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1-25-13 12:35pm Hahnville coach Lou Valdin

Jan 25, 2013|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Hahnville football coach Lou Valdin about the decision to split up "select" and "non-select" schools for the purpose of the high school football playoffs.

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Analysts thanked me for being with as long as he should be mentioned is aggregated suitable credentials and that's because starting Sunday -- deal's going to be broadcasting live from my super studios. At the Super Bowl 47 holds Canadian media center in the Ernest morial convention center. That's right going to be broadcasting live from the top a Mardi Gras float. Called dark mentality. To bring you the big news of the week in wall to wall coverage of the big game big stars. And big events will kick things off Sunday morning with Christine -- in the super addition of its just sportsman in the two. That'll be followed by a Super Bowl preview this new device from two to six. Then all next week -- WW osu put grew Tommy Tucker ago provenance but McConnell -- mean -- Will be broadcasting from the best seat in the house from 6 AM to 8 PM. Join him for all the excitement would go in the Super Bowl mumbled celebrating the biggest game in sports in the biggest -- owners. In the best city on the planet right here that you. Well this discussion on this boat that was taken this morning at the Ellis a panel and it's L eight SA AA convention. Having to do with dividing the playoff system for football only in to select. And non select schools making a total of seven playoffs now separating. Build your public school from the lab schools you'll curriculum the magnet and charter schools. The private schools John and harnesses the evangels. The -- the jazz was -- Catholic league. In and putting them into separate division what do you think about or asking your opinion. 57% of our respondents now saying -- -- 43%. Against. You wanna get a better explanation of all now works in what was driving it. What do -- mean in some of the questions that will rise go to the website at David revealed that. Then just rolled out to shows in schedules. Look on the -- Robinette homework page and as a very good explanation an article that appeared in the advocate some of the text at a convenient. Saying now what about private schools that are in district with public school like on the north. -- says houses in impact district game will the select schools NAFTA model for -- -- teams in general classification. And make it pretty telling this only cheapens the public school state championship. School in. A public school state championship becomes team week dilute the playing field this week the public school title. -- example nothing. ID field call us a text listen we have -- Val and joining us Lou as a coach him on bill high school. He has been on both sides of the issue he's also coached at what is now going to be. Classified is they select. The -- welcome aboard thanks for joining us on the thing. Apparently all calm you got it out there all boats are coached. Our coast archbishop -- all where are we want state championship in 1987. And in great traditional public school Compton. Our home. And out in a head coach -- ought -- know where we'd beat Ukraine into our state championships it would be -- school. And I'm fortunate that comment what are. Our public schools an area where we have the ability to compete. We ought to -- schools in normal at all and shall operate our our. And now that the media promote orbital role call vote boast made our. You know some good arguments are so big market probably -- on -- -- Well tell me why is upon bill and west Munro and barb and -- very feel very comfortable. In getting into the playoffs against Catholics to school lord John -- -- Angelo whoever and others don't think they need a separate division what what is what is the argument. Well as someone made the point today. You know it's always the same 32 in Everett playoffs and have a -- Asia and it ought to break or you're struggling program. To break into that go to program you ought to -- was -- coach thank you are they had been playing all law. -- -- are fortunate. To pebble called apology good player out there we knew it would make the playoffs and -- -- you know. All we were able to build program at best player cents. Up a lot of public schools BO. And I don't think it would be permanent optic. We'll look at a couple of years. You know -- -- public schools that haven't had the opportunity to go to play all. It may be up to build programs and I think a couple of years it may be a computer like a trio. Where. You know someone who can draw from double. I would talk -- Lou -- head football coach on bill. Which is now gonna be classified as a non select school he's also won a championship. A shell when they would now classified as they select where private and public school certain public schools like charters magnets lab schools -- curriculums are now going to be competing in a separate playoff division from the public schools. Will get his take on what the future this my whole forty LH SAA itself and also for some of these other schools. When -- in -- comments do it 2601 a seventy or 866. 889087. And this is the think tank an afternoon from the big seven WW and welcome back into the think tank we're talking about the LA TSA age of both that was taken today a decision made for football playoffs to add two more playoff series. -- that would be for public schools separate from what is going to be called select republics who will be designated as non select schools. Which -- traditional public schools and rolled in a defined geographical area. I had football coaches on bill little -- -- -- -- he's been on both sides of the issue. Was head coach at what is now a select school she also head coach and on bill. Which is in console like Lou if you you who to who was the voting on this was at the coaches like yourself and principles or. Strictly LH SAA representative who actually made the vote on this. Well alliger AA proud organization. So called. A couple of parts of Oprah had to put on the agenda and it -- that no problem this morning gentlemen you are. A carpet -- -- eligibility it was able. So where you were capable. Association voted -- table. And it sort came out this year and the principles voted. And all the -- -- -- ward appeared at yeah keep -- the art of effective or. Our war it doesn't affect district play. At all so you have equipment nor shall we actually all are into the district with comic it and and the -- alternate status. What's gonna happen is at the end pregnancies and now they are going to separate select not elect schools and she them. Into our interest at all which -- which happens -- what state. I soul. But the chances of them meeting in a playoff it is it is and is nonexistent anymore. Now that not happen. You know -- you and -- are. You know and and I you know both you know what port one opera will come out of school pretty good point. At all about. All you know -- -- what we're not -- association. An analyst from. Public school point of view that this issue during normal for about it yeah. You know about fifteen years ago. It was our momentum -- -- -- I think the private schools in my career. And fortunately that did not happen. All. And -- all years ago. Still the move to transport association. And again it happened a lot of schools feel. Like. All. What are you go to put -- do it for recruiting better watch strict there. On -- schools topic a lot of public schools -- like all parties who haven't been forced. And so the old way. Have a level playing field. It's a separate a couple years but it doesn't work actually they can put back -- -- -- can go back away. While I think it'll work has got to work now whether people will be happy with it and and in and maybe be deprived of seeing some two big rivals that would have given. The spectators in the schools some more challenging game that remains to be seen that -- From your standpoint you've been on both sides of it you've heard both arguments if you asked to call on for a vote how would you have gone on this issue. Or UN does well. I'll be you know outcome on the soccer you know were caught in the position I'm out there are fortunate. That I work or school system. The import now works. And -- bravado -- you know great facilities are sort thing so great you know we're we're gonna you know we always play by rules. And you know we were going your way you know we're going to be in the not -- spiritual leader to opt out Trotter went in that report -- -- figure out that would be probably also. -- -- Ottawa the world wouldn't the word because prominent school act is sportier. To what we can compete. -- a lot of schools by yeah. The republic who support an outbreak there have been. It portrayed as the pair got this situation. All in order to sort out the school principal saying they -- article backed the segregation and then. You know things like that -- -- that aren't just all the schools. I think the public schools just -- -- is not Olympic level play deal right now it would be if -- college football. Every college at the work day in the name like Louisiana State it's a date or they they can all. Play it from their state. Colleges that didn't have the work state like Alabama or Florida Notre -- they -- like (%expletive) from anyway. Well that might be a little act after an exam -- book as a mean you know colleges ubiquity of crude over a much much larger area. In exposed to a lot more. Talented athletes and high school. I guess in its own microcosm I guess you could make a comparison but I don't think it would be. Quite as blatant as it is a college university avenue picks someone from the estate as opposed to be able -- all over the nation. Well yeah you know we have. -- school art I have no problem who opt out -- -- -- all. Are all -- ankle on that one ship sank into -- -- coach. So. I want daughter graduate work out this order graduated from public schools so. All there I have no problem people senator -- -- -- -- -- -- -- school I'd been at it from so while school's SharePoint. Hard to compete. And you're not at all about. When you look at some or alliger AA. Practically. No school competition. No public schools can compete -- -- almost Pete and it's all about sort I'm -- -- or not it old split in every sport. Our congress that are out you know that you would happen to follow it a couple years you have -- want your oil go years. Are able to build their out of their programs are. All out war problems that -- the pressure on our local to the way in which Arnold picture and how -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While you're chipped up for 2 o'clock -- set -- -- do example how many Ott who don't. You know your article is that their -- to try to win went to law -- rubble. And so you know down it's -- -- I have the chance to win. What -- I have to compete with you know who expected draw from. -- you know are opposite. Well I got an interesting -- that says so how will we know who is the real state champ best team in the state when you've got a great on bill state champion in this. Non selective vision and and you got maybe a jazz -- high on the select. And I guess we'll just have to do computer match up the -- out who's. In that little. Final. You know I don't know I don't know -- right now we know about gene you know law. No absolutely I would operate they chipped in nine you know -- I don't you know optic -- Pretty good health but it -- been that have been -- and politically straight year or so and oh what probably happened at the same thing happens except. You know. Probably in the -- -- could have occurred right edge of the stage -- all. The different teams away. All right we'll see how it works out thanks this menace of Tom Withers and tell us your opinion -- we really appreciate it. I'd coach Lou valve and until -- guys coming back after this to wrap of the think tank and tells you what's coming up next on. Talked gumbo -- let's -- Aniston's. -- that's gonna wrap up the think tank for this Friday you'll see you again next Friday yeah tomorrow morning we have the outdoor show for -- that begins at 5 AM until seven when I'm fishing and hunting reports. Weather updates open phone lines and now also following that we have more outdoors that's from seven anonymous sister stations. Thirteen fifty WW WL go the same thing we do a little bit more extensive -- we have a program called speaking of specs it's. All about Louisiana's favorite fish exclusively -- use speckled Trout fisherman. Also -- alone great outdoors and we're also gonna tell you bond channels make a wish project come and you can help. Have a terminally ill child. I have a wish come true by purchasing some tickets for -- will give you all the details on that. Coming up right after the news spud McConnell -- I think he gives away an NFL experience tickets every day so you need to -- -- for that. He's also the talk about the CCC. Told recounts. And also wants to play number fifteen on the top list of -- the baby school what the heck is. -- the baby school loans to respond to yell about it that's come and happen to think tank I gotta go see you next week right here in the think tanks on the big 870 evidence.