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Jan 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay good evening and welcome to the final now of sports talk. As you heard in the -- so what type of a pocket -- -- it's a big article flow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He could -- seafood. Oh boy today's paraded jaguar opinion poll on line WW -- Danica Randy Moss says he's the greatest receiver of all time. You'd think Randy is it not -- needed to do it who belongs in the conversation and the Saints. We know they won't get that second round pick -- who should stay who should go and who she is saint go after. Vote online at WW exact count chime in -- -- eat at Texas and 87 -- him that you can be atop the flow with go to WW dot com and click on the Super Bowl. Logo there and we're streaming all of our hosts from Tommy. -- Too good to sports talk sites who we come with a laugh from the media center. The immediate point obvious now playing -- Monaco world watches it can be some good -- Minnesota speak from forty different restaurant that's it. Yet the unit that something that -- I -- -- It would be great if you could be content you know and that's why so the conference today. What we have to do and -- -- yeah they're the and it is have people bugging me about the -- differentials all over the country you know that's on the line and UB book can be about I -- your -- from. He definitely. So what's the best way to do that go he has so and and it is it is nice that I expires at -- time that notices. You know you regular throw by network in advance. Right. And then all of a -- in every city you any different countries. In you know and you look at you getting exposure. Putting all those hours and it paid dividends in the ability etiquette. Well if it isn't there it's it's it's it's a it's a a core responsibility yet you all gotta balance it yet and if companies let's face it mean this in this in the water and the media in note if anybody else that comes the if you can call but all of that and go on on that you beat tied. You -- which exposed do for work and you know one obligation is who you're employees yes it I think that's what we get that we do on -- more -- -- a common WW radio. If he calls me. They've got to be here at 6 o'clock in the morning to go to UFC breakfast putting an epidemic and that takes priority an -- Duma pizza tonight was the that level be it the -- -- not only evening EP but I have to do. River or its foot down on my 1 John good evening thank you for calling debuted at Uga. Yes a few things first of any more rain in the best receiver -- See I'd I want to note it's Rogan says that's OK well how about. How about -- beat the what do you think is the veteran team. To be honest. I would have to say a. I don't know it the best in my opinion is here right but no I don't think we're anymore. I don't think -- about ours. Okay that -- how John how old are you. It okay not yet that they went went Randy Moss came to that in the right. Andy you leave -- too young to realize they explodes how explosive he was. And impact. And that he had early in his career he had the highest of highs and lows of blows you lose the Raiders he was dog it. We've been and is seen him in a Vikings uniform with seven seasons ago down when you with nine yet. That was -- -- -- seat of the receivers and you've added yet the NFL -- the animals touchdown in this season and that's supposed on the backside -- yet now at the exact at the backside at -- so you know it's all relative. The what you're exposed tonight John I'm sure you familiar with. Calvin Johnson mega -- with the lines right. Not now when you consider he's a great receiver yet because if you win this oh -- achieving. Now his career I mean come on it is really laid the foundation. In Dallas telling the -- that are you -- great receivers. And and as far as -- skill level and and now outside. Nobody worked harder and Jerry Rice but he was not the most skilled receiver. We're talking about how scouts and how they view you would all the tests they put you through. Or make -- try and Calvin Johnson is all of the charts. The highest grade ever. You look at the athletics beat and now he's -- that the football. Has been unbelievable. Receiver for the lines but -- have the lines well and nothing. Until mega -- to -- that are they winning in mobile. You know to be interested to see how much he's in that conversation. Well when all's said and done no you got to be a great player. We also have to be a champion. To be -- goes hand in had to be considered I think. The best that -- -- also. You're talking about the defense. Song one of the first and that's Patrick Robinson. -- just says he makes plays gimmick plays on the ball -- She gets beat more than he does back in my opinion. Our like John that's a good observation because excellent student at the game yeah -- -- city where he was drafted. He's -- -- he says it. Well you can't trust them better Vietnam once -- -- to implement them yet yeah that did you know on draft they that you're expected to be atop two corner. And not considered a weak link on the that's what is I keep attacking and going after. You think though he might have turned a corner. That they need you see him have gained we just did bird. Yeah and and -- does that it's so frustrating considering how much you coming up on him to be a great player Jack good to hear from anybody thank you so much for calling it. Let's go to Mike Bobby -- not a big as a big Mike from Oceana. In different. Mike what's the -- If we get some. -- -- man Mike thank you so much that we always applies to be you know how how the squad now everybody. Come all the attitude to pitch and that. And well. Ratchet it yeah he's got the Powell. Took place to the Super Bowl anyway you want is that correct. -- ease them mild piece of the owners -- but it doesn't -- and I and he. Come on the owners draws him and he leaned upon him to have that influence. Well yeah I'm really that could be discriminatory. But at the beach and beat you with. You host city and -- that that the homes and -- because. If you get out the plate -- out and out for a ticket and freezing -- and all that people wouldn't say hands. While but it's not normal players that go to schools it's a car pretty bit. Now it's QB and consistency you know I you have syllables of the -- yeah it is they've promised the commissioner in the league they've promised that -- Those -- bullet Dave -- the new stadium. Well yeah. In Indianapolis. Right out of pride gay yes -- are like that like -- -- -- yet they've built the new stadium. So they're rewarding is the global the. You don't improve. And we would look bittersweet but not everybody -- -- -- -- you out of it but I saying that you get out -- -- way. Big wigs that are in the elements and and it is terrible weather. -- in those seats and that's when I Alka BL yeah. Which that in a nice comfortable sitting. They import doused a ticket albeit -- and. Not -- what do you gotta be in a neutral environment and I still you like. -- and I I love the pros that underdog eyes bull Cowboys in the Packers. -- and -- But but I think in a championship hollers the the bands at a -- in a controlled environment. As for his talent. Like against Dallas so I'm gonna win it. If I hear all this week in which -- 48 will be media days 36 will be that guy and 26 of the point 4% chance to miss it. The super -- early. That the forty and below 28 so if they can and then yeah -- he would exhibit of habit -- Davis though el -- I am if New York it is I've weathered it right now. It's it's already in new -- -- -- tonight that that the most can be thirty and a mark it's in the sixties and fifties and the -- it means in the in later in the week it will be thirty before they would be ticketed at the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The needle to be stuck in your hotel room now you -- about to go out and enjoy this city. Would Indianapolis last week -- do that it wasn't. To Colvin and they are rolling the dice. -- and you can have bad weather here -- you're less likely as far as inclement weather as far as it being so cold. Notes then threw it on the -- the south. And I think fans want it to be a vacation type atmosphere. A festival atmosphere with -- Miami New Orleans. You know you know Phoenix. And even lost anything about this they hit abilities -- in Los Angeles. -- -- have a team now. A billion dollars stadium. A I'm Kelly they gonna have this who -- bull in Los Angeles once every four years. Because you gonna have eleven now. Not everything it could be within walking distance that -- to be frustrating at the band that at the new car and go everywhere. Come back to all your cause open mind to sell Randy Moss as he the greatest receiver of all time is the plus the Saints would they do defensively. This offseason this is sport stopped at the media center in earnest in -- -- to sit on radio row. On the home of Super Bowl 47. You'll listening to WW how about we throw you that perk of the day was though that it's premier fitness where you can get a wanted to ask that it could fall one month membership. The dispute the books when it comes to world class fitness there's only one place to go eight feet to the news and this caught you in weightlifting. That's premier fitness on airline. -- on sale right now my New Orleans -- dot com. But tonight in BA action Hornets and the Lakers on that thirty tip. On the flagship where you point 21053. F in him to the phones that we go Bobby and now let's go to move. George in Houston on line to -- is gonna tell us who the best receiver of all time is thank you -- Yet I don't vote rich on the Asia usually every day thank you to around the mop my favors you're not being one of the best ever with people argent. -- and is -- a particular position route running you know gloves. Able to read decent I think decent doesn't even -- it but it. Can -- him. Yeah yeah you look as the largest and he was like ahead of his time he was kind of like -- as the modern -- -- Lance -- Wes Welker. -- it to about possession receiver. You're looking guy that caught everything very similar -- -- -- call with the Raiders. But I think was probably passed there. You look at -- argument no argument about a household name. -- you look like you know you think of the Saints and you know you look at a hall of Famer Rickey Jackson. You look at -- role of Archie Manning. They'll be talking about that the Seahawks franchise. The -- -- -- block the enlarging yet it is on the top and I'm in this for the steal. But thank you know I know -- thank you so much we appreciate you call 26017866889. Zero -- and he uses -- the number to get -- -- back the phone to a slot day off the -- on seven Josh thank you for calling WW. I you don't answer it job. Yeah able I wanna make a comment I had -- College Station where my upon network today. You know at least he -- dare I use the greater receivable. And I mean. -- you can you can say yeah. And as far as numbers it's handed down yet by marketing argument is not a lot of people that. Close to him. As far as talent coming yeah -- look at the time he can manage four. They can't check out. You know -- right right mark you know it being -- You know and I'll jump you and run -- he's so. Good hearted guy that they just throw it up he's gonna -- Yeah it was a really precise route running a lot of times the quarterback was that reading anything that he ran him off the orbit and Andy would just chuck it. You don't even go up but it almost like getting a -- now. And and it's go up work at the table I think about Jerry Rice and and you look how long you last. He has to work ethic was unbelievable he got the -- -- -- Woody had as far as the talent. You know I think when all's said and done a -- -- make it try Calvin Johnson way mortality at the Jerry Rice what you liked about work ethic. But you can't beat Jerry Rice in his production. And then you know I meant to stand -- a lot of guys that people know kind of just forgot about like Marvin Harrison. I mean you have a look at how consistent he was years now. You know it was like a hundred receptions a year will not for him. Right right -- -- guy and I think you know within instilled that in his argument Marvin Harrison if he doesn't play with Peyton Manning. Does he have that kind of success I think that Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning they complement one another. Right words like I got drugs you'd trust me will we get to get it done I had a relationship like that would air Martin and Eric Martin you know whereas like man. I -- hobby trying to cover him in dominating in -- taking a hit because I know. -- he was gonna get open I just as a matter -- in -- being accurate with the football. You know that's a lot of times when you look at a player's career. I have that trust factor also with a quarterback that he's pulling it. Just thank you for the call back to a hot topic of the greatest receiver of all time Randy Moss says it -- him. Check in Canada on line six thank you for calling that you don't. OK guys thank you grabbed me on that yet you know I can and that's my second game and how -- -- -- He was when you -- greatest I mean remember Lynn Swann. And bodies makes circus catches. Joseph competent -- and condom. You know the -- ago crust caught up in music great -- she got a say who put up that not you which would be right cherry right gross called. -- -- look at Chris Carter and -- he's not even in the hall of fame yeah hey you know I net the one thing that. He goes against lets wind and you know it's critical. Is that listen. He's a big part why this team with words doable camps he was part. Of a great team but you know what -- hold -- the and you being a few movement you know you know -- -- against this line but he played seven years. It was -- you -- career as -- look compared to how long Jerry rice's last and an -- I watch polite and you'll aptly noted and Eddie did it like you said on the biggest stage looking it's doable degree -- -- -- at -- those sort of highlight. Against the Cowboys. And it's like going now -- worked yet so we're making great catches. Yeah to make catches the odds on trot an -- on -- hopman football. Evil. You know I remember the eighties -- yeah. Guys they beat tonight Beckett -- played even of the rules beneath the chucked the receivers. The outfield is probably be our biggest three guys that I can tell you. Okay I'm -- Johnson. With the Texans and Larry FitzGerald with the Cardinals. And Calvin Johnson with the lines. It no matter. Since football's been in that it's been -- big ticket playing fifty years ago ten years ago Tony are even a hundred years into the future. Did that those guys are our our pro bowlers. Yeah and if I mean I don't know high you can make the human being better -- inability yet in any -- there they have that kind of ability. No question about it 2601 a seventy. 8668890. Eighths and they and the Saints defense which direction we'll coach -- go and of course a kind of the something throw back into the mix today I don't know if it plays in the loss but a week ago after coach Sean Payton and relieved. Steve Spagnuolo to defense quoted duties in it but believe that Rob Ryan beat Dallas coordinator and was relieved of his duties in the -- Would become the defense equality in Saint Louis but to date the Rams amount that you say. They are not pursuing rob Bryant if the defense the quiet about it that change anything. Well I don't think too much in the saint I think Rob Ryan obviously. You know it is a coaching fraternity. I don't know feel in this thinks he can be a coordinator but I still living he could be a defensive assistant. Now a coach Peyton I think it'd be more speculation. If the Saints of course straight -- said on the week we change in our scheme we going more well to go to three -- And the reason why I made that statement it really comments at the Buick. Sean Payton and Drew Brees they ought to lay most of their time always have success but when they -- -- being successful announced or think that challenges the game planning. Has been -- the 34. The that it could pretty most of run. Oh well when you look of Rob Ryan Lovie Smith know there were three guys that's why a Romeo Cornell. Has it worked out as a head coach -- as a 34 they get threes doable rinks. With the Patriots -- Six I don't know times then yeah age 65 years that beats a way it's I mean I still think. He's five and I know at the end of the not be -- and do anything this year we only have four minutes eleven that third quarter office couldn't do that then. You -- to say -- that's hard to say how many teams truly have shut down Drew Brees in the saint. That fourth quarter we could be mean about it -- -- -- any. We couldn't get a first down and who had eleven point lead so. I think Romeo could now I think I'm not saying he's a front runner and he's gonna get the job -- decision. But I think Saints fans if you truly objective and keep an open mind. -- -- -- -- trudged on Peyton. That being that he investigated this and Romeo Cornell. Would be a good option as a. Steven home on -- six thank you for calling WW yeah. No element now Bobby Allison in Europe. How old stomping grounds. Earlier today. We're like down a wild foods like well yeah obviously some of your friends. Two on the boat people -- all okay dude do little business. Yeah that that's my work fall camp anyway. I'm actually relate -- might have. Then there's the -- named herb mentioned. I would be why would anyone be in the greatest receiver. But I did hear interest one mentioned it predates even mildly. -- That's a great Baltimore Colts. Goes by the name Raymond Berry looked at old payroll. Branch has pursued him he had who. We're -- that. And at about living day today you know if you doubt that that's a good -- -- -- this page you we talked to a formal -- Bobby who was you know coming in it. In any kind of a lion in May he was kind of -- but although wide open offense before you renewable -- -- and Iowa -- cause yeah who was inducted to the Louisiana sports hall of fame and he talked about the expectations. When he played with the coach Bobby and it was sent out about race and I. Raymond -- and you gotta think about it in those days if the ball was hit in the Aaron. And you go to receiver and you were 1520 yards downfield -- can knock the crap body. It was a little five yard chuck rule that if they hit it the ball wasn't there you're divide head hunting. Did you put across that middle. And he got a that we don't even realize I didn't last long but Raymond Berry. Universal -- here when the Bears -- -- the Patriots Raymond Berry was the head coach but it New England Patriots anticipate -- -- to be -- about you have Raymond -- -- about old school. A sure handed. You know someone mentions the margin you know -- afraid believe -- -- We catch everything. A million not to put Raymond -- in that category obviously. It cost the -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Running down with your calls that John Jason Steve it Timothy you're -- -- team litigate you guys in give them a wrap it back. Who is the greatest receiver of all time today immediate date 49ers receiver. Randy Moss says he -- that you agree if not. Who is this a sports talk on WW. And welcome back our discussion is operated jaguar -- -- today immediate -- Future hall of fame evidence have great random policy trying to win his -- coach -- -- in his second Super Bowl says he's the greatest receiver of all time. Is Randy Moss the greatest receive if not -- and does he belong in the conversation. Studio -- to go let's go to Jason Desormeaux had outlined three Jason thank people calling WW. Down tonight I. I looked on in no way there's Randy Moss anywhere near that top spot of the best corners here at all I'm simply because he didn't -- that is all reply. When you look injured right. Now that -- true playoff AJ said that is so true that statement. -- what you look alike when you look at like sick when he does dog it would the Raiders will will which is that there's no excuse. But I just thought about at a -- if you look at like. Like I giant splash -- he did in a Vikings. Are at the beginning his career. He had the highest of highs and the lowest of blows -- -- to go -- it Jerry Rice. There's no question that Randy Moss is probably the most talented writers here currently. Yeah now. Well when you're talking about having that kind of talent level and that's what made watching him so frustrated yeah because when you saw the talent he'd be like Randy. If you apply yourself and record you can easily beat the greatest wide receiver university. And he didn't he didn't for whatever reason we didn't one. On you know he tries to get this honor for themselves and it it comes across as arrogant shallow like you completely glossing over the fact that you took plays off and didn't play as hard as he should. And it -- -- -- feel that formed which the secret that the him. And you know you need -- you can't account and I mean I did just about anything the talent that you. But when that we talk about great shoot out but the margin somebody mentioned renteria anchored watchable -- and that talent unbelievable. On my personal there'd be a bills and then ninety -- James walked -- I -- watching him play you know being in the future needs treatment. -- into -- -- but I mean Eric -- -- you can't say enough about the -- what you meant that Auburn. Right well and out of out but without a doubt that's. You wanna talk about another player that had unbelievable ability in that added attitude that again trouble Andre rise. You know what I would that a pro Walt Whitman not report the fifteenth 2001 season. And guy he was unbelievable. But -- never truly had the consistency. You wanna talk about -- I was fortunate. To play more super duper here's Mark Clayton the more well as Mark Clayton and mark duper setting records with Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins. I'm Anthony Carter AC University of Michigan. You know what when he did help us win a championship you have that fell. Yeah what they game he had all purpose yards well two yards in the Vikings beat -- In the playoffs and 87. So I've been around and over receivers that I look at their work ethic and adjacent. These cases stolen. Yeah against him okay Jason what about. Now I look at these players and look at their skills that. And their careers careers of form crumble over but what do you think it these three the kid Larry FitzGerald. Indy guy Calvin Johnson mega -- bit on entry onto with the Texans. -- I know I -- -- and he gets hurt to elect on. Yeah under Johnson in on that category and injury prone lucky if he keeps it if he did her a couple of more -- right on that category I've built so that. -- Larry FitzGerald that the quarterback situation and you know they're really Lewis Matt Leinart and that's part of that he can -- -- -- back. Kurt Warner -- he knew it wasn't long term and they never found -- -- there. Arm I've -- of that for him that he's you can easily be as productive. As Calvin Johnson yet. Look at him Larry Q can you imagine. -- Jason Larry FitzGerald. Will say Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady or Drew Brees. All I mean you could be you'd be ridiculous and that class field that earned he deserves so much better. I think when the ball and on Calvin Johnson can break your record in exactly long and yeah and take a lot. On the soul in the end we dropped this year but I think Morton who often lines that are limited challenge on. Arm but I think we've all been on you know that it could be. On that level or better than Jerry right he after coaching in you know and so I think he's the greatest wide receiver. That I've ever seen if he can you like -- he DuBois and like FitzGerald and -- you catch like life and you combine those Marie. I did that you -- no words can express unity unity. Yet you know a lot of people also had his troubles it all started that weight back and he -- A youngster that being Randy Moss holly in the that Marshall. You know you look at his background and both the go to Notre Dame yes it was a go to Florida State and a -- -- remarked yeah we do look at that day. And that's why it with his ability thing about it Jason that's what they wouldn't go with the Vikings. What was it me that you as a rookie -- you wouldn't want to do well but everything is grounds to Mueller on the on the Internet and. Rant that you think you very much credit for number one enemy not the Culpepper look like pro bowler and number two. On and on any given play he could burn and he -- India now. There wouldn't shut down cornerback -- I'm Randy Moss Randy Moss only one -- to stop and now. And though. You know don't you think he don't form and won't those years. And Oakland was not -- chance -- every point. That yeah I have a reputation like I'm I'm trying to get and I'm trying to just to be the best humor and the Algiers and oh yeah absolutely blow. Yeah -- -- did you make a great point there because it's things like couple argued truly mature enough and are you truly professional. Yeah I would think that going well things going good a lot of players in it got a lot of players give their best effort. But what about things or. Going away what you came out. And indeed disgruntled. And be a disruption in the locker room. Well that's what Randy Moss was generated uniform. Come back rapid fouling off with Stephen Houston to get the rescue call as he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. It's sports talk on radio row at the artist in -- now convinced sitting here. On security at UW.