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1-30 4:50pm Michael Irvin

Jan 30, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to the face of the NFL Network Michael Irvin this Superbowl week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports off alone by being there and beat the Soviets optimism -- hall of -- the play -- Michael Irvin always it was a -- of -- bikes in town doing work and also Michael urban society bowl is on I might. That does sound like is can be beat them. Oh you're going to be under there will be more fluent. You know are true I side Uga I know where it is twenty border control right there in the Garden District shall call on out and -- -- They -- -- so people -- I have been plural all parties in. Commitment of Liberal Party too deployment -- that -- them all -- what -- yeah. We're -- sort that out on the double play now sports. You -- you're fortunate to named Houston this year. Bob breads so save a cause acts of terrorism -- -- McGahee yourself. Dan Watson I mean our own -- -- Anthony Davis -- that you got -- who's -- eluded them B it is not that you needed anybody beside yourself when -- but. This is a big time party here in atmosphere -- -- what is it like you're very emotional last year. And Intel and us and Indianapolis how glad you were to see -- wanted to suitable back now the Q did you -- while with -- like. What you know I look toward below promote better suited for a bull rushing record perfect feed. This is you know you can see it replied that's one column to be like you're. You don't care what McCain but we can't for the army units and all little things -- that we. And do you feel -- -- it wouldn't doubt. A couple of years ago. But to where you spray it out. Yeah what -- -- groups -- -- so you know Q if you everybody that's worked great we'd like when you come out. A runner in the lobby we run into somebody goes right and guys and you start talking about we'll all be when you know lead together. But you're right it created the year we'd talk and guys. But old -- -- just line from a rough regular. No really it -- church they'll look at the -- of -- -- you know what -- that's what we do. And then now Michael you know talk about being double lined up against and you know all mind our. Pay you a quick -- about yesterday's at the end of his career. But what is your take on Randy Moss then and how do you view when he said and where do you rate him as Jerry Rice double one -- I mean you look at great receiver to report yeah and all of -- You guy Cris Carter who played alongside Randy laws. You got Tim Brown it goes you know on and on but is giving your take on the great wide receivers and you being part of -- but there. Well what sort -- two words to matters there are two words to start with a B I should -- what I thought Butler picabo Ramos Syria. For -- from. -- called an excuse me all the might you wished me and for him out there are called here right. Will be the figure there are doing. It that way it'll work its road. Because we're on most all of -- talking about something that we really it's -- -- -- -- ago. And now. Talking about where we're -- it. We've talked about rain much -- Super Bowl coach -- Crabtree primary protagonist making right. It may got security at he's there all the conversations so -- yours or. Michael are in the great hall of fame at the playmaker -- again let everybody know about to society ball where it's at in the what's going to go what's going to be happen. -- -- workers should be society is located twenty in order change all out in the Garden District. Oh new or you -- -- -- decide who got called fine go forward volatile market called -- you're right school out. Follow far and -- not weak figure Pollard -- and I would. I don't work on product. I beat that on purpose. All onboard and a -- a look at it like I go to double. B yeah. And you. Airport like a likely top -- at the rate oh old school newbies to beat the lottery receiver Anquan Boldin. It is right -- using him and what he's really stepped. Married up to -- -- -- more opportunities yet lifting acute and gotten Joseph Flacco. -- would -- Joseph started to Oglesby and you know war you know you know economically where you got rabbit got him. I should make -- -- but I'm trusting you you probably throw a force you -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- to just keep putting you know. It is what you're saying just the other day. -- record production company. Replace Torre Mir beat chairman Barry. We're pretty QB not fortunate that line of scrimmage. Later that he came out or but he tree really. Am more in return unit there. Toward me. It will 49ers they Kabul or the people -- he has -- Duke you know they won't let you all that -- in that regard he is Broderick. You're one well. It. The play Mikell Michael our Michael is truly a pleasure always a visit with you thank you so much -- thank you so much to speak well about the wallet and have a great time argue here. But right now I don't expect and you know where it goes slightly more. Outlook for -- to keep talking about it the more out you'd prefer ordered the later part of it and let this be a real talk. -- -- and it might take an opening he needed a tiger out.

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