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Jan 29, 2013|

Scoot covers media day for super bowl 47.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back we continue on this Tuesday night with cars Super Bowl week. Media party it is. I would say it's it's it's kind of winding down it's far from over but it's winding down here -- -- world. And I I just took a walk through that news break through audio world suit just look at guys haven't been away from our broadcast area here yet tonight. But I I just took a walk through the -- -- world and just to receive the the magnitude. Of this party suit to see the size of it if you've never been demonic or world it's just huge. Warehouse with Mardi Gras -- infect these Marty gras floats don't even look at it for Mardi Gras -- was in your living room it would look huge. But he -- is so -- that they. They they don't look is it is they might look if you were you know and in a smaller -- that's how big this place is. But it's it's it's it's great to see people just walking around having so much fun. Knowing. That we entertaining these people. And these are media people who leave here and talk about. The city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. And as I've said many times tonight this is a moment for us all to celebrate and I I don't wanna be redundant but I think it bears repeating. It's one of the things that we are seeing from -- that the media is is a reflection. Society's media is a reflection of of who we all our. And when you when you hear about all the things that are that are being sent about the city. That's a reflection of view and needs a reflection of our city. It's a reflect things that are that are being sent about the city. That's a reflection of view and -- a reflection of our city. It's a reflection of of of everything that makes New Orleans. New Orleans and it's it's it's really comforting to. And it's you bring a whole lot of confidence to to see this city here doing so well and I I would be surprised if the NFL does not award -- -- On the next time we could have the Super Bowl which I believe is 2018. Which coincides. With the 300 anniversary celebration. Of the city of New Orleans. New Orleans is older than America. And that would be agree with it you know I would think that the NFL. Thinking. About how we are doing it now and when they think on how we have consumables in the past but in particular this last one that we've done. Because it's all about the last thing that you've you've denied. I think about all of this and how all of this. Which would play out in a year when we're celebrating the city's 300. Birth date that could be just the magical moment that inspires the NFL -- -- -- we're -- avenue new worlds again. In 2008 -- and that's not too many years from now here's -- WL project opinion poll. Is a ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco being overlooked by the media because he's not flamboyant like some other NFL stars. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll keep you updated on that coming appeared just a few minutes. And also the risk of block tonight is titled what lack of respect for ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco says about America. Read it share a comment on -- if you like it's on our website at WWL dot com. -- on the right hand column under our opinions and there's always something new on our web site if you're not going to our web site on a regular basis that you should start making that. A regular habit. We are -- Super Bowl 47 information station with everything unique you know. The latest news. Interviews road closures and there are a few maps profiles of the niners and the ravens it bends it around town. Free fun free music at Super Bowl boulevard that's the -- convert part concert series that begins Thursday and runs I even Super Bowl Sunday. I don't know about you but even if -- -- of the game. -- going to be game and then find -- fund public place to watch it as a -- out with with other people consider that -- -- wanna share with people. Well why everybody's quite during the commercials that we -- the attention to those as well. And we've also -- to -- a previews at halftime show information and a lot more plus you can now watch our broadcast. Well not. This -- but the ones that we everybody else at the convention center and our our media -- suite there. Atop the yet -- you can watch that live. The crew from WW well atop the pockets -- And you can just their clicker and click early on a special Super -- sections titled watch WW relied. From the media Center City could steal the guys in the years starting with atomic Tucker tomorrow morning. After -- 6 o'clock and we are live tomorrow. All day until 8 o'clock tomorrow night and -- future tomorrow night is back in our studio and you know among other things tomorrow night Chris restore our show every night with the top eight at eight. That's the topic things we'd like you to know is we have to copper showing -- -- -- 8 o'clock tomorrow I want talk about all this talk about. Injuries in the NFL. And while there should be awareness of injuries in in any sport. There's nothing we can do who totally. Make a sports such that there would be no winters. And if we did we were removed some of the exciting elements. Of the sport. And since there's been so much talk about injuries in the NFL I compare that to what happened at the winter X games in Aspen. I'm. And then they're going on right now and has been put on a snowmobile there. It's in critical condition right now last I heard something is changed last I heard he was in critical condition this report that -- started. After he was doing a flip on a big jump. On his snowmobile. And the bike hit him and he tumbled down interestingly. I believe more this noble Baylor he he got up. Now he worries he was helped off the the that the snow helped off state that the run with where there's some other people. But that he developed bleeding around his heart and there were some other complications and I'm his grandfather said things to look good. Now there's no way you can totally make. Flipping on his snowboard under on the snowmobile or snowboard for that matter is that we can make it totally safe. You Wear a helmet Wear protective gear. But there's no wait that's not going to be totally safe it's dangerous. And many sports are dangerous and the truth is that's what. That's what compels us to watch that's what makes us interested in sports. It's not that we don't enjoy the finance of all the sports. And we enjoyed different aspects of of the the poetic performance aspect of all sports. But then when it comes to some sports there's that rough element -- that about how how rough the NBA has got. And that's a sport that wasn't as rough as it at as it is now so we celebrate that we we like that we don't want people to get hurt. And it's violent it's not intentional. Violence but violence as a result of of of many sporting events. Hockey I mean he's -- hockey guys -- They get a puck in the guy these guys. -- just go in the in the in the dressing room they get stitched up and they come back out and they finished the game at CNET first -- a couple of times. So we'll talk about that on the Scotia tomorrow night and him talk about everything else that is. It's going on we get back in our studios tomorrow night. I wanna remind you that you need to stay tuned to WWL because we've got your tickets to the best party in New Orleans. Drew Brees is exclusive hurricanes in the relief concert. Now think about how much this country did for New Orleans. After Katrina. And people like Drew Brees who are so aware of that and many people are doing what they can't help. The people the northeast were effected so dramatically five hurricane -- this there's. Hurricane sandy relief concert. Is Friday nights from eight to 1130 at house of blues what a great place seat concert. And it it's gonna -- it's gonna feature on Grammy winners Nellie. And Swiss beats house of blues eight to 1130 it's an exclusive events. Only 750. Tickets are available. But we've got the hook up a three -- -- foundation donor could chime was kind enough to give us several tickets -- purchased. Rusty giveaway to view our listeners so you can Wear a pair of general admission tickets. Valued. At 2000. Dollars. Listen tomorrow starting at 6 AM from 6 AM to 6 PM. And then Thursday between 6 AM and midnight. We're gonna get a -- these tickets away. Every hour on -- but you -- again that begins tomorrow morning at 6 AM. With Tommy Tucker goes on until 6 tomorrow evening and then Thursday from 6 AM till midnight. I get to 2000 dollars a pair of tickets will be given away every hour to this very exclusive. Drew Brees. Sandy relief concert. And it is an exclusive concert and we want to really thank all the good folks that it could chime. A social media platform that engages you to better manage health and wellness. You can learn more about -- China -- -- dot com and also at the station for the biggest game in sports. And the best party in New Orleans WWL. If you do wanna join us with the comments are numbers 2601870. -- free our numbers -- 8668890870. And a text number is 87870. There was an article that I read -- earlier today that was sent from from Fox News that. You know I I love reading the headline because it was all about how I'd New Orleans is is back and I mentioned on the show briefly last night. I I had to leave my office to get a chance to see this story but there was a story on CBS news that was promoted by Scott Kelly. And is and New Orleans it was a either for the promotion of the story wise New Orleans still rebuilding after Katrina. And I was hoping that this story concluded with how much New Orleans is back and there's a story Fox News infected the headline reads. No signs of Katrina remain. As New Orleans prepares for for Super Bowl since. The hurricane. And you know the truth is that the city is Beckett doesn't mean we don't still have work to do because we do but -- so many ways. The city's back from last night when I got off the show at midnight I went to one of my favorite places where right guys in the speech to a table -- on Bourbon Street it's right there. In the open and I'll I love to just watch. Watch. They humanity that that that passes by on any given night. And I'm I'm sorry to see the excitement ramp up there and of course there are a lot of people them in the quarters this weekend with rates began to count. And I even last night. On Monday night in the quarter when it's much more electric. On much more applause suburban street last night that you would see on. On Monday night and seeing a number of tripod and camera stolen by a number of camera crews. Constantly. Operating buys so. The media well they're here. But I wanna give NO PD. A lot of crime. Because I saw them deal with something last night that you kind of forget that police have to deal. You know police. Obviously have to deal with. The serious things and violence in and things like that in and rowdy people put. There was that there was a young female sitting on the curb. Bright outside of where a city she was sitting on the -- With their head between her her knees and she was essentially. She was passed out. And the police came up and talked to a flashed a flashlight even flashed a flashlight from underneath up in -- face -- she's -- move. Am thinking person she. And then that the police officer on its -- touched -- a little bit. She just fell over. This woman could not. Stand up. But here these police officers were. In almost. Almost they they have almost become. You know -- paramedics at that point they've almost become EMS workers they almost had become just a a good samaritan. In helping this moment now they did finally -- -- page he. Staggered away with there with their I don't know where she went that they -- gonna leave her until they. On make sure that she could move the other thing that I liked about it. Is there it's NO PD is not gonna allow somebody -- I'm assuming that this happens all the time but there's probably more vigilance about this now. Then. There has in just on honored on a given weekend because of everybody who's in town right now. But here's somebody who was sitting on Bourbon Street I've not moving essentially with her head down and asleep. And you know that doesn't look good for our city to have people tennis sleeping on the street -- It didn't take long for NO PD to go over and -- start to intervene and essentially. That this woman moved to. Another place in there and hopefully. She is is doing fine well. I'm sure she's not doing fine today hopefully hopefully she -- a picture she's not feeling fine. And -- you know we talked Christine -- -- island reporter earlier in the Steve's talking about now the team's. In town are right now having having a good time -- does it mean they're like party animals are going around -- crazy things although some might be. But -- Wednesday tomorrow was gonna be really today we're here. The work started. Tomorrow through Super Bowl Sunday it was going to be. Business and there will be curfews for the teams but up until this point flying in here and being part media today. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. This is the end -- just. Are a fun time Foreman and it's going to be down to business the good news is you and I and the rest of us well we can't fine. And I can tell you the media can -- having just a great time in violence I was at the very beginning of the media pub crawl. Last night which started at the rusty nail I'd deepen the warehouse district and that meant -- Ivan and David last night. And -- that was fine in the you know they wanted me to be one of the -- since I've lived downtown and I'm from here. And I was talking to -- the immediate people from out of town and it's really amazing. How many people from as close to Houston. Have never been to New Orleans. I would think that if your especially within driving distance. You would have figured out a way to get here I -- critical I'm just saying that there's just so much about this city that is that is appealing. I'm in so many ways that you think that anybody who's in within driving distance or anybody even a little bit close. Would definitely be here we continue with our show here life from Mardi Gras world but the kind of starting to turn the lights on a little bit and you know they're putting the left over liquor yeah believe it or not even though the media were here and it was over 5000 people here they still had liquor left. Which means they were prepared. Christie Garrett told us earlier that in Indianapolis. Last year as some party he went to before the Super Bowl. They ran out of -- This is New Orleans -- -- break from controversy to be -- all access pass to the big Super Bowl media party. Which is going on tonight it ought to grow world at that point again now and arrow. Alone in the gift shop but we continue with our show matchbox twenties can perform along with one republic this was announced today. By -- Phillips CBS. Both groups will be performing at the and it felt tailgate party. Super Bowl Sunday and that's going to be broadcast on CBS one republic rounds -- 2007. Now with their debut album -- out loud they've gotten a lot of attention of course the history of matchbox when he goes back. Quite -- very very popular and unity the the star lineup just continues. Stevie Wonder is there going to be performing it one of the concerts -- forget which one that is that the concert. That's across the Wyndham hotel. And Steve -- going to be here. And I -- I'm gonna say something and I hope this is taken in in the right way because I mean it. As a tremendous. On compliments and maybe I'm taking a little bit of a chance by doing this -- stated in the right way. If and it's I'm not I can't speak first hand -- I've I've heard people always talk about now. On those two. Who are blind. There are other census. Become even. Sharper. And I'm thinking that four and I thought about this woman is sticking about Stevie Wonder coming to New Orleans. And I think about walking through the French Quarter and and the that the smells the food and -- this this city. And I would think that for for some people whose. Whose sense of smell is highlighted. And New Orleans would truly be -- a unique and distinctive city to be it. I'm sure some cities Sen smelled kind of similar to other cities I would think that you worlds in -- in so many ways. This is unique city. And I've said it many times but especially for those of us who who live here in. -- stay in and day out and we tended to take so many things for -- and it's a natural human phenomenon taking things for granted. But one thing that we learn when we have a big party like the Super Bowl and and and even money -- but especially the Super Bowl with so many people from out of town covering it. We. We learn to appreciate some of the things that maybe. We have a ticket for granite. And it walking around the that the French Quarter just the smells that I smell on a regular basis. You know and maybe maybe one of the reasons that I'm really. Sensitive to all the things about New -- that some people may take for credit. Is because I need have been in a number of other cities I was born here raised here as you know you know story. And lived around the country it's a great cities have an impact in New Orleans. Mike Joyce and Beckett -- you're only consider. I consider myself to be with family. If -- in my eyes and was in town. Till yesterday. It came to the station and saw people that knew him along time ago when I was with WWL he remembered them and they remember Hammond. This this station is. So much like family. And it business that can be very cutthroat in and cold. It's it's it's great to be in a situation where you feel like family and I. I hope that you're a similar situation where you work and it's it's great win. You're working and you don't always feel like your work and you you love doing your job because you love the people around you when you don't want to disappoint them or. Or yourself. But so -- everybody being here it's just if it's it's it's great to to pay attention to all the little things and it just walking for the quarter and just the the smell of especially this time of year when so many restaurants are. Our portly fresh crawfish and all the things that go go in net in the boil him walking by there. And again this is. You can't say enough it's a very very unit Sydney unique city. And we welcome. Immediately welcome everybody with the ravens the players everybody associated with the team and fans and families. We welcome everybody associated with the 49ers the players the team families the fans we welcome all of you. To New Orleans on Joseph Flacco media today in the superdome it's it's a thing and I I guess I really didn't didn't think about. He talked about. The distractions. Of being here with the Super Bowl and he said you know I'm in my hotel room trying to arrange. Tickets and make arrangements for friends and family member. But and at some point so all of that should come to an end and it's going to be just business but. You know these are these guys are being -- in a lot of different directions not only for interviews but also for things like. Family members and friends tickets to the game. And I guess that's another interesting thing to think about who actually gets tickets to this game. Yeah there there are a lot of of neutral. People who end up going to the game just football fans. I'm guests. Corporations. On winners who are from San Francisco not from Baltimore they didn't start the season is forty niner fans are raven fans. And Joseph Flacco also says it's going to be interesting to see. On which team. More -- four will it be even. You say it might be noisy all the time or will. The 49ers get more applause served -- more cheers from fans and the ravens or. Or vice Versa. Because a lot of people when they're going to a Super Bowl game mark. Are neutral when it comes to the teams now you know over over the course of Super Bowl week week. We we all tend to develop. Sometimes we have. Favoritism toward a team that makes it to the Super Bowl we have our favorite teams other than the saints to hear from New Orleans earlier in the city you're from. You have your favorite teams. But then during Super Bowl week you kinda get a sense of the personality of the players and and the the the stories that that go along with. That the that the players in and the teams and there's this the story of ray Lewis and then there's the story of San Francisco and young quarterback Colin cabinet and then there are the two Brothers the heart -- who were playing against each other two Brothers for the first time in NFL history. Meeting in the Super Bowl it's rare enough that they would mean in any game these guys have met before. On and I believe John correct me if I'm wrong but I think John harp on the ravens but won the game over the as the 49ers. But you know that doesn't really matter and I I heard. General we're talking you know about this today he said well you know it is different going against your brother but it's still. A game and you still wanna win. And he said that his parents really don't care who wins because they -- winner. Either way it and and both of these guys. They've got to be winners. I've just because they made it this far and you also can't help but think about how proud. John in -- parents more. Mother father how proud they are. What they're sons have have accomplished in the same way that Archie you know living yours are proud of what their sons have accomplished and and even though I'm. Your son might not get publicity here or your daughter might not get publicity. -- I hope you're proud of your son and daughter and and what they have become -- certainly proud of my son. Here's an update on -- WWL project opinion poll tonight. Is a ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco being overlooked by the media because he's not as flamboyant. As some other NFL stars 72%. Say yes he is being overlooked at 40% say no he's not being overlooked. The -- treatment of these two quarterbacks and Super Bowl 47. Reveals a lot about America San Francisco quarterback Colin Cameron. Is a hot new phenomena and in the NFL. He and his sex appeal more of an outgoing personality although he. Business but he also has the tattoos which drew a lot of attention this season. Ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco who has led the ravens to the last three AFC championship games. Is described even by his stone dead as. Dull. But yet he quietly at precisely. Wins games. Yet the media give the newcomer -- and it -- might be considered disproportionate. Attention. -- Watched what I would describe as a somewhat uncomfortable Joseph Flacco had immediate day to day answer questions from his perch on the podium in the superdome. I was again reminded -- with all the criticism in the areas today of the bad boys of sports. The truth is. We love the -- -- of sports. As the 49ers continue to win and become one of the teams that look like that he could make it to the Super Bowl this year. The media focus on their young somewhat unorthodox quarterback who may be represented in new style of quarterback in the NFL and college cap -- -- -- did intensified. And then there was the criticism of camper next tattoos which cover both farms for many it was inappropriate and detrimental to the image of the game. To have a quarterback with visible tattoos. I wrote a blog about the NFL and tattoos so when this was a controversy a couple of weeks ago. And I believe that's that's still up on this two page on our website at WW LI dot com. But the truth is younger generations of players. Continue to define the NFL. There was a time when long hair flowing out of helmets would have been considered heresy in a league where players -- crew cuts. And reflected a clean cut young generation. This is not your grandfather's NFL. It's Bob Dylan said the times. They are changing and so is the NFL. And I've been paying attention to Joseph Flacco is performance this season and the obvious lack of media attention for quarterback of his caliber. In many ways Joseph Flacco is personality reminds me of Drew Brees. Brees is not only wanna be the NFL's elite players but his rise to NFL start in coincided with. A beloved city's incredible comeback story after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Locally as Willis nationally. Fans develop an emotional bond with Drew Brees who was. It's seen as a hero of a city. They came back and it was coming back and going through a tough time and the saints came back and won the super oval. I'm not directly comparing Flacco and -- on the field but Flacco has been one of the top performing quarterbacks in the NFL. And has the top passer rating in postseason play this year. Last year Drew Brees was number one. I often talk on the show ballots the reality that news is entertainment what do you like it or not news is is entertainment. If that's the case -- sports certainly is entertainment. Bizarre behavior at HT look a flamboyant dance Indians are all the things that propel athletes to a brighter media spotlight. Think about Dennis Rodman. John McEnroe. Jimmy Connors and in his -- bears quarterback Jim McMahon. When the bears played the Super Bowl here in New Orleans I've Jim McMahon got a lot of publicity because he was a little eight year he was kind of out there I guess that would via. A fair way to say it. You know the point is these are examples of bad boys in sports. And -- -- all. Recognize those who -- very talented in the game and all these guys they just mentioned are all very talented in their own way it was clearly their persona off the field. That made them the media giants. Made many of them still are today. Now I'm not suggesting that we don't recognized athletes or gift. But the difference in the media spotlight on Flacco and -- and at Super Bowl 47 right now in New Orleans exemplifies. America's infatuation with. Things that are flamboyant. Today at media day Joseph Flacco said he doesn't care if people quote. Like me or don't like me. And he didn't say that in an obnoxious way he didn't say it's in inane statements. Conceded way. He says very matter of factly. I'm in that ended the spirit of somebody with Joseph Flacco is personality. He said if we win the Super Bowl we'll have a trophy holds up and they'll have the ring. You know we as fans and as a country may pay more attention to the bizarre individuals in our society. That we should always pay attention. And respect those in sports. And in life in general. Who quietly. Do their jobs with great precision. Not to take anything away from -- in the forty niners. But Joseph Flacco is one of those guys. That he didn't get the attention that of course Ray Lewis gets a lot of attention right now because he's retiring at. On cavern it has been more of our media darling and Joseph Flacco but take a look at Joseph Flacco is played. And somebody called earlier instead that he gives the offensive coordinator -- along a lot of credit for the play calling. What you call a play and it's got to be executed. I didn't really impressed with Joseph Flacco. We've got two really good football teams and as I've said on the show I'd light the match up. These are our teams that are different their personalities. Are different. -- San Francisco a tough defense but maybe known more for their offense and then you've got. Baltimore and you know maybe one of the reasons that Joseph Flacco it's been somewhat overshadowed -- because of the prominence of the defense and the prominence. A Ray Lewis with the ravens I think this is a great football match up and I thought it was going to be new England and San Francisco but I think. What you think about the natured personality of Baltimore and then make your personal exams Cisco I think this is going to be a really great Super Bowl match up. And quite often you and I have both seen. At times when. The buildup to the game. Was greater. Than the game itself. I think we've got a good -- coming up on Sunday low rider. One of these celebrities who will be performing here in New Orleans during Super Bowl week. There was of a press conference with James Carville and his wife Mary Matalin and political consultants. You know they've. They've got to be proof of one thing you know couples that don't totally agree when it comes to politics can certainly get along they seem to have a great marriage and you know -- I think they're one of the most. On it for seeing and when coupled it is to the most admired there was a press conference of their era co chair of the Super Bowl host committee. On this is a report on espn.com. It says the final question of the news conference was directed at James Carville. As a member of the media asked him to quantify what hosting the Super Bowl will mean to New Orleans is hometown. But before carpal could lean forward into his microphone the folksy political consultant. Had been sloshing in his chair arms laced behind his head his wife -- favored debating partner Mary Matlin leaned into hers and said. I just wanna say he might start crying. That is if he does it spontaneously. Come bust you've been forewarned. And that is the excitement that so many people are part sensing. Night in and around New Orleans especially those of us who work product called New Orleans are home. This is a great moment forests and with Mardi Gras starting before Super Bowl week it -- with Super Bowl week and it's such a great job hosting this. And then with Mardi -- continuing after. The eyes of the nation and the eyes of the world -- are on us and we're like that championship team playing in the championship game. And we're gonna win this championship game. I don't have a list of the bands that are going to be playing I'll have that on our show tomorrow night here and to be WL. But there's there's there's a big concert series it's there's the Verizon Super Bowl boulevard. And -- are part. Along the river historic New Orleans along the historic Mississippi River great place to see concerts. I have the full list tomorrow night Erica she could go to our website W -- -- -- have been up there as well. But does the concert series while the report starts Thursday. It's from 5 PM to 10 PM. Then Friday the concert series free and -- Burkhardt is from 10:8 am. Get a note from your boss and get out of work early -- for 10 AM to 10 PM. Then Saturday it's from -- at 10 PM and Super Bowl Sunday the free concert series is from 10 AM. To 2 PM when they -- new Diane Newman our operations director and executive producer. -- Centennial location producer which Landry who has been our location engineer producer a Shelden Williams back into our studio time and this is one of our producers and thank all of you for listening I'm sure we're back tomorrow night lucky in New Orleans.