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1-29 12:10pm Todd talks w/WWL listeners about the Superbowl

Jan 29, 2013|

Todd Menesses talks with WWL listeners about whether the Superbowl should be played in open air stadiums; risking the elements.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually -- advances in fort Garland Robinette Scarlett doing via a Super Bowl bomb blows somewhere else I'm not doing your mind people allow me to -- There they heard Jo Foley is a fabulous well again I can't I can't make all those moves anymore. There'll there'll torn up. 260187866890878. And you can Texas and 87870. Will continue our conversation that we started last hour. Because we of course are here at your -- morial convention center of the Super Bowl media center. Or Super Bowl 47 between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. And something interesting yesterday Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Joseph Flacco was asked about next year's Super Bowl. Which of course is in New York City. And his statement was. That he thinks it's stupid. If you -- Super Bowl put a retractable dome on your stadium he says he doesn't think he should be playing a Super Bowl in cold weather. My question to you is should the elements be part of the biggest game. In the world in sports. What do you think -- are pretty jaguar opinion poll you can log on at WW -- dot com and cast your vote 51% of you say no. Element should not be a factor should be completely neutral site meeting you control the weather as well. 49% of you say yes. And I tend to lean to that because the elements are part of the game all season long. And I know some people say well you know in the playoffs. You played -- try to get home field advantage because the weather may be part of your advantage like the Buffalo Bills in the Denver Broncos. Well this year it was an advantage for the Denver Broncos the Baltimore Ravens went there and beat them. Buffalo Bills they year they want to four Super Bowl straight but lost four Super Bowl straight. Some say that the weather was -- advantage in the playoffs -- and to make it to the Super Bowl but then when they played at a neutral site with a weather wasn't a factor. They didn't win I don't buy that argument either simply because. They had to play games all season long that they can play older games in buffalo all season long so. Part of me says weather should be a part of it. Part of me also says it should be completely neutral I'm tending to lean towards I'd like to see. Whether part of it and someone -- 8787 he says. Yes the saints are in the Super Bowl though and they make it next year in New York court you know and it's knows. You be changing your tune. Not really. Not really. Because the players are -- to play. Where the game and it's. And sometimes you got to win those tough games. On the road. Where the weather may not favor you. But both teams have to play in the weather and if you talk to. OK guys John says that all the time both teams have got to play in the cold it's cold for both teams both teams understand that. Both teams don't like playing in the cold or played in the rain or whatnot. But that's part of the game and that's how you gotta do it. So what do you think which side of the point you want you agree with Joseph Flacco. That we shouldn't have Super Bowls in cold weather that they should always be a dome stadiums try to make it is neutral and level playing field as possible. -- Do you think the elements should be apart. Of the Super Bowl let's go to Scotty on a cell -- -- you're on the BW well. Our government I don't find it. -- problem except about it because I I really think that football should be played in the elements -- neither big guys they're tough guys I don't think a little cold gonna matter. When it comes to Super Bowl. -- mean it's its -- biggest game and here you want to be the best game of the year if it's not it's it's really bad weather and and then it's stepping out sloppy like it was for the change repayment of six NM ten. It was a Chicago. In it's it just beat them coop or finals could begin -- on the ball. I just think if it's comes to a Super Bowl it should be that should be the best game ever that should be the best game of the season the biggest game. But I do agree that it should be played -- in the in the elements are well on offense and. Yeah I'm I'm kind of that way because I mean when I look at a lot of these past Super Bowls NATO and some that were played here in New Orleans because you know this is our tenth Super Bowl this year. The ones that were played in the dome there were complete blowouts I mean the Chicago Bears. You know annihilated. The the New England Patriots and you had the sabres score forty niners. Annihilating the -- should they. -- -- -- -- -- it was a big bear it was one of the most lopsided victories that escapes me now. But but -- those were in domes stadiums those are controlled environment so each -- of them had. You know the equal playing field what those games have been close -- there were outside in the elements in cold weather. I don't know how are not -- call. I -- it real quick and I when these guys played a couple of games -- at tiger field. Promptly after Katrina and I would definitely improved play in but it was if it was threatened to rain a little bit now is somewhat excited to see if it's game. In the rain outside yeah -- but I do like you want to mostly elements I mean it's tough -- small. I let's see this so you know when you go to New England. You I don't know any bad snowstorm and that just it looks like old school football do its nose group yeah troops sloppy. I mean an -- them -- people say well you know that won't happen again or. That's the older but there is some thing if you're a football fan there's something exciting about when you watch those NFL films. From yesteryear and they were playing in the elements that you -- death frozen tundra of Lambeau we use -- -- -- tonight's poll done. And the Andes hard -- hit it you know it looks I don't know if I wanna say looks more appealing I mean the NFL is still tough it's still a tough game but it just. It out of -- more to style jacket feels like it's more that's how the NFL is supposed to be played. And that's something I've always respected about well I'm I'm not a baseball fan. You know I like -- like College Baseball but I'm not a Major League Baseball fan and one of the reasons is because they don't play in the elements have always thought that was kind of silly. Generally got a grip I feel about the young you know it means they they go inside and they go in if you got to play if you gonna do that then. All baseball should be played indoors you know. Yet it should be read this you don't for a baseball. Yeah and I am getting text that 87870. Yeah I was Denver that's who it was a -- and -- Denver the -- amounted to five to ten right. The but some people are saying it's all about the fans well. Not really fantasy fans won't travel with its to a cold stadium look if your team is in the Super Bowl you're gonna travel to see I don't get over their play. It's sustained plan and we look like kids are I mean that we don't have them episode makes these three mistake and don't -- I was telling thing. I'm no Politico -- game because they like firebrand certificate. That's another thing to it's it's just outside slowly came don't have money go to some wolf I don't think people and I'm going to get real good CP more than that obviously. I don't think they're gonna wanna sit and creeping frigid cold weather. Well and so yeah it's more copper loop would be sort of stand to look the fan votes to like you said the corporation's management. But then again if you -- take the other side of the argument and say that they -- -- domes -- well -- they've had an experience in a -- stadium. That's consider one of the worst Super Bowl experience is when they played in Detroit to dome stadium. But -- the whole experience it was horrible. District that destroyed an -- and weld because LLC snowed they had several feet of snow are ever correctly so yeah I did affect the game but it affected everything else going on around -- -- and become a tie it's got to get thank you for the call. Thank you thank you for the comments to six only 78668890870. Ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco thinks it is stupid. To play Super Bowl in cold weather next year the Super Bowl will be in New York City. Obviously he likes it in a dome stadium like it is here the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I think if you're gonna make it a neutral sites if that if your if your argument. Yes they should all be in domed stadiums that means Miami would be out of the mix as well because we've had rain at a Super Bowl that was played at Miami. That would mean some other. Thing. You know well then Dallas again now closed their their roofs so they had won but they had cold weather around it and ice storm and had all sorts of problems. At that Super Bowl. Cowboy stadium so. Again should only be played. In warm weather climates that have domed stadium if you're gonna limit that that you're talking basically New Orleans. Arizona. And I think that's about it right 260187866889087. We'll take a break when we come back we'll get to more of your calls. Text and comments as well. Ravens quarterback who plays and the cold says the Super Bowl should not be in a cold weather city. In an outdoor stadium and it will be next year you agree or disagree. Should be elements be part of the biggest game. -- sports we'll take a break and be right back -- is in for Garland Robinette. You're on WWL. Dumb and houses here fort Garland and yes Super Bowl forty sevens and -- this Sunday you can hear all the action right here on WW well. Back it'll start off 3 o'clock with a super Sunday. And then they go live to the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Where the pregame festivities will start at four I believe kickoff for the Super Bowl is a 530. On Sunday 260187866889087. Again no matter where you go you hear all the action. Here on WWL. The Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers both teams are in town media day going on today at the the superdome. We're at the Super Bowl media center. And Joseph Flacco said an interview yesterday. That the Super Bowl should not be in cold weather. Referring to next year's Super Bowl in New York City. He says he thinks it's really stupid to put a Super Bowl there he says if your team your city wants a Super Bowl put a retractable dome when you're stadium. Then you can get one other than that I don't really like the idea. And I don't think people would react very well to it will be glad to play anybody. In that kind of weather which led us to -- pretty jaguar opinion poll should weather should the elements be a factor. In. Biggest game in sports. 51% of you say no 49% of you say yes it's pretty much been tied around their most of the day. People trying to decide. Texts that are coming in at 87870. Some of think alive abbey the lost my mind or or have gone -- because I've part of me thinks. Whether should be an element. Of the Super Bowl. One of the -- coming in at 87 anticipates out of -- you watch the game from a Booth or some enclosed area what about the fans. Should have to went on fans have to sit in previous laments as the ticket holders well. Yeah now I do work with a gym and hokey for the -- broadcast for the saints games home games here so I'm in the Booth with them in in the dome. But I've watched football games outdoors. Went LSU watched the tigers play in the rain I remember watching a game and a torrential downpour. And thinking hey this is fun you know I had no problem with the I have no problem watching the game outdoors if it's colder radio whatnot that's part of -- I feel like you're more part of what the players. Are experiencing as well but again. That's me because I'm just not like that. Some others are saying four cities need to host New Orleans Miami Pasadena and San Diego well with Miami. Pasadena and San Diego you could get rain which we've already seen in a Super Bowl in Miami they did have rain there. So what do you think do you think it should be part of the game or should we make it totally neutral. And take whether out of it completely meaning Super Bowl should only be played in domed stadiums like the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Let's go to bill in Biloxi hey bill you're on WWL. Greg and had been hit and presumably I'm hair go ahead. OK I think there are more than just the players are involved on this side but he gets the sports fans also who have supported them -- here. And I think the most complete vacation. Ownership leave time to attend spectacle. It's includes a spectacle. It should be one of work they would enjoy their trip down there and not just marketing. But do you think you know all on the other side of that if you got fans of the New England Patriots if you've got fans of the Baltimore Ravens older San Francisco 49ers. Both of those teams play outdoors so they're used to go in the games that are. Either cold or it may rain or what neither they used to that all season long. Up to the net I've lived in visited in all of those locations deter speaking you end up. I don't see the fate of the -- to entertain. The spectators. Like the so into himself. Right now I'm not but I'm not talking about venue you said it's about the fans and they pay money a lot of people are saying it's all about the fans and their comfort but. If you've got two teams that normally play. Outdoors. Then their fans are used to watch him in the elements. They don't just play outdoors they play everywhere in Russia. The potential to learn to play them deploy to make -- -- I think the fans should enjoy the ball game as well. Obsolete opinions but there's been as well as of the ball game itself. So well so you're saying that you put it to put it in domed stadiums to keep the Super Bowl and dome stadiums is more reward for the fans. I'm not speaking at the bench that are much meat milk of venues. That can entertain the spectator much better than a place like buffalo. Wreckage like -- Green Bay now we'll -- -- talking about -- Super Bowls there. Why not yeah they're talking about the New York's usually does when. According you're in -- should be around to each of the teams and not just the ones that I don't know I don't know I know what I. Saying is it should be they should be able to put in a bit now and all depends on what their bid isn't what they can pick and achieve. I don't think you just give it to home because it's Green Bay or its buffalo. If they can -- if they can prove that they've got the facilities to do it. That you shouldn't disclose them simply because they play in the north where they play in the cold weather play outdoors that's what I've sat up. I'm not just talking about the study and some talking about spectator to create. Your -- I'm just seeing imploring them and the I think that when they come to save the game that should not just mean the game should be the venue where exploited. -- all right bill thank you for the call thank you for the comments I think we're we're kind of agree in the -- but you weren't connecting on what I was saying. We'll sit back to the studio here in get a news update and then back for more here on WWL. And welcome back from high atop the pocket -- included these Super Bowl media center top defenses in fort Garland -- 260187866889087. Those numbers to call. Or you can text -- 87870. Talking about Joseph -- those comments yesterday and he is the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens who. Play outdoors in cold weather. He stated yesterday in an interview that he thinks it's stupid to have a Super Bowl in cold weather. Do you agree should the elements be part. Of the Super Bowl it is our paraded jaguar opinion poll you can log on to WW dot com right now. It's dead even 50% of you say you know. The old church shouldn't be a factor in the biggest game in the the NFL's. Yes. Some of you say it should 50% of you say yes it should be part because it's a part of it all year long. -- -- -- -- Saying let's see Shura -- Super Bowl we played an ideal weather only. The PFL or panty football league will soon mandate Gatorade served in sipping cups only. Someone else commenting on. People that have been calling to say well it's all for the fans the fans don't wanna go there is going to be cold weather. Texas police how many fans actually get to see the game anyway it's all about sponsors. That are at the Super Bowl. Another text -- 87870. How many of the teams true fans actually do go to the Super Bowl. Regardless of where it is. And again a lot of fans do travel. To the city and take part of the festivities that are going on in the city and if the city can provide. Everything where it needs to be like New Orleans and let's face it the -- has got the best footprint. To host a Super Bowl or any major event because everything is within walking distance. All the hotels -- downtown right near the stadium. You don't have to do like you had in Jacksonville bring in cruise ships in order for people to stay on because you didn't have enough hotels you don't have a a problem like you have in Detroit where they couldn't get out to celebrated thinks so they had to build a this big this outdoor event it was like a big giant tent that they put put up. To how's everything and for people to go to an effect if I remember correctly they actually called a section where the fans could go to have fun quote unquote the French Quarter. They were trying to make it look like you know it was New Orleans which it's not. But if your city can provide all that and it's outdoors. And the stadium is outdoors. And weather is going to be a factor that I don't see why you shouldn't be invited to host the Super Bowl or be invited to put it a bit. I mean as it stands now were automatically disqualifying. Teams from up north from hosting a Super Bowl and then yet if you gonna say it's only domed stadiums that should post them. Will then you also have teams throughout north that do have domes stadiums. But there's city may not be able to have the same facilities we got -- she was an Indianapolis. Which has a dome stadium in the north. Detroit is thirty hosted one and it was not a pleasant experience for media fans sponsors everybody. Minnesota. Should they put one there they build their new stadium and have a they now have a but -- stadium now but if they build a new state of the goes through. And it's a dome on it should they get one. They would beat the game would be out of the elements. But would everything else -- well let's go to Elaine in Metairie hey Elaine you're on WWL. I have two points but you wanted to come deep and he's going to do if you have everything you need. And you can provide everything that the relief and people going to see this -- pat. Then yes he should protect it and if you're lucky -- -- get healthy cat because it. If I want eight point of view from a woman's point of view going into the game. I'm on the children. Com wanna go with it -- dome because I don't wanna go and and all my time trying to stay warm are are trying to take July and not focusing on McCain. I'm hurt I -- -- -- -- them -- -- -- element and I do really in joy and my money's Parker. And that's just you know the point that you. And -- -- we -- and I understand that but are we speaking. To that simply because. We here in New Orleans that is our experience were in a dome and we're used to that. No I don't think so because hip. I mean I had never I had the privilege. -- opportunity to go through Super Bowl -- And I'm just saying if I'm gonna shell out the kind of money that you need to -- -- -- if -- the -- see it and I wanted to -- it would have to be comfortable and enjoy amana where it and if it. I'd be more of apple can go to a place where there is a dome or at some kind of the roof pulled it out -- I would think twice before for some money -- going to want that the outdoors can within the cold not constantly not that they -- What you would have a problem if you were say in Minnesota at the dome stadium even though all the other events would be. I don't like cold -- -- -- in New York paints a bit gained one right here -- ask and maybe that lets face it -- like any -- That's that you don't want our and I think don't great I mean that's wonderful. And I wouldn't mind I had taken and that but if -- it was Super Bowl and it was -- in New York like he's actually here yeah and it would. Doesn't have a dome I think about it but our money on something out and enjoy from the TP. Okay -- Elaine thank you for the call thank you are in my candidate thank you for the comment -- -- let's go to let Dell in Texas. And Fidel you're on WWL. -- close call I would recommend. Would not. Say based on that element and the problem here. I would I would prefer. Almost unfair then the ball -- that's been. I would prefer it be. It's strictly in the superdome looked like the global movement always in Hawaii New York. We can do maybe compete and you know we continued an area you would. -- Indianapolis. Now but the only problem that its opponent this year would have a quarter behind them and all. Even though there are times that you know that element within the and that I would recommend -- listen to them you know feet and feet and it didn't and then have a wild card nowhere. Every so often picked it ended. So you're talking about some folks have been texting saying you know it should only be between four cities which it initially when they started the Super Bowl it. It pretty much was it was Pasadena. Miami New Orleans and I forget who the other city was now it escapes. I don't think they can still do that but yeah you know that -- that it wouldn't you will think that -- -- -- the I'll put him outfit didn't let them hold this. And then go back to your page -- laughter. The current one sure it's a lot of things really the NFL -- look at that do you think. As far as the game should be elements be part of the Super Bowl. -- -- -- A doll because maybe have a whole bulletin -- important at Cornell and the important thing between Monaco and -- That type of whether you wanna get out human -- And ethical. -- -- you're you're you're saying for the fans should it matter for the teams. No it was not for the oh god we've got quite -- every year there's definitely an indoor and I'll do the right in I put up I won't commit the fan experience if hand. Way more money or the Super Bowl the -- that you don't let them be able to your black hole that won't hold it all right. -- thank you for the comment. Thanks for listed 2601878668890878. Will take a break when we come back gets some more recalls -- more of your tax. On this topic. Joseph Flacco says it's stupid to play Super Bowl in cold weather -- it's here it's -- New York this year it is in the comfort of the Mercedes-Benz superdome where many people think it should be. All the time or not all the time the majority. Of the time. Because of the weather in the city for the events outside for the fans. The media and also for a big game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome we'll take a break and be right back -- WL. I'm -- -- Garland -- we're live at the Super Bowl media center coming up but one -- -- but show the government spends over 240 billion a year on medical treatment for smokers and the obese. Some say the lower health care costs we should not cover them at all or make them pay extremely high premiums is that fair. And what bad habits are higher risk behaviors could expose you. To higher cost and in a city where we live deep does that mean will have no hospital or coverage at all. How perfect is your health you can join us but coming up at 1 o'clock. Here on WWL. 260187866889087. Hey let's go to let David in Covington -- David -- WWL. Draft scenario thank thank in my column sort of drag it up field. That they should have to apply any no matter how critical I went to a Green Bay playoff game a couple of years ago. And it words board agree to a packed game come in this Super -- about triple pliers and the nation I'll have to. -- development as part of it. You know and again and I don't know of the elements are in -- one talks about green Bay's advantage we've seen Green Bay lose Super Bowls at home I mean no playoff games at home. In cold weather. February so poorly in Denver this year loss at Mile High Stadium it's supposed to be an advantage with a thin air and cold weather and so forth so yeah. It hurts a lot more or -- it go. Black coach has done more to get out there and give it get then extra pain -- you know. At a quarter. Well letting someone texted says he's not showing up well for the Baltimore Ravens if he's talking about cold weather could he plays in cold weather. Bright light -- -- maybe he speaks from experience. And it -- -- -- there -- no doubt about it all right David thank you for the golf thank you thank. For the comments yet and I've heard -- -- guys John has said that before we talked about that -- -- -- cold out there for both players both teams got cold so. They you know they they both feel the cold they both did it hurts when you hit the ball to fall on a good the ball's called -- and the weather's cold so both teams affected. Does one team have an advantage because they play and all the time and if you talk to most players they'll say no they don't. Because it's kinda different every time and every time depended on which your your -- don't. By the same token does a team that plays in warm weather. Have an advantage. Over a team from the north if it's warm and early parts of the football season. I don't know I remember a couple of years ago the Miami Dolphins which you would consider a warm weather team. Beat Dallas on Thanksgiving in Dallas a stadium in the middle of the ice storm. So you would think Dallas would be used to that they get those more than they would in Miami. So I don't know I think the elements should be a part of it and I don't think you shouldn't whine if your team loses. Say because the field sloppy or whatnot or it's raining. And the ball become slick that's all part of the game. Kevin in New Orleans. He says no -- Kevin thanks for college. Great job are you doing good they're fun if there are certain you know. What -- this game to win the game is changing the way the game changer when it comes to getting. Hit -- not being able to. 2220. Terrible quarterback like you're like -- you like colloquial based Jerusalem. Canadians are changing too big news is changing also ahead and contributors into this football. Go with tactics stage and the and the amount of money that's generated. Chippy play in the -- knew where the weather is culpable actual -- to drape all our -- our -- panic and didn't get in the etiquette. -- think heavyweights you're talking about the fans I'm talking about the players in the game. Cuban players I mean I mean you want -- member -- the pre -- to do you can achieve and she'll -- all the pictures on the biggest. You took up a bit -- the -- and I mean you know that plane being that player available -- all here. Why not the one thing getting let it be equal to everyone not just -- players but the. Look let me ask you this Kevin. Then does a team that plays in a dome all year for their home games have an advantage when you play the Super Bowl and don't some say they do. You know I mean I don't think so I'm really you know. Protect the potential for a -- -- -- -- I mean we know like the two took two to walk. Two bill won't get ready for a team that plays -- owned real prayer I'm hoping that the issue. But my big news this week and -- -- -- skating do go all all all be here. I'm not let it beat where they're pretty wanted including the Arabic Allah -- understand what Joe Black who are serving their community play at all you all. Why not play the lava Atlantic being able to appeal. All right. Thank you given thank you for the tall man I didn't go in part of me agrees with you part of me thinks it had the neutral field if we can control the weather let's control. But I got this idea. I -- there's some that are about just watch enough football games played in the elements. And I know we got the saints here with plated dome and yeah I go to the dome and I have no problem -- in the dome. They got somewhat of an advantage there with the crowd. In a dome stadium. But I don't know I don't think you should take it out I don't think it should be excluded. From the Super Bowls of -- because it's not excluded all season long. We'll take a break and be right back wrap it up to get you ready for stood here on WWL.