WWL>Topics>>1-24 11:10am Scoot speaks with WWL callers about women in combat

1-24 11:10am Scoot speaks with WWL callers about women in combat

Jan 24, 2013|

Scoot speaks with WWL callers about women in combat.

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There's no question that a lot of people don't like change. They -- no one would admit that but they don't like change. And what they do is they find reasons to be opposed to something but really deep down inside without actually recognizing it. What they really oppose is the idea of change. And I see that when it comes to a lot of topics. The Pentagon today is dropping its policy of excluding women from combat combat roles will now be open to women. Women make up about 14% of the active military. And in the in the army about 25% of the jobs are not open to women. Is that -- With such advancement in the quality of the sexes -- is this. Taken so long. I'm studio for growing ledger with a secure -- stay with a smaller vehicles more of your techs are coming up. Depending on as they say is dropping its policy excluding women from combat but if a woman can meet the standards for combat role what justifies. Anybody to say she can't be in that role. The only thing I can think of is blatant sexism. When you think about the advancement in equality over the decades between the the sexes. Why -- it take in the United States so long to open combat roles to women. In his books heed the study of masculine psychology and -- the study feminine psychology. Psychologist Robert Johnson argues that regardless of the evolution and socialization of humans. We always. Intrinsically. Email and female. His belief is that we can never completely shed ourselves. Of our natural masculine and feminine instincts and tendencies. The masculine instinct to protect women is -- It's not simply the manifestation of a male dominated society rather a male dominated society is the result for. The result of the nationally and instinct. Over time humans have learned to adjust certain instincts to better fit the social and practical evolution of our species. The idea of shielding women in the military from combat roles is inspired by a basic human instinct however. As our civilization advances. We gained a practical understanding that some instincts are no longer needed for the survival. Of our species. There is no question that many women are mentally and physically more fit for combat roles. And many -- But don't qualify simply because -- women. In the context of society today the exclusion of women from such rules is unfair. And detrimental to the evolution of our species. So I just percent of the case for accepting women in combat roles in the military. I do think there's nothing wrong with accepting the reality that many women are different. And that we should be allowed to respect the need for all male and all female bonding. A football team women's organization. We can still relate to the same gender. But when it comes to jobs when it comes to performance in the workplace in the military is a job for for people who are in the military. Should it be fair for everybody. Men who reject the changes that results. From equal competition in the military or in the business world. May be reacting to a subconscious threat they feel from women. Shouldn't the best person for the combat role. Be the one who is honored. With that position it's an honorable position protecting our nation. The best person should be in that role whether male. Or female. Here's our -- W a pretty general opinion poll this morning do you agree with the Pentagon that women should servant comment. 34% say yes and 66% say no it's changing. A few more gas is now you can give us your opinion and influence our poll by going to our web site WWL dot com. And the -- like today's titled women in combat why it's time. And you'll find that at WWL dot com from New Orleans -- welcome -- this morning. I don't sir good. And I split that the certificate to head in the sand but anyway real quick come. I know is that a couple of general in trouble for -- sexual some of the secretary gets that. You don't think that they're gonna have a problem with that Czech capital was there it is gonna perhaps some. Some people underneath summoned maybe the are also -- you know I'll I'll I'll give you sex if you let me do this part of that part. So should you be you are you opposed to women in the military general not just a couple of admirals. -- -- well know if it they wanna be in the military. I -- and -- gets it and you know a lot in the military that's one thing but as followers of Frontline. And there's certain things that -- should be -- and just like. I'm technical. And technical via the girl scout leader government guy. I it's different what what why shouldn't a woman I mean why shouldn't a woman being compact it to explain that to me physically and mentally why should a woman being comment. Forget I forget about tradition. Typically typically they don't. To go to the same thing Amanda. Well they shot. What do they call it what if they what do they had to go through the same training. Well -- if that's never gonna happen there's. If you're not gonna ever have a woman with there are certain women that are stronger of course in certain guys but over all. -- if a woman is I don't if a woman is stronger she shouldn't be able to be in that role because -- -- That natural mean so you're you're sexist. Well now after water light speed in that role mean. Daughter to go to war because we don't say -- -- women at that wanna go on serviced and. You know what I shouldn't I should not be empty this should be up to your daughter. What. You're talking about being -- -- sign up for the -- Then then -- problem. But -- also understand you know we have that. Girls you don't grow also album blocking gel it's only girls we have -- spoke all like yeah we girls -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But there's not one school Atlanta boy and also on the. And joy I I and I understand that we do have all -- group. Standard that. Why would you walk why would you want a woman can be a front line when she. The woman she -- you know of the menstrual problems. Column on I don't. Apple also a woman -- captive. All along you're trying to protector or so -- would in well altered because the don't want. Talk at all equals out so it's but actually the woman. What at what point equally more and they're never going to be equal in Asia wanna be equal I wanna be equal a woman. What are they and what do they wanna be equal don't they have a right is -- -- all -- -- not all of them have to -- -- What if a woman wants to compete for combat role on the wide because she's a woman she shouldn't be allowed to compete for that role. Torre I pull -- absolutely. I would well that's my moment. I try to -- what. But Joseph what if Joseph what if a woman has to meet the same standards for the combat role then you're okay with a woman in combat. Well it it. Because of that fact in -- saw -- in very few out there. Job which you brought up and is so you brought that's oh yeah brought a -- cycle is that still an issue for you. No it's got to be a fair thing if it's a woman locked in front line -- need to do I pinnacle. There's the standard have to be active and angry. But it is taken if she can get through that that you would be for her being in combat. Yes because part one Irving maybe. Order -- and commitment to do. Know what whatever we're -- talking about equality so it doesn't it doesn't matter how many we're talking about what is what is fair. Joseph I'm I'm glad to Kohler show thanks solicitude heavy WL. From golden meadow Donny you're -- WL. I just wanted to make a couple of content problem. I'm currently. At it -- mentioned. Do the same. Definitely the same areas and they should deal that would be in the military in the -- for a -- And possibly repair. Totally. Now I don't understand why I agree that the standard should be the same but you know I looked at myself and I'm not a big -- and there are things that women can do. In in a physical sense. That I can't do and in the -- I shouldn't be I shouldn't be eligible for that job and combat just ties. Of money. On just because of my anatomy and a woman shouldn't be excluded just because of her anatomy it yet. I think what comes to the surface here Donnie is there's a lot of deep rooted. On sexism and you know it's it's not it's not always malicious as I just said you know we we are still. Basically intrinsically male and female but I think sometimes we have to to reassess those instincts as we as we evolve as a as a site. I political show thanks for listening if you're on hole you hang on we're gonna get right back all of your calls also a few years it. Me a text. Into a more of your text coming up. I'm -- if you're following a Twitter it's Scopes SC OO TW. WL. Here's a text you aren't idiots. Everything is a label. Which you facts are facts women can't do what men can do. We'll see this is just totally ignorant to me because there are a lot of women who can do things I can't do. And if your man there are women who could do some physical things better venue. Are you so insecure with your masculinity that you -- that then. I'm -- and for Garland will be right back repetitive hero. So spiritual heart -- it hit me. -- And maybe it's maybe it's time for us as we tend to do through the evolution of our species. And our civilization as this society and culture. We reassess. Some of our instincts. There was a time when women had an entirely different role. In the world as they do today. It's. -- when it comes to combat roles in the military. The Pentagon is gonna announce today that they are no longer gonna exclude women from combat role. If a woman can meet equal requirements. And in that position why shouldn't she be. Here's a text has says says dude I have seen quite a few women straight up -- guys butts in karate class. And I'm not talking about like contact. Points sparing -- talking about a hard to nearly full contact. Here's another text we have women police officers dot. Here is. Another text. Yes she ought to be required to register for the draft and eighteen just like a guy well if we if we have did the draft and yes women should be required to register for the draft as well. And that's absolutely fair and they are so many jobs that women can do in the military. That don't require the same strength as say in the past at their jobs that women a dude who women have. Have. Have made such great advances in the workplace in general in America compared to and a hundred years ago because. The work in America has changed. And it's no longer dependent upon sheer physical strain. In the way that it once was. Here is so I text scoot you're arguing a moot point. You're more worried about political correctness than our military front lines. Being the most elite. No I'm not I'm not worried about political correctness. I'm all for being polite when necessary but I'm not for political correctness here I'm for the best person being in that position to be and that combat role. What's wrong with that. Up from Belle chase Kathy you're -- to -- WL. Today you're. Being seen on. -- It was a shall. And block it. Or could they bring the war -- Ago where. It's still in because they don't end it on it touched the win. -- Life. -- -- I'm sure. There. -- And they. Are -- -- only green. She had been. Rubio and but wanted it on there and but 101 empire now our soldiers -- She didn't. Like -- on Sheikh Egypt. And saying yeah well on the color. There. Aren't. You limited. Issue -- I appreciate you calling our show Kathy and I have a great day. Women have been very close to the front line very close to what to combat to the point -- -- some women have been killed not as many women have been -- and and I think 152 women have been killed in Iraq. And Afghanistan. Just a very small number compared to the man who have been killed but you know again I guess they relate this to myself. I'm not a big burly macho guy. That's me I god made me the way I am I'd love mice I've loved the way I am I don't think I would change anything other times that I guess -- it. Particularly with taller or maybe you know little. More business did it times a minute try to stay in shape -- I'm just on a big guy. So I don't think I should automatically be eligible for competing for a position. In combat. Or in the military in general. Just because of my anatomy. And I don't think a woman should be disqualified just because of her anatomy. From Biloxi jade your -- -- VW on good morning. Are -- it gave. A very very quick comment -- The ball up the aging. Women down in. Cleanup -- or that I'll do you don't want a second at all. You know if you look at Israel. And all the women in the military. And better. They basically an eighteen year old and in your goal to go out there are about -- and -- relief into the work force and now and they're from and that's one the most elite. Military in the world. I'm not large but one -- -- but at least. And -- -- not like them right is that all of professional intimate by. And you know look at how many women that are in the US the like Robert -- the example. You know you out like that equity. That it looked. It it on your show and put them in decades would round out the way. She knocked them out product receipt -- there aren't. None of that due to a halt -- won't wrangle book club throughout the year anybody or any email contact packed in here in the mayor replicate. It's -- why should the person like that be qualified and not disqualified simply because of their anatomy. I -- I enjoyed our conversation thanks for calling WWL. From New Orleans Jeff welcome to our show today. Should I don't. I'm listening to the show and and I hear a lot of this debate put on. I'm not hearing. Anything. From people that have actually. It in the infantry. -- in Egypt -- close to two decades. But at the target level -- level two level -- And I would like -- try to convince me of why. When it should be allowed in the infantry because aren't telling you what you see on TV and in the movies where. When we're not at war -- run around information and putt on and also the craft is completely alters. It was a -- like it's great cohesion amongst the men that are. -- role in together for sometimes three years would be stationed there is a lot more to it not just physically. But the mentality. That goes along. With relationships and reforms. Erica fire team will score leave squad level and -- level. And between Fallujah Iraq. Ramadi Iraq margin Afghanistan. And thirteen other appointments. Considered Marshall pretty much an -- I don't I don't you -- get it artwork I want to continue this conversation because of your experience I've got to get your news breaks -- hold on to the news. Aren't gonna continue our conversation with Jeff and if Iran holds they would as I get to more of your calls and more of your -- are coming up. Times coach in fort Garland and will be right back with more. On -- WL after this news update with Chris Miller. At 3 o'clock today the hornets are going to announce the new name for the team and the new logo a lot of speculation that it's gonna be the pelicans. You'll hear lie like that -- you electric clock that's going to be during slide show from one to forty day and then you'll have a chance to instantly react to that they'll be talking about that a sports talk this afternoon. And I'll be back to do dispute showed tonight eight to midnight Angela be talking about it and as well. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll. Do you agree with the Pentagon that women should serve in combat 34%. Yes and 66%. Now. It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and also on our website is says this group blog today. It's a titled women in combat why it's time I touched on this this idea that while we are still always going to be. Innately. Male and female. As we evolve and socialize. Over decades and hundreds of years isn't it time for us to may be reassess some. Of our instinct I've got a number of great text to get to including one from a a mother of an army ranger who doesn't want women in the army. On the other when -- commenting about some of the men who have called the show but I know let's say continue our conversation with Jeff who has been in the infantry. Against your whole state witness more vehicles mortar attacks are coming up. Jeff when you -- in a combat situation by the way I'd I'd respect you would like thank you for what you've done for for our country. And I respect your opinion on this because you have been there. But when you're in a combat situation. Would there be any time would you would think about sex and that's something that has come up. Looks cute what combat. 90% of it is boredom. 10% of is extreme -- there's a lot of down time. Delegates and ahead of that team you know engagement in the tattoos in Afghanistan. And there were issues. And I wanna make this clear -- -- have been walked on I have two daughters I would support him in anything when do they want you police -- they wanna be. In -- to try to -- wanted to when he air force. -- Bought from experience lots of experience the frontlines. Is set which it is a unique place that. It just wouldn't work and -- the training that leads up to it. It's just I don't see it working and you have to understand. Where. Most military in the infantry is uniqueness is. The way we view it yet there. -- -- You know the barracks -- you look at politics but come across the board how we gonna find the money to. Re create facilities to be able to be hospitable to the few females -- and its. Can you be around women without going to have sex with a. Absolutely -- and so muscle professional and again I hear a lot of civilians talking about that that's not the issue there there are more. Much more sophisticated issues when it comes to a squad of thirteen men. That trained together -- yet there sweating bleeding yet there. Train yet there and do that deployment there's a lot of variables that are going in there and if you only female in a mixed you're basically going to. Make something that is already perfect there's -- more deadly -- -- marine rifle squad. Don't try to fix what's not broken. Or Jeff when it when it comes to a woman. Being in that. That situation and in -- in that group if if she is qualified what difference would her anatomy make. Well it's not that it's it's it's not physical qualifications are not the only things that make you an intranet portals. You know it's being able to. Again. Deep part of a team. And then why -- partly why would your anatomy disqualify you from that. Because reality is that the type of people that joined the infantry. Our December. Well there are different there are women who were a lot different for me for accent. Absolutely bullet and again we just had a huge. At the last -- so that. The commanders came and we got thousands of Marines together a lot of them female Marines. And the Marines the female Marines that have experience with being in they don't want anything to do with it they know what. They're happy doing the job that they have already and again they wanna fly they wanna support that's awesome put. The people that are in the military there's very few women that understands. What goes on what to -- the order entry they don't want anything to do with. Our board about the ones who would wanna do it and it'll be given authority does it shouldn't they be he shouldn't they be. Given the opportunity to do it if they want to or to compete for that job. Visit the military is not to make the few happy excuse quite a slight in -- win awards it's it's not too. To bring equal rights for the -- wanna do because you're bringing in the that he percentage of women that there may be able handle it and you're altering. Hole hole in a lesser lights to. I guess the problem that I have is that the reason that it's an alteration of the status quo and that is because of anatomy and I think that and should be able to. To control every aspect of their lives if there's a woman who can. Live up to the standards she should have the opportunity to do it whether any women actually do it or not. Is not is as big an issue as a woman just having the equal opportunity to do and I think it causes us to. To reassess. Our own prejudice in our own instincts when it comes to. This idea that we need to protect women because believe me. There are a lot of women who could do things I can't do mentally and physically. I agree we keep. But I'm just I just -- -- state did the reality is from being there from Washington trying to integrate the female engagement teams some of them degree. Unfortunately most of them did not. When he came to coming under fire when it came to -- when it came to the -- import. You know. It didn't work out some were so few women -- dollars buoyed the majority unfortunately we don't have. We don't have the time the resources. To be able to commit to what. Is good for you would not for the whole. Jeff I appreciate your experience and again thanks for what you -- for the country I enjoyed our conversation if -- on -- stay with -- were coming right back with -- more of your calls. There is a text that reads. As the mother of an army ranger I do not want my son to be in a position where he feels he has to protect a woman's while in battle. Most men are going to feel a responsibility to take extra care of any woman in their unit. But in a firefight I wanted to concentrate on protecting himself defending the enemy it's not fair to put that burden on. Our guys. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Until free 8668890. Examining. Texas a 787 more of your calls more of your -- are coming up next. I'm -- -- -- Garland W. Today the Pentagon is going to drop its Apollo its policy of excluding women from combat if women meet the same combat role standards why shouldn't -- be in in combat. -- -- -- -- project the opinion -- do you agree with this opinion that women should be in the combat which is with the Pentagon is announcing today. 35%. Yes agree with -- 65%. To know our polls taking a little bit toward. More yeses than knows but if you -- influence our poll and -- give us your opinion go to our website WWL. Dot com we'll update you on that throughout the ship it back to more vehicles here in just a moment. I here's a text I'm a former Marine Corps rifleman Jeff our last caller is absolutely right. Also I have always. Been led to believe that women were kept out of combat to keep people out of the emotional relationships. It wasn't intended as sexist it was intended as a military strategy. Well then you would obviously be against. Gays in combat because a gay person would be attracted to a member of the same sex therefore that's all men. And you have the game and it combat and why wouldn't they in the same way be emotionally. Attracted or perhaps the most attracted to some people in their in their in their unit. It seems to me that people can control. Fair. Emotions to some degree especially when you're in that kind of a situation. -- 8880 I think about going to -- I know this is totally different but think about when you go to work you. He you don't fall in love with everybody you work with don't you work with people and and emotion and sex are not even part of the -- here's a Texas do a lot of these military guys have sex with each other. They just don't talk about it. Here is another text during World War II with. It had all black troops on how does -- how does he -- last caller feel about that. And did he have any black man in his squads here's another text funny they said the same thing about letting black people. In with white troops from Biloxi Daniel you're on WW. I don't do that. It. So like Jeff on the marine infantryman. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which this situation it's totally definitely. People really think about that situation and -- and that a lot of question I would absolutely correct. You live split. Greek -- -- now I personally have a daughter on. I have a sister that 31 years though I would put my life on the line any -- in the thank. But I also put my life form on a lot a lot faster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- POWs. It's one thing here man didn't beat. To get intimate and prompt it to hold another thing your alarming rate. Or anything like that. And an appointment jet made an absolutely correct. In my case and that to me personally when I was in direct solution Baghdad about Syria I went 87 days taken a shower. Idea would be issued back there and and dump them like that would seem. Yeah -- I -- smelled cement anywhere rather. Rather call. A you know and I totally agree I'm saying and 88. You know monthly cycles types saying not mean it it's an attack that same with with dizzy and section of that sort. That a man does not have to do. Like -- can get Barack now you're talking you get a disease or from a woman's cycle. Like an infection and eastern section -- bacterial infection that come along with that that type of thing that Amanda -- it would. When can I am not saying look. I totally agree would you. Apart thousands of great. Female military service people. There is. In a -- should do agree widget -- text would that would that seem so the mount saint that would that would army ranger. I totally agree with the man who put it like for life looking over me and because look like that's that the POW atmosphere. Of war that people. Daniel I think you know as a man I'd I totally understand that that that instinct in man but as an artist as time goes on when it comes to you know equality in in general. Don't we reassess some of these instincts we haven't realize that they're no longer required for the survival of our species the way they once were Daniel first of all -- -- you go. I -- once again say. Thanks for what you done for our country and I respect your opinion I appreciate you calling your show. I think that's -- if your -- stay with a smaller vehicles more protection coming up once -- in fort Garland on WWL. Coming -- the next hour adding to this conversation we're having about the Pentagon that dropping its policy for excluding women from combat and opening up combat jobs for women. We're gonna talk about the American Psychiatric Association may be ready to declare the Internet I dropped. You've got to be kidding can't wait to tell you more about this that's coming up right after the news. After 12 o'clock here's a check. -- at last caller said most couldn't and few could that would mean a few women are qualified to be on the Frontline. Here's a -- perhaps we should have 100% women only platoons. Here is so and another text. The only reason the military is proposing that women should be able to go into compact it in combat is because they are qualified. And they're already doing it. Women are very close to the front line and in in my opinion if a woman is equally qualified. Or even more qualified than a man. In principle. In the spirit of this country. She shouldn't be disqualified because of her anatomy. -- from New Orleans Walter you're on WWL. Nor good. Agree that to cause I'm in the military and has no way things alone should not. Operated -- women I have -- suspect for a minute think that anything they want to but English units are not complete a woman's life. First they'll -- you'll understand what happened to us if we catch it remain out being -- Collins spent some really really understand. What happens when you catch. We've heard about I mean for those of us who are you did -- -- position you know we've we've heard about things happen and they're terrific. Exactly soak into a -- Indian man being catches. The worst thing in the world where you will be and a woman tortured raped and not I don't it would be Tuesday. -- army can watch. Could you imagine a demand and the extent. No I I can't but I I can't imagine seeing -- something done to. Fellow. Soldier that it's a male. Demand will be acceptable we have very well maybe that's something that we you know maybe when you when you are I would think that when you get to that level in the military that you woods she had to. Those. Intrinsic emotions and knows it boosts its innate feelings and if you would understand I've got to take a break here we'll be back.