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1-29 8:45am Tommy talks to Cam Jordan and Rosey Taylor

Jan 29, 2013|

Tommy talks to Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and former NFL player Rosey Taylor about their experiences with football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker with him Jordan and Rosie Taylor hall of Famer Louisiana hall of Famer won a championship. With the 1963. Chicago bears' NFL championship planned for. Probably -- George Allison mr. Taylor it is a pleasure and honor to meet you sir how are you. I am very. Hi what time -- player injuries this morning and but I way I want to point out that you born in new long ones on the fourth of July and has about as American as again so. Were remember that every fourth of July. EC Kim Jordan sitting up here vehicle -- Jordan number one pick for the New Orleans Saints. His dad played how many years in the NFL cam thirteen thirteen years the NFL he says is dead is is fine now at fifty something years of age. He tells me he's not really concerned about injuries when it comes. To play in in the NFL. You you look you are a lot further down the road than either one of them like his dead or or. He -- who would you would you say that they they should be very concerned about injuries and plane in the NFL given your experience. Well at that. During my playing days it. They didn't care too much we if we attitude that we wanted to say it was the game we made it. We didn't have all the -- -- people that they have now. I hear what these guys that date being bombed in the air -- is and and I I don't believe that because all we. All that -- Did was played football tackle. But I. Run catch. And we just move right on. Hopefully now. 75. When you were 52. How did you feel. And like a kid. In -- that woke up what the -- I've grown old. You think it is a result of of plane and taken so many hits to the head when you're playing or just. A result of twelve of growing old just normal aging. Well I understand that it's a combination. I had nine concussions in my fourteen years and in that failed. Nine concussions and I like to believe that that's the reason that that I have at my. Memory has gotten so bad. But united confession -- like I said I'm 75 years old now to -- that that be. A good reason. What advice would you get would you give that is big strong young guys sit here and Jordan. Well loved the game love what you do. And stay in good shape because you can laugh so much longer. When you stated that physical -- And and the president says that if he had a son he would have to think long and hard about let me play football. Com. Do you have any regrets about playing now it used 75 although. You've had heck of a ride I'm guessing and and the other question is if you had a son -- and Jordan -- -- son. What would you advising he -- out now or what would you tell. We're speaking -- it myself and my only son and my youngest child who's my youngest child. Played five years and NFL also. Played. What you would get there with the bears then went up to but. New York. Buffalo Bills buffalo. And played. Two and a half years there then went with 49 is in fact my son played. True that I played with two of the teams that I played well. As I've played but it bears the forty that is in the reds did. So would would any regrets are you glad you did it would give changed anything your life as far as plane. No there was nothing to do when Apple's coming up. But play ball if you could it. If you had talent you play if you didn't have talent well. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you pleasure and honor talking to me it's all my pleasure thank you so I can enjoy not I would ask you please if you just hang out a little bit and and because I hate to have to get physical with the -- really would because -- wind up with me on a hospital knew what that happened in at least he knows gonna happen and I know I know and I'd hold -- I know what's gonna happen is that wind up with me in intensive care and it's gonna happen so. I would ask your indulgence of saying on talk about the saints new scheme we come back to bring a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody -- -- -- -- -- -- X in a cup you're pregnant governor I don't enjoy and and stay down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that people are actually you know. Exactly. Have to get on his knees to punch me in -- -- at camp yards and nice guy and and it's it's nice thing now with union been so patient. Let's talk about saint the and you of course of the guys on me you know -- this. But you really are you are tremendously nice guy to be so patient with this and talked to Rosie Taylor that. Well why -- to ruin your reputation on the field. But let me tell you seven -- I had this conversation yesterday when Jabari Greer was up here. And I and we did that they would Jimmy Graham at saint camp on before Christmas and he's talking -- the troops. One thing that amazes me about you guys that you can be so so savage on the field and I mean it complimentary on Sundays in the room Thursday nights you play. Woods is such personable intelligent young guys when when one -- meet joke is on mobility -- -- -- football players other than me you know. You did that -- -- goes to the fact that you can't be a dumb guy and -- the game of NFL football. Not anymore I mean of course is always good stories and there's always be exceptions. But Mike Hewitt -- when is that I was looking. At the corner I -- back with. Literally can't nobody seriously but it you really I guess those of the organization. But Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis in -- -- and that's progress what it is is the foundation is useful -- Guys. December it means him urgently. You know just definitely full of lively personalities that. -- pretty well. And intelligent guys too -- new defense steam coming -- this year yet united candidates. He'll be shot patent based leases immediately after yet Reid stated we are switching to 34 defense. Which that your company -- bar yes he needs to keep basically the defense to back it's not a whole lot don't change with me. Unity tonight you still -- -- stay the course meal that means a bit but there's definitely different in a 34 reports three for a defense lineman. Without a doubt and I mean that -- changes everything from the way it would it be training this year to. What William come in and it would position him commit that. What changes in the train. I mean right now. This past season I played some around 280. Now for the fourth Rios. Outside guy you know sort of be -- -- the -- move inside past recent announcement outside -- and now. Went down probably to -- to the went technique from the nine to one. For people don't know what that means -- Outside it was tied into to that right -- and read will read the nine -- them right on top of the -- would be the wonders of zero. Then a vision put on more weight yet so for rebels for three in those great to do that but. That's for pastors in situations before so far as its brief war goes easy your every defense that means. Some around to nine beat 300. And the -- didn't keep speak. Got to do that -- speech so. That goes on with the training you know it's going to be can be different and back to get inside and you know whenever we get a new DC you know. What -- -- -- he has with vision he has for me so we can line up we give them the right statements of the big. Well it sounds like -- kind of the rumor out there uses it. He'll Romeo Cornell might be the front runner for this thing in daily use of player you have no control over who quote -- higher anything like dead but. -- it takes. But different -- To do 34 as opposed to the 43 have you ever played in a three man front. College -- that those remorse because OK actually. First year so -- coming out I was you know we would be the indexes. Happened looking to. Weigh in I mean it's so that can make a pretty easy transition for you because if you EUR for me was that you know I've always said is to people that he has. To me and -- the next running back that. That is probably the easiest position to -- and make that transition from college to the end -- you know basically on duty -- running to daylight. You got we need the curriculum now that the -- you -- means so much more different terminology. Different topic of black and blocking scheme valued -- take on blockers where you Rhode guitar. Where you pass rush at the end two with a whole different ball game in which he went to the university gallons. You keep Leno don't mean go there though that's why well it exactly what I mean you really made you had a good reputation but. I think you -- tremendous strides in the year to the Nazis did that mean it would be much more production just like you're a lot more comfortable out there that last. -- sort of I mean I would say spark. Alou now on don't feel like you normally get and it's a joke let's tell you gotta go in a minute but but it just for people would be on the football field. Quickly what makes him Jordan laugh when entertained you what kind of movies deal like it in which your idea off the football field. Of recreation we like to do to get away from football. -- -- the -- with a with a guy Ilia yeah most definitely it be -- marking groom. Who that we just were bowling yes it is mean -- room. -- -- -- -- any goodies site. I -- like this it's an open challenge anybody he Kashmir on the on the lanes. I don't really lose much still wouldn't say much. I mean what percent. Okay we'll go in there and Adam won more football question for you going into the 2013 season this to be third -- -- coordinators meaning hours and yeah yeah Gregg Williams last year you expect no this year that you will have a different DC come here. Coming from college strictly for yen because when electronic -- if not then be my fifth wow. Transition from. Coach Gregory my junior two. Coach and -- -- my dismissing your two -- great Williams too quickly packed his bags and now to. Blair like that it ready to be furious pace for a higher -- -- I camel bit like thanks for being so patient -- I do agree that Canada should you have you know you pick a winner in this -- and you know if you want -- to accurate winner on the have to blow you know. The defense that I grew up. Watching and so that's the Ray Lewis you know. I've Q I've been watching him substance. Since beginning -- -- that means right now. Seventeen useless having leaders and MEU yeah there what are you -- -- and so yeah. Exit out of the nineties when a settlement. And by the time it games over there probably will be so -- -- a pledged immediate good -- -- -- a lot gadget you know we take a break coming back taking your phone calls to six 1870 to overeat. 86 exit 89087. About players' safety. He DeWitt to let -- kids play football and do you let them and very concerned about injuries at the high school level or not. It is it worth the rewards to music so when he says Neitzel 38668. -- early and where is it just a part of the game and is just an apt that your Rosie Taylor say no regrets here and you wouldn't say his dad. You're invited 52 played seventeen years in the league I think in camp on in the year three -- word about it well just happens we'll be right equity seventy evidently you're.

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