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Jan 23, 2013|

Tonight Scoot talks about: the return of Coach Payton back to the Saints. Is it time to move on and get down to business?...also.... Tiger Woods has proposed to his ex- wife. / It's been reported that the Catholic Church in L.A. not only covers for pries

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-- I think there's locally today it was a Sean Payton is speaking out for the first time he's now been officially reinstated as head coach of the saints. First time he has spoken to the media and with the media has spoken to unique. As saints -- says since his suspension last year. Here's our daily WL pretty jaguar paid imposed a night when asked if the saints had a bounty system Sean Payton said that he and the commissioner. Agreed. Not to talk about it. With that said. Should there who dat nation droplets should be -- nation should saints fans finally. Let me go. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes few minutes ago got a text from us operators listening in -- Chattanooga Tennessee thank you for being with a -- where -- you are in America. A graduate has tonight's on this good show. We're on 98 to midnight till Monday through Friday here on WWL. And I sometimes there's a game on -- issue gamers on their earlier tonight though she got their first SEC basketball win beating Texas CNN tonight. And a hornet's at a loss to the spurs but the hornets are starting to look a little -- are now tomorrow. The hornets are gonna unveil. They're new logo and released. And announced the new name for the team. Since Tom mentioned bought the team there's been speculation wobbled a new name -- went comments and announced that the team was gonna change. I'm also looking forward to a change of colors and I've heard that there's going to be change the colors. That too often. And there are times when. The hornets look like the Denver Nuggets went anywhere though light blue uniforms with the then the yellow. Highlights and sometimes they look like the Los Angeles Lakers today. This so to me that this team doesn't have a real strong. Visual identity. So I would look forward to that -- color changes will look forward to the new logo and I think the name change is is good is it gonna be the pelicans. -- it's been something that has been. I talked about a lot that seems to be big name that has been leaked out as the name that fit this says team is going to be. Taking. But we're not sure about that you know when we have talked about this I've often said you know I I'm for like -- the Buccaneers of the pirates. And my here's my thinking. Any thing they would encourage that surely used to Wear a black patch over there are higher I think would be sexy. So you see what drives mine mine my thoughts in my motivation here. And you know it is one as the team does something good to make their cheerleaders exciting. You know I'm not really serious about that. Anyway tomorrow this is gonna happen at 3 o'clock you'll hear that live -- Debbie WL that will be during -- show from one to four. And then right after all that happens on WWL you'll have a chance to react to it to be talking about -- on sports talk tomorrow afternoon 48. And tomorrow night for me to midnight we'll talk about it here under the WL. Earlier today I've I was talking and doing girl -- argument there's new evidence that the Catholic Church in Los Angeles. Knew that priests were sexually molesting children. And did not tell the police or they're parishioners. And they were simply move the priest from one parish to another and shielded and protected the priests and we've we've heard about this this is this is nothing new but this is in this. This phenomenon is nothing new. But you know as a as a Catholic it's it's it's very disheartening. And it's it's sad to hear that. That any institution. Much less a religious institution. Would cover up not only CN. But also criminal behavior. Criminal behavior that manifesto lasting change on the young people who are. The victims. I talked to and as somebody who is with. A survivor of abuse by priests -- group today it in New Orleans. And I asked him if he thought it was still going on. And he said absolutely. As the Catholic Church done enough in your opinion to show that it really is sorry for. For cover up I mean I I guess that church is kind of apologized for it as it is a Catholic guy. I don't know ditched the churches has apologized enough for our hasn't hasn't shown contrition. To me. That's that's that's satisfactory. And -- Would want us to go and confess our -- Tim all the churches admitted to things at the church really -- -- in my opinion again is not turn has not been an adequate job in. They're totally. I'm. Confessing and I'm. Apologizing for him for what it is done and it -- two kids. And to the and shouldn't the church and church leaders be held criminally responsible for molesting children and for failing to report that molestation. -- in the with a situation where Jerry sandusky took place it depends stayed to our university. It was obvious that. The officials at Penn State's cared more about the image of the school the image of the program the money. Generated by the football program. Then they cared about doing the right thing. Morally. And legally. And I mentioned that that's the same. Comment that you can make about the Catholic Church. The image of the church. Was more important. Than doing. The moral. Right thing. So after the show earlier today and every WL I -- I receive this email. From a listener and an email says Cisco -- said no excuse for homosexuality abuse of young men. By clerics of any denomination. All priests. Preachers and rabbis. Should go to jail for such criminal behavior. Or. Of being an accessory to facilitate such illegal behavior. With that in mind the you know that the Catholic Church educates more than two million people. At a cost to Catholics have ten billion dollars. If these two million people had been educated by the government the cost to taxpayers would be eighteen billion Catholics -- saving taxpayers. Eight billion dollars a year. There are many more medical and scientific disciplines that we take for granted unaware. Of the Catholic Church. Originating. The same. Also it appears that your knowledge of Catholic teachings is. Wanting. My -- for sure what that that means -- how to interpret that. -- via email goes on why don't you try to learn more about to your church. From a good holy priest. God bless and this is from out from melted. First of all I wanna set the record straight win distort starts out no excuse for homosexuality abuse of young men. I realize that this is very difficult for a lot of people to comprehend. I'd -- 'cause. Males. Abuse young males. This is not make all of those men homosexuals. Look it up research it there's a difference between pedophilia. And homosexuality. Had a -- is more about power it's more about to control. Its -- ballots. Taking advantage of I'm on an innocent person. Using your power your strength but if Europe had -- file even if it's Amanda. And another male that doesn't make you almost six pro homosexual someone to set the record straight on that. The other thing that strikes me about this particular email. Is. Talking about how you know the -- should be held accountable but with that in mind. Educating two million people -- ten billion dollars in saving taxpayers. I have that they had to educate these people eight billion dollars here I don't know about those figures. But what I do know is that there should be no excuse. Well -- this happened but the Catholic Church does oldest. I talked to somebody who has written some books about. The Catholic Church earlier today. And I asked him YN and you know collectively as a community I guess to some degree we're responsible for allowing the church. To perpetuates. This this problem. Because we haven't demanded that the church be held accountable. We we do for a politician. We do it for a lot of people put. It may be because of the good will of the church which I don't -- and look I'm not labeling all -- together here. By any means and -- -- and most of the priests are great dedicated priest the priest that I've known are great dedicated priest. And there -- -- come priest who over the years I have really enjoyed sitting down and talking to -- going to lunch with -- having dinner with. So. Having said that. Whatever good the Catholic Church dies. Doesn't make up for hiding criminal behavior. In my opinion. And when we hear about how old. You know there have been a -- six after calling of died I I'm not sure they're hearing the calling of my god. If that god is leading them to do some of the things that they've they've done. And and again I just think it is so important for the church to be a little more. Open with this -- just the idea is that nothing was done in priests were sent to. One parish and into another parish is something that should be appalling to everybody and and and that's why I don't allow the church to totally sit in judgment of me. I enjoy the -- I enjoy the church I enjoyed going to charge as I said I you know sometimes Imus is Sunday but -- I try to go to church. Every week and I enjoy it. By two I don't agree with every aspect of the church because much -- of my eighth appearance in churches in this is my personal view is between me and got. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight when asked if the saints had a bounty system. Saints coach Sean Payton -- in his first press conference today. That he and the commissioner agreed not to talk about it should the food and they should saints fans drop it and letting go. Right down 22%. Say no. And 78%. Say yes. And you can give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Also we have the saints head coach a press conference the first media press conferences since their reinstatement and following is a suspension last season. The first press conference we've got all that in its entirety on our website at WW dot com plus Bobby and deep this afternoon -- sports talk here on WWL. And an exclusive interview with coach paint and we've got that as well plus Tommy Tucker channels his inner Dr. Phil. And provides therapy to their recommendation the video so areas you might want to check that out. And share with your friends. It's every WL -- -- if you wanna join our show and a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it's X number is 87870. Here's a text. These -- is. Wants. To wring every last bit of fame. Out of the guy. Rather than just let him. Rest in peace. And I. Man I'm gonna have to re read it I'm not nature exactly sure what that refers to. I hear is a text can you imagine how much money is going to generate the new NRA and I know ND OW NBA apparel. Any idea. Lots and lots of money. And he you have hornets have paralyzed yes you're gonna have to get new hornets. Carol. This is the -- show we'll be right back on every WL. It is so exciting to watch this city dress up and get ready for the Super Bowl in February 3. I was around Jackson square earlier today my senator is his girlfriend are in town and we took a walk to the French Quarter. Around Jackson square you to see all these stages going out tonight I think CBS evening news is going to be here for the entire week. And there are going to be so many shows. On CBS and so many syndicated shows from Jackson square and from new Orleans city. If this is just a a great great time to it to be Norah is is is always a great time to be enormous but it's is really exciting with. Mardi Gras starting out early last weekend the board -- starting this weekend. And then that appraiser will continue and the Super Bowl and then. On money draw will be in full split swear in full swing until Mardi Gras day but around Jackson square I was really impressed with the with some of the stages that I sought. And there's this elevated crosswalk. From the the river walk. At right thanks for the Jackson paraded goes above. On saint Peter Decatur I guess about Decatur about Decatur. And then -- down to the other side of of of the street. They're they're using. The stuff that looks like old old New Orleans stuff I don't know exactly how to describe it but it definitely has in New Orleans style and a New Orleans motif to it. And so is that it's not just going to be a nice fancy stage. It's gonna look like. It belongs in New Orleans even though they're just directing it right now but they seem to be working all the time that. I'm last night I went had coffee and doughnuts after the the show and my son his girlfriend and I think we have a midnight. And they were working after midnight at the square with lights on they are working on putting the putting made the stages together getting everything ready and in other Super Bowl -- still. What to two weeks away Rome well a little less than than two weeks away but it's really exciting to see this city come alive for not only money grub -- also for. The Super Bowl I here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Iowa when asked if the saints had a bounty system Sean Payton said that he commissioner Roger Goodell agreed not to talk about it. He says it's time to move on and not dwell on the bounty scandal. Do you agree with that can you as part of The Who dat nation -- -- thank and you finally trotted. And let it go. Tony 4%. Is is ticked up a little bit -- 4% say no can't -- ago. And 76% say yes they can let -- -- I had attacked stir earlier today when we were -- talking about this right after the press conference on WWL. Some guy said. It's not that simple. And it's -- not fair to ask. Saints fans who spent thousands of dollars on season tickets to -- -- Yeah I think it I think it is fair I think it's time to and I think it's time to let this go. If you dwell on things in the past if you dwell on the negative parts of your past weathered your personal life for your business life. It's gonna prevent you from first of all being happy in the moment and secondly it's gonna prevent you from being as good as you can be in the future. I don't know about you but I want Sean Payton's I want the saints to forget about it. I want them to put this behind him. And if we want them to put this behind them because it's if they dwell on this. There are going to be better next year. You know this this whole idea of well you know I know we don't have Sean Payton and and we we. We're we're missing our general manager we've got a lot going against this but it's us against the world we have a great season in 2012 -- -- didn't happen. The -- us against the world mentality. Didn't work as a motivating factor. Therefore it's best if the saints put this behind them. And if we want them to put it behind them that I think as fans we need to look in the mirror and realize. We need to totally put it behind us if you wanna give us your opinion you can influence our poll by going to our web site. WWL. Dot com earlier -- press conference and again this was the first press conference and he's held since he has been reinstated and since his suspension finally talking to the media. I Sean Payton appeared to be. Very. Reflective I think that's the best way to describe it to and row reserved. Rather pensive. And somewhat client. There seems to be some question about how Roger Goodell should be treated when he comes a New Orleans. For the Super Bowl. Here's -- Sean Payton had to say. The hospitality. In our city. He is is open to everyone and so that that would be my answer is especially our commissioner. And I I agree with that he went on to say that to you know we're not -- getting in town cars and driving 45 minutes to a venue where. We're right down the street from the finest hotels the finest restaurants. Our hospitality our city is open to everyone. Especially. Our commissioner. And those were -- Azores and he said it's it's it's kinda move on and I want a repeat something that it caller -- a year earlier today under the WL. And he said what kind of lesson are we teaching our kids might not letting this go. And by holding this correction I think that's a really great point. And you might not think that your kids are watching you even your younger kids that they watch everything you do. They watched the way you react to things they watch the way you act and they probably. Pay more attention or at least as much attention to what you do and how you act as a person. As they pay attention to actually. What you say. I hear is son a text that read tell us about the Catholic Church. Who is the Catholic Church educating at their expense I went to Catholic school and I'm pretty sure my parents. Paid them to educate me. -- here's a text about the possibility of the new name for the hornets being the pelicans. I'll be the first to call the pelicans appellate chance. They're uniforms should have pouches invisible when the players who live their arms horrible name for franchise. Well but it only as somebody sent me an email I mentioned this earlier. At the pelican is a very very vicious animal on this planet. It's carnivorous. It's vicious. I I think there was something -- in this this article about how pelican send. -- like what they're eating this is still be somewhat alive. So they're like -- Byrd spent. And my first reaction to the pelicans Lewis and I I don't know but we're gonna get the word tomorrow. It's gonna happen tomorrow at 3 o'clock and you'll -- lies. I'm Debbie WL if you don't have the WWL a phone -- yet for your iPhone or your android. A you can get a by going to your App Store or going to our website WWL dot com download your rap and that way you can take us with you every you take your phone. And so if you're somewhere you're not around radio and you're not in your car you're not home -- on your office you got your phone with if you can listen to WWL. And will have this for you at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon this will be during -- show from one to four. And us but we'll give you a chance to react to immediately. On WWL and -- -- we'll we'll talk about it to tomorrow night of course about being people talk about. The new name -- our exports stock tomorrow. From 48. Here is and I text that read this time. Pace due to what's the big deal abouts beyoncé lip syncing. The National Anthem George Bush lips sink his whole term is present. That is from Roberts in -- Jonesboro Georgia. Go falcons. And Robert we know why you feel because there was a time in our lives as fans of our franchise win. We had to deal with our team not doing. So well and not winning the big game that hasn't happened although we've haven't won the big game -- -- game in a while. -- it once. We're heading back to doing if we know exactly how how you Fiona I talk to somebody out who call the show last night dorm zoo last night and -- before. From Atlanta sorry guys feeling and in in Georgia and Atlanta because we're not even talking about it. So maybe they handle things a little differently than we do but yet there's this the controversy about to -- -- save lip -- the National Anthem. As president Obama's inauguration Monday and you know I just didn't think it was that that that big a deal although I'm not a fan of lip syncing as I said earlier I would rather. It be lied and not perfect. Van. Then people would sixth because if you're a professional you can get out there and you can -- And and you know when I watched the grammys I always look for people who might be lip synching when I watched the better halftime shows at the Super Bowl like I forget. Who it was who blasted it but there was just an obvious. Lip -- moment during a halftime show -- the Super Bowl on -- you know come on. You can't do what you can do it and -- the technology is there to make it all happened so. Make it happen. Does New York city's big soda ban discriminate against minorities. The NAACP in new York and Hispanic foundation. Has now joined the lawsuit against New York City along with the and beverage association of America. Four. This -- to join the in the lawsuit for the band. On some retailers. Selling any sugary soda drinks over sixteen -- that we talked about this is on the show. Apparently the obesity rate in the black and Hispanic communities. Is higher. According to the centers for disease control and other communities but the lawsuit argues that the soda -- disproportionately. Harms minority businesses. And freedom of choice. In low income communities. Now look this sort of fan in New York City is I've said many times may be the wrong action to take in fighting obesity. But I don't think there's anything discriminatory about it I'll be talking about this tomorrow beans -- grown from a ten to one we'll talk about this senate tomorrow morning. Along with the Pentagon this was big -- in breaking news earlier today. The Pentagon has dropped its policy for excluding women from combat. And combat jobs are now open to women. Is this. A positive change is this a good change. If you've been in the military. If you're a woman if you're a man what is your feeling about it's now allowing women in combat. And with so many advancements and the equality between the sexes over it and the decades. And finally since the nineteen -- with Susan B. Anthony and women finally getting the right to return to vote with. You know the burning of bras in in the seventies and I was there witness to go to that revolution. Why has it taken so long for the Pentagon to open combat roles to women. Many thought if a woman is. Capable. Of performing the duties. Then why shouldn't she be allowed to be in compact. Or is there is this any part of our human instinct. To be protective more protective of women. And therefore as. As homo sapiens as as just human sweet. We wanna be protective of women therefore we don't want women to be in combat I wrote a blog about this mean and it's on our website WWL dot com. It's about. -- -- the Pentagon finally allowing women in combat. Oh why is this the right thing to do. That blog is on this two page OW WL dot com under shows and schedules so on the top banner just click on skewed and you'll find it they -- I want to remind you that the big game is less than two weeks away and our countdown starts early. Bobby and -- will be lines from. -- -- casino in Baton Rouge this Saturday. From ten to 230 -- occasion can and big chief Deke Bellavia they're gonna size up the 49ers. And the ravens. The Harbaugh Brothers. And we'll get you ready for the big game the big events the big parties. The big traffic. Problems that are gonna take place in New Orleans and there will be many so count down to the big championship with Bobby and -- This Saturday from ten until 230 life from Baton Rouge in the -- -- to see no. In their stadium sports bar and I haven't been there yet but I hear that is a phenomenal place. So I've had to go join them and I join us here on -- WL a Saturday from ten to 230 and there are going to be so many events there will be talking about all of them here. RW WL so many events during the that the Super Bowl weekend it's it's more than just about the game and there's a lot of fan -- stuff going on in fact there were giving things away and we'll be telling you out more about that is as time goes on. I if you wanna join our show tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 -- 1878. Until free 8668890. A seventy. Tech's number is 87870. Here's a -- -- it's hard to think that at the Super Bowl. When you're dealing with a stadium that is so big. And that has a five seconds. Delay it's hard to think. That it artist would lips -- I thought this was gonna lead to be hard to think that an artist. Wouldn't lip -- Again. There are ways. With the feedback in which fit everything in any kind of an echo into a stadium there are ways to. Make it all in real time. For the performer so again I'm. I'm just I'm bother wind when people who are professionals -- people who have really great talent. -- -- -- it says it again I'd I'd rather just just being alive but. Having said that I I don't think this controversy over beyoncé lip synching at the president's inauguration is a big deal because her Mike was alive and she was. Singing along with -- -- tonight even talking about and Tiger Woods in a report that he's apparently proposed to his ex wife Elin. Now does this does this work out have you ever remarry your acts. I got a text from -- earlier about their parents got married divorced. Remarried and divorced again they had the exact same problems I know somebody who. Was married divorced. And after a period of time remarried her husband and then got divorced again. And I just can't imagine how that would work out however I do know that it's quite common for people to. He married. Or -- not a long term relationship. Breakup. Or get divorced in the case of marriage and then looked back and think you know. Maybe we should have stayed together. Are now that I know what's out in the real world it seemed like it was just going to be the best but it was only a temporary distraction. And it wasn't nearly as good is as when I had. And I know there's a song somewhere that says so don't know what we got till it's gone. I don't know it has by -- -- Allen John Politico looked into but is it by Aerosmith there's. What what's a song about John. You think I would remember all these things from all the years that I did music radio. What's a song about it don't know what it's got to know what don't -- don't know what you've got till it's gone. And if tiger was divorced in 2010 from his wife -- because he was a serial cheater. As she got a 110 million dollars in the settlement in the divorce they have two children together. A tiger is according to this report desperate to get back with Ellen she reportedly is considering re marrying. Tiger Woods but she wants a 315. Million dollar anti cheating clause. In their pre nup. She apparently has dated a few people including a billionaire. And also I believe an NHL hockey player but I'm not sure cure which warrant a tiger is said to be worth about 600 million so that's a little more than. Half of what tiger is worth and what motivation did she would would money stop you from cheating or if you wanted to cheat would you just be a little more. Discreet. About cheating. On the people who I know who have cheated. And has made. Serial cheating. A part of their lives and something that they were actually proud of those people I don't know if they could be motivated not to cheat because there's something deeper inside and this is with men and women. The -- deeper inside that makes them. -- cheat. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy -- Amber's age 7870. A Cinderella. Cinderella didn't and Cinderella was the band that to disarm don't know what you got till it's gone that the produce titles -- Don't know what you guys don't know what you got till it's gone -- Bon Jovi discover these guys. Anyway this is said this is something to really think about in life sometimes. You don't know what she guides. -- -- It is a song pattern goes along -- there's somebody who may have broken up with somebody and then once you are getting back at the does -- player. You don't get it there's I think his name is ridge Forrester that. If he's an orderly and the good looking guys who's been on their soap opera making a Bold and the Beautiful I don't know for forever. He was releasing this -- player. Baby come back. Even a full could say that there where is something about you. But a lot of songs have been written about breakups in people getting back together. I don't know viewed it I would I would love to hear. A a positive story about somebody who did break up with somebody or get divorced and actually -- -- again and it it worked out right and we know one person and it didn't work out that the second time and which are gonna let this because there's a report out that Tiger Woods has now proposed to his ex wife. And they desperately wants her back but she's asking for a 350 million dollar anti cheating clause. In the -- an agreement. There's a controversy in the Los Angeles a school district Los Angeles Police say that a fourth grade teacher. Was arrested today and charged with the sexual assault. -- nineteen students. And one adult. Police say in a statement that Roberts the mental a teacher at the George. De La Torre junior elementary school in the Los Angeles area maybe it's so horny it's written Georgia may -- as Jorge de -- territory. I junior was arrested today to 57 year old left his position with the Los Angeles Unified School District at the onset of the investigation in March. After working for the district since 1974. Work. Police say the sexual abuse. Took place. At the school. The school district is preparing. A statement twelve. Million dollar deal. Has been sent. -- there are so many things that I can tolerate. So many things in this life that I understand. Maybe I don't totally. Maybe -- don't truly comprehend some things but I can be tolerant of a lot of things and I understand a lot of things even things that. And I don't I don't do like it still be understanding of a lot of things. But this. Molesting two students. Molesting a young people that's just something that you know I guess since I'm I'm not a pedophile I guess -- -- a sane rational. I would argue of moral person or person with with morals and maybe we're a little different from each other but I'm have certainly have a set of morals. I just can't imagine. Anybody doing this and and then you hear about nineteen students and one adult. -- I guess you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking how could go on for so long why don't people say something. I can't speak from personal experience I've I've never been molested in my life. And I don't know what it was like I don't know what it would be like to experience. Bats. Terrible action. Against a young person. And I I know that that that had a files and these perpetrators. Have their way of convincing. Particularly young people. Not to say anything. But if I were apparent today I would certainly have a conversation with my son and daughter. And tell them no matter what I would tell them up front. If somebody tells you this this this -- this. Don't believe them. Come to me and tell me what's going on from Slidell will -- WW good evening. Good evening scary you might help me with my memory I was -- -- Peter takes -- It was a -- on the career to come by Joni Mitchell. Tony always seem as though you don't know what you got till it's gone. They paid paradise and put up a parking lost. Yes and I got that text from from a listener in another state now Laura also all right can we get the Joni Mitchell put it in line that would I didn't know. Didn't want to know -- the world is a big yellow taxi. And I I don't Iowa will look what tribal trying to find that that's right don't know what you got till it's gone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks for a portal -- all right we'll alleged Philly show thanks Elizabeth trying to find Jefferson. It did have for some reason I'm thinking big yellow taxi -- -- again you know I did music radio for many years but it doesn't mean I remember everything. From New Orleans -- you're on WWO good evening. I'm -- do instead is. McCain meant more. Can't they get -- delicate -- implement -- ten dependent on aid into the parking lot in such -- -- -- I want to tell you -- Pat. Buchanan and about a ten minute to tell you the type in the -- -- can -- I think it's really not surprised. And the -- -- yeah. On moss he played ridge Forrester I think it. Program. Despite my ideas. And cannot do differently he arrived -- the channel I think it with a contract dispute. What is the Bold and the Beautiful the. What am -- -- -- I was I watch it every -- the parent and a beautiful. I did I I did a TV interview with him into another market tired I did TV features and radio and another month. I had to send you an email all right I -- I appreciate that yeah I remember it was it was an. What a good looking guy and I said I think he has that I'm Barack I can't. You can't promise that rob -- perfect look. Eight out of Atlanta had to put my daddy like I don't look like the. His I was trying to -- -- me. Good looking and then budget deadlines are pretty boys Janice. I want him to run lost that was name. I'm just got to put -- good idea it would -- indicative of the contract situation. And I think that I think it was over money yeah. You know it's interesting home. Actor singers can become actors. But actors usually fail when they try to become -- You know you can think and Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy tried to make a singing career and that one no one great -- -- -- -- have to move on appreciate you calling your show run loss was the guy that I interviewed years ago. And he was actually the lead singer of the band and a player. If you wanna join our show the comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- semi -- number is 87870. And we get final update on tonight's WW -- pretty general opinion poll. Asked the saints had a bounty system John Thain said he immigration agreed not to talk about it -- for -- opinion by going to WWL dot com all of a final update on that's. When we come back. There's there's some big yellow taxi by eight Joni Mitchell. Paid. Sometimes you. -- We've seen. You don't. Think you can. All of that message you don't know what you got till it's gone they've paved paradise and put up a part in line. And there's something to and there's something to. To remember about that at that particular phrase that there is important for all of us appreciate what you have now. You may not appreciate it but if you didn't have its. You would appreciate it wanted to John we're gonna shoot you crews are also Jack Harris in the other studio tonight here's -- final update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight a saints set bounty scandal.