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01-15-13 10:10pm Open Lines

Jan 25, 2013|

tonight Scoot talks about: Mardi Gras and Super Bowl in New Orleans. "...if you live in New Orleans, do you embrace Mardi Gras and/or get as far away from it as you can?" .... also.... video games.... should video games dealing with shooting be banned

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And the -- were rolling tonight if I did the last parade tonight is just ending up and says capitalists and pointers so offense. Helps you figure out where the -- are you're going out tonight are -- trying to get home. -- to give you a bad information. A money operationally tonight and really through the weekend and there are a lot of street closures because of the Super Bowl. A river down pointers is gonna be close from a south labor into a south. And then it's ultimately I'm gonna become a pedestrian mall so I keep that in mind and again I. I remind you that if you if you get stuck in traffic and if you're frustrated this time -- -- with money gross stuff going on in the Super Bowl going on. Try to just relax. And realize that. This is a small price to pay for all of the attention this city is getting this is a small price to pay Thabeet. Where we -- to experience all of us we've got to street closures and we've got the parade information all of that is on our website right now -- every WL dot com. Governor Bobby Jindal said to a crowd and a Republican meeting in North Carolina that quote to we've got to stop being the stupid party. And former Mississippi governor Haley barber agreed. Haley barber went on to say that. He understands that people are upset but he say we have got to change and this seems to be wide. Many prominent Republican leaders are saying the party has to change the party has to stop. Getting involved so deeply in social issues and focus on issues that matter there was a conservative group of women. That convened and recently talked about how. The party should be criticized for not doing more to attract women especially young women. About 53% of the voters in his past election in November. Or women and Obama won I think by somewhere around ten or eleven points. And in particular. This group of conservative. Republican women criticize the party for. Making abortion and for saying stupid things about abortion and rape. A part of the campaign. When I find most interesting about this. Is. Before the election. I talked about these very issues. And many people criticize me and bash me for. Criticizing the Republican Party. Before the election. I was saying these very same things that now prominent Republican leaders are saying. About their own party. -- sisco officials are now taking tougher measures to prevent any violence following the Super Bowl this year as you remember what happened after. This ever just go Giants won the World Series there were bonfires soon and express bus was turned over there's all kinds of -- stuff going on downtown. And there was a public showing of the World Series -- they're not gonna do that for the Super Bowl you know if you've ever been to San Francisco. You know what's a sophisticated city San Francisco is. Very refined guy I would say -- this goes much more refined and Los Angeles it's it's it's one of the more refined cities in the country. So really surprised me when I saw that and that the bad violence. Erupts following the the winning the World Series. My gosh if they if they -- celebrate that when they win the big game what would they do if they lost a big game. As the mayor sever sisco and Lee is suggesting that bars limit liquor sales. For the very least serve liquor responsibly. Embassy officials say they don't plan to -- hard liquor and apparently there were some some talk about that. As I said no public viewing of the Super Bowl -- to civic center. Similar to when that the Giants clinch the World Series in October a police had 36 people were arrested 23 for a -- three of those people. -- we're charged with. With felonies and again it was -- an eruption of violence and police are gonna monitor crowds in. A multiple hotspots in San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday more than 400 officers will be on duty tripled the number that would be on duty. On a normal Sunday. And I guess this is just another reminder that's. Nobody knows how to do it better than us. We win a championship. And think about what's a celebration was like -- I was there I was in the French I was on Bourbon Street right after the Super Bowl ended in the Saints want. And it was one of the most exhilarating. Crowds to DNA in the big history of this city no trouble no problems. So for those of you who think that New Orleans is just. Time just so wade and with so many many violent problems think about that moment. And four for all of us it's a reminder that we do know how to come together as. A city. And the community. Let me give you this update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll if you live in New Orleans do you embrace -- draw or do you get as far away from -- -- you can. Very close poll tonight 59% embrace it 41%. Get as far away from it. As they can. Money -- rays rolling this weekend. And the countdown to the Super Bowl against. New Orleans is an exciting city on any weekend but from now through Mardi Gras day Tuesday February 12 this city will be the nexus of the party universe. As individual events the Super Bowl in -- -- transform our city into a media Mecca. But this year with the Super Bowl week surrounded by Mardi Gras festivities. New Orleans is about to step into one of the brightest national spotlight in history. With all of the attention and expectations the pressure is on and New Orleans will not only be ready for it but we will once again rise to the occasion. A promoting our city as one of -- America's most outstanding cities. Nor was just like that team that they get to the championship game but having -- championship games in the past. We will win this championship to. We have the right players the right coaching. And the right fans to demonstrate why New Orleans. Is the -- of America. Imagine watching the Super Bowl and Mardi -- activities from another city. Wouldn't she want to be here will we are here. And even if you don't have tickets to the Super Bowl learning the official parties or events. Even though parking is an issue you really should come downtown and experience all the physical signs that the nation. Is watching us right now. It's exciting. It continues to amaze me that there are many people in the suburbs and nearby communities. That make a concerted effort to never come to New Orleans. When I think about how people travel across the country and even around the world to visit New Orleans every year. It amazes me that some people. Don't take the time or make the effort to come to New Orleans. Even though they're just outside of the city. New Orleans has its problems that we can never stop addressing those problems. But this is one of the world's most unique cities -- history. The architecture. The food. And the people create an atmosphere. That really cannot be reduced to words. It must be experienced. This moment in 2013. When the Super Bowl and Marty -- lineup together is akin to -- those special astronomical moments. When the planets align. And certain alignments of the planets are known to affect the universe. -- right down New Orleans is the center of the universe so let's get the party started. And come down and -- at how the blog tonight on those double WL dot com is I've titled we know. How to party cake and -- AUS we might not know on his elbow we know how to party. And at the end of the blog I've got some pictures that I took it Jackson's birthday as Jackson's career is transformed into Super Bowl apart for CBS. This is this good show and we'll be right. Starting tomorrow WWL would be broadcasting live from our super studios it's Super Bowl 47 host committee suite at the media center of the -- in morial convention center in downtown. Yeah will be broadcasting from a top Marty Roth closed. We'll bring you the biggest news of the week wall to wall coverage of the big game the big stars and all the big -- to really kick off Sunday morning with Kristian garic. And a super addition it's just sports for ten. Until through Sunday and then following that is super preview with me and -- Vice from two until six and then. All next week to -- WL super crew. Tommy Tucker Garland Robinette -- but McConnell Bobby indeed will be broadcasting. For the best seat in the house from 6 in the morning until late at night. So we're gonna bring you all the excitement. I if you are going to be part of -- -- part of the Super Bowl who will get you ready for a and -- if you're in another part of the country or if you are it is not going to be able to participate or get down here. We will make you feel like you're here so join us and -- WL starting tomorrow I'm starting Sunday -- All next week broadcasting from 6 in the morning until late at night and then -- Tuesday night. This -- show's going to be alive from the media party. At the convention center for the Super Bowl. And you can just imagine the people who are going to be the media party this is going to be a lot of -- -- this to show -- and they -- eight to midnight on Tuesday night. How we're doing these Super Bowl mambo celebrating the biggest game in sports and the biggest free show on earth in the best city on the planet and it's all right your life. Under the gonna do well here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight if you live in New Orleans do you embrace -- draw or get as far away from it as you can. Yeah embrace it 58% there's far away from it as you can 42%. Yet there are people who have had enough of Monaco and you know I understand there was a time in my life when you know I thought well. You know maybe I'm -- you're gonna take it easy this this morning -- but I -- I'm totally into its this year and especially with this this combination of Marty -- stuff surrounding Super Bowl week in the Super Bowl this is just a really special time. And to be into an enormous and I really do hope you. -- get a chance to come down and and Felix have participated and I mean this is your city. Take part in the city enjoyed be proud of it and it's a lot to be proud of as a talk about the frustrations that you might go through with traffic and things like that. Again remember that this city is gonna experiencing is gonna experience and changes right now. There will be permanent. The changes at the airport. Some of the things that have been happening downtown there are. There are benefits to our city from the Super Bowl being here it will last long after the Super Bowl is over. I if you haven't heard in the news today a subway is apologizing because some of its foot long sandwich -- don't relief. Measure a foot. A -- posted a picture of a foot long online. Content only measured eleven inches. And a subway said today that it is a redoubling its efforts to ensure consistency and correct way and in all of -- sandwiches. The companies already noted that -- land can vary from franchise to franchise because they don't always big. The -- to the exact specifications that they're given but they are going to do the best they -- to reinforce the policies to make sure that it's all consistent and that you're. The subway is as long as it's supposed to be. In a statement today's subway expressed regrets. For any instance where we do not fully deliver our promise to our customers. Yeah I Danny and I mentioned this earlier the other I think that I wanna mention about subway is. Not just the length of the same respect -- you noticed what a subway looks like in the TV commercial. Have you noticed the pictures of the subway sandwiches. In the franchise. When you're ordering. Have you noticed. The discrepancy between the meat on the sandwich in the picture and the meat that you actually get on the subway sandwich which is why in the if you if you go for the meatball for the honey did it chicken Brack had his oven roasted chicken -- when you get the full maple -- sure to put those cuts uncle goes on there. They're a little bit on. That's inside. Upper Mississippi Jeff here on WW welcomed walker a good attempt good -- I yeah I gotta do so many shows I don't know someone in the morning afternoon or night but it's nighttime. They've exceeded my call sure. I don't think the Republican thought he should change it -- platforms. You know that the being that the Republican Party stands on the that they that this country was built -- Their right. Are there right to say I'm sorry got a -- I have to. He. -- -- You could say until I put me that we never believe them in the cards play. But just the Republican Party -- -- suffered what many considered to be somewhat of an embarrassing loss in November and the Republican Party is gonna focus on different things I don't know how much they're gonna change the actual platform at the Republican Party is going to. Steer away from a some of the social issues that -- got involved in its gonna change his policy when it comes to immigration to try to win the year Hispanic vote but. Know there are a lot of people who are are going to be bitter because I've -- that the Republicans lost in this election that they thought they were gonna win. They are gonna suddenly make some changes -- why didn't they make those changes before the election so some of the people that they're trying to appeal to are not going to be that easy to win over. But I know what do we do we just open up borders let anybody -- They are working law enforcement. In Mississippi and we don't even know where these people are we don't know they backgrounds that don't have -- -- I -- what is. Total offense and that's a that's -- and that's an entirely different group -- those who came here with their parents under the age of sixteen and are still here and contributing to our country. Those are the people who. Should be given an opportunity to become citizens and stay here and -- that's what. A president Obama's talking about. I George Bush had a similar plan and Republicans when George Bush was president we're freaking out saying this is amnesty all of a sudden the Republican Party is realizing. Okay we better do this. What it but it's it was too late for the election. Well I think what what will -- won't be happier I think both thought we were wrong I mean I think we they need to get a lot to like everybody will not need to make any kind of special. And efficiency anybody. They want politician at the Republicans change you -- We're -- -- -- thing this -- is an abortion on demand game. -- -- -- you can you can you can believe what you want but if -- a political party he embraces those issues it's not gonna win the presidency. How we've got to abbreviated show are right Jeff Cole is because one day next week when this -- comes up again because it certainly would open again I find it interesting that. There's so many Republican leaders are now talking about changes that should take place in the Republican Party. Which are things that we talked about. On the show. Before the election. And now Republican leaders are talking about those same things. If you need information about parades -- ballots. Very. Road closures and all the exits and things that are gonna change as a result of the Super Bowl you can get all of that information on our website. And Demi WL dot com one -- Jack Harris are studio producer we have an abbreviated show right coming up next NFL preview with Boomer Esiason -- screwed -- -- -- New Orleans.