WWL>Topics>>1-24 9:10am Tommy talks to Maj. Mark Lyons about women in combat

1-24 9:10am Tommy talks to Maj. Mark Lyons about women in combat

Jan 24, 2013|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Maj. Mike Lyons about the Pentagon lifting the ban on women in combat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming -- well first news that's 9 o'clock good morning I'm David Blake on your official weather station WWL. AM after on the dot com it's a jam mobile forecast. Or meteorologist Laura -- tell. Saint John the Baptist sheriff's deputy shot and killed a woman overnight. Louisiana state police say it started as a traffic stop around 3:30 this morning a traffic stop in which the driver a woman. Flashed a gun at the deputy and then sped away. True for -- and -- the deputy pursued and caught up to her in the rear of a residence on second street Wimbledon -- las. And refused to get out of the vehicle. Russian vehicle you are one round toward the direction -- shot to -- direction was Charlie return -- -- -- -- -- The knowledge says there are still investigating the woman's name has not yet been made public. Is the highest becoming the roost. Will -- honey bees become bowl lady birds WW wells Chris Miller. -- ask your folks with they think about reports that today. New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson Malloy announced he's changing the name of the basketball team. To the pelicans. Folks certainly aren't shy about sharing their opinion on the new nickname the pelicans. And no room tomorrow. Pelican but others like the local connection that name has to New Orleans and Louisiana and they point out there's nothing wrong with the naming your sports team after a bird. Let's look at our football league is all thirteen. They're Super -- so maybe. I've been appellate and that's before you really be an NBA finals at least -- -- until the final. They say with the right marketing and design yes a pelican can be fearsome. Well it's -- to change no matter how you look at it WW wells Michelle southern got perspective from an expert. LSU sports marketing professor Thomas Koran says the look at the new logo the -- in the appearance of the mascot will make all the different -- Package it presented the there I am I think it's going to be -- to the success. Graham says this is a symbol of a new beginning for the franchise and it. It's going to be a symbol that comment and is now -- control what another sport where he can put his. Wonderful magical touch soon. He says the timing of the announcement so close to the Super Bowl is brilliant. And then give the fans it. This new level of excitement that I think is missing but the branch out right now. Michelle southern WWL first news on the national scene this morning female fighters ready for combat. CBS news update I'm Dave -- with the Pentagon expected to announce policy change today allowing women to serve in combat. Retired army general Richard Myers told CBS this more like I think we're at the beginning of a process. Determine what positions should be open to women and which I think by the way it's a continuation. Of a process that started a long time ago decades ago. To integrate women into more functions in our military. Lane Donnelly with the center for military readiness says women cannot handle Frontline duty. He Marine Corps conducted this study at the infantry officer course to Quantico Virginia. They needed ninety volunteers they only got two of the two women washed out in a matter of. Army captain Don half acres served in Iraq she was wounded and lost an -- my job was to me to do the absolute best job TU. Accomplish our mission to protect my my folks and I never once doubted. Sending a female on a mission or. You know giving them a certain set of responsibilities. -- CBS news update on days there police departments nationwide. Say they've been facing a shortage of ammunition. Ever since this sandy -- school shooting in Connecticut. WW balls Don James tells us that tragedy has not had a major effect yet on law enforcement here. But individuals are really feeling the pinch. Speak for state police which certainly. Has seen a little bit of a delay in getting ammunition. To us. Lieutenant Doug -- says it's nothing alarming as they generally keep a sufficient supply of -- on hand but for individual gun owners. Mission is nearly impossible yet from our distributors so it's whatever we have on hand -- what's available for the public. And Michael Mayer owner of Jefferson -- outlet and -- says prices have skyrocketed. Due to demand. Hopefuls from Louisiana and surrounding areas will be featured on tonight's American Idol WWL state -- as more. Tonight's auditions are from Baton Rouge. With a smile and keep shining. The contestants will see on fox TV originally came to New Orleans to try out for American Idol but. The show hadn't elected judges yet to they called them back a few weeks later in the hometown of judge Randy Jackson. And the show airs at 7 PM on fox and Wall Street is having up pretty good start to the day this after some very encouraging unemployment numbers came out from the government. The Dow is up 73. NASDAQ down eight -- -- slumping apple predictions. And oil trading at 96. WW all sports. Tony -- had point four points and thirteen assists and the San Antonio Spurs rallied for a 106102. Victory over the new world wants last night. Coach money Williams not a very happy guy after this one. When you devote 3228. Points first and second quarter. Not playing any defense at all. Lawrence our home tomorrow night against the Houston Rockets the organization will also unveil their new logo and team -- this afternoon at 3 o'clock now let Sean Payton is back with a team. One of the biggest lessons he learned through his season long suspension was the management of his coaching staff. Smug -- told leeway in fact if you're gonna. And more talk a little tablet with a bigger challenge to -- your staff I think your your team. Every year. Deke Bellavia Europe with a perfect ten report is perfect in a preview is brought about Katie an ambulance service. Looking back on some of the great Super Bowl was played here in New Orleans. Back in January I'm 1986. The once beaten Chicago Bears took on Cinderella New England. Cinderella wouldn't keep the sliver on the long is it will be all Chicago. A -- largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history as the 85 bands in January of 86. Dominated New England 46 to -- and with big number -- fact defensive end Richard dad being named the game's most valuable player. Back in Super Bowl twenty. Deke Bellavia WWL sports. Stay -- -- on WWL it's sports talk wheel Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia NFL hall of Famer Mike did get stops by the radio hoddle Kristian garic W have you else. Sports -- weather and traffic next WWL news time 90 sun. My Mercedes-Benz dealership has a courtesy car waiting for me it's easy for me to come -- they always used Mercedes-Benz genuine parts. And they always have my favorite coffee I just feel so comfortable. 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Afternoon Temps around 73 degrees and look for 10% chance for a stray shower and tonight what that. -- -- with lows dropping into the fifties for your Friday mid seventies for a high another 10% chance for stray shower but her race chip rolled just fine. And Saturday a 20% chance for light rain. With highs around seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center hydrologist -- now. Right now partly sunny and sixty at Armstrong international. At the airport the humidity 86%. A little breeze out of the south has seven. Slidell sunny 58 on the North Shore. Out Erica WW well traffic and looks like the morning drive is clearing out nicely and from applause monetary spillway. Moving well through -- and in a Metairie and in towards rewarded -- by expressway. Looks good out there late battles -- well listen they did they may be have picked up some of those summer all those cones -- by expressway near Carrollton. If they have not at least a traffic moving without problem. The trip if Slidell -- spank their that would be all the way to the highrise is no advisors -- problems of the calls lake and the Crescent City connection approach to the tolls. Is clear -- pork brought you by by a 95 point seven. When you want classic run -- only one place to get a New Orleans only classic rock station. 95 point seven. For the devil to all traffic center Roger -- -- -- traffic difficulties excellent I'm David Blake now back to Tommy Tucker Ron WWL lay on my famine dot com. We all know Maine now I make my eleven Elaine I'm sorry that's captain -- from jaws. I've been here all my life you know on than a couple of months in Las Vegas work in and I think -- hearing big chief Deke Bellavia is perfect ten reports about the Super -- I -- really been drawing -- I have to do and I handed -- I think that in terms of behaving ourselves with Sean Payton and -- outline commissioner. I think some of this because. A it's been ten years since we've hosted a Super Bowl and beat. This is our ten I think some of -- perhaps. May have forgotten what a big deal loses. Yeah the eight you can feel it's all over town it's like oh boy this is a whole hell. And I think next next week it's really getting hitters and I think come. The danger is in -- all I've been trying to say is that. You know after it's over it's too late to -- awhile which in the -- you know I mean TO you wanted to prevent that from happening before it does so we've been trying to. I if you if you make it real simple just do what we do. And and will be fine you know just do is what we normally do they'll be leaving -- saying. Every Super Bowl in the war because I guarantee you before I I -- sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl next Sunday I'll I'll let him know that it was a non. In my living room. The thing 98 I'm gonna take a ride just pass the dome on the contrary expressly -- says you're not in the suite 99 our guards are but sometime in the morning just as that's the biggest event and in the sports world going on in Dana's article just trampled by the play action on the. Yeah I am and who even now now I know what you're saying is -- energy and just senses it's everywhere -- and next week it's really -- up will be broadcasting live from the the float down on radio road and comics weeks thank you David major Mike Lyons joins us right now that. Secretary defense expected to announce it was actually in the room that he already announced about women. In conduct a morning major Rite -- on corporate. -- taking the time when this is the announcement expected there hasn't been NATO ran. I don't -- -- -- I know that the chairman of the joint chiefs topic twice 303130. Is that to implement short. It's been pulling out but -- it's been definitely. Floated throughout. The Pentagon and the likes so it's definitely here. So tell me exactly what it is then that he's gonna. What it is that he's an -- and how it's going to be implemented. It's gonna open up every single position in the military in the -- immediate force Marines formally once. The conduct position as a combat fraud to women make every position gender neutral that that's the intent. Each of the way to go to. -- team basically. Which could be counselors before. Declare. Off limits to women now everything's open unless you tell me that it's not going to be. I think that the -- -- -- that will be. Looking at each of the defense expert -- -- to be in -- And ineptitude and actually lead -- women who could close with -- destroy the enemy in combat. Right now from the micro. Aspect of this from female officers and a battle ground battle -- -- battle field assignments I guess -- what he color don't. Your job your -- guesses where I was fumbling for yet. Odd day in terms of promotion it's very important right now I'm just looking out from the offices perspective here. Yeah that's right that's why I took the vehicle to win and we can't comment first armored division first infantry division. All the Arabs have a -- about that. It was a combat command and women don't have the right because the haven't grown up. In that environment they haven't been to a -- company commander battalion commander. And have all the right jobs that would do that eight disqualified -- -- and an -- that popped the army in particular is run by the patriots run by the condoms people. This will open up that opportunity to them. -- but on the other side of it did indeed the purpose of an army is to be an effective fighting force and -- it does this make the badges are able to understand what I'm saying any any fighting forces. Now army navy Marines air force as the Coast Guard does it make any of these entities less effective glory in any way you -- their standards gonna be compromised. About today bit but it could it and that's that's the rest of this it could. The back. To a situation that we've seen in some some fire departments where. It and then to equal opportunity. You know do you want the 220 pounds strapped environment. Karen let the burning building 4120. -- you know dragging you out by your ankles -- and so. Sort of think they have -- that and we're gonna have to determine what those standards are from -- -- -- perspective from a stamina perspective. And then go from there very frank conversation that didn't you -- the purpose of this team but it is to fight with the nation's wars. It is not to provide promotion potential for people that haven't in the past. Major -- let me be frank here I get a sixteen year old daughter and I have been. First off having a daughter rule change a lot of different things and I'm going to be. I -- -- clear channel and I'd be in guttural. Or offensive to anybody but having a daughter if your guy. Will definitely change the way you look at and and entertainment that some males traditionally looked at as innocuous or innocent for example if you have a daughter. -- change when you look at say gentlemen's club history and you realize that there's not a gentleman and that plays that it has. As somebody's daughter that stands up on stage and any do you get the looking at a completely differently and you are you also look at equal opportunity differently and you realize that there's no place at all. For discrimination but all that being said. You also realize if you raise -- daughter. That. Women are different meaning you know that if -- married to put this nicely with with the eyes swing of emotions at setter and and here's what I'm getting to a -- clubs away -- -- of some video while back of I'm an Israeli woman watching a rocket attack. And we always hear the Israelis compared when it comes to this or that military security what have yet. And this woman was freaking out at a rocket attack and it -- -- to think -- we you know what maybe sometimes when it comes to women and I swear to god I'm not trying to be sexist. But because of women and men are different -- -- -- -- glad for that. But maybe sometimes in the battle theater. Generally speaking at all individuals are different. Maybe women wouldn't be necessarily suited for that but then I thought to be there will maybe -- confines video of men three and out -- -- and a rocket attack. As well -- year you've commanded. Both men and women I presume you tell me. Well there's no question that. Would come with men. Went in and it is to find pay attention to find out. Commitment to the prepared to do it in adequate. To simply -- -- can because as a normal Q a when he. -- pay attention -- mean in basic training. That's right and that that would do incompetency of combat it is the number one trooper's union from the individually you can. I can pro and con that I can put up with a lot of things about behavior and attitude that you know you're doing you know what I -- YouTube job. I can not move by by you know you -- do you view maps and really doing pursuit. You know like I can put up with a lot of things but that you're competent that's the most importantly. And with that and there's been a good job and that's gonna get the job and so in that stage right in December and can't do that as well they haven't suggested that they didn't advise and distress just kept them in bourse group. They're not able to have the stamina to keep up they. You didn't freak out and and -- -- so that's an act of contrition with. With an individuals who felt that they -- gonna get -- That day in an -- -- -- for everything that you an example where he had hubris could -- come. These kinds of the dynasty that you believe that that's the kind of thing the mentality -- the -- to combat the. And conversely I got a bossier elements in this curry favor. Got more cup holders and some and I nose so -- you can't generalize and when it comes an upper body strength can you generalize when it comes to that. And that -- be assumed that -- question about that at one point continues right at some point you might have to you know put yourself up on a truck and -- -- don't think. But there is no question that that's gonna come into play. And it bit the idea of making sure that the person is qualified because it was important that would. That's what most people afraid that the that the brought to drop the fizzled -- You can put it before the doors and there's no way one combat zone I would -- -- -- my troops. And combat it's if I had that choice -- wanted to -- into that one that and that experience whatsoever. Neither mean you read my mind is that's the next question. In terms of a draft if we ever come of that in this country. Now that women are going to be allowed to participate in combat does that mean women will be. Considered or however be forced into a draft a will let me. That's the issue that either registered reflective that it is going to be part of that process that the law that's gonna have to change. I think we're gonna have to do that -- out again. I think that at a time of -- -- -- without the draft -- the other side. They had the choice to go over the content that you need to be seen. If you're able about it now you know going to be if you you know unless there's some -- and -- -- we had to raise. 500000 troops that and done in terms of that sort currencies -- it targets -- but it's changed. We're not as conventional loans were what has become -- symmetrical it's an and -- Not to -- impounded by. Nations that supported that. Am much more. So it's not that that that the case and the Israel related to -- to -- to. 5000 troops again and what we do that. Major appreciate your time to get a good day there -- particular thank you sir -- 91 were take a break them open the phone lines on this -- like to know. What you think I'm right there with the major Iowa my daughter in combat anywhere near combat. If I had a son my feelings would be somewhat the same nobody wants their -- go to combat however we do have a country and our obligations and and if if Pearl Harbor were to happen or. Or something along those lines and you do have to to pay the price and you -- have to sacrifice or defend this country and and if you know I'm. Probably over the -- wouldn't want me but if need be I would volunteer to do that but I think that's -- trying to be sexist about this but I think that's the job. Of men not women to go and do the combat fighting -- -- -- do you want your daughter to be eligible for the draft through your sister or your wife for. Or cousin or what had via. Oh lawyer fury might be young enough mom I guess -- 60187. Until 386 exit 89087. -- thing. Women -- being allowed to participate in combat is a good thing. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- WL. This hour of WWL first news with Tommy Tucker is brought to you by the Fred -- law firm. Sometimes life throws you something unexpected. But the British dream foundation and united way -- giving both individuals and businesses the chance to help folks in our region you can be who want to help those in need. 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Kurt Barton. Would think -- here's what area. Inside the crop estimate -- greater. I let a major Portugal. And puke or bigotry in a -- The other. Attitude -- attributes and -- a lot demanding. By and large the details are bad habits. Are -- -- -- industry. Tree -- compacts and he would be. -- war. Demand they'll Aldridge -- walker. So all. Borscht or force a -- we will conduct our ship and good morning drew. All be. More men. So that bigotry and Britain. Are -- courier they -- stamping it. It breaks go your general. Down the road maybe but back. In March female commander. Good work served her job -- to agree to a lot of good to distribute the straight to premium turbulent. Built the New York. To. And I get that Dutch but I get a tax that comes in and says regrettably pandora's box has been opened on women in combat. But since it is now open we have to be quote equally unfair and tell all eighteen year old girls. That they -- have to register for the selective service now and be subject to any draft down the road. -- aged and the madness of women in combat is silent majority of women will stand up in -- revolt of this and and they will -- not an does that open a pandora's box where I don't know if you have a daughter not but if it is okay so maybe like you're saying just it. Is this little thin sliver of women will volunteer for combat but. It then you have every -- young lady in this country -- of volunteer for at least sign up for selective service and then if there's a draft. Then they wind up in the support roles and and I forget the number maybe 395 women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since these wars began.