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Jan 24, 2013|

Dave talks about the Hornets changing their name to the Pelicans and if cursive writing should die

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news -- this 24 of January 2013. Wild month this beaten along it's the day before Friday now welcome to Friday eve by Thursday here on WW well as we. Get in the -- get ready to go for tennis to more workdays and we're raged. BA. Blowing our way. Tomorrow night. They're common talks adding that coming office some fog and bad. And I got a text message today that an eight that it does light fog on the night well between like Allen and bill. The reporting fog the international airport audience like now but it was for the visibility is. A quarter mile or less right now has -- -- yeah last -- They ego blog -- reported down along the coast something you might have to deal with this morning if you find any ball. That's making it hard for you to see where you're going pleased when you're in a safe place and able to use a text as. And alert other folks that may be dealing with it but so far no reports of dance. Law and know that you talked about parades and -- talking about seventies. And just wonderful right through the weekend of this first big weekend. There comes a week early thanks to the super ball. Is going to be full of fantastic weather. For the parade to get you into the -- if that is and parade weather I don't know what is. Yes I like it I love it now wants some more of it. What I don't know is if people are gonna like it love and want some more of it. When we get the announcement from the hornets today. The new name. For the NBA team in New Orleans as -- recall. Times in team owner Tom -- made it very clear when he bought the warrants that one of the very first things he was an interest in doing. Was changing the team's name. Well he couldn't do it immediately there were rules that things had gone through and now today we understand. It's now or it's on its comments and we'll reveal the new name for the team he's secured five names the as the right now pelicans. Swamped dogs -- room. Mosquitoes. And bull sharks. Now we understand. That pelicans has been far out in the lead ever since this whole discussion began because. -- very good source tells me. Mrs. Benson and the hello bars the name public yet and like the colors navy golden red. And she's been apparently campaign to get this done -- gold in Rattan you know I don't know about that your house that I know that most rooms. If the wife really want something yeah. Guy doesn't really matter what kind of market research has done it doesn't really matter what kind of other input is available. If that's what she really wants well as a husband nine now Michael as always. To make my wife happy. That's right and he's the owner of the team leader you want -- yet EST well anything I want it. He does control the neighborhood team with the approval of course of the NBA and the other owners. Abide. The word is. That. Pelicans -- out in the world find out officially. Today you'll hear that lives here on them beat him well him implement economic 3 o'clock this afternoon. Well have our team over at the arena bringing news the news content on its owner. Tom Benson and supporting cast and crew. Who will be elements. In our name and you will be I mean looking -- IDs and I have ever dealt with pelicans. They are mean -- out today they are there vicious attackers -- -- Nate -- get what they go laughter and they're very very large bird comes -- birds I mean I doubt on the wings come out oh my goodness like you go whoa yet yeah you see one stand there on the -- them that are you know at the ball long kiss him all time -- the Bible bulls launched. They look kind of unassuming. But when they spread those wings out of their wings are wider than I am -- That's a little intimidating and so. I don't know I don't know intimidating pelicans are most people but it Durbin up close a lot. In and you don't want one dive bombing in behavior that way it was so it's. Going down it gets better watch out it's coming in hurry -- down and pick up that -- -- out. And that would opens up a bunch of other questions what about the honey bees what are they going to be you know because here -- it is. Here my guess would be -- Paula can nap somebody's at the checks. And I don't know what you koala baby pelican -- -- and I looked at them before the kids. At all. It's something I remember that would not be appropriate name -- here that are today -- count. -- that you -- name refuses to eat meat anyway. Lotta Lotta Lotta work you're doing this is an important questions you were days thank you David like about fifteen minutes more for it. Yeah at WW well -- that now we'll get your forecast straight on into the weekend. First big parade weekend coming up next I would these forecasts that are in states that I reporter -- Garrett is and was sports. Man John -- is back in and it just feel right you learn from him yesterday. It into it still is what it is -- said that several times that's it -- other than that it because it's got to be what is it. Can -- be when it. What is it it is what we heard that one or more from him than one quarter procedure yet can't talk to John Maine. Yes name mobile -- John -- joining us here on WWL the saints head coach -- on sports stocks now he's. That. Will be back with your forecast and more sports and a I'm 90 this Thursday morning good morning I'm gave heroin. Hearing there at WWL first estimate does fog fog fog normal road from the rose to Oman with a not so happy face texted at 877. It does -- Madison -- -- -- bad. There couple's about through the fog is getting today. Folks are reacting to the word that stands out -- Tom Benson hornets aren't comments and we'll announce today that he changing the name of the hornets to the pelicans. Pelicans horrible one and Moses felt like detained him like marketing tactic to get everyone to buy new stuff. -- bull sharks would be -- names. RT take this thing like -- and others as seagulls -- those who wishes him the cheerleaders. If the team is the pelicans. Here is that -- the Eagles. -- -- -- -- What's intimidating about late but it works for the lakers so differently I don't care if -- -- intimidating org now while I'm not at all intimidated by our forecasters now -- these forecasts. Few more clouds mixing in today and even warmer this afternoon 73 for a high look for 10% chance for stray shower. Tonight -- dropping into the fifties that once again we could be looking at patchy fog by tomorrow morning. For your Friday 75 with just at 10% chance for a shower you mean parades in the sixties. And Saturday more parades to -- 20% chance for a shower and highs near seventy. But the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- -- to slot. Mother nature is ready for Marty cried no doubt about it thank you are right now -- clear skies fifty degrees at the international airport some fog reporting -- Slidell some fog reported as well 43 degrees and cloudy but again the only places -- -- have very low visibility. Belle chase a quarter of a mile and you heard down in the hole mine area. To the rose hard deceive their according to a text message to -- him and it's avenue and Madison bill. According to a text message as some pretty epic fall. Sports time now on WW Allan for that we welcome in -- sideline reporter Kristin Garrick you. Didn't things feel just a little war. Normal with Sean Payton given -- 45 minute news conference yesterday. And even that was that normally didn't you know physically wouldn't give them we've it's an analyst yeah averages gave the -- and now you've. Just to hear his voice and hear the things he said in. To get his inside him. But the thing I found most interest thing. Don't expect to make the play out just because -- backe said just get -- back doesn't mean this that we fix all the problems with this team many waves -- transport -- last night but aren't all that good morning. The morning -- Tony Parker had point four points thirteen assists that a San Antonio Spurs rallied. 401062102. Victory over the -- as hornets last night whose money we're not happy after the smoke. When you devote 3228. Points first and second quarter. Not playing any defense at all. The warrants are home tonight against -- -- -- tomorrow night against the Houston Rockets this team also unveiled their new logo and team -- this afternoon at 3 o'clock now -- Sean Payton is back with the team one of the biggest lessons. He learned through his season long suspension was the management of coaching staff. Mark got told me way back you're you're gonna spend more -- -- -- a bigger challenge British senior staff I think your your team. Every year. Our interview with Sean Payton is on line for you at WWL dot com from Hawaii at the Pro Bowl saints quarterback Drew Brees reacts to getting paid back. We're excited to get portrait back -- a little bit earlier than expected from a meter to fact work. Just like go we're ready to back sports. The San Cisco 49ers will be the first team to touch down in new worlds for the Super Bowl win the NFC champions arrived Sunday night the Baltimore Ravens are set to show on Monday college basketball. 125 Miami upsets number one duke ninety the 63. Today at four on -- -- Ellis forced off -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia NFL hall of Famer Mike -- stopped by the radio model I'm Kristian -- today's heroes as sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- And life -- that there are any date I think it's going to be life size that that -- sports. And my Dick guys still a huge hero in Chicago not so much here in New Orleans after his stint with the saints as the bottle he did during Chicago's Super Bowl title one that people still love him there but Yang didn't do so well here in the world. But hopefully Sean Payton will do well what do you think about his comments that. At painted Parcells told and be careful because people are gonna think it just because you're back. Suddenly your team's gonna win eleven or twelve games but he said now just to them back doesn't fix the defense just -- come back doesn't fix the problems. That we saw early in the season in the running game do you think his being back makes the saints playoff team. Not necessarily but it's certainly health costs that are out there. You know I know he's trying to excuse me -- yes they do all the right things and that's now what he has to say that the heat need to show up. Just like much like his team can't just show up on Sundays and expect to win he can't show up and expect is -- and the in the playoff but it. He can't tell me announced that commences that the event they're not a seven at five football team with him silent now on 8813. Win team probably not. Maybe -- seven maybe -- Nate. But -- I don't see him -- 79 team with animals silent even if you go in at first four games when you're known for your peace with that what you record it's. -- Thank you in computer equipment like Imus sports your beat him well -- amendment that -- after this report -- more -- your reaction. Do -- -- changing their name to the pelicans that announcement expected of that 3 o'clock today. -- a tech made 7870 instigation named the cheerleaders the sea gals alike added that the Eagles see now Margaret accent. And this is your forecast that was -- forecast center. Our high today lower fat and eat that even warmer with just to 10% chance for a straight shower. And mostly sunny skies tonight partly cloudy and cool lows in the fifties -- decent patchy fog. Looking ahead to tomorrow 75 with 8% rain chance and for Saturday's parade. A 20% chance for a light shower and ice near seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and route -- -- Tell some fog reported on the North -- around Madison oh that's pretty -- down around home on the -- -- getting reports of thick fog and a quarter mile visibility on the west bank and belt states otherwise we've got fifty degrees at the international airport with a touch of fog and 43 with just a little fog. In the slide now line gave piloted the early edition of Debbie WL partner's text message -- -- -- entity its eggs. True on the new name of the Barnett and us as I think will be fine being called the pelicans look at the next. There actually an acre blockers at a text message today 78 that is don't we under about it when it's got a body as intimidating enough to me. And OK if it but if you like -- that. More with your comments what the cheerleaders for the Palestinians should be called after the I like to pelicans names of the text message today 78 avenue as a -- to be the worst name in sports history. But we call the cheerleaders once that's called up the bed CA. And others as port -- pelicans called lady else. Noses he gals and does this mean now pelicans are -- We'll continue this guys that discussion coming up also talk about the -- the person. You think -- it should be preserved and still taught in schools. That and you wrote in person I don't comes to New Orleans -- backers. Deny. American idols it would happen here we can't -- that the board do. Tax limit on the front line the latest CBS -- David likened it WWL first port traffic and weather together all of it and 37 minutes after 5 -- at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of January 2003. -- -- It's the day before Friday welcomed a third. Today. Haggans so close to the week -- man you've started the nets in what they can name via honeybees. It's. When they read it when they renamed officially at 3 o'clock this afternoon out hornets as the pelicans. They announced that they're going to you queries the question which they called the cheerleaders. And man. We have in flooded with that intensity activity that went as cheerleaders column -- mama don't think that's. Autos as not be should be -- -- As as they came in -- the C check that I'll see aegs all the time. The plumbing. The coast East Coast toasty. -- message sedate him anything I hate to name delicate mrs. -- like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that makes -- the pelican nation. And married a few -- accidentally. Mediate that -- Vegas coming out raises another question so what we call the stadium. Oh yeah -- we we have all the things going on we got the bees in the high as I hate the bees because winds and these are totally different -- -- but I mean he's no babies that Ivan -- Lebanon so that difficult at the net anyway so maybe now -- the best okay. Well we we have all the vernacular but I guess we'll just have to adjust well you heard the sports marketing expert analysts say it's all about the pac. Packaging it now with the logo looks like the colors look like and and all that it determined -- not only the name will determine ultimately successful. -- interested people bar. In the -- I mean pelicans and of course I visualize this kind of mean looking hornet like dive bombing I don't know whether real sharp -- -- I don't want money gets scooped up but the thing at all now that's got to have a little them. I have been scooped up an American Idol once again now aria and tonight's. Idol column this year we get to -- conditions from the well kinda. Remember it was when they reduce the -- they held them here in new war in fact that the New Orleans Arena people lined up around the superdome there was only one problem. There were -- judges. -- -- Gas they bring everyone here and the producers in the staff. Kind of went through the count to become the league compared tourist. And narrowed it down to you know several dozen. That would actually trap before the judges either because there really good or really bad if that works. And that it was some weeks later that they finally pick the judges. So they decided to bring them back to back bruised because that is. Randy Johnson Jackson's hometown. So they bring him back there are unaccounted do it again yet so we'll get to see tonight what happened at the arena in the superdome. When the people first came here and in getting at the flavor of that and then we'll see what happens when those contestants were called back. And appeared before the judges in baton readers you said before that these initial ones are actually the most entertaining the allies and -- the -- -- a -- to try out disasters some and that I enjoy it when we get -- -- the top -- yeah I think in between it's kind of but this is it that this is great I love this stuff or you know attack as -- parties on previous system are doubters that he cars and many gazans stuff like that should be a lot of fun and accidentally got. But not yet about twenty minutes mark birthdays WW Oscars Miller -- this more with more from our sports marketing expert on the name change from the -- It is -- pelicans. -- whether it's saving -- just. Ride for this first big weekend of parades in here to share all the good news with a dismiss meteorologist Laura but now. How are things in the I would it is forecast center this morning. Asked unit if we don't wanna hear that Nagin. Hey my Blackberry and quietly. You have folks and haven't telling us they ethnic home -- rose thick fog Madison they'll pick on another man. Everybody seems pretty happy yeah. And the -- will be what does this morning but not all day out yet you're pretty quickly he had that we get what part near seventieth and 75 tomorrow at that -- into the weekend where they you know it was 72 deputies. Like get out eleven Iowa tomorrow and interrogated Saturday as a native. I mean that's I think. Through the weekend all the way there. Tolerance and respect we can operate only comes with. It and -- -- chants of like 10% Friday at 20% Saturday and Sunday just for a light sprinkle well hey I'm not gonna complain about that doesn't not complaining thing is Medicaid it's contagious -- -- Good that that. I got a question for you okay let that -- wrote something in curse curse yet -- see her yeah I guess that's cars that might just kind of quickly but it. -- I actually mindful like I you know it's funny I don't do that little you know. I don't Hilary do you like the first initial and then -- mind like my full name I sit there and write it all well. I've gotten a lazier I've gotten used to write at all -- even put my middle initial in the middle when I was much younger -- -- Remember the kid you know focusing on what's my signature going to be his identity I need to figure this out. And it was very important now if if if you get a DN NS wiggly line that's that's pretty get out of me so bad but. There's an effort to save curse of what's that. Indiana's Department of Education wrote -- of off two years ago pushing schools to teach computer keyboard use instead. That's not sitting well with Republican state senator -- like -- There's a direct link went brain activity person Friday -- Really. The measure won approval in the Indiana senate last year but never got a hearing in the house now in states like Kansas in Utah consider similar bills. -- says support is growing here. If kids -- hot to -- if they want him to read person. And I think that can be a real problem. Debate over the measure is set for Wednesday afternoon -- keel for CBS news Indianapolis. Our rights seized several states are trying to save Kirsten. Mystery hero well. I mean who might say that's different that I I think key I don't I think he's an incredible time keep him math teach him science. Because who writes it personally -- I and I remember. Tyler and immediately and you remember that did he leave you in an ad up that was the workflow for some reason that words sticks out of my head and they're great. But that's obviously didn't learn it. And then did you know it's it's -- it's right next to that kind of person you are exactly -- that we're learning that let me add to Google in right now well -- -- that yeah I'm. That's what what that's what we had school style of writing and teaching corrective to the -- the only. Good argument I've heard. For keeping cars around me is that the original declaration of independence and constitution were written in Kirsten and if we don't keep it around maybe you won't know how to read it any. Hey guess it'll be a piece of history loss but. With typing. Who know Leo we text now we don't write anyway I moral I I -- person so much time working on my penmanship T Kelly working on your if your signature not -- that your M -- Little girl who sat next to me in third grade you had the best handwriting Everett is a -- yank him right now. Man but then it finally gave up and now I I -- I printed all -- -- -- -- -- you after the -- to tell you that. Adolf Hitler and about that I'm sure they hear it but other avenues signature you never -- -- -- I'm at I'm making lessons -- you -- right at frightening person drilling off and just kind of bad panel right you like use them taxi appetite. But if I'm like right at a grocery list yet I think Kirsten. Print out there. And but right now I do know that you've got to get back to college you know thank you Laura. This meteorologist Laura but now with a fantastic forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast than there. Christie -- to connect with sports. Text messages today 7870. Thank you for the people warning us about the flipped over vehicle on I 55 south as you approach the height and -- market 3.5. One text message says stay in the right lane apparently the flipped over suvs in the last plane. -- reports coming in from him but no home all the rose bush have a -- belt states at -- hearing about the tickets bought this morning so. You're traveling in those areas please do be careful and watch out foursome dense fog I didn't forget about Putin but -- didn't text me. All right I suggestions for the name of the New Orleans Arena when we get the announcement at 3 o'clock this afternoon expected that the hornets are changing their name to that relatives. Call the arena of the swap another says call the island. I want to ask Christian Garrett for his suggestions that -- -- for suggestions the -- I said I'm not gonna ask you -- -- -- that voted no because the hornets should have been and that I don't think they call held. There but I -- care for sports and you do a fair job of delivering that that was what to do that things about these -- the San Antonio Spurs beat the new worlds one as 106102 behind -- four points from Tony Parker coach money Williams says. This one is on him. It's store's -- with me and giving because. On the floor -- going to defend the ball. They have 66 points in the very. The hornets are home tomorrow night against the Houston Rockets -- us. The team also unveiled a new logo and team -- this afternoon at 3 PM. Sean -- in the saints are combing through their roster looking at their own personnel on offense and defense Peyton says they have plenty of work to do to improve a seven and I football team. We got to be better. In Portugal or your whoever it was -- is got a little bit and that's and that's putting. Saints quarterback Drew Brees glad to have Peyton back in the mix and now it's time to start thinking about getting back to winning football. -- expectations. We're going to be where they always are looking very very high they're gonna take a lot of artwork to be able to -- -- if you go buck a conference we have. Type of people that they can do that. The San scope 49ers have been the first team. To -- down in new world for visible when the NFC champions arrived Sunday night the Baltimore Ravens are set to show. On Monday college basketball big upset number one duke falls cinema 25 Miami ninety to 63. Today at four under -- to do well export software Bobby guarantee they'll be discussed the name change of the hornets also in itself. Paul Famer Mike -- stopped by the radio model I'm Kristian -- an -- early look at. Now -- buyers are Ditka saints not successful. Owe a lot -- The last thing. Now pelicans. Dubbed elegant snag a text message -- at any -- -- does not record the name if he puts fighting in -- that the fighting pelicans who does is enemy. Apparently those text messenger makes a difference and waving -- public. Mean the other guys in the word. -- dogs Ruger mosquitoes and bull sharks that the other names that -- Benton it's yours is the -- In a medically rightly won and we knew. And mrs. -- its source tells it like. -- I'm okay to a pelicans honestly I mean -- prefer the -- joke. Yeah Anna but unpopular pelicans and -- that instead of after the fighting pelicans and talented true that men know in no way you want. The team name to have some sort of local mean but you know pelicans are very local government state bird the amphetamines. For the same time I'm not I never really gotten into naming -- and it doesn't produce wins or losses could ultimately. Yeah you'd asked a similar its army has that lovely picks the wrong name it's really gonna hurt attendance and you as an out and they could be called the piles of crew. But if they Wayne then. People will show off if they win people will be excited the only thing that determines. Whether or not people come to the games is if the team is winning and they've been doing a lot of weight loss last night. But lately they've been doing a lot of winning and I think that's definitely been -- it's all about it's all about the good product on the court threw out a name. Winning as. Thank yours and reflect about it in -- sports WWL I am FM and act now. Six minutes in front of 6 AM at the early edition of WWL first news and we get your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast -- there. For your first take -- cloudy skies that even warmer 73 this afternoon at 10% chance for stray shower. Tonight partly cloudy lows dropping into the fifties and once again -- followed for your Friday partly cloudy other 10% -- chance. Highs of 75. Mean grades dropping into the sixties. Then for Saturday partly cloudy there isn't like 20% chance for rain but hi it's nice and mild near seventy. From the amnesties forecast Fenner I meteorologist -- Out of dense fog out there and all the rose bush haven't elbow to cases where people -- texting us and telling us it's hard to the visibility quarter mile and built it officially fifty degrees in light on the international airport scanner. Fog and 43 at the National Weather Service office in light now I'm Dave on the early edition of WWL first and Everett thanks for calling WWL. -- you were miss the point here it doesn't matter what the name of the hornets it's changed to the united matters is why -- Prohibit -- what matters you said you'd toddlers -- the all that matters is that this. It. OK you don't feel them you don't like pelicans isn't enough I don't know about. But take out of delicate yet tough that is thank -- we appreciated back with Tommy Tucker and he would that is as far as -- 5:57. This morning -- -- on -- right 3 o'clock this afternoon is when you'll hear it live here on WW -- AM math on the back from the announcement prompts team owner Tom Benson of the new violence -- that he changing the name and we fully expect largely because of -- -- of this his -- -- the -- pelican. They'll announce that it is the New Orleans pelicans that thank you probably text messages today that the seventy I'm reacting to that. Any suggestions for what they should call the new loans arena. And the cheerleaders I don't know we'll get those details this afternoon but we'll see join -- at 3 o'clock that up next Tommy Tucker. Has more from coach Sean Pate and what he had this and it's first -- laid back on the job. As the saints coach to complain dad a little while ago via text message today 7870. That we didn't do -- -- -- people today I was talking to Laura about. Person and whether that person should be preserved so I bring. Today from the wrong with people an Ohio couple has pleaded guilty to punishing their three children. By forcing them into plastic boxes -- with duct tape. You know if square cut in the top for air a prosecutors said the children ages 56 and eight were crammed into the boxes as punishment. In the family home. In Ohio. While the parents went to liquor -- And in the two uncles and help with them want it in the box. Why. How does this even occur to -- I know what will do you -- misbehaving we're gonna. To articulate a plastic box. They have pled guilty to charges and get two years' probation. Your trophy it. Of course child services involved as well as well these people definitely belong in the actual -- really asked the question why is wrong with people. Every Thursday I gave him.

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