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Jan 29, 2013|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl, politicians getting Super Bowl tickets, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WL prisoners on the twenty ninth of January 2003. Saying it's super to his very now welcomed Tuesday of Super Bowl week yet dam up. -- This is when they get just downright goofy at the Super Bowl -- it would go win some 5200 medium. From everything from Joe's blog and the entertainment web site. To -- CBS and ESPN -- get to interview. All of the players on both of the teams and all of the coaches as well. And silly things will happen. They will ask them questions completely out of left field. Someone may propose to a player on the field during media day sure. And these players will sit. At these tables or stand at designated points throughout the stadium and be mobbed by the media asks. How close might -- it in their face -- that we'll bring it DA here yet billed as CNN the NFL now Jordanians the and then now for the first time ever you can buy a ticket. And go to the stadium they give you a special radio -- -- in different players stations. And listen to what they're being asked -- what there's there's no matter enters at the gas. As everything continues to grow with the Super Bowl particularly with this game here in New Orleans. The same is true with the media day now fans can go in the stance that can't walk up and asked the players questions that can't be on the floor of the dome where the players are but they can be in the stands and they can watch and can -- then. That's kind of interest observe the madness -- today is the media today. So that's exciting tomorrow the NFL experience. -- that are in this him -- at the celebrities wandering around there out at the football players. I you'll be have the opportunity to go win there and check out what's going on on radio row and watch the broadcast that are going on in there and play some football skills challenges in Iraq and the need an exciting things and while -- freebies and that he can buy a ticket to is well on Thursday. Verizon is turning the riverfront. Here in New Orleans into essentially -- Jazz Fest I L. Festival and where it is going to be multiples music stages whole bunch of food booze that's free you know as a public that's a free one friend locals can rarely take advantage of that yet. And getting there's a little challenging but. What you get there you'll be engaged it. And then man before you know it it's going to be. All weekend. And off will go you want tickets -- who doesn't welfare state lawmaker apparently can buy it at face value. Our wryly yes state lawmakers every single state lawmaker apparently. And buy tickets -- -- That right -- options should state lawmakers because the state owns the superdome which is hosting the Super Bowl in effect they can do this to all of the super. They have the right to purchase tickets even the sold out events even to the Super Bowl mean. And you know we host the BCS national champion on the other big big -- yet. Anything that goes on the Dominican by. Tickets at face value so I presume they set some aside knowing this is going to house area absolutely. -- -- -- lawmaker from three for governor of course it is -- thing and the governor has a suite at. UC goddess. You think that's good bad -- some analysis to wanted them and he told -- six exceeded nine theory that -- text -- -- 87870. Is that something that makes sense to you should state lawmakers. Have the ability to buy tickets to events like these Super Bowl at the superdome it. The public can't get their hands on to that be a perk of the job should that be some -- it comes with the territory because the state owned the building. Or is that unfair that they have that. Privilege yeah and I don't I've heard so much about you know -- inflated prices and things on the Internet that I haven't really seen just a plain -- Straight ticket yet but I don't just not solving -- -- you know massage another Lindsay definitely ever gone down while not. There are given to the sponsors -- And the team. And you know so there's been there's never like hey simple to -- the Mumbai. Reasonable -- just a straight ticket in a while could be enters its. It sounds like you're good deal for lawmakers. Awfully negative thoughts they have like about a fifteen minutes mortgage here that we WL -- -- -- -- dollars and with sports and we'll get your forecast. For the rest of this work week coming up from -- that front come -- bring in rain and cooler temperatures will get the details from me find any -- out there let me know when it's safe to text -- at 87870 -- -- -- now. If there's any thick fog where your. Whatever they still lawmakers should get tickets. The Super Bowl ad space now used it to one activity toll free 866889. There at seventy or text me an 878. Cents. 5:1 hey good morning I'm Dave Allen thanks for joining us on the early edition of WW golfer says the stick out forecast. -- 20% rain chance today otherwise warm and a little bit much 76 this afternoon and tonight. Lows falling into the mid sixties to rain chances on the way for first thing Wednesday in fact a line of storms will move through. Some could be strong to severe got to be a cold front dropping Temps from around seventy into the sixties. And Thursday much cooler with sunshine in height 58. But the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Laura backed out. Right now we have 67 degrees partly cloudy the international airport southeast wind at five miles an hour muggy 96% relative humidity it's cloudy and 68 in -- coming up I'll share some of your comments on. State lawmakers getting to -- face value tickets to the Super Bowl and in less than ten minutes. While I check in with CBS is as President Obama travels to Las Vegas today. Where the big question is should millions of illegal immigrants in this country. Being given a pass and allowed to stay in the nation legally. Or should we try to send millions of illegal immigrants. Back where they came from will be talking about that this morning as well. Talk about or sports. And that we say good morning Steve Geller an ally yet I'm doing great and you. Tuesday and that means receivables one day closer it. It's a national holiday -- it. Yeah me to be. You are -- -- you have on the field media generally don't propose any players. Some of the Spanish. -- at. But this -- sports about that. -- little bit of big good news and bad news for the saints. First with the good general manager Mickey Loomis received a contract extension that runs through 2017. That he was actually agreed to last all -- but the team chose not to go disclose it publicly. Until Monday now for the bad news commissioner Roger Goodell says that the team will not be getting back their second round draft pick. In April's draft. Losing this year's and last year's second round selections were part of the penalties that they received for the alleged bounty program. The ravens have a ride to town ahead of super Sunday matchup against the 49ers. And Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh was asked now that he's here in New Orleans has said in that he and his team. Have advanced to the big game. Really said under the bus ride down that interstate on the way to provenance. From Gillette Stadium that's gonna set in and that we are into -- opponent. So that was driving delve in our minds and you know it's time that it was time to -- -- points we -- -- of these guys for weeks. Just how dominant was Tiger Woods at the Farmers Insurance open well he gave up. Four shots over the last five holes and still won with ease and he continued his -- his success at Torrey Pines. Which became the first PGA tour player to win eight times at a single course and says that getting to work on his short game really paid off. It was nice built -- to now not -- some golf balls and work on my short game and I think that's where you've seen of the rounds evolves. I'm saving a shot here -- shot there and you know that's leading to a birdie here birdie there in the next you know it's a 34 shots like. And the hornets are in LA to battle Kobe Bryant and the lakers this evening tip off on 1053 F spends a late one at 930. Today -- -- on sports talk since this will not get their second round draft pick back. Who should stay who should go and who should the team go after -- Steve -- winter early morning exports does that to. With the former commissioner throwing out the suspensions against the players did you think that maybe the sense we're gonna get their second round draft pick back. I -- really think there was a good shot of that happening is because he had left it open ended to begin with that. You know it was a possibility that the pick could be reinstated. And then coming out yesterday during that -- Q&A session. It was kind of I wouldn't say shocking but it was deathly. Disappointing yet -- because. We we've talked about before how you've already affected one season for the saints and now you're going. And affecting now yet -- yet again and another season which I just. Don't feel is -- -- so that was the bad news for the -- what was the goodness and I -- I was so focused on the bad -- I -- the good news for Mickey -- got re -- he's going to be with the same tactics that -- 2017 so -- -- your shoulder -- contract those two will be together and I are and that's a good thing you think because they're the ones who engineered all the success the -- -- -- in recent years they're the ones who brought the -- the super -- got on the victory. Yet that's -- like Kevin and team intact it's a great combination the saints have right now on the front office you -- Mickey Loomis. On the sidelines you got Sean -- and on the field you got Drew -- that's that's a win win win situation. Fantastic thank you Steve talking about fifteen now about twenty minutes or sports that well AM -- them. And -- accountability forecast without changing weather on the way after that. Some of your comments detecting very interesting at 878 cents. Five point seven president of the Eyewitness News forecast that there. For your Tuesday increasing clouds at 20% chance for a shower and -- later 76. Than tonight. Lows in the sixties and we're waiting on a cold front to -- then it'll be here first thing Wednesday morning with a line of thunderstorms. Behind it temperatures will fall from seventy into the sixties then Thursday much cooler we're seeing highs only -- 58. But yeah I -- is news forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- six. Eight degrees south -- -- like 68 degrees north of the -- clouds reported just a little fog and Hammond and -- who's. If the state -- the super down than the public owns it. We pay the taxes shouldn't we get tickets at face value it still says one text message to -- 77 days. Another says state lawmakers getting device that both tickets at face value when -- Al scant as just another example of how we have a ruling class now. This is amazing. Lawmakers making laws to benefit themselves and -- as I'm surprised to get to politicians aren't conference for me. So far nobody's happy about the fact that Louisiana lawmakers can buy tickets to the Super Bowl at face value even though the state owned the building in well they can buy tickets every event there and don't -- it to be a part of the job. Read more of your comments coming up. Been texting me -- 7870. Anyone supports it what it everything gets ripe for state lawmakers to have that for that privilege. Up next CBS news talks about. The president calling a meeting in Las Vegas today asking the question should millions of illegal immigrants in the US we allowed this day. Or should we try to ship them back where they -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on the. January 20 ninth 2013. At Super Tuesday yeah I ever did is it going to be super I think so today's Super Tuesday -- super Wednesday down all the way to super Sunday and of course man huge. -- -- I don't think that Super Bowl Sunday against the proper recognition for just a massive holidays it is the biggest delivery day for pizza. Every year out huge games for for bars and restaurants huge day for groceries stores huge day for barbecues and and spreads and buffets and get togethers and parties and you know it's it's a big column its only topped by Thanksgiving for food eating. Grilled on gas and he'll eat more on Thanksgiving that's a second biggest -- day of the year while so yeah I think it is Thursday to be an act now to rebels. -- -- Drinking and eating and another girl time yes yes indeed they haven't good -- time. I'd be fun to go to hang out at media day at the superdome. During media day fans will sit in the stands at the stadium and watched thousands of media from around the world interview members of the participating Super Bowl teams on the field. -- to receive immediate date gift bag of include radio to tune into the days. Coverage of NFL network and listen to some of the individual player interviews from the podium microphone and audio feeds -- point five bucks to get in doors open at eight. Thirty immediately begins at ten. And as a team to take turns on the field. You get a good seat you see the players and -- get to be in the building -- the decked out for the dome when you're watching the game on Sunday MTV can think it was right there. On Tuesday. And now. Still calls actually there is now that's pretty cool. Until I don't think it's cool with state lawmakers are getting tickets to the game I think it's wrong it's being prejudiced -- -- -- -- that beneath them and you know there's always that once again not for the people. Another says this is another example of how we get closer to the allegory animal farm every day literary reference idealistic. State lawmaker should be treated like everyone else there's another text message to date 78 that this -- -- corrupt often this opens the door. To more corrupt activities so far can't find anyone. Who supports this so if you think it's a good idea text me. -- out an 87 -- had a hunch it was going to be a while leaning overwhelmingly are jabs. Speaking of bad idea. Or did you ever go into the bathroom at school take -- and an -- fewer kids are listening now this is not a suggestion. I'm just to the warning on China where your we're gonna talk about what we used to do it as a bad idea don't do. -- out about -- -- you know budget toilet paper on -- get it wet. And then throughout the -- Remember when I read when I was taught the scientific. Information that if you get toilet paper wet. And throw at the ceiling it'll stick. And it'll essentially stay there forever there's -- out at a reduced rising stays there yet well. Given I don't I don't like I thought it was the coolest thing ever when it learned it didn't realize that this is vandalism and some of -- coming clean this up and is a waste of toilet paper well. At one school in Pennsylvania on high school isn't -- elementary school learned it when I was told it not to do it. A high school says the vandalism it's worth the degree -- policy in which paper. As to be taken out of the boy's bathrooms note paper. Although I don't like god so boys at mile area high school now I've been go to school office. Asked for toilet paper stuck. After I ended up -- east when the weather bring it back yesterday used the the allotted -- I guess they bring the roll back. Not only were they throwing it at the feelings that they've had several problems of people potentially colliding toilets. By putting the entire roll -- my -- is -- toilet that I've seen -- happen now I never did that for the record. The principal says it was a sign up to a paper that at a bank and but some parents -- -- testing -- Slide out did it too embarrassed to go to the opposite master now legacy -- I don't wanna tell the parents agnico I don't know counselors years. Your role within -- -- sign the toilet paper now I've heard it. Today -- like in twenty minutes more effort is Chris Miller joins us on the super now. Where -- get ready for immediate database they'll of that the port twenty minutes as well. God has been down right. Stevie years in southeast Louisiana speaking. Hot hot hot that's just -- songs let's go live a direct eyewitness is forecast and it's a good. I say -- this meteorologist Laura but now happy to say why it now. I've got to ask you write a note television sometimes distorts the color of the clothing is actually a royal blue. And black -- to doubt purple and black in general ray rental while sometimes verbal and -- and one tell. Okay Canada when he never know it's funny how how we're red and my mom called up. Pretty peaks you have to use talent yeah lakers -- the fusion now -- that -- that it is indeed royal blue and black that I was showing eighty tennis support one. Way here at the beautiful outfit I'm not criticizing his curious if it was in favor of the ravens -- You know but I have to say -- for the rest of the week by ever happened to -- in the other team's colors on a purpose it's because I'm trying to grab my outfits in the -- and I. Know. Askew in the that you look fantastic when they last -- that you don't always been particularly mine passed. And I was like she -- her clothes at the department if you drastic ones something AM idea how in the world do you always find clothes that match and. Has -- Think that sometimes they don't -- it's sometimes I get to work gonna go. That key it kinda did it at 2 AM in the dark but. Don't know I really don't I mean I know people do she went factor traffic reporter she lays out everything that I before had that all -- -- I'm kind of a light what do one away if it's it's game time decision. From -- to getting dressed -- -- 2 AM in the dark yes and where does sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't have more often than not. You know usually look fantastic weather has been really. Fantastic I know mild again today it allowed this morning and -- this afternoon we hit close to eighty and eighty you know might my car dashboard retain a lot. Not always act that is the -- right up the good to know that but it it was 82 yesterday around lunchtime that don't want is a little bit warm yet they felt like yeah I'd. It dead and -- like at that we may have a few spots pushing that eighty marked today officially at 78 for here in the city but. Look at that it it's going to be warm around the region and even warm tonight and first thing tomorrow morning before our next cold front or ride. Our right to the cold front doesn't get here until tomorrow. And what will that mean for it will means some thunderstorms around first thing tomorrow morning 567. Day apps around unfortunately it's time. Trying to get the kids up to school maybe yourself out the door to work and that sort of thing we are going to be watching a line of storms that good as it moves through pretty quickly Libya. A punch -- of winds and rain you know all at once and that about it here backed by. 8910 o'clock or so to us. And after that it cools down to two Mars into other states -- starts -- probably around seventy degrees. And they'll be in the lower sixties maybe an upper fifties by the afternoon now -- -- highs will be in the morning and -- will fall on that front how cold is it for the rest of the week yeah were pretty cool for Thursday -- the upper fifties and they were back to you know kind of more normal -- the cats for January and then. As we head into the weekend we moderate a little bit but -- pleasant weather upper 60s68. For Saturday and Sunday on the -- also. -- -- so Super Bowl whether tailgating weather looks fantastic. Actually not at all bad for the festival allotted warden -- parked along the front of Verizon's -- none and so -- yeah other than a little rain tomorrow morning that's there now. It'll be a little cooler you know this coming weekend probably that we were last weekend but I mean that we can play that now -- fifties and sixties I'm not. -- -- Hey you'd never thought about what you want done after you'd die in terms of any special you know your body rated somewhere oh I'm -- well somebody apparently. Well -- of Pennsylvania huge fast food man died. Our and so they arranged to have the hearse go to the drive through at burger game. Any higher procession. Went through this drive through at Burger King. -- Like -- time because now. He won it you know it's that he lived a wonderful life on his own terms and -- it did Burger King you can have your way away and that's the way you want as anything. They don't you order something or they just wrote I think Ruth and I went through that makes a little more cents on -- at an -- be -- at the like -- you want here. And now he's each mortar got a sandwich for the road and right -- that's nothing to it and take the tactic that try whopper for everybody laugh -- I had picked -- -- one guy who works here at WW well out of he wants to share that that won't use his name -- got his body shot out of a cannon after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything specially you never thought about anything really special -- not having any crazy stuff like that this would be you know. Laid to rest somewhere that is that we I don't like it'd it's totally up to you want them that I don't care what you do with my why I wanna party I want -- that party. To celebrate my life rather. Don't cry because I'm gone celebrate the fact I was here and all that's. That's good way to lead thanks I think tomorrow have a great day to you about -- -- -- right from the Eyewitness News forecasts and up next. Steve Geller and sports on this says David Blake called it Super Tuesday. Today 78 members of the biggest client that lawmakers can buy tickets at face value to the Super Bowl people are just jealous if they want the same opportunity let them run for office and get elected. Another says I think it's definitely save face value I thought they get them for free. So little bit of support. Hundreds of other text messages think it's -- well we're gonna be fair to you now and if you sports here on WW Oliver that it's Steve Geller good morning -- Good morning and the saints hopes of getting back this year's second round draft pick were dashed. When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the penalty for the teen's alleged bounty program would not be reversed. In all the franchise was docked -- second round draft picks in 2012 and this year along with being 5500000. Dollars. On a positive note that he did announce that general manager Mickey Loomis has a -- deal good through his 20s17. The length of his contract meters that have -- coach Sean Payton looked reaching his new deal last month. The Baltimore Ravens arrived in New Orleans yesterday ahead of their Super Bowl 47 matchup against San Francisco. Retiring ravens linebacker Ray Lewis says he's not thinking about how this will be the last time he prepares to play a football game. Honestly I'm already put it this that's the last thing on my mind because I think the most important thing you know for me to be the leader that I am for my team. And really going to try to win this football game and wrestle with and as we Vilma Myron. Tiger Woods has won at Torrey Pines for the eighth time in the seventh time in the Farmers Insurance open and which closed within even par for fourteen under total four strokes ahead of Josh Streeter and defending champion Brandt Snedeker. The hornets played their first game of the back to back tonight vs the lakers was that tipped ball from the staples center on 1053 FM at 930. And Michigan's number one in the AP college basketball poll for the first time since the start of the 199293. Season. The wolverines received 511 place votes close second ranked Kansas -- thirteen. Third ranked Indiana is followed by Florida and duke. Today at four on sports talk since the saints will not get their second round draft pick back we should stay who should go and we should the team go after. I'm Steve -- with your early morning -- explores. 550 -- Dave Cohen Steve Geller hanging out on your radio on this Super Tuesday is David Blake -- named you're excited you're gonna media day today. You're among the 5200. Members of the media there will be asking questions of players and coaches. On the floor of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. This morning. Yeah I was jealous of the guys they got to go to Miami obviously for the saints one and then just this past year they were up in Indianapolis. I've just seen it as a kid you know growing up this whole time it just. It looks like a big whirlwind been a lot of fun then I'm definitely looking forward to be in the dome to. It's so much -- we have the super -- here it is such a spectacular event is gonna get better all week. Fans can go to media day today tomorrow the NFL experience open that they convention -- Thursday we have that big Verizon festival on the riverfront with a huge Super Bowl letters are going to be there in the river and is going to be music free to the public it. Jazz Fest out and do I've actually heard a lot of the national folks say you know what. New Orleans looks better than it did. Before Katrina a lot of it that's -- -- thing that -- nuances not only back but better than before. Tommy's got to talk about the very quickly wanna get your thoughts on President Obama has said that he had us on. He doesn't know if it allowed to play football I know I know I heard that you've got us on right you know play football. I would definitely if he's interest in playing I would. I would want him to do you know what he's interest and and so -- -- supported safe enough and I worried about the concussions and injuries and you always got to worry but I I want him to you know I think that's a whole. Experience that you need to go through especially being on a team with teammates and you know getting you know the whole experience of of learning that -- playing sports is a great tool and a great outlet and. -- football's all right -- Iowa I would encourage my kids that if they really want to. Play a sport would be fantastic and a baseball league baseball players -- almost never get injured to the pitchers. And they make a lot more money football players and if you want to play football I'm sure his mom would hope that he wants to be -- about the people realize that baseball players a lot more than football. You do have you know they they do that unusual motion so you end up with a rotator cuff surgery in all -- him. Guys thank you. To him about fifteen minutes of sports on WW well. AM map that. And backed up by the way that from a -- 55 southbound approaching -- -- apparently flat tire. But that was helping someone changed of that if it's not gone already should be -- varies. Formats in front of 6 AM time to head on over the Eyewitness News forecast out there and check in with -- meteorologist Laura but now. Court today increasing clouds 120% chance for a shower -- still warm though 76 and tonight. Lows dropping into the mid sixties showers and storms begin to increase really moving through first thing Wednesday morning before some of those storms could be on the strong side. Temps around seven -- and falling into the sixties by the afternoon and much cooler right Thursday sunny skies the high only 58. For the Eyewitness News forecast then aren't we -- just clobbered. Sell cloudy and sixty right now on both sides of the way. Tommy Johnson are all week long here on WWL or broadcasting live from our super studios at the Super Bowl 47 host committee suite at the media center at the Ernest morial convention -- he's there now what's still out there. Best seat in the house Dave brought up on top of the pocket talent he floated we're looking down at the entire media senator we could see the NFL network we NC. CBS network everybody on radio row and I guarantee you an addition. To what we're gonna talk about we're gonna have some surprise guests like we did yesterday with. Rita Benson will launch with Jabari Greer but in addition of that -- I talked to Rosie Taylor who is in Louisiana all of -- in the NFL hall of Spain. He struggles with. Incentives from concussions today is a hard time answering questions please wanna come on morals of it doctor. Noted sports doctor doctor James Andrews got it fixed Drew Brees and shoulder and now we're gonna RG -- -- yeah I want to talk about concussions the NFL players' union funds in the but just fund the research at Harvard University this. Talk about player safety so we'll talk about that and we'll talk about Mickey Loomis contract extension defensive coordinators and a whole lot of social party broke -- is now. The news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.

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