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01-28-12 11:10pm Open Lines

Jan 28, 2013|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: has the Republican party lost it’s way? Since the election loss their has been a lot of soul searching and compromise from the Republican party to find out where they went wrong in losing the election and the American people

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It is Super Bowl week in New Orleans says Jackson square has been transformed into Super Bowl party Jackson square by CBS. And if you work downtown lived downtown here at a quarter. Or if you have time to drive by if you haven't gone by there yet takes some time to enjoyed it's gonna get even more crowded. And the downtown there in the French Quarter the closer we get to this weekend so. Tomorrow and the next they might be really good time to attitude to go go experienced down town that ESPN is is -- got all kinds of staging between. Where the hard rock used to be hard rock has now moved to Bergen street which is a great spot sport it's a good to great. Four planned for the hard rock current downtown in the quarter. Of the that is now an NFL store but between. Where the hard -- used to be. In a bigger parking lot between that and the Jack's -- ESPN has set the stage is set up and then Walden Burke park is being transformed into. A what might be considered a -- Jazz Fest French Quarter fest type. Type venues so it just so much is going on. Now some -- August developing in the area are you might be instant that fought right down fact if you wanna. A caller shows and we're live on the year I'll likely like to let people know what's going on whether the traffic. He could caller showing give us an update on the flawed -- in this area can get very dense at times have seen some fog along the river. As of fog. I've been covering some of the lights in in in downtown new worlds but if you're in some some some heavy fog you can -- show and I. And reported here 26 dome. 1870. And -- -- number is 87870. I just another quick reminder when it comes to driving in fog. Jumper on your bright lights you might think that's gonna help you see better but. The the fog just reflects that the bright back into your eyes and you actually have less disability. And also. Contrary to the instinct that many people have to put on their hazard lights. Do not. Which -- hazard lights on unless your vehicle is stopped or you're or a severe hazard to moving traffic. That is coming from the Louisiana state police I didn't make this -- And I mentioned it and consistent with calls from people you know we you know people could see -- better cope with the Fletcher saw and no it's dangerous. Why is it -- you've got your hazard lights on. You're -- dog. I'm driving behind you. I see your hazard lights on I think your stopped so I suddenly slam on my breaks that -- chain reaction accidents happen. So do not. Put your hazard lights on unless you're on the side of the roads stopped. Or and let's say you're going five miles an hour on the interstate and if you're not comfortable on the interstate to where you think you have to have your flashes on. Do us all a favor and get off. The interstate. Had a call last hour talking about. The city of New Orleans and the stench on canal street I was on canal street Saturday night -- why somebody would stay in an area where there's stanch I don't know. But when there are large large crowds of people anywhere in America. The fact is some people take advantage of opportunities to urinate in public. I don't support that would be nice if it did happen it's kind of disgusting thing to do but sometimes it's just an absolute necessity. When you have large groups of people and not enough bathroom type facilities. That is gonna happen with the men and and with women it's him it's a biological thing it's it's a human thing. But to rant and rave about. The -- in the quarter. If you don't like the quarter don't go on the quarter. And if you don't -- then again you leave room for others to go to. To the quarter at a -- not for everybody. There are people who are just so. Dedicated. To trying to. Prevent everybody from from sitting. And some people become obsessed with -- And I think we should also the good example. And we shouldn't. Purposely CN but yet we all do. And you know. I know lifting up your shirt if you're a woman and getting -- I know that is not the most admirable thing to do but. It's the French Quarter here's a text that read suburban street is a place to let loose. I pity this man for not. Feeling that he deserves. To let loose. On here's a text I want to open up a franchise of pay restroom this one measly dollar to get in the stall. I think I would eventually make billions. Yet you don't if you actually charged to to you to use a pass from downtown. If there is there worsening -- that you would make money in and maybe you can have enough money to make -- really nice. Blasier under VW -- It's gone -- banned in Britain and oh yes. You know how is this year where. It's enough worrying it is like -- under 2% humidity yes. That's what it's like you're in the broad moral right now it is not what you were you know I'm getting tripped on but it's -- -- -- It's it's it's. It's. -- we see that quite often and I and Portland and Seattle where -- yeah there is that was on the year there. Idea I want anybody call out there instant dance form in the twins' fans of the causeway at 55 never. Malia anywhere in this part of the country and our toll free number is 866889087. A place I appreciate your call again it does -- very very thick and that's the way it convenes in San Francisco sometimes once again we welcome. The forty niners and everybody associated with a team that book and the ravens everybody associated with that team and we welcome all the fans all the media. In New Orleans right now for the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. It's exciting to follow the Super Bowl but especially when it's in your city and you get to you get to live the experience it's. Of dairy -- natural time and our city and then. Right before and after Super Bowl week in the Super Bowl we have money draw. And I wrote in a blog on our website titled we know how to party and it's spelled K and EU -- we gotta party win when something like the Super Bowl and body draw. Align themselves together. In this unique. Constellation of events if you will. I've this is. This is the kind of thing that can net control the universe that things happen in the universe when the planets align thinks things happen in the universe when things like. -- draw and the Super Bowl align themselves with -- each other. And right now New Orleans is the center of the universe. The responsible. All week long time have fun this week during Super Bowl week and next Viktor Margaret will be here to remind you about over the things that we. Should it should not do during during -- justice be very responsible and you know I love to keep talking about this. They are going to be times. Win as a motorist as a resident of New Orleans somebody who works in the city they're going to be times when you're frustrated. They're going to be some inconveniences. But remember all of the benefits. Will come to this city as a result of the Super Bowl and all of the changes that have taken place in this city because of the Super Bowl it will last long after the game. All of these things are. -- Are worth it so any inconvenience they -- you deal -- if it is. Is a small price to pay for how this city is is changing -- here's a text that read it's scoot your patience is it true blessing. I admire at them last caller one is starting to get under my skin. He said that he had never been to the quarter but were saying how sinful it was love your show thanks for dementia we do that is from port town Patrick right booked on Patrick. Thanks for the thanks for the tax -- detects I'm inspired by this guy from Mississippi I was calling and before the top of the hour. -- said you should do a series of shows on how many wonderful places or in New Orleans besides the quarter. We talked about it thing to -- a new worlds resources quarter quite often and and even during the day. Even if you don't want the night life. On the on suburban street. The quarter is is an incredible place. Historically. Atmosphere wise a very unique historic place on this planet and it's right here. So if you don't live downtown it's well worth coming to the quarter if you want the nightlife -- go to the quarter during the day. Go to the French market to walk around the French Quarter. During the day with your kids. Walk along the river. In this city was. Was established here. Because of this this curve in the river. And. The French. And so many other cultures. Helped develop -- it you know when you when you think about the history of New Orleans. And you think about the influence that we have from the French the Spanish. Italians. From Africa. And Caribbean West Indies. South America. If America is a melting pot. New Orleans is even a greater melting pot. Within a melting pot. And these are things that didn't make our city. What tedious. And for those of you who -- here this week for the Super Bowl or Mardi Gras. I think you'll agree that many of the things that are so unique about this city are things that you can't reduced to Woertz. If you try to describe then -- somehow take away from what you really experience. The best things about this city are things that I think you have to experience. And not just try to define. With words. If you're gonna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a -- number is 87870. Here's a Texan reads I don't go to the Republican conventions because I don't agree with some of the values that happenings. They go on the air if you don't agree with the values in the happenings in the French Quarter don't go there. It's that simple in my eyes how true that is. There there are people -- the other thing about New Orleans is there are people who. Denounced the city people who live in this area. Mainly in the suburbs there are people who. Reject. New Orleans as a filthy dirty sinful city. And yet there are so many of these people who. Haven't been downtown or into the French Quarter in a long time. So long that they might not even know what it's like today. And they speak from a standpoint. Of ignorance. Out there are a lot of people who don't like the quarter. Because it just doesn't fit who they are and their lifestyle. If you don't like it and just don't go. But if you have kids you should take time to expose them to the French Quarter. Architecture that history the ambience because I said many times on this show. When you're raising kids you you don't know exactly what they're going to be -- their lives. You don't know how significant it might be for them to see. The diversity of the architecture. Since the diversity of of people in the quarter. That might add to their life. Later on. And you won't know what that's gonna do until perhaps later. And I think that one of the reasons I am the way I am was because my parents took us downtown. My parents took us through the -- when we were kids and as teenagers and and growing up. And I did the same with my -- I think it provides a very well. Round did very realistic. View of a very diverse world that we live here. And to shelter your kids in the suburbs in my personal opinion. Is a mistake. -- Greg you're under the W a good evening. I eight skewed older. -- which you know in which listeners who are more. More Nigerian -- these are war carrier and some of the areas they had they usually a light storm. On a -- you know in in in close dictionary close multiple plot area we'll those lights are so just be careful of these states. Stand. Just wanted to -- you you know -- new set it up as art director. And a little bit you know little drizzle -- leave this. Percent. But I also -- mentioned about I know what I would expect in order. On the radio but it -- a war that just mentioned about. I think that Republican Party. It is starting to listen to the young local troops. And -- -- Republican appearing and we all year we will cheer. -- -- -- -- care where our money go in and am trying to get. You know -- It's not our -- and future I have kids I don't want to let it -- the stuff. That you know the I'm not an -- that stuff so you know. All right I I agree and there have been so many indications that younger Republicans and even especially. Younger female. A Republicans even younger female conservatives. I do not agree with some of the social issues that have have -- com. Part of the political -- of the Republican Party. Right right then and that's the thing is I think they're actually starting to listen to young Republicans insane day. You know we last year. That these young Republicans they want the -- as they want to work they want strive to be successful. You know they'll hear about -- these other. You know. That's between them I agree totally agree and totally. Yeah is so odd orbit it you know and just let people marry there. There groups in the Republican Party that they'll. That they'll go off clear with that other mumbo -- you know what I mean. Gras I totally agree with you and I enjoyed our conversation thanks for expressing. Right here is a Texan reads fought ban on the causeway yet there's a fog anywhere it's usually bad on the causeway may be the twin spans on. And I 55 going on between applause and there Hammond especially over and didn't pass man -- and in those areas. So if you're in it drive carefully always assume that there might be something ahead of you. And it people who drive fast in the fog assuming there's nothing ahead of them because they can't see it. They are extremely. Dangerous behind the -- The ACLU says the city of New Orleans over the clean zone. That every city establishes around the Super Bowl stadium. The BAC and use and that is in violation of freedom of speech tomorrow night's there is a huge media party 5000. Guests. The media party for Super Bowl week it's like promoting golf world it's a who's who in the entertainment world you never know who's gonna show up. Tomorrow night we are doing the show the -- show live from that media party. The Super Bowl -- continues here and -- WL. Operates at midnight will be live from the party and I am not making any preparations for the -- tomorrow I know I usually prepare before going year. I'm planning anything for tomorrow night we're gonna let the party guide. And defined the show as it develops life on the -- That is your all access pass to the big media party of Marty -- world tomorrow night dish show the -- show tomorrow night tonight. On every -- Israel. Here is. Attacks what a great city my favorite spot new -- audobin zoo they all acts for you -- Ottoman -- we have one of the best news in the country. And they're growing up here that was not always the case our zoo was. Was not goods and many of the conditions for the animals was best described as a deplorable. But it's a it's a great zoo and you know there's a town that one of the great things about experiencing New Orleans to the eyes of somebody who hasn't seen it. Is that you you realize. Some of the things that they focus on the book which we take for granted it. I mentioned that my son and his girlfriend border town and my sense from here but -- at Portland now moved there to finish our school when I was on the air Portland. -- girlfriend is from Portland and she's never been to the -- never been to New Orleans where she was in town this weekend one of the things that really stood out in her mind. Was. The the the -- the antebellum homes. On saint Charles. And she said -- never seen anything like that. So if you if you travel saint Charles on a regular basis. Don't take that for granite. That's something that doesn't exist elsewhere. There are things in other cities that are similar to our uptown area. But between the oak trees in the the antebellum. Architecture. And then you look at the diversity of the architecture in the French Quarter. We are unique city and and so often. We take things for granted because we're here all the time and that's why it's always so much fun and I know you know this experience. What it's like to see the city through the eyes of somebody was saying it for the first time -- from Laporte brochure on WW good evening. He has -- yeah. Yeah man. -- Manhattan Mardi Gras Bruce. Listen man I grew up now on the day in on the should slam and out and that -- that so much -- -- in the that. Listen man. Yeah and the other thing that you'd know like the dog is my I'm with you man don't go. Yeah I mean nobody should be surprised at what they see in the corner and it's not nearly as of late there's a lot of people would suggest. I mean you know someone you know girl -- -- go vote. And then beat him financially it's what we're good. Would put -- and -- -- and you know they do exist now that list and his dog -- It's great to see about it yet partner of rising. School lol. Give her that. ID ED I heard of it put a lot of people in this area haven't. -- school and going analogue. Can't comment and read out today you know this week and you know as a way -- out -- mob ball -- and you Bart voice and voice mail that they couldn't. And -- come around we can you know hammered back -- you know shake hands. But I Bruce listened to do me a favor send me send me an email. I don't have -- DSL. -- -- can't put on the voicemail it was you know war. Call call a station caller -- is Christine and instantly the message don't try to get back to and I appreciate you calling her showing you have a good night. From New Orleans Alvin -- on WW -- good evening. -- and domestic dispute I don't agree that your assessment against a guy who would it's the French Quarter because -- You know he could stay out in our families and homes for mortgage broker to go we don't like it and now you know that so. Etc. because aren't but he did these guys here right beauty it's something. Technical constantly meeting meaning you know just pay cable and it happens. You know not. Exactly and the public that means as he won't be talked about politics. And public. It sort of made that implication that there is so open promiscuity in the quarter end and you know there are some people who who have this image SharePoint years sex is happening out in the streets in the quarter no that's that's not happening. Now -- there are there are scantily clad women. I in the doorways of some of the gentlemen's clubs along Bourbon Street of course and they're they're two promotes. Their products and if that's something that is offensive to you than I would recommend that urban street is there's not for you. Yet what need to it could talk about what colts -- Torture dutrow told by the data is. Deregulation of gays and reports out of certain. I don't know about that once and -- You know -- It just said keep the year's goal there's a lot of things happening and we couldn't mention and that's wonderful. And well. -- you know here's a point and -- if you just joined us tonight this was a big story today the boy scouts of America is now considering a change in its controversial policy. Other excluding gays as leaders and to members. Well there there. They say they're gonna leave it up to the units and the parents in an in and in an area. Alvin here's the point. We all have been around gays all of our lives. And in the past many people who were gay. Didn't come to terms with that until. And later until they reached puberty or beyond. Or became. Young adults many people denied because of the social statement it had been attached to. Two to being gay so. You know anybody who's been in the scouts has been around gay people whether they knew it or not. And we've all had gay teachers we've all had teachers that were gave him maybe we didn't know where gay but we have some teachers that. I had a couple of teachers that I thought -- a little bit more. Obviously gay not that it's clear to suit to stereotype what is it turned out they've you know they they were gay and some people that I went to school with a -- What do nobody has nobody has ever been -- Recruited into being gay. By anybody else. You just see it would that was who were. It'll put a concern is toward the -- more their lifestyle we do our right hand. Physically and I think there's a big difference between people wanting to openly lived. And and be who they -- I think it's I think it's sad and I -- with somebody who's gay and they can't bring. Dear partner. To the Christmas party. They can't bring the her partner tooth that they have to they have to hide who they are. Missing. -- -- any company I've worked for companies -- around the country -- for what is -- -- the country and they did and they are there are people who who feel like they can't be the open and I -- say it. I didn't notice it immediately. And equitable files -- at least you comment I mean you know. You know the saints didn't make it -- that you might improve human rights completely exhibit at -- -- Maybe it would matter to know the cause of the cold pills. Book anyway. And. It'll use vote you'd think that this doesn't want to look. Apple will put the CD yes well we still shall I should now social worker. Bill. Respect you know not. -- and that evil speak. Katie you'd keep. Crucible we Clinton teacher. I I I would I would think that I think he's gonna do what's best for the league and he thought their terror coming down the saints as far as the the bounty scandal was concerned that the -- thought that was in the best. Interest in the league is the next big shot that we have his 2018 right -- -- far away and that's that's the year that we celebrate. The tri Centennial of New Orleans the city is even older than America so. I don't what a great time to have the Super Bowl right. -- would -- to use that you think you called -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the fans will be okay at least that's so what we're talking about -- I enjoyed our conversation nationalistic. I you know we talked about this a lot and we will continue to talk about this all week saints fans are passionate. You don't have to light. The bounty. Penalties. But Sean Payton has accepted on the saints have accepted and Sean Payton and the saints have said move on. If you don't do that. You're ignoring a request from. The coach. The coach that use of respect and admire. The saints want this behind him and wanna move on and that means that if anybody even a die hard saints fan. If anybody encounters Roger Goodell. In town this week for the Super Bowl. And through the weekend. You absolutely must the totally congenial and courteous and respectful. Regardless of what you think about the -- Saudi gate scandal. It's over. Put it behind you like the saints half. If the saints focused on this negative thing. They don't have a shot at the playoffs next year. They're not gonna focus on it you don't want them to focus on it. So why would anybody else why would a diehard saints fan focus on this and there are so many diehard saints fans who are going to be. Part of the wait staff part of the retail world the new worlds that are gonna have contact with Roger detail. Being nice. This is our job this is the job that we have been given as a city hosting the Super Bowl. Maybe have done something that you feel has harmed you in the past. For married -- joined -- WL. A group I don't go to Dennis are you well on such a pleasure you. Very intelligent and -- them. Is wonderful girlfriend and I want to comment I'm not trying to plug in the -- that but Barney drivers in the industry in general. -- -- in Dennis says Dennis Lewis was mired by buggy driver first -- carry Dryden never had to the French Quarter that was sent. Knew it was delightful and and I appreciated I recommend. Tennis it today anybody who hasn't done that I recommend that they do it. Even if you've you've been here for a long time and you're thinking everything about the city high learn things I didn't know so thanks. Brigade out of our -- in. Well not on currency but. Again we wouldn't say that it would immediately we talked about it. Dollars or retire and I'm very disappointed. All right Dennis I appreciate you calling in again thanks for doing a great job with the other carriage rides the city of New Orleans and the ACLU have reached an agreement on the clean sewn to the city has established for the Super Bowl this happens in every city. The ACLU sued the city of New Orleans on behalf of a few people including a preacher on Bourbon Street. Who said the clean zone violated his freedom of speech rights of the clean zone. Essentially is. An area where. It's. Is prohibited to. Two for example. Go overboard we have commercialization. And it's designed to create more civility also. Around the Super Bowl. But in creating civility sometimes that might violates freedom of speech I I believe correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it was during the final four. Last year. When I was a major us offering company stated I thought it was a brilliant guerrilla marketing idea. They had spray painted a stencil of their. Their logo and a slogan on sidewalk corners downtown and in the French Quarter and the city came along and spray painted and -- -- that debt off. I'm so that's not allowed in and I guess understandably so I mean the -- the the commercialization of the Super Bowl is obvious. But you don't -- city did he completely and totally trashed with. Commercial stuff however when it comes to this preacher on Bourbon Street I was suburban street Saturday night and this particular preacher and the group is it is a group there and they've got the aluminum foil a cross. On it stands high and on Bourbon Street. -- they did have a microphone but it wasn't to line out. And they were handing out pamphlets but they weren't anybody states I I've seen. Bergen street evangelist. Has -- Angeles downtown and a quarter get aggressive and get a somebody's face. I'm gonna support that that's wrong but this -- whatever group was down there Saturday night. -- simply expressing. Their freedom of speech. Expressing their views and they weren't anybody's face -- handing things out and they they were so overly obnoxious when it came to. Via the megaphone of the microphone when they hand out. From Harvey Tyrone you're under the WL. They put it on good. Want to distressed you know put this -- oh -- if you see somebody you know. Given -- did DO time. Step up to deplete you know we don't do it this is not how ruled down here in new -- that it noted everybody -- -- it is not against him. You -- think -- -- this school but -- -- in that we have is do not like you'll. Triple -- because the reason that we oh we didn't beat you mean. -- to see if you can and it. I mean indeed. It. Service in Atlanta Falcons fans dressing in saints' gear. Giving Roger Goodell hard to also instances we think it's a saints fan. But he is that they'll put all of read it in the -- but it was but he. -- -- but simply on the development in a note note though. And -- and Tyrone you know we have a we have a lot of listeners in the Atlanta area and if they didn't have the idea you've now given and that I -- -- And it and he's got to go Albie you could go a couple beaten they -- I'm glad you brought that up I read tonight upbeat note usually. You to appreciate you calling your show tonight. Here's a text -- skewed god bless you for having to deal with such small minded people night after right. You know it's it's part of the job as part of what makes official period Tuesday here's a Demi WL -- of the day ends boutique in a thirty dollar certificate for just fifteen dollars. This is your premier source for designer children's clothing from infants toddlers to boys and girls of all ages no matter what the occasion. They'll have a -- -- and boutique highway 190 in man to deal on the North Shore. That perk and other parts are on sale right now -- mind New Orleans perks dot com. This is the -- show where he pushed boundaries at night. -- -- some fog settling in throughout much in this area if you're in it. Slowdown. Drive carefully here's a Texas says enjoy your bumper music but I am ashamed to say I don't know what -- spice boy years. Despite living here all my life do you know yet we just its opinion a song about a spy voiced by voice. On Mardi Gras in New Orleans -- type music -- Harris who is Sarah on the phones in the studio came here to explain it to me. I don't spyware was either. As by boys a position in Indian tribe. That is given to somebody who. Goes out I had this is -- around Maloney got to see where the other tribes are because the there's a lot of competition and they tried to out do. Each other. And apparently maybe in the past if things were. Maybe a little rough at times or maybe it was a little more competitive at times this is the information that that I'm getting cents a that's enters its -- -- there's an argument that says you can't legislate morality. If that's true why they're so many laws against assault stealing rate perjury just to mention a few. To allow a woman to have someone kill her baby in her womb should be a crime against humanity. Why do we charge someone with double murder if they kill pregnant woman. And the fetus dies -- from Thomas. Thomas the challenge for the pro life group is too. Re defined the fetus if that can be done. As a child. Roe vs -- is based on right to privacy. But nobody has the rights and privacy. To kill another individual. However. The fetus in the womb has not been declared an individual. We charge somebody with double murder informants pregnant because that woman has made the decision to keep her baby to keep her fetus. And if she is made that decision. Dan. Killing her. Kills. A child. If that makes sense. From Algiers Joseph your WWL. There's been portrayed the cardinal -- couple -- musical where you watch it and we're going to be. Look at this undated digital to immediately -- in -- -- -- close averages resort for different rights to. Tomorrow night to -- at WWL is at the -- media -- -- media -- on top of Mardi Gras -- in the convention center. From 6 AM with Tommy Tucker through on the think tank with Garland Robinette -- show sports talk from 48. This show this week is is in our show -- is in the studio because of something going on there at that point however tomorrow night we're doing our show live. From the the super media party 5000. Media people and entertainers are going to be at the media party and to add money -- world we're doing our show live from the -- tomorrow night for me to midnight. Yes idiots and so like this year all access pass is going to be the show and will will will bring it to you but I'm not really you know as far as I know I'm not doing anything else around the Super Bowl where -- gonna watch it. -- Honestly I don't even know yet. -- -- I think the I think the Baltimore Ravens are gonna win but I you know I would not be surprised if the forty -- win these are these are two really good teams but. Hi I have a feeling right now that the ravens are gonna win the Super Bowl. Little bit and act appropriately still. But what I like there. You know all -- and you know Andy and Joseph Flacco here's a quarterback that really doesn't get nearly the respect he deserves he's a very proficient quarterback it has been for quite some time he just I. I I guess he doesn't have any buzz around him that makes him. Nobody knows much about his personality. And I wonder if that would change after this Super Bowl but you know -- he was involved in some kind of scandal you know people would would know him but nobody really seems to. To know Joseph Flacco. You know what it looks -- dismissal stats and -- robberies CD no -- ovals spanking -- -- change. -- it'll quickly get the recognition he deserves to -- -- -- -- the F disabled -- very quickly who do you think's gonna win. -- -- -- well you know either one could win it's I think -- good game and I love this match up because the 49ers are. I guess kind of a finance team in some ways in and the Baltimore Ravens have an image of being. I know more about black and blue blue collar team. That's going to be good matchup looking forward to the game we are enjoying some -- amazing weather is in. Unseasonably spring like and is currently got a chance of rain tomorrow night into Wednesday morning and some of the -- heavy but the good news is should be out of here. By the middle of the day on Wednesday it looks like Super Bowl weekend is gonna be absolutely beautiful and comfortable in New Orleans. I'm from Cincinnati John a good time for quick comment thanks for calling. Yes. Yeah yeah but recipient of the fact that I'd be back them are living now I looked down there and early seventies that left here and -- -- deep from the deep snow that's been before. And that. But that in New Orleans. Chartered -- design work on delta queen pin there and I think we'll leave the my third on the bus dozens of these five degrees here where it was so that the parties here. The world a world of difference. -- it is a fun place and and again that the best things about duels -- things I don't think you can put into words you just have to experience it and then the weather's. It's one of -- you know we're really blessed with. Extra nice weather right now because this time of -- it can be cold and it can be windy. John I appreciate you calling from Cincinnati thanks listen to our show on WWL. When I think Shelden Williams our studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio look we're not gonna sell this argument about to abortion. But the law does not define the fetus as a person. That protection of the state comes in about seven months win -- can live outside of the body of the mother. Don't get mad at me for saying that that's the law. I didn't make the law I didn't interpret the law that's all I'm scoots. Love -- New Orleans.