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1-23 6:10pm Drew Brees

Jan 23, 2013|

Bobby Hebert talks with Saints Quarterback Drew Brees shortly after Head Coach Sean Payton's early reinstatement in this edition of QB to QB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports saw. QB to QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby took down again and no. And Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual family and group plans don't snap from Hawaii we dissipating putting -- NC in this Sunday's probable. If it's the AFC and NFC. Quarterback Drew Brees on just drew thank you so much for the time a lot of news this week. The reinstatement a coach John -- he addressed the media day -- basically said that you know 2012 though we're drew. And a lot of hard work needs to be done and ought to for the Saints to be back in that that number so to speak in 2013. There is no doubt if you were trying to beat the portrait back -- earlier than expected. In. -- effect work like oh we're ready to backcourt. On epic if there's a lot that we can draw draw the ball. From last year and obviously expectations. We're going to be where they all well and very very high. Could -- a lot of artwork be able to you know I achieved though but a cup for we have. People that they can do that. Now drugged up familiar arm with the Falcons and bought I guess when you look at the clubs can get off again -- against get off the better start. -- -- what they did look -- -- cost -- a twenty point lead that is Seahawks in the divisional round they were still able to land and you look. Only come back bigger than the 49ers overcome a seventeen point deficit in the commerce championship game. Was in the cold rallied past the Patriots in 2007. Being down eighteen point by their first water. It looked like man if I was I'd blow -- but the 49ers kind of just kept their poise and in the not so fast. Yeah they do it -- listener. They're great game and there -- to their they've played -- thing. You know you never know. You know it -- -- that detail to have. You know and -- game can guard. You know obviously Atlanta really got people there -- starting team you know so. You are expected they would come out you know fired. Let people 170. You know -- -- out there are expected yeah. Obviously the corner through their composure slowly trying to -- their way back. 1714. Apparently anecdote that you can't stomach or perhaps our political team and it's like -- hit on all cylinders and but you know to have regard credit you know -- -- -- -- back but -- -- actually -- Was able to get -- -- stormy here. Now -- -- what is your take it and my take on this is that maybe. He's kind of the Rodney Dangerfield. A playoff quarterbacks is because he's had. Maybe a handful are really port games in the regular season when they were kind of you know the national media always want to give everyone a nickname. Calling on fluke -- that a Joseph Flacco but when -- kids is Joseph Flacco. If you look at six post season road wins the most in NFL history. The only quarterback during the -- arrow would -- post season victory in each of his first. Five seasons mean do you think is gonna take Joseph Flacco winning a suitable. Finally be considered an -- quarterback. Heard him. That's that your level -- that -- You know her prologue. You know I mean even prior to this year if you just look at -- -- year. What they are doing out there aren't there -- speed you know who. You know you're. I echo on -- awhile or they were the division in Baltimore which. You win eleven games but you know. Perimeter while part I really haven't go to a road or to get to play out split. You know at 11. Road game every year. And those first Warriors. And game two in the main goal could be. Your future your future what Pittsburg and they want the league last year where. There 11. Actually -- -- go to the Super Bowl pure call. Happily ever catch the ball in this era. Heard -- prior even prior to this year are so light. Well and looking at what looked like Michael really played well in these games in big situations -- bigger and bigger than you know. They're they're gonna be so. Gain a -- all the way. But come celery -- with a lot of credit where it's so on deservedly so I expect guys. It's more improvement so. Especially this year -- -- I think -- see our league contract you do yeah but you know he. I think terrorist. They had a stretch there during the season where alternately Vikings or are are quicker in the way that Terry normally wore him so you catcher. Lack -- bartenders -- short while ago in there offensively and you are in the playoffs and walks against Celtic who they are Warriors that all the road. You know could go from basically beat. I never thought of an oval one street. You know is in the divisional round moment ago. In the near future of the on the -- -- New England. The other can see it doesn't get out of the match you know. Yeah its hard aren't you. The numbers -- we got a lot of it is well that was all about. This portion of QB to QB has brought you by Jimmy -- America's favorite sandwich. Delivery guys drew a lot of people -- -- a lot of work because we talked a bureau announced yesterday about the wounded Warriors team against the team police and the are the flag football game this for a great cause you've had some -- you got some more bits coming in another raffle. Fit in our listeners out there who couldn't get upon a book maybe can win a great deal of alive -- You're actually so we -- rappel the last two weeks. You know through trip report of the border was such a huge success. They'll get forward -- it sort of -- -- about all -- -- Trotter small market rather than you the opportunity for or more lucky fair. Up from across the country to your trip real life partner. About two or 47 in the world which hotel get four tickets for the game get tickets to -- Throughout our party our foundation or organize -- -- -- Topic our culture and it couldn't hurt in any relief. -- -- -- -- -- He gave a speech are required. And also a lunch or breakfast with me on Friday or Saturday so. -- -- great opportunity hopefully it will be elaborate on my foundation here you'll go to net -- not work to buy -- particularly true dollar. The the more you that's -- -- the actual balance so that we appreciate everybody would probably should have got paired up betrayed when the simple fact which. Drew was that final question -- we appreciate drew joining us why. The word Super Bowl before 2009 of their way 2002 and and now after you win eight what there's Drew Brees think. All of their their their trip. It's a defining moment. For your career. Norms and well we we get extra credit there but you know not to have the game itself. Or even you know -- After the game for -- Olympic or a trophy but aren't a great building. It's the Super Bowl or eight you know in the -- since the city -- -- all come out and an -- -- the culture together at the Warriors greens -- culminating it at 20 victory yeah. And now you know it's. It's artists it's the new era well hey we want first one but. There -- teams that went -- -- earned first team to create a legacy by winning more and more there are believe we can be one of those things you know we got. Head coach who's been -- for 2006 there. It helped build the salvation and in the arm -- the conducive to winning it is the order. Ownership dispute in the same macular mr. -- and Eric got this great it's great leadership. From the -- down and I think we've got many of the same core group -- It -- I think account at peace is possible but. So those are the two -- to create a legacy and go. Go to -- and not many coming to the contrary it would have about the career that you'll be out for what we do. QB to QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby -- and -- and now. In Coventry Health Care -- Louisiana individual family and group plans drew thank you so much of the time what -- next week for the -- below. -- from Hawaii -- Drew Brees does that drew and the NFC all it was a Sunday at the Pro Bowl here on WW.