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1-30 12:10pm Todd and Deke talk to WWL listeners about the Superbowl

Jan 30, 2013|

Todd and Deke talk to WWL listeners about the Superbowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robin 260187866. Saturday night. -- those are a number twelve Texas that's 87870. As many of you have. This is doing. Recently -- was a lot of comments -- if -- were talking about with the greatest threat to the NFL's are birdie jaguar opinion polls right now at this WWL dot com. What's that the biggest issue or should they face in the NFL today player injuries and concussions are HEH testing most of your saying. Player injuries and concussions and of course is always. Our. Saints fans on the text that 87870. Saying the biggest threat is an NFL commissioner Roger Goodell but. That's not really the case that and then some people are upset because he's changed the game we've been talking about that. To make the game a little bit more safer. For the NFL players and for the future as he pointed out they're starting out earlier with the younger kids. And major Christian Corey say he's against the game will change it's going to change it's going to evolve. The game we're seeing now is not the same game they play ten years ago when he played it's been different so it's been evolving over time it's just a lot of people don't see it. Because it does happen so subtly and we always tend to remember. The NFL the pastor -- gain from the past and and like shall we say we try to put on the rose colored glasses -- we look back and we think it was always better back then. Then it is now when a lot of times. That's not the case joining me now is Michael Hecht president and CEO greater New Orleans saint Michael thanks for taking time with us here. I was taught it's great to be here you know somebody says this your first time up and afloat said. That's not my first time -- afloat but -- for -- -- for the -- -- wearing a suit and a little bloody -- in my hands it's -- it's a fresh experience -- a great to be here -- -- that's that's not moving -- just been sitting here all day and having everyone gawk -- you why Europe you're talking there with a talk and -- it's pretty exonerated through him. You know the we've been talking about the impact of having. Super Bowl 47 here in the world of Super Bowls here in the world that if you don't think there's an economic impact and and people are constantly get taxed and and called. Was there will you'll love notes unity could over compared proven loves to work -- blow blow blow. Listen to this that the Los Angeles the city of Los Angeles as we all know is trying to get an NFL team back. This story just just broke reportedly. The Atlanta Falcons owner has been approached by a business group in Los Angeles for him to move the falcons there. So they are now going after teams that are pretty well established. To try to get them to move and entice them because. They know the economic impact of having an NFL team in their city which means a Super Bowl. Well that's right I think it actually means even more than Super Bowl there's been a lot of discussion recently about whether the impact is 300 million dollars or forty million dollars but I would posit. That's the true impact is actually much broader than that right now when you first think about Los Angeles trying to get the falcons to move there. It's not just because of falcons a migratory bird I mean the -- when we do we do surveys of site -- -- we ask them what's most important in terms of places where they're gonna put a company. Bayless having to pro sports team -- top ten consideration so it does something to the stature of the city but. For us here in new launch I think that the even more important economic impact. Beyond the immediate 300 -- -- that spent on good insert goods and services. Is that we have an opportunity to reach a hundred million plus individuals and tell them the story of the Renaissance of new -- which is not just the community Renaissance. But an economic Renaissance for this community today this economy today's in many ways much better than it was on August 28. 2005 and the fact is that that type of -- publicity that type of messaging. Is really priceless. And of those you were wondering -- Arthur Blank has no intentions of moving the falcons from Atlanta to Los Angeles. He just brought that out that he has been approached by a business group to relocate his team to Los Angeles so. They are trying to you know approach most of the teams that they can they're the falcons are currently negotiating. To build a new stadium downtown and they're thinking about make -- an open air stadium. And get rid of the the Georgia Dome so and that has nothing to do with those negotiations everything's going fine over -- the falcons are not leaving. Atlanta much to the chagrin of most saints fans I would think. But yeah I just goes to show you just brought that up as an example. You know here's the the second largest media market in the world. Or -- in the United States I should say trying to bring back an NFL team because they realize the impact of their spending. Billions of dollars. To try to get one because they see all of this happening and it's not happening in their backyard. That -- that's right and you know we really think about cities today come part of it is what's intrinsically happening in the cities with what they're producing but a lot of it has to do you actually -- with the image. Com and you look at communities like let's -- Austin, Texas they've done such a good job. Creating this brand for themselves and as the -- live music which is which is. Really strange events on our. -- title but dom when you talk to people and companies they always have positive things to say about Austin that pays a dividend that's probably -- you going to give people wanting to move there. Now we're starting to get there we with new -- that she just did a national our public opinion survey 16100 people across major markets New York. A Chicago San Francisco LA Houston and Atlanta. And what we discovered it was really and sting out of the first we discovered is that 70% of the top of the country of those markets -- -- favorable view. Of New Orleans the only place that was lower than that was wait for at Atlanta with a supporter -- Who were ten points laws that that that that that's fine -- the facts don't -- we're not picking on the dirty -- has no -- -- -- don't like this this is empirical that you discovered him but but there -- also found about it which was mentioning is that while people love us -- think of us now there's been closely rich of course right but also resilient. They haven't aside perceived economic Renaissance it's happened here fact is that through the recession were three point better than the rest of the country up. Biggest stuff that's -- tech market in the USA. These -- gain champion all that. But we asked people around the country is still are not the sort perceiving that's that means that we have uses Super Bowl now not only showed the city looks great. And that has been put back together again better than before because to explain to people that we have a new tech sector. Now we're going to be -- senator than -- energy group for the country. These might not this will be the things that are at the classic kind of Super -- messages right but the truth is that we have to broaden this image of new launch from some people love to. -- -- -- -- You know and so the intangibles we always hear about having a Super Bowl here and hosting these events is is the beef. Beep press and the publicity. That the city of new -- -- let's face it the focus is on the game but as I was telling deep an hour or two ago. You know the Super Bowl it's a celebration of the two teams that have made it from both divisions it's also a celebration for the host city and of the host city that's hosting it. And of all the cities that hosted. New Orleans always becomes a player in that where is -- talk more about New Orleans when they host the Super Bowl. In Indianapolis you do hear a lot of talk about Indianapolis. Which you hear a lot about New Orleans because where that's special and unique. Oh that's actually write any of people always say that sports is metaphor. There's probably -- or more of the case than in in New Orleans where really the saints in many ways are metaphor for this community on you know back when the saints were founded in late sixties. With a population here I believe 675000. -- one of the biggest most important cities in the country what followed was. Really about forty years of of a slow -- has some ups and downs but really never triumphant. Then we had -- we had the moment of truth which was in -- Katrina which was played out. Of course I in the superdome. And the question really was then -- the saints gonna come back in the larger question I was embedded in that was New Orleans ever gonna come back right. Of course when Steve Gleason blocked a punt -- against Atlanta on that night in 2006. That was one of the most emotional moments for the city and so cathartic because that was when everybody knew as UT sort of playing the saints are coming. That the saints were to come back and that norms is gonna come back and so. You know I think that football has a very special particular meeting here. As a symbol this the city I think that was the first -- that was struck that says we're back and we're we're coming back and we're going to be better than we were before that was when we knew is that as general -- the first recoveries are said. This is going be redemption story and dumb that's largely how it's playing out. Hi Michael Hecht with greater New Orleans think president and CEO anything else you wanna tell us about the what's going on today with what folks here that live in the city. Can we look forward to end up port take this week because -- it really truthfully. We should enjoy it as well it's like another super for another part of growth. For us well it is I think that -- two things I would say to everybody one. Enjoy. Of course ensure that everybody has a lovely time -- -- kept safe who's visiting. But I think everybody who's here who's from New Orleans -- -- Louisiana should also feel deputized as an ambassador. Four at the Louisiana Renaissance for the new launch Renaissance and when you tell visitors about what's happening here we tell them. That we've got five years of net in migration though when you tell them that we're voted the number one seed for economic growth in the country. People are genuinely interested because I think that Louisiana and particularly awards is a human interest story for the whole country. And when folks find out that not only have we been put back together but that we put back together better than before kind of about a man. Kind of thing there existed in the please sir tell the story that the thrown -- When do and share your favorite places to eat people always -- that about the residents here in the world and where as a good place to -- -- -- good. Share the places share every once you're the local areas -- how to get their let them let them enjoy let them really experience. What it's like to be a new more lenient and many times. And seven out of ten they'll come back. Well said all right Michael Eric thanks so much for joining us here at WWL Todd thank you so much will take a break and be right back more from these Super Bowl media center. Here at the Ernest N morial convention center on top does -- -- for Garland -- just 6018786889. The early seventies. We'll be right back on the UW up. And along with a victory gave fellow via another that's who we are happy Super Bowl media better idea for a girl Robinette. Today. And we'll be back go real. We tell everybody don't get those people who shot the is -- it. The things right now. It's still sore from his his threw everything but. You know he'll be back real soon some some with. Sunday or so and he is he's given me again David days in the being here guys and you came got I was credentials everything but he does not you know. Sometimes the hardest thing to do especially people know. I'm doing -- him so people have passed the ball in his about being on the radio the hardest thing to do sometimes and think long term so the short term -- In knowing you know if you -- come here it is weakening may be out for quite awhile so it that's going to. To Nolan may pay you gotta stay down but you know staying down if you ever -- you ever gone -- -- -- do that once one time and in my radio career where I lost my my voice from being sick like that. And and the doctors tell you go for awhile without talking to save it. It's harder to start talking again get it may take even longer. To get things back so it'll all be back and he'll be here ready and I know he wanted to be here. To enjoy all of this I mentioned before we went to the break and as I was talking to Michael -- about the story that is on. Nfl.com. About the falcons reportedly receiving interest from Los Angeles Arthur Blank. Told some Atlanta City Council members. That he was approached. By a group. In -- Los Angeles. And asking him you know he would be interested in moving the team to the Los Angeles and of course he he has no interest in going there. He shot that down he's just telling them hey you know this happened he's not trying to use of any negotiations to get a new stadium he's actually put a lot of money and to build. The new stadium downtown which they reportedly. Wanted to be an open air stadium. And I get rid of the Georgia Dome there in Atlanta. Mark Menard who is always. You know he always come back with a quick quick things he ticks me he says they falcons would be a bad choice for Los Angeles are already used to played in the city when the what he cares about so. And but that's that's where have you know women they forget about your real quickly 260 what 8786688. 08 series took note of the Atlanta Falcons are not going. To Los Angeles so if you're calling and asking about that another text we have we were talking about the Super Bowl winners and as you said the saints -- in that. That the only class is only have 467 so far I'm trying Super Bowl winners of the saints are one of the somebody Texan won -- -- Which teams have never been to a Super Bowl yet. Well right now they're only four teams in the NFL that haven't been at one of the NFC that would be the Detroit Lions have not made it to the Super Bowl yet correct in in the AFC. The Jacksonville Jaguars in the Houston Texans Richard to fairly new teams. And if -- NFL terms. In the Cleveland Browns haven't made it to via Super Bowl yet so. That's it just those four. Now as far as several making it not winning that's a bigger list that you have to go through Canada we'd have to figure out who hasn't won. A Super Bowl yet obviously we know like the Buffalo Bills made it four times did win the Minnesota Vikings have never won at the falcons have never wanted to either. They want they want time and they lost. You know but Denver for awhile look like they -- going to be in a column and they ended up winning you know two Super Bowl so -- You only can it can happen and can turn around the real quickly put that's where it stands right now those teams the teams that have never made it. To a Super Bowl. -- you know a time when you when you think about it if you and everything you know this will be the 4017. And one consumable. Pittsburgh it was 62 teams with five San Fran Dallas Green Bay New York quibble with four. A -- in in Oakland and doing with three that it took to be 33 please attract 33 from 46. So -- so what are you looking at thirteen teams and basically thirteen different -- fourteenth to fifteen different teams. That it -- suitable facility it's even more elite when you take away the most consumables that some of the franchises -- want. All right to 2601878668890087. You can also -- the city 7870 operate jaguar opinion poll. What is the biggest issue facing the NFL today player injuries and concussions. Or HGH testing. 79% of you voting online say it's player injuries and concussions and what's interesting is. If people know that that's the biggest issue why are they so upset win rule changes are made and things are made to try to make the game safer. DP of fans claim that there water in the game down and taken away from the essence of the football game. It you know we talked about there was some guys this morning on the Steve Gleason -- visit them represented you know what his team Gleason. You know any any the -- it is -- and -- then in the course accretion of coy with Sean Salisbury. I just think what you hear on YouTube brought up in the first was is the way we're gonna see it. Really take off in the stone at the young level as -- take about one point 530 years that they hadn't. Who wants all of those guys that educated with these new rules then you gonna get became an -- and then people will be born that. We are born into a different game -- and I think Christian aquae assert himself into the game we're playing right now is at the same game we play ten years ago no and twenty years ago in thirty years ago before and so for the million of those got that commercial where they say in a solution. Evolution you see if you can see how the game has changed over the years. Just by that and that doesn't mean all the different rule changes and everything that has happened. As far as collisions and hits 260187866890. -- -- Deke Bellavia top Manassas. We'll take a break -- back to the studio for news and when we come back. We will be joined by John Kennedy -- state treasurer. And I can't I can't read the rest of your hand writing their balance and tanning. I can't read -- see him right all right we'll we'll get back and get all that I'll find out who exactly is going to be with John when we come back from our news was headed back to the studio at WW. And welcome back top Manassas Syrians -- Garland Robinette we are at the Super Bowl media center a higher top deep pocket -- the flute. As everyone -- watches everyone walks by and they automatically look up here in take pictures and -- check this out of course if you wanna see what's going on. Log on to WWL dot com and we actually have a live video stream. Of us broadcasting up here looking at the camera right now and as you look in the camera. You'll see joining me to my left the state treasurer John Kennedy is up here with as John thanks to wanted to thank you for having me and you just got to all full of you were with the Drew Brees yes I think your -- knows who he is. And Russell Wilson yeah Aziz Seattle Seahawks quarterback who nice young man of Phnom this year. What we knew what was okay so what was our state treasurer. Doing with Drew Brees and Russell will not at first I wondered that must. Visa is intent on my car what they meet many large financial institutions and these these responses to game. For high school kids call financial literacy it's a video game that teaches some. How use money responsibly -- and we they brought in not teams from the main and -- And drew -- -- coached one team and Russell Wilson coach the other team and it's a video came the -- were doing it on the screen but it's fun for the kids. And they learn how to 22 answer questions and understand money infinite fiscal responsibility so it was a lot of fun visa sponsored it thanks to BM. Drew drew -- team drill now warned seven and nothing but it's the kids that are answering the questions aren't. My my thanks to the he has there's a lot of fun -- -- -- have an advantage having the state treasurer with them if you don't know I don't -- only all right drew a nice job drew of course I haven't him picked the play no -- but. -- the kids answer. And and we're supposed to try to get together and come up warning answering give that to the moderator anarchy as were both sets of kids are Smart and ours were seven points. Better than the other. All right so. Any of the pointers or tip she gave -- might help this next season or now I yeah I don't. New wrinkle for coach I'm trying to stick at Travis stick to tell my. Them come up my day job and it doesn't include but I will say it. I stood next to drew afterwards that you met at a press availability and they probably get fifty cameras there for all over the world. Understand they're next doing. You know not one of those reporters last -- thing about the cost of Medicaid. They finally they all wanted to talk to drew not a -- -- -- mass vehicle I say they had no questions for you about the State's Medicaid now all that's -- that's right now they would they they had they all wanted to talk drew -- now and -- and -- I bet that was very refreshing for you for one timer job then you win and I guess I'm new window when the media. Person's civil like you injure or going to do a press conference and -- that I know how -- cannot have his work earned gold du pres -- love Melissa. You know we've been talking about we've had Michael -- on last half hour about the economic impact of having a Super Bowl. In the city of New Orleans and you know is this something that's going to be felt to me throughout the state that -- it resonates for the for the whole state how. Was in Lafayette yesterday morning and now. They're talking about it there I mean even though they feel a part of France's huge and -- as a chance to. Showcase our state our culture our people our food our accomplishments. If it you know that you can't put a value on as some -- I've -- figures have been you know as you know it'll bring as much as 400 million -- -- drive economic impact. But you can't put a price tag on being able to show case. What's so good about your city and you studied and -- as you can tell I'm excited. I I don't agree with James Carville often but I agree with him on this we have to and I love changed by the way a bit. But we're different parties he's a Democrat I'm a Republican but I agree with seen the New Orleans on a host the super Super Bowl once every four. Years and we've heard that from many people who come up here Scott Fujita was here he said it should be here all the time it's it's set up everyone loves coming here. Most of the out of town media we've spoken with they love coming to New Orleans need to have more Super Bowls in the world -- -- just being here. I've heard more comments I hope folks at W website and see -- -- CO on this float. Yeah I mean that while these folks that they are not from new they're looking at the slope when they must the bill that just for that no this is a regular normal flow from Mardi -- otherworldly. It is so cool what I usually televised that this is our actual set from the radio station which is -- over a half because every every -- Mardi -- here in New Orleans you know it's always a parade. But you know Louisiana right now. All the publicity were did not only from the Super Bowl but even I mean every time you turn the television on there some kind of show about the -- -- and -- taking place in Louisiana the whole Hollywood south thing. That that's taking off I mean. We are right now. Post-Katrina. You know -- and I know why I hesitate to say Katrina. Was a good thing but if you wanna look at the silver lining from something really bad sure I know Katrina put us really. In the cross hairs in a bad way but then in a good way is his rebuilding -- happened for the whole state it's. Katrina obviously was a huge tragedy for the study we we all have had traffic tragedies in our lines. But after a tragedy you know would either either knock your daily you don't get up for you get up and you become stronger and you find out a lot about your character. You know and this care this city's care for the State's care -- shone through and it was so. If you don't eat it if there was any good to it that was he had in -- I've said this before you know this is an extraordinary state mostly because of our people. We are next door to Texas Texas is a fine state they get all -- good with publicity. Parent their ten and a half times bigger than we are -- but are -- and a half times bigger than we are with ten and a half times more interesting than they -- And the reason is our people. And and this is a chance to showcase that in I'm very proud of the people we've -- -- and I'm glad the world didn't see him. What's which your favorite part about being down here in New Orleans for the super wolf look at it all the people have you know I just I've been wandering around here I'm sure all the other reporters wondering who I am it. Want -- around look at all the different folks from all over the world. Watching them look at the future flows here going what is that thing that bill -- that point. It it's just in even feeling the Ares just you know I like to people watch. What's funny you mention that because we've seen them come over and they'll they'll come and they'll come right down here below the float just kind of stare at it like what is and look out -- -- and looked -- the -- even -- kind of wave and take pictures and then just walk away like I have no idea what that is but it's pretty cool -- -- -- of the media hall -- -- and I don't want how many people were looking at here -- thousand a couple thousand but there or else you don't have boomer look and over here at the -- Hi John Kennedy are state treasurer Joseph against them thank you for -- -- time and that was a great. Great thing you told us the great thing that they're doing to help bubble thanks to drew it and Russell Wilson for doing it about great cast. Excellent thanks for joining us and -- thanks for the job you do and with the state. As well we'll take a short break where we come back we'll get to more. Of your comments we'll talk a little bit more about the Super Bowl and also. I think we got something here that I need to mention. About. Drew Brees since John Kennedy mentioned Drew Brees. All that's -- he's -- the hurricane sandy release concert. At the house of blues this Friday night. Featuring Grammy Award winners Swiss beats Ed Nellie it's presented by Verizon and Samsung only seven earned fifty tickets were released to this exclusive event but. We've got a few tickets available and -- is it fort Garland Robinette for the big congratulations to Dustin as usual the north sure he want spare tickets. To the exclusive Drew Brees hurricanes -- relief concert. This Friday night the house clues valued at 2000 dollars. These are some pretty good tickets listen every hour today until 6 o'clock for another chance to win. You can also go to WW dot com and become a big talker -- to win there if you're already a big talker just law again. At the web site. And register to win two lucky winners will be picked at random from all online entries Thursday night at midnight now you can also purchase tickets on line. If you like to attended Drew Brees dot com or the house of blues New Orleans box office but like we said there's not many tickets. Well available. For this event it's going to be featuring Grammy Award winners with beats and -- he's you know he's a they record producer he's married to Lisa keys. He's also a they BJ you know we pay -- that he's a guy that this stars get. For their party's so you know and I mean he's he's a big big deal there -- along with with -- so when you hear that Nelly song. Next hour -- give you a chance to win when you hear it be listening and he'll tell you when to call him. To win those tickets and of course we wanna thank one of the Brees dream foundation donors could chime. There -- good enough to give us several tickets. For the event. For our listeners to give out so that you could -- taken in as well. 26018786. Exit 89087. Those are -- to call and also you can text us. At 87870. Asking the question though what is the biggest issue base in the NFL today. Players' injuries or and concussions or. HDH testing and it's interesting that most people are saying a player injuries and concussions. And what's. Funny is that win now that Roger Goodell is trying to do something about that. And you know making some rule modifications if you will. Took for player safety. People say they're watering down the game of the game is no good and it's not going to be the same and so forth and so on and as you heard Christian -- eight. The Nigerian nightmare who played the game he has said the games already evolve and change of folks. The gamer playing today is that the same game they play ten years ago sentencing games -- played twenty years ago. Let's just the way most sports go they end up evolving. Along the way things change in the rules change and I think we all know that Brady sport that we've ever watch and love they've -- gotten better. They've gotten safer. They've made some changes but after awhile. It's still the essence of it is still the same game that we all know and love. And wanna watch you -- for take him to 6018786. Exit eight nines -- -- having some more -- coming in. Asking about. Some of the things that we're we're talking about how many teams there won a Super Bowl we -- that someone's a for the ravens are the old browns -- you still can't account the them as the Cleveland Browns winning and make it to the Super Bowl I think the folks in Cleveland. They're gonna say hey wait a minute when it and make it to the Super Bowl I don't think they celebrated when the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. Couple years ago because that was their former team. They lost that team that you know I guess it would be equivalent to. You know I don't know if anyone in the world and celebrated. You know the jazz win. The NBA title but yeah I know they're still called the jazz. But. You know here in this instance they changed their name and change who they were. There identity completely in Cleveland and that getting a new team. So they've never been Jacksonville Houston and Cleveland to three teams in the AFC. Detroit's never been in the NFC. And someone else asked. About. Wins and in the Super Bowl and mark Menard back at studio producing is really get pulled up all the stats and he says you know when you look at their five teams that are undefeated in Super Bowls. And for the longest Pittsburgh Green Bay were in that number but they have since so lawsuit involves the 49ers. Right now are five and though they have never lost a Super Bowl game. Of course that was in the a Bill Walsh -- and George Seifert with Ron Amadon. One the fifth when Joseph Montana and Bill Walsh won the first four. The jets. The ravens. The Bucs and the saints are all wanna know. In the Super Bowl so. After this Sunday one of these two teams there 49ers -- the ravens are going to have their first Super Bowl loss. Which one will -- -- You know I'll I think I think. -- employed at both teams the forty niners are probably gonna get their first Super Bowl loss this week I could be wrong have been wrong before been wrong all season where a lot of games. But I just got a feeling that momentum is right now. With the Baltimore Ravens. My right or wrong you tell me 260187866889. Of their way to the end of the takes. I don't think Houston partied with the titans made it or Los Angeles when the rams made it either. We'll take a break and be right back evidences. On WWL. All right what do think because Dominique victim my health and penny and big chief Deke Bellavia going to be up here -- -- -- -- -- as well and all of our guests that we had days that have come on. Here what's going on and share this experience but the experience continues his winning continues next hour. It just keeps rolling right on your station for Super Bowl 47. Right here -- get well we'll continue our truck.