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1-25-13 11:10am St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister

Jan 25, 2013|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and get the latest on St. Tammany from Parish President Pat Brister.

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And has done in Garland on this Friday in every front and let you decide to spend enough part of your lead in days the weekend with the sun coming up this hour will be gone by saint Tammany parish president that president talk about saint Tammany. Something else really exciting going on today another W Ellis celebrating the grand opening of gridiron glory you can join us for a special addition of fans in the pro. With Kristian -- -- garage on that will be live from the national World War II museum where we're gonna celebrate. Gridiron glory the best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame it's an awesome exhibit you'll see a panoramic view of the story of professional football from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century. Two big cultural phenomenon has become today it would talk and artifacts from the Knute Rockne day exit Johnny Unitas -- Walter Payton Vince Lombardi. Drew Brees and many more -- in Christian they're going to be there today you can meet him from 408. If you join us at the World War II museum's grand opening of greed and glory right here on WW now. And we'll have a great show with special guests saint defensive back to boring -- saints linebacker Curtis Lofton. NFL analyst Mike to -- and hornets play by play man. -- on Kelly have a lot of microphones open it taken out it to the world -- to museum grand opening of greed and glory. I joining us now a saint Tammany parish president -- wrist and joins us once each a month at the final Friday of each month taking calls you comments. Questions and also keep us up to date on what's happening in the wonderful parish of saint tan that I'm glad to have you -- us this morning. And Martin -- care. Well -- got a lot of things talk about a got some text in now try to get those in the last people text your questions and 87870. There walk on the call -- 2601870. Total free it's 8668890870. And of course you've got to. A way they can ask you directly on the website will give them -- then later on the first of all wanted to recurring questions we've been talking about this for the past several miles south east hospital -- latest. Well delayed justice. They can gain control and running up the hospital has been turned over from the states. To. Meridian. And they have been running -- consenting January 3. It is going well it's a transition period obviously. They have had great response today has -- in Denmark and what the hospitals. 24. That doesn't need you need -- hospital days they can't take everybody at once that would. That happened need that they are slowly. I'm getting that two higher number than they have right now but to come to some of the employees. Did not and we're not able to keep their jobs. A lot of them more. I had died and -- we -- -- regularly. Are our responsibility as a parish. Home with meridian is to make sure it did -- the campus. Is -- well that means the pump additional. Services. That are on the campus others and the hospital. That's the Methodist home to children the two schools they addictive disorders. Nominee all of those are other services on the campus. We. Are responsible for making sure. Everything needed is worked well in that regard. This date and meridian have a contract to make sure the hospital is run correctly. And they check on them and believe me quite regularly so that's where it is and it's going well we -- in talks with other services. That are interested in bringing down their services to the campus. One album is. Veterans' services that. Aren't are needed also. But to clear in -- we're in contact with them says. It's going to be even. Better I think I'm not a -- How -- they will we'll have more services that they had and we've had in the past because that's what we're looking at right now how can we improve it and and get it better. While sounds like what could have been a very much a negative this kind of turned around maybe even become a positive. It has it has I mean given what we had that it's certainly there's still some negatives we lead. Weren't able to keep every employee and that that we were sorry about that the other things. Are very positive and and frankly I think there will be more people hired there as these services continue. Very good very good yeah. -- -- know what's on everybody's mind I even mentioned it when I drove into the city this morning jacket feels the MT around the superdome and the convention -- we've got CBS network television going to be here on a daily basis we've got some -- programs coming here. The NFL experience. Is saint Tammany part of this what's happening Super Bowl wise on the north -- although Dell's going to be -- And they are they aren't we are very thankful for that. We wanna be a part of it one thing particularly that we are doing you know we have to privatize airports here and in Hammond and Slidell. We have joined at the potential pothole repairs and Washington parish. And we will have a president. As opposed to. Airport because they're there are quite a PU corporate planes that come in there because. Obviously did they can't accommodate all of those planes hit and it. The airports and -- -- and so many of them apply in to our airports so we will have a presents. I will be there part of the time welcoming people and other dignitaries will be there also. We will give them information about saint Tammany. And a little packet to that tells them who we are and ask him to come back and and look at saint -- if they have. And interest and and coming to our area to expand their business or open a business. We want to take a look at that's also so will be welcome welcoming them and also let them know that we hear. Idea he figures on the financial economic impact the saint Tammany we have hundreds of millions for the city -- wallet what about saint Tammy wasn't as a hundred. I don't I don't have that at this point in time. I'd make can get better figure from the tourist commission because they deal with the hotels and and I'll -- and I will try to get that came before we talk. Cantwell are actually could get at the -- -- Immelman a little longer we ask that definitely than after the money's in the bank and we can tell issue. Right but it certainly it's certainly is is an economic boost to -- asked as well as. The entire New Orleans region. Exactly I understand is going to be a parade on February 1 and on the wall as is kind of back and off on some of the rays at a very close to the game time can simply just wouldn't be able analyst logistically. But if the people staying in New Orleans and wanna go see a parade -- and Super Bowl weekend what hospital and we. We we have our -- seven here. I I don't have a schedule of the parade but I get it before we get out this call. And dvd exact time to ship had been in -- made that we're inviting people that that just love those spray can and -- -- right across the lake. Two complete come on over because we will have our normal parade schedule going on. Very good now that we come back from the break wanna talk about the new saint Tammany parish -- Also got a couple of text messages coming into the -- got a question or we'll be right back RA. This is the saint Tammany parish how we do once a month with our president at Bristol if you wanna call in with a question. Comment -- 260187. In the Bible for area outside of 504 dollars still 3866. 8890. -- them we'll be right. Welcome back to the think -- W -- -- Garland Robinette joining us this last Friday of the month is that they're -- the president of saint Tammany parish your chance to that was it like 2601878. Or you can text is at 87870. Opt out one of the really exciting things saint Tammany parish is the learning center in -- -- yes yes bill learning center has been dream for some time. Even before Katrina is it is. I plan. And we're pulling the plan together is to bring as. -- short distance to one campus because students that attend classes given by south Eastern University UN Delgado. The technical institute. We would have liked to have a campus. And we have that the property on how it what 34 in a -- -- it would be one place for all of those. Students to come to to get get care education here in saint Tammany. Home. We also am that there there is a piece of property that they take any parish school board zones. And they are talking about opening day dual enrollment. School there are also that would have bomb college credit. Courses that high school students can take all. So we're with that is a high priority. For us again -- we've been able to get them back on track. We have -- formed. We've had many many people in -- that we formed a couple of committees now that are looking at the governance model and and the curriculum model what we need to do that all the universities have been on board with this and have met weather and our our home. Bringing their ideas on how would best work so we won't have one campus because. Delgado and southeastern and you know have class developer the parish would like to just bring them to 11. Area and get some efficiencies audience for the university and that. Courses are offered by each school that that might not need to be duplicate. Obviously money is the thing that's gonna get into right and are other possible sources that are being researched. Oh well. There are we already have that these students that are here we already home. The property. What we're trying to put together is say revenue source that we can build. And maintained a building. But week that part of -- resources that would be the students and are ready taking those courses he promised at universities which which happened in. One place that they would scale they're reading proper -- now Oliver saint Tammany. And that we would just bring those 211 place so actually the students would be. Contributing to the revenue because that would be paying for the courses and that's one. One strain. Revenue stream that would be using the mainstream. I had any idea on when that might become a reality and the. Well. We we have the infrastructure. In place we've we've started to we have a park and ride out they -- now. We are getting the design and plans for the drainage getting all of that taking care out. Warehouse or had some -- back behind that area that they are they they have the development department and their. Talking about doing a subdivision back there are so we just all working through to match it it's not an easy thing to bring all that together says. I'm hoping that we'll have more definite news and bad bad the second quarter of this year I'll win and and how it's gonna be accomplished. Well we'll put that went down his future business and a few but it we're working hard. Tell me about your anti -- in this case. Well you know I think everybody that -- there think and they would like to see. A cleaner saint Tammany and and -- their proud. Parish. And wanna show their pride that but we still do have a lot of glitter and we have a lot of blender come complaint says. We have started another. Anti -- initiative. With public service announcement. Social media in our government access channel. And and many other places. The litter abatement and the date of Louisiana's. Has about forty million dollars a year. That they can use and it is as always it's. Trying to find a way to pay the pour pour them to pick this letter opt in to clean it happened. Now it would be so much easier if we could just impress upon our citizens. That'd would be much less expensive to them and to all of us that they didn't do it in the first place -- and it's -- harmful to the environment it sends the wrong message to potential business. Partners and it just spoiled one of the most people -- just a mistake so we're we're. Going from all angles to tried to is to get their attention again. It's not that it hasn't always been -- that would make an extra. Focus. To make sure people understand the cost not only. Financial but what it -- -- distant future distances here and and and art and home quality of life. That always gonna take a break in a second for the news we come back got a lot of questions coming up on the text which seemed like nobody wants to text and instead call. Ideally on the highway 59 round about some possibility of casinos in saint Tammany. Get your take if you wanna discuss what's gone on with a scathing report on the corners office also that -- -- a -- Spanish trail road improvements. Developing businesses on -- property free mole and I attend the list is getting longer but the fact before we move on of that you know last time you were on we talked about that wonderful. Resource we have called the Tammany Trace which was the conversion of the rails to trails. I had a very very unfortunate thing happened a young Saint Paul student right field. Coming across one of the intersections he failed to stop an oncoming traffic and I think we just need to take a moment to remind people. Particularly those who come over their from the South Shore visiting Paris is in morning ride bikes a walk on whatever on the -- and be careful it does go through some highways in -- -- -- -- and even small Owens and -- a lot of times -- the people who would driving on advise and careful -- somebody just comes at an out of nowhere in front of them. Is just just have to get people to think about those things. Yeah it -- such a tragedy in and while we we try our best put as many warnings sciences that we possibly -- -- the and we certainly look at it. -- and make sure we're doing everything we can't net debt that was heartbreaking tragedy. That town is accused by so many people so some mean people safely but when something like that happened since it makes this. And -- again make sure we do everything we possibly can't make it safe. And and wanna remind people that that is that he normally a very good safe place to row area instead of on some of the other highways SEM riding between that yellow line in that category inches of -- topic it -- to them -- almighty -- don't -- -- have -- -- -- -- and. -- on that race because -- debate really is very safe and -- barrier for us to have. An accident like that in and eight it's not less heartbreaking but it is it's rare. For those -- we're talking about saint Tammany parish has a Andy and pathway. In which is black -- and it goes all the way from the Slidell marsh all the way through. Look at home in demanded build -- north -- will be the springs all the way into Covington Ky it's twenties something miles -- believe prior total land then it's open to the public does. Ventures to Reston. You know places to park in exhibit be safe because it does cross some major it. Custom then we are on and on highway 59 particularly the crossing mayor is probably one -- most interest and and we are doing a tunnel under 59 now one that's gonna help tremendously that we had to get through Oliver. Permitting process to do -- that we are there now we'll. Both the cyclists joggers and walkers and the motorists on the to just a little more a little more attention. And -- will be back with all these other topics and anything -- you happen to have if you wanna talk to -- saint Tammany parish residents or visitors but right now it's time -- news is Chris Miller standing by next -- with the -- and welcome back into the thanks thanks -- you -- from Garland -- there was talking about saint Tammany -- with president -- -- we do this once each -- -- invited to call -- Or text with you questions and suggestions and comments at 2601870. Told three it's 866889087. These text message board is open and 87870. The pad as usual no shortage of calling you know wanted to talk to you some questions answered sure. Don -- accept an you know we asked earlier about the parade has to investigate people give me just managed. On Friday night February 1 we have a crew of the parade in -- He wrote at 7 PM at saint Corey to parade I know everybody would enjoy -- match and then on Saturday. We have four operates. Crew up Olympia in Covington. And domestic -- that titans and find out. Along with the crew push we're going to be spring. And the crude applause and Slidell is dead. First and starts at 10 AM and find out that they. Mr. -- -- it is 630. And -- out and Olympia is 6 PM and Covington and those are on Saturday about pride in we have community and it's a terrific month. Down very very uninteresting and now also open the folks that come over from the south added -- -- -- -- says yes come and -- Now -- a grand Marshal Olympia one year in my home was a grand Marshal who are we had a -- Great at and Internet we'd have a good time. Well that a lot of the because this week has been about the scathing report that appeared in the times Picayune about the corn -- office some expenditures there of questionable. Whistle blower on being fired and I'm going public with this in the in the actually being countersuit for making that information available. Quoting some obscure law. In my understanding is the -- off although as a government agency it really is kind of its own entity. I it is it's an elected position -- has its own funding its own financing. Is there any relationship between your administration and Ian in do you wanna comment. Well I won't comment on the on -- the lawsuit going forward obviously because it is in litigation. But I will say that the only connection because he is they elected by the same on constituency. That other parish -- home officials are. Our only connection is. There are there Milledge the taxes that -- man. Come in throughout we have no control operating we just passed their. And that's just the way it's set top that he has all the decision making he has legislation that. Assured that so we really don't have any say over India that and again. He's an elected official and I am really don't want it is to make a comment on the legality of what's going on I -- but what town did that. But to be clear -- would there be any negative point on the funding if that was found that it was spent. And a miss miss appropriations of some of their fine with that have any kind of impact two of the budget of other saint Tammany government -- is probably. Don't know that they haven't Milledge and the Milledge was passed to several years ago. And he has complete control over that funding and it is dedicated to be spent a certain way -- -- -- -- way. Was being called into question his way he's spending his own fund and all the time yeah. Absolutely correct but it's our tax money but it is -- -- tweet today. And it's supposed to be sent spent in any particular way. -- -- Some of the other ones that are coming in. This one a casino I don't have a casino in saint Tammany and now my memories -- directly in casinos were being bandied about first being. Legalized in the legislature allowed them. There was one that was proposed for saint Tammany and I believe that was a referendum in the city of -- to go to. About seventy. And I about the smartest person in the world but I agreed that I agree that. Absolutely not that is not anything that would even know consider. Taking port we have benefited the citizens have been edited and that spared. That they don't want it and and that the wages paid patients have the date the final thing on what they want and it appears that there is absolutely nothing that I know about -- -- -- and not think -- -- it. It would be interest in to see if that percentage would have changed over the years since Mississippi has done such a great now there casinos. And obviously they're pulling some money out of saint Tammany a lot of other neighbors head to the Gulf Coast again -- money over -- and -- in Mississippi they make it maybe that'll change I had two little. It could be and -- someone wants to bring that that data updated at least do and they certainly and I have a right to do that. But it was overwhelming. Defeat morning gambling and think Timmy -- But we do we do lose a lot rapidly to Mississippi because of that says you know it. I'm not bringing it up because of a -- I don't think I think we have so many other things going on Don some positive positive things 10. I wanna waste their energy on that right now because we have so many other things that I think are going to be -- High time for break we'll come back and got a lot more these -- wells got a couple of calls on them one at that Bristol parish president of saint Tammany you'd like to. Gives a caller should decide a text message an 8770. This is the think tank good morning from the big 87 W -- -- I welcome back into the think -- the Friday edition of the think -- down to view we have saint Tammany parish president Patrick Stewart as he got a chance to -- -- and we'll try to get an answer for you also gonna give up her personal email address where if you wanna ask at a question and then on the saint Tammany parish web site. Not that get some interesting text messages in his one it says come on have a new show about Saint Bernard I get out of here in -- racing -- You wanna do Saban on chill out. I don't know enough about things as well maybe you'll get some you know it's a wonderful place that -- it -- -- I don't know more bad thing to ask my aunt. -- listeners get when you elected official then to have them contact us and maybe we'll do one here there's this one. Certainly is a great way to get information exchange revenue and constituents. That talking about economic development we talk about that a lot of got a -- a text in the first one says. Someone in his family will be moving the Vanderbilt shortly welcome to saint Tammany and says that he's also not practicing a lot which has some wetlands on the back end of it. Wants to find out about policies regarding development on wetlands I'm no corps of engineers is involved in that but I believe you had your own division -- Bryant Fortson. Works in the surprising is that anything that is correct that is correct term. People do have weapons on the property. Bears usually. They tried to buy. That property that they haven't not to build on -- the wetlands. Alone but if not there is a mitigation process and you just -- -- -- credits through mitigation bank. That allows you to build on those what Atlantic unique to that we can explain all of that it is quiet about -- quite down. Complicated that -- fortune and actually they can now can get them through that our policy a topic we can we can work with them. So just contact the saint Tammany sheriff permits division are -- at it like another one says highway eleven now own property had a business there. That is kinda hesitant to go back and rebuild -- right if you is kind of dreary than an -- -- an Apollo eleven. Any plans for restoration there are something -- stimulate -- get it back up again. Yes there is. We've been working whip Mary Landry and his has. Gotten some funding for us and we will be doing mark on highway eleven which it's going to the process of design work right now. It was. The big problem was. Trying to decide how much a -- ago what to do there. Because they're you know we -- have to remember once we build a medium. Divided highway with a median went Alba. The beauty on -- we have to maintain that simply we have now come up with a decision on how it needs to look. And that design is going port so that is going to be. Look a lot better it's gonna look a lot better and in addition to that. The week ahead on how eleven. They're at town spider can now. We have a Levy on both sides of highway eleven and gearing is it dated the and it has -- -- had to be brought in. On -- to eleven to bring it up to the same standard. -- -- -- those levees were because it was kind of like little funnel so we are we do have our plans rating will be raising highway and I happen. To the same level as that let me there so we won't ever have to block it off again that was just in an emergency. Situation but where. We have our design it for that in Oakland pulled it that also. All right very good pass stay with a we've got a break coming up we come back tell you one thing and get an awful lot of Texan and I'm talking on numerous. As some people call in for a revote on the casino issue. Bringing back a day doesn't let you want it felt like it look if you have to that contract to ride maybe they have men and I have a meeting with council every month before the council meeting terribly good leadership council and apple certainly -- up and I want to have to happen. Ordinance in place or to have that. Tammany parish president pat Christen what -- will be back for the wrap up of the saint Tammany show right after this timeout to listen to the think tank on the negates -- Welcome back into the think tank we have saint Tammany parish president had breast and as usual we have more questions than we have time to answer Adam get in her own waste water treatment utilities of various areas of road construction of course reaching bureau always comes up. Questions about a new rolled through Dixie ranch hunting club also why can't we use more prisons politically if you would give us the asked pat. Web address so that people can get to you than that fashion because I know I'm not gonna have enough. And a -- -- sure. Our web site is www. FP PG. A movie. So when you go on her web site there will be a little bomb block that sit on on the front page that says ask pat. You click on there it goes directly to any male page and you just ask me whatever question we read everyone's answer everyone's. And then as the 88 dot org it's yes -- -- any doubt Gregg met Greg let's go to Brad seasonal -- -- for a while our policy to back to the topic we covered earlier in the hour about the southeast Louisiana. Gradualist saint Tammany parish president centrist. Pena thank you very much and thank you. I just wanted to ask. I know that. This continues to be an issue and you know we have been felt. They -- the community. Would love for you to hold a public hearing. Do -- deal with the various issues. And foremost and we Cowell all say is thank you for releasing. They're corporate and evergreen. Because in our reading -- we found actually there are caught. They're they're born into that parish are gonna control the offer -- you'll need some time ago the same. And you know three quarters of our membership or saint Tammany -- -- And -- problem losing their jobs in little bit worried that. Those increased caught -- and meanwhile there are other concerns as he knows it was announced in the newspaper today regarding out. Atlanta restoration of -- and other things which stated promise that went -- it. But the same services would be provided a lot of people were having a lot of doubt about that. Well I you know I I hope they will at least give the benefit of the doubt. That the care is being given that is -- strictly regulated as you know by by the state. The HH and or license. -- they must. Do certain things to maintain their -- terms and Hannity HH is they're checking on those things. Regularly. Again our Arab part of this that this whole. -- initiative. Is. Properties -- did not the hospital but everything else in and Altria that services that that grant. Prom. That they were raining from the state we want them maintain. Those properties. And people pay rent but. I don't know exactly what -- -- saying about what what the cost will be because I don't think anybody. Well I don't do everything in net debt document would it would have given you that. But yet this transition period and I act and I guess I keep going back to. We were given the option close shot her. All jobs -- lost. All patients are mood are find a way to keep it going as best you can't we think we did that. It's an ongoing. Initiative. We work on it every day we're trying to make it better and the state then I can assure you this state is there. Constantly making sure that the services are being provided. Well -- just I appreciate your attention you know I don't see why it would. Would matter at pebble public hearing another parish council members there and he didn't campaign. I I have no problem great if it would happen sometime aftermarket growth. I have no problem with the public hearing but I think that -- -- what I'm getting I think the public wants to hear from this state. And meridian and we will do our part but we and -- the -- of the questions I think that you have about the care. And and how many patients and how many bad debt that is not what we as a parent. Will be due and end just and evergreen. What kind of humanness is gonna come up again will be and you talk about at these hospitals thank you for coming gonna make you know available again as the ask that the those that you'd get a chance you comment on suggestions are very quickly that San Francisco Giants a Baltimore Ravens right then go for a that's the next month and day care that is that Bruce's family and president and again this as TP. He'll be or asked that will be back to talk about LA yesterday after the.