -- federal cases but. You know prosecution. Whether it's federal or or local. Really turned on how much information. They can get. In order to make indictment and what is so remarkable about Los Angeles is that. The DA's office. Brought one. Motion after and other seeking those document. And at every turn I mean this whipped up the appellate latter all the way to the California Supreme Court and they tried to you know federal appeal on talking about the church attorneys because attorneys being paid 5600 dollars and hour. And in the and the Supreme Court refused. To hear it meaning the federal. Decisions -- You have to turn over the information and it's still I think -- camp by yours now and there are just finally getting misinformation out. So I don't know what to think that that really strikes me about this story from Los Angeles is why that it takes so long. For the legal system to disgorge this information. Jason. Why why have parishioners collectively and why has the public in general collectively. DN tolerant to the point there. They have allowed this to happen why it in in some ways I think that that the church's has been given permission and not been held accountable by the public. You know let them get questioned. Happy -- that is the 64000 dollar question -- we tolerate it and and get the nearest. Answer that I think quote and quote accuracy that I could give goes something like this. Catholics. Are liberties. In the dissents in a climate of acidity. We are taught to believe in the -- to believe in the archbishop to believe in the Pope. And you know the tradeoff is that most people go to man and they don't expect your political sermons I mean sometimes you get them. But for the most part people go to whether they're Republicans or Democrats are centrists or the independence and they go to. They could hear the gospel they don't go there you're lecturer -- you should vote for well what -- Is that this system of government by the church which is so very different from -- democracy. I hate to say it has become terribly war when you think of all the bishops and cardinals. Who are responsible for these cover ups. It's more than just covering -- -- -- sexual criminals go from you know once situation and other abusing all the youngsters. And not one of these cardinals or bishops has truly been punished. And that's because the church theology considers them. On the line of apostolic succession in the that he faced in the line with the -- apostles. Well you know I think we raced the story of Judas from our memory. As Judas was an original apostles when he sold Jesus out for you know thirty pieces so that for the -- Many of these cardinal law of Boston who was really the catalyst in the huge -- in 2002. Opened the gates for so many other cases around the country. He. Resigned as archbishop. Of Boston but still cardinal. Spent about a year living in a content in Maryland. And then moved to world and became the pastor agreed basilica at a salary of 101012 months. And sits on the board of many of the congregations in the Roman Korea. So this is not a justice system as we know it in the west -- in the in western you know legal tradition. That punishes people who were in positions of authority. They get from the past removable -- and everybody is smiling as if they are plaster saint. Jason before what you go let's let's touch on aren't aren't what you're talking about return serve. The way people are -- the Catholic Church do you think the people who have been molested by a priest. On worry. Indoctrinated into this belief that it's it's it's the priest and this is not wrong which they have been molested by somebody else in their family -- in society. That's really Park City I mean I've I've read hundreds of depositions that they interviewed dozens abuse victims I haven't done report on that lesser years I've been. Really focus much more finances but. You know eat that there's no party. Answer every case is different but the youngsters or use typically come from troubled situations often times they come from. What would appear to be well that nuclear families. But whether to coach or a priest or anyone else is in the position of authority. You know kids are impressionable and and they can be taken advantage which is why I think as a society we have to be vigilant. -- Jason obviously the church has a lot of money. Well it it's like believe it or not it's losing. It's losing lots of money did you know that in the three largest archdiocese. Outside of New York -- -- Los Angeles Boston Chicago. The unfunded. Clergy pensions. Or at a level of about 95 million dollars. They don't have the money for health care for many of these priests in the -- archdiocese. Partly that's because of the abuse settlement. -- partly it's because the church has been very portly man. Financially they don't. Issue financial statement that would pass Muster -- they you know the united way or you know any of the other. Major charities so. Turkey at a lot of problems that they can they gave more -- -- It would be much. Church so do you think there's any chance of maybe one day a third collection. You -- for collection instant on campus all right illegally used a third collection. -- I'd -- Jason Berry author of vows of silence an award winning film and book about the Vatican and the abuse crisis in the church and also author. Render unto roamed the secret life. Money -- the temperatures thanks for being with us thank you -- -- for -- if you would like to join us with your thoughts and feelings are numbers 2601878. -- 38668890870. Texas 87870 here's a text that sorts out you are the worst type of Catholic. He -- to get to that we'll be right back.