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WWL>Topics>>1-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

1-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 25, 2013|

Dave talks about the Hornets name change to the Pelicans, the Saints firing of Steve Spagnuolo, and anticipated traffic hell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news on this 25 of January 2013. It's -- -- have. Are you ready -- Go out Ky. And welcome to the first big -- weekend of cart at all. -- For the second line declined. To -- a -- -- that get -- yankees have. I'm ready for parade. Your mom's. Got a whole bunch of them yeah. It was a good -- on Friday -- 75. Today yeah. And likely at least three more days same stuff tonight. I am not backing down now that I want some more. -- -- bundling up necessary it's just. Go out there and enjoy. That's the plan. Those of us Steve Spagnuolo I don't know much celebrating at parties and you've gone. And the saints defensive coordinator C. Who just says the New Orleans Hornets were announcing they are officially now the New Orleans pelicans that. We'll play under that name next season. The saints quietly asked that -- -- that's fires Steve Spagnuolo all this excitement opening and a now we're good we got so much going on us northerners in the in the gumbo pot gas did he deserve to get fired for having the worst defense in the history of the NFL. Did Steve Spagnuolo have a chance. To develop his this stemming getting going and apparently the saints felt like he had all the -- needed. He was installing a system that did not work with the -- years he had. Is essentially what IE deciphered from listening to coach John -- has meant that his first day back. Yeah he was talking about how we have to bet -- use our personnel in a system that fits them essentially. And apparently didn't feel speculative that it's bags out -- -- decent personnel wrongs system yet. That this. Man I guess that's the masses. He's gone right decision or wrong decision. Palestinians' right decision or wrong decision not that it matters at this point because it is the talent out as a logo. Pretty impressive. He liked a lot. Out that very NBA as it looks like many of the other NBA team that's got the same Claussen. High caliber fit nation and all that it it does look what you mean -- yeah. Metallica looks Maine with the guys status you know -- mean walking and then there and in the long beacon. And then and you got one of Florida waits doctor and Aaron and -- that. Yeah you like the logo like the losses came on how bush referred pops up. Ride it's finally Friday ladies and gentlemen let's talk about all of this -- -- have Arthur hardy but parade preview coming up for the next few minutes we'll get -- weekend forecast. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tape seven reporter Christie Garrett -- here to talk -- us all about let's go to what does it where they got to find it offensive coordinator now. I don't it won't be a lot more about the -- about that about ninety David knocked it about. Seventeen minutes to the more birthdays here at WW LI MF seven back now ladies and gentlemen welcome to cry -- 5:17 good morning I'm Dave -- and look and great for this weekend's parade my. I'll stretch of weather as we head into this big parade weekend 75 -- hi this afternoon at 10% rain chance. As parades roll a -- -- Temps falling into the sixties -- overnight low of 58%. Patchy fog. -- tomorrow partly cloudy high of seventy to do and just at 20% rain chance Sunday looking nice as well 73. And -- 10% chance for just to stray shower. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Partly cloudy at the international airport now 54 degrees no fog there but fog is reported on the north or poke a little less than a quarter mile visibility and fog it's 47 degrees their -- and -- Father also reported in Almonte a quarter mile in Slidell fog at a quarter mile where it's 46 degrees Gary good morning Murat WWL -- -- -- The moment -- Friday. It didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- will be grandma will be horrible operate in a horrible. Sunday 1 o'clock. All right we'll talk to her about that only get her on again at about thirty minutes here on WWL thank you are ever lions club. -- day in pearl river Laura but now we appreciate the heads up Gary I'm Dave Allen as a -- other -- gone on in the metro area this weekend as we hear from the Mardi Gras guide Arthur hardy. Feel official break calendar season opens one week early thanks to you know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the Mardi -- drive in WWL radio are Martha hardy. Had about birds that sounds like Christian Daryn fifty. Sports time now with -- and yet god is bad so who will be the saints defensive coordinator -- why did two bags get the boot. All of that and much more on. Very busy Friday morning at the sports desk get more interest. It is busy that's for sure that All Saints have fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo after one season. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert says he's not surprised by the move the finish what we -- far alas it points allowed. I could play united -- we will know we went we went disruptive in any area. -- -- Last in the NFL in total defense and run defense head coach Sean Payton who returned. To work this week at their season long suspension announced the firing of snag yesterday the saints are making the move to the 34 defense of alignment so. A couple of names have surfaced as possible replacements forced bags. Former chief tech coach Romeo and -- Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler. -- owner Tom Benson says changing his team's nickname to the pelicans will create a bond with the city that could lead to a championship. Represents I think this to say it represents new loans from Louisiana not picked -- pelican now represented. The same thing and that's what we wanted to. The hornets announced yesterday they are going ahead with the name change the NBA has to approve a commissioner David Stern said he wouldn't object to any. Name Vincent chose -- hornets. As they stand right now are home against Houston Rockets tonight at 7 PM in catch all the action on WLS and the 105 point three -- one Notre Dame linebacker remains tight tale as told talk -- Katie Couric that the feelings he had for what turned out to be a fake online girlfriend were real and he reiterated. He had nothing to do with the -- today at four on to be to do well at the fans in the pro Whitney and saint -- also -- guys on. Live from the World War II museum on Kristian -- and that is your early look at. -- sigh of 21:9 year Friday morning gave congressman Garrett and out on your radio -- Friday sir have a Friday you well one thing we know for sure is -- the saints defensive coordinator won't be next season we know it won't be Steve Spagnuolo and we know it won't be Gregg Williams asked about Williams that is news conference this week. You indicated Craig Williams will be breezy -- them talk with with them that all about. Greg nor -- -- knew anything about great status which Todd talked about being that's a sit and talk with Greg -- someone know of no interest in a deliberate. He has no interest in talking to Greg. On any level personally or professionally so that rules that out. Although I know some saints fans say we won a Super Bowl with the guy he -- chance yet no chance to who do you think. Will be the next saints defensive coordinator. How would urge you to keep a file Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler he's in 34 system under Dick LeBeau. Really kind of the the pioneer of the zone blitz scheme and really tell them advance that 34 defense of alignment. He's been under you know his -- for nine years in Pittsburgh I wouldn't be surprised of its -- -- and -- To keep the Butler watched that why is bags gone wide it patent. And a second day third day back whatever -- when -- why did he say you know what the first thing -- -- is -- my defensive coordinator that I hire -- -- is loving it was historically bad defensively for this the worst NFL defense in the history of Vienna right so. I think it was a as scheme issue with the personnel the personnel didn't fit his scheme and I think they have more talking to people that are close that organization. Say that saints are more suited now currently with the guys on their roster a player 34 scheme than than they were up 43 scheme a year ago and I think the guy that benefits the most. From this which is marked as Wilson. All right so bottom line Peyton feels likes bags didn't use the personnel. As best as he -- that they have talented players but they just didn't fit the system that Spagnuolo is trying to use. Well I also I just think that news just. Because of this historically bad defense there's just on the move and knowledge of their velocity -- 34. Sampras to make a move. As we've got them running get our forecast next from the at these forecasts and on -- -- rate week anchors and we'll talk about 25 minutes -- most sports on WWL -- -- them. And that. Pat thank god it's Friday for those of you joined us last couple weeks and now we're looking for a perfect song for Friday will kind of take that up again after Super Bowl and Mardi Gras could probably going to be given. Mardi -- second lines and style of fun stuff like that as we work our way through the next three weeks but eventually we're going to pick how to handle -- Fridays on thing. Since -- is no longer in the may expect what is it the next right now is our forecast. Your high today a mild 75 it's almost feeling like spring out there -- 10% chance for just a straight shower separates this evening. Rolling just fine with tents in the sixties overnight low around 58. We could be looking at some patchy fog again tomorrow morning for the weekend though mild -- Saturday 7220%. Rain chance. And all the -- on Sunday mild 73 -- 10% chance first straight shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and urologist -- Nelson and not sell all weekend long we have seventies. And we have a very small chance of rain so that is good news ladies and gentlemen right now we have some fog in places less than a quarter mile visibility up on the North Shore and -- loose also fog reported and -- and hallmark. Slidell fog as well so you may find some fog mostly on the North Shore otherwise partly cloudy 54 at the international airport in -- on the North Shore temperatures right around 47 degrees. Had a weekend is here to some more of here. Friday's song suggestions we'll just keep got a pile -- throw off. Over the next few weeks analysts and gentlemen get a feel for what are the best songs to play on Friday morning as we celebrate the weekend here at WW out. Leveling the field when it comes to disabilities -- -- push from Washington's Atlanta high school and college athletes with disabilities take part. And competitive sports details on that coming up from CBS -- David Blake as -- WWL first is a -- traffic weather together. And sports with him -- man what an exciting weekend to parades tonight. Uptown and then it just keeps on -- and all weekend long we'll take a look at what movies are coming out this weekend along with what raids -- Roland. For you coming up here aren't going to be WL I am not that -- that I'm also this week in the super ball teams arrive here in New Orleans in one -- Sunday the other on Monday -- And it's off to the races in terms of Super Bowl activities. They've already got wages street river mountain closed what's most capital tomorrow according to the news -- but anyway. They've already got a closed it to come by the superdome so if you're coming off of the I ten. Down appoint you as you can act continue river found. Toward the downtown area you'll have to turn. Atlas now so expect that starting tomorrow they closed that exit. From the night and on to pointers so next week if -- government work downtown. I would expect you should at least twenty to thirty minutes your commute just to get into the downtown and we'll talk about that more coming up 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 25 of January 2013. It's a big gold to. -- Welcome enough -- I. We did this year the first of three massive weekend celebration. Of the revolts. Being in the middle of the Mardi Gras celebrations city racked up hit parade one week to this. This city takes off next week. But everybody else -- -- one up and then we get the really big huge can't stand that Tuesday that tonight uptown we have coach John and Cleopatra. Tomorrow on the West Bank. We haven't done -- at 11:45 AM and at 1 o'clock time to train uptown and top time after that tomorrow night marked the mailing -- and then on Sunday. At noon heralds an uptown -- vikings -- there it's like Dallas Perseus and -- nicest. One -- 2 PM. On Sunday series and also on Sunday floor roles in battery well not at a -- And that -- started this normally would be a very quiet weekend. Not much going time. I don't not this is a remote is that they bonus weekend of operating if that's not your thing and you wanna go see a movie opening at the box office this weekend all right Hansel and Gretel witch hunter -- He had hear me here and there and Gemma. Is -- art for -- yes stats that that it spirited remember a little hands on Greta I'll go and that which ties the you know and yeah well apparently that. Angered them so much they decide to dropping just kill witches Furlan. A lot of -- they're two again this is an. Jennifer Lopez a thief with a unique code of professional ethics does double crossed. By his crew and left for dead. That opens also are rated all the movies opening this weekend are rated the others movie 43. A series of interconnected short films following three kids as they searched the depth of the Internet. To -- the most bandit movie in the world of losing your new -- boys out as a soft tough call and what we got last week mama. -- number one that was the movie about the haunted children who come back from the woods bringing matters spiritual. Evil with them -- them at zero dark thirty was accurate to silver linings playbook which -- -- the Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Robert De -- that was number three. Gangsters squat with number four which on pan. And Imus down and coming it five with broken city with Mark Wahlberg in Russell -- and I just you know it's just so hard to know what people really want they like mama so much last weekend with day like the hands of one rattle -- weekend. Oh with -- different -- now -- -- IE news that a -- All got to go with the Hansel. The adrenaline of a lot of TVs thoughts on the dimensions aren't you know it just talk about this yesterday silent briefly touch on today to university on the top twenty fastest growing sugar baby colleges list. So hundreds. Of students had to line are joining thousands and thousands across the country using this web site. To find sugardaddies ten and sugar -- Wealthy older people who are willing to finance their education in exchange for. -- -- -- -- Companionship. I'm not getting it here terribly specific al-Qaeda owner arrangement to a lot of what they says he's being arrangement Jack -- -- they have some kind of a range and a occasional companionship to -- I don't know yet however this. Man this woman who is in college finds a man or woman of the same gender or the opposite gender and apparently runs the gamut two. -- -- sugar daddy your sugar -- Now some people said right away when we hear that story it's prostitution. Is well. In the that's what's -- college QB my. Companion at least on an occasional base your your picking up my college to happen in there and some. Will. If the ball. Well. You make the call vote in our decision is there anything wrong that text -- at 878 then I'd like find out thank you David. But -- -- about twenty minutes more -- personal world join us from port street it's out mode -- river about this when you get past the superdome the first of many closures it will mean folks you better -- an -- twenty minutes to get to work if your work in downtown next week. -- explain more coming up here on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On -- I -- meteorologist Laura but now. That -- appropriate route we being better than that -- most people now I can't keep in orbit and it. -- -- growing up in Portland that I never thought yet for. And I Munich I've written and out of Burrell and at that canal street -- -- in -- in the promptly arrested for. It's very rare you're ready by early exits protected my child's -- -- -- your own way uptown usually -- usually matter your mind you know most well. Regret the great family friendly and I -- you know when my friend that that might come in it at that. That impression that's all the parade. And I like bill that well without -- I turned. -- well that there it is not a meant that that it will be possible for. As for whether I mean at -- today. It's deputies Saturday and Sunday and -- to -- theory theory it may be cloudier tomorrow and Sunday Tuesday it. I'll take that deputies out average rain. Okay I'll take that are -- and wrong. Our -- -- perfect forecast and like get out love it -- wants some more of it and get us a call earlier. And I know you're going to be in the -- knicks went is that Roland February sick okay but some called that you're going to be -- pearl river. Day -- -- so -- ticket to go up and the everybody up there at that -- separate -- -- -- on Saturday and to Saturday afternoon Saturday and Sunday star Anthony I think -- Sunday Ari let me get that up there Sunday -- thank you for aren't. I -- my head -- Yeah just -- super star you're in the pearl river line parade on Sunday. Crude mixed grade on every day I expect Connecticut Wednesday I didn't grow up right inquiry into that you've been on for me. Well stretch that arm. Drilling yet yet you don't wanna get -- you wanna pull some of anchor you're gonna work in the arm out our panicky but it limber I can see that your -- with your dog in the car. Yes -- little Jack right in your lap. Now he rides at the fact it only right that -- ride anywhere else what else are they need back up at what you're -- passenger's seat and your husband your mom whoever they ride in the back it usually has. Need to act act. -- Stay here you can try -- passengers with them. But it will be -- new -- out. Outward picks you. And I it yet well you're right in the back to -- -- -- -- -- -- Well at Providence, Rhode Island they're looking at outlawing lap dogs. Gathers strength CY while listening for the safety of the pets and people you should be driving around with a dog in your lap missing -- 85 bucks to be caught with a dog in Atlanta and what would happen if I mean you know you wanted to might say. To be like Laura every dog -- ambassador to -- the back. I I -- you know. Luckily we don't have to -- and that -- -- usually just like that that at home which is less than a mile though. But -- I mean that the situation that they don't wanna be you know kennel her hardest that -- -- would be safe to. Yeah we'll see you Sunday at pro -- Laura. But now. Royalty at the parades are right now we'll give him a royal welcome Chris and Garrett at nexus sports. And surprise today and I don't want to suggest is good again for Fridays on -- We'll keep playing -- vote this week next week and the week after we will make any decision until after party -- -- We're gonna do about Friday's -- here on WW out speaking of music how about a did you see American Idol last night we've been. Sharing some of the contestants that made it through and our newscast that. Nearly forty people lots of them from Louisiana. Who tried out at the superdome in the arena then moved on to the Baton Rouge and auditions before the judges got tickets to Hollywood the -- tickets and a lot of them were very very good fingers could we have the next American Idol from Louisiana. It could happen. What -- I know I never won here are saying is Kristin -- I think though you can I've heard you've ever used in the newsroom with headphones on listening on -- -- You can do sports and you're a great sideline reporter is great but like me don't want seasoning nausea reasoning. When I don't hear myself think either. After just one season and historically bad numbers the saints have fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and secondary coach can play -- The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert says it needed to happen the saints allowed the most charges saying the CN FL history. You'll want to rank last in the NFL in total defense and run defense take coach Sean Payton. Who returned to work earlier this week after a season long suspension announced the firing yesterday the saints are making the move to the 34 defensive alignment. A couple of names have surfaced surfaced as possible replacements. Former chief tech coach Romeo and -- Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler. The wanted to announce their name changed logo and color schemes yesterday the warrants will switch to the new world pelicans next season. Team owner Tom Benson talked about the move. You've got to notre we can just pick it out of this group but we had. We looked at a lot of names. Now the NBA -- that proved maintained the commissioner David Stern says he wouldn't object to any named -- selected now opponents as they are right now. Our home tonight against the Houston Rockets at 7 PM. All the action for individuality and 105 point three in former Notre Dame linebacker and anti tale has told talk show host Katie Couric. That the feelings he had for what turned out to be a fake online girlfriend were real and reiterated he had nothing to do with the -- today at four on -- -- -- -- It's the fans in the pro with the -- -- analysts hope the guys on live from the World War II museum. I'm Kristian garic that is early look at sports don't. -- still a little exhibiting at the gridiron greats. Promoting Madden obviously. And a whole new. It's think it's opened up over there and you'll get a personal yet it's India as. No I have not numb I'm excited look you know you know my. My respect and love that I have for -- veterans in the in the hazard. Marine yourself and I'm well cool we'll see over there at the World War II museum starting at 4 o'clock today with -- I can hear it on WWL I am FM and that count. -- -- -- -- on the team soon to be known as the pelicans who needs him to keep again -- friendly -- as the hornets this. Thank you France that -- a lot to deal with that they are the hornets through the rest of this season. And then -- yet normally have to wait two years to change your name in the NBA buy it. It's -- -- town events and cut a deal with the NBA when he bought the team that on we waited two years. We like get this thing done by next season it's interesting that they -- to make that happen. The pelicans is the name as we were learning about adding getting mad that confirmed of course we know that. The saints fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Right or wrong. Right move for a number of reasons just didn't fit. The you know I just think that defensively. Scheme wise personnel wise this seems pretty suited to play the three for obvious that the C. And where they draft an awesome I think he got a couple of play makers a couple players that are gonna really benefit as I mentioned mark has Wilson and I also think Jackie hicks is gonna benefit from that before -- They pick up some defense of the draft pick up some defense of free agency they've. Build a scheme that more fits the -- there you have. And will they be the worst defense in the NFL again next I don't think so. -- -- -- Texan at that they still couldn't tackle underneath it. Lump but that's also from the coast to the old goat and told all personnel to me listen he got a draft good tackler this. Do you like the fact that fire its bags and he said to watch who. Keep. Butler the linebackers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers he's a they studied under -- he studied under Dick LeBeau up there Pittsburgh for the past nine seasons and Dick LeBeau is coming up pioneer of the 34 defense and enough. -- didn't -- it but he helped it evolved quite a bit. Well keep in mind that -- -- weekend I'm -- going to be text messages at 8787 and the -- sugar mama sugardaddies thing. After the so Greg Fitzsimmons a -- part Christian -- text and donate them. High gas it is 555 but it's always 5 o'clock somewhere on Friday right. Maybe every David -- via text messages today 7871. Person that a lot of sugar mama okay. Another says kissing wrinkles and running your fingers through away. To get tuition -- I'm gonna throw up. Does it can you please give us -- dating let's -- get. -- as the sugardaddies sugar mama thing is the new version of financial -- another says this is an immoral society we live today. -- forecast. For your. Eight cloudy skies and even my -- later today east side for a high at 10% chance for rain to -- dropping into the upper fifties again watch out for that ball. And for Saturday -- lot of parades roll in and we got mild weather 72 for a -- with a 20% rain chance. And Sunday at 10% chance first -- our. Smiled again. At. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- -- just now. Log on and or Sharon down on the -- 54 in New Orleans 46 -- -- now. Not a Tucker what's ahead for the next horribly noted talk a little pelicans we had -- hello Steve Spagnuolo to talk -- Mardi Gras would talk to those with everything. It you'll like it pelicans logo. Well look so it's pretty cool -- like the name. I'm gonna it's gonna take to get it -- -- do I want it in the here we go dealings Thursday accused -- could blow it. So bids but it does say that I dislike it I mean some people like it some people feel I wanted to be triggered. That'll happen. About that thermometers that yeah we talked about it yesterday. We looked at the -- nations -- to blame for a year. Mean nobody worth. 60000. Everything about a new buddy hey am I want to warn folks again if you're coming down town next week. To go to work or any other reason you are an extra twenty to thirty males do we get a taste of it today with pointers closing on that coming up happy Friday.

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