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1-25 9:10am Tommy talks to Michael McCann about Manti Te'o

Jan 25, 2013|

Tommy talks to Michael McCann, Director of the University of New Hampshire Sports & Entertainment Law Institute, about the Manti Te'o hoaxer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael McCann joins us right now morning professor you -- Well you know when he and my hard really does go out of anti tail because. When you find out that not only was he not talking no woman nature -- ages now but he's he's spill in his -- mentioned. Divulging his innermost thoughts fears hopes dreams stick to this idiot that was his friend. That turns out to be a guy. I can't think is a man of anything worse and you. Now humiliating. There's no way around it it's. It's bizarre and you know and hindsight obviously somebody's -- now seem. Like cash portion of the red flag earlier. But at the time who knows and it's now like today that maybe there were other people involved with this. Conspiracy. To sort of humiliate him. And and the information about you know captors and water on -- -- -- never heard of or never heard that phrase -- know what it meant. And I guess it's a bigger problem than -- I certainly well. So in what in one of these voice mails this idiot for 902 ER soap over nine two yes so blow accuses an anti tale of having a girlfriend. So now you've got in this is almost like look at in a mirror looking at a mirror look at at a -- where you got to try to keep it straight. Because there's so meant so much loneliness in so many aliases on on. -- The Notre Dame player is trying to convince this in quotation marks girl who is really a guy but he doesn't have another girlfriend. And it's reprehensible. Because no money exchanged hands and and I don't think there was any attempt to defraud anybody just. Make a fool would somebody in and target their heart strings and break their heart. Is any it is illegal. -- you know see if she bought any. For. -- big it would be girl. An active interest in that he didn't appear that he sent. -- so blow money. But if -- And it's our our sport you know to me in -- -- -- -- -- brought her. Something that could be. Tech could be impeccably conspiracy there's there are other people involved in the seat him. Up that money they're also the possibility. We don't know yet at some kind of extortion at any point -- -- You know you go to the media about this well. You know or or -- Do anything. To jeopardize. We'll go to the media make you look like a fool and we don't know those cracks at the possibility -- I think. Just -- intentional infliction of emotional distress that -- Legitimate -- -- the court almost never recognize that. If there's ever an instance when it should be recognized it would seem like this -- -- makes somebody a victim of a national embarrassment there's also. State laws for harassment so there are somewhat out there that could help them but I what we're seeing here that. -- cyber law and socially and in the context of dating web -- pretty and development. And maybe that's an area that needs more development. In terms of if there was some money exchanged and the phone once used and if it did go between state lines at that point that -- of and I try to be amateur. Justice Department here but that could become a federal offense can. There Eric intently at the prospect client the government has kind of authority. Goldberg matters that are across state lines and Internet itself is not acceptable to settle jurisdiction. Of course when it comes to. Being a jerk Reagan somebody's heart pretending to be somebody you're not that's going on on. I -- long is it people have been having relationships -- differences now. There's an added level of anonymity or. And added example or an added an opportunity rather be somebody you're not because of the Internet -- goes to the area guest professors that you just spoke of where maybe. Is some kind of government body needs a look at this because of the Internet. Yeah I think that's right an -- -- it doesn't appear that dating web site or didn't like that are -- totally regulated and not and we don't want things. Regulator for -- -- reasons but when it comes to misrepresenting themselves. And receiving another person I think that's an area where. Perhaps there should be more investigation as to what's what's appropriate and maybe outlook is considerable. Will lead to got -- Google could say I didn't eat white and you know better isn't all it's a hot topic she had been duped like I mean I see that putt. If we put ourselves and issues. I wonder how would've reacted maybe his reaction wasn't as. That it now seems. Anything else who might be missing message -- -- it. -- you know it goes into this story in this situation in 22 ball and you call. And I expect we have in the last I also wonder. Howell impacted draft status and he doesn't file a lawsuit over the it's. Whether or not this incident person dressed actually and that being key matter case. But again if he might wind up with a ball -- judgment as if Tuiasosopo doesn't have any assets -- and get right. Sure all of the satisfaction civil judgments could keep socially exhorting him while the other well. Pure activity or ability of any kind of damages that the law. He could at least exonerated him maybe as facts came out. Yeah I think it is on the nail nailed. It's on sale -- civil argued file a lawsuit. Don't be so litigious so there's you know it down side to bring nature -- but. You know this incident has so damaged his reputation. I've got to think it Turk is his reputation and a neighbor says appreciate and have a great weekend did you talk.