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Jan 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back a revving up an abbreviated show you gotta talk tonight college hoops in BA action at 630 -- -- LSU sports network. As a Tigers take on the Missouri Tigers regained 630 tip is at seven and the Hornets on a road trip. They Utah Jazz tonight taking on the day it's 8 PM tip off on the flagship station of the New Orleans Hornets FEM 1053. WWL. In opinion Bobby Saturday won't know the finalists of the hall of fame will be inducted into the 2013 all the fame. This first week in August of 2013. Those among the Larry Allen who this morning once that. Told me that that was the one of the most difficult offered to -- he ever faced. The bus Jerome Bettis great Korea with that. The loss and just slay of St. Louis Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers in which he retired after the Super Bowl forty which this team -- beat. The Seahawks him. Brown wide receiver Heisman Trophy winner got to have to both but didn't win as the Raiders a lot of -- book in the is -- caught up. -- -- Who -- a defense to tackle on Kansas City Houston and Detroit. And Bobby currently with the NFL defensive player of the year but newspaper in approach the season. In 75 with all of with the AFC team in the two games back to back loses the within 78. In seven two guys in upper management about him. Eddie DeBartolo junior and Browns and Ravens on all -- dale. A guy -- public as you know an awful lot about Kevin Green with the Rams Steelers at this and that and out coached with. The green bay Packers and perhaps one of the most obvious -- took a vote on the only player. To play and win in five who will both Charles Haley Jonathan Ogden. The big tuna Bill Parcells. Andre Reed Dave Robinson warrants that. We'll shield Michael Strahan and you use Williams embody those last two Texas southern. And Southern University read dozens. Trying to get into the hall of. Yet begin it looked. Andy is Williams boy -- would have a lot of great individual I think in the past and now and the church in Missouri and Saint Louis area than me we've had a modern studio. Yeah I mean nothing but -- you look at him. Rams uniform. The Cardinals. But the guy. That. To me in and maybe because. You know he was a great guy on and off the field and maybe because holly here you know with the media. Is maybe why he could he should have been the first ballot that being Charles Haley. To ultimately it. If you win by pure accomplishments. Pummel me no way he'd been -- first and he's -- a bad as Duke talent ever. To play in the NFL he had. Slide protection aren't changing protection because of him. You look at -- pass -- is where you wanna call Reggie White. Whoever -- know he was right there. With the best that -- bands. You know who's setting records Michael history and dollar Charles Haley. Mean the impact he had with the 49ers that in the Cowboys talked about multiple wins. And I think that the league. -- Cowboys victory in Atlanta I think it's the bills when he had three sacks soreness in once again he may present inevitable played in activated story of four in 1986. In a matter of by three plays. He knocked myself out of the game. And Jan Dombrowski. Was -- -- one draft pick out of Virginia. We've bowl we've both broke out fifth minute or so in the right put the it meant it he. This exact same bowl I -- you -- I don't know all of those who broke the same bone in output it was a quick drop five step. And -- hit it in the back -- must put twisted over. Cleats got caught in the ground broke off put a try to -- -- at some film of what does that -- -- put. And that he was gonna get Dombrowski and kind of turn on their own way same thing the one drive. He knocked out to the starter isn't in the not the salad the same injury. Doesn't beginning and eight in 1986 season. -- -- Back to -- -- to go can't chasing grand out thank you for calling WWL. Our activity going to. Yeah I think that last callable all the break goes smoker -- don't think indicative he has decent coordinator in most -- to confuse -- but just. In LA EEE eating eating realize that big two was. And all he thought it was a deal with the players and -- he was though one of the best tight ends. In pro football history when even -- even the. I think you get confused with Dick Butkus yeah the -- with the Chicago on the right at tees and -- in the last yet. That kind of books on the comment a little on the Ray Lewis. Scenario it's it's without realize that the banned substance than that and against those who says and if necessary typical of the the media in general -- you get your -- -- it is or isn't going to run in the you either -- did take this though it's. I it's. -- not make him stronger is open an open you'll quicker and but should they don't have the evidence and but it is yes you read an article on there besides tell about these guys yourself from the hotel room. -- you look like a couple of shady characters and exits naked -- technical field and you say about it. Yet not yet know it just looks a shaky but it listed now. They have so many stories if you were trying to. You know Super Bowl week in high you get everyone's attention. And a lot of times they grasping at straws as far as the Q what can really get everyone's attention. Around the country talking about. You know you look at -- different story lines. Obviously the horrible all bowl. -- Italian exploit that are. And we need to get a point where locally. Because it coincides with Marty Roth and it's -- calling it super McGraw. You know it's only the second time ever. You know two major events collide in which is great stadium and all the people that I come in the count so it is different things. That yellow dot fabricate stories you try to locate what can we talk about. That everybody we talk about it in that time definitely. Making a Maldonado -- a mole -- a lot of times is the case. And then just kind of sensationalize. And being over dramatic as far as this story in my -- way. All right back to go to the -- ago Marcus -- consult on line three thank you for calling debuted at. Yeah I'd do about. -- that you would definitely go up in quick -- back and you know we grow. You're going to. Yeah out you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know with the trade it. Job with. That but he lead and I think that the be it -- up some you know Utley. And I mean nobody -- Yeah no market -- That game and I think it's a great hit put it this way of Roman Harper. On one of offseason augmenting his would hit doubles and running back like that that meant a great tackle. To me it was and it defenseless receiver. Pierre Thomas caught the ball and he was heading -- field. And he's got knocked out you look at Pollard. The safety for the Ravens when he knocked out the -- I mean -- he wasn't defenseless so I mean I don't know how he truly can legislate that going forward. To be as good solid football good tackling. Event having to give -- like all you know you. Get -- Dottie discard because it it looked as the game -- if -- or. Favorite player are you're. Team that you support was live and I kind of hit you get off Florida behind five and your friends and by -- in the game. I don't know it to me. No -- and you see that come Sunday you -- his season it and the safety tandem. You know -- bring in the woods. You look at Pollard what the Ravens and and -- and really all of them even that good read at times more finance playing Smart ball. That the -- Gholston. And build those all those guys it. Can make plays at the safety position and really changed the outcome but it forces. Pollen Whitner and know that they you know getting better and -- -- that's. All right right now it's it's a treat for me and Bobby and all the found folks over a course like a main man -- it is. We've got to hook you up with the happy party at how little wolf. Bobby a bad one of -- led to Deuce McAllister and another thing to make him and hall of Famer Rickey Jackson along with ice cube. We'll be at the howling wolf. We got to VIP tickets. Right now become the number 88260. Win 504260. Win -- if you can party. In the bought what all the fine folks of course like from all of us here at WW. They congratulated John door as he will be in the house at how the -- Friday night. Bobby eight day Deuce McAllister Ricky Jackson. All the fine folks at Coors Light in ice. Q it. Locker room and so relies. -- on the -- He was in February that's -- that's solo thing in -- Is home the union solo. Album. The -- maximize cute though provided him will be and if so. Congratulations on you've gone to one of the best parties that are happening in the city you know Bob would always part of it and now we spoke with Heatley -- it. -- Sandberg Ron Jaworski on -- gotten -- part of these parties you go to I think if that is the good thing to -- -- you knew me. The more you know yeah see some big time people there yet and a big that people in this city where you -- and I think tonight -- metropolitan. Believe -- into reality taking pages of the VIP he would video posted it was. One of the best Super Bowl parties so around so. But I think -- Pedro be there a good idea but it that is it it obviously a lot of saint present tonight yeah yeah and he plays at the metropolitan. That that we happened -- Looks like the weather is an cooperate via. The cold front coming through and that you -- -- and I am I at that time and time before you glad that. You know you please let me know you barely keep him but you've got to read the -- and -- -- Lewis -- this regulation that you've gone to that. Coors Light VIP point -- -- front and they'll get out coming up you have an opportunity tonight college basketball at 630. It's LA issue and Missouri pre game at 7 PM tip. And 1053 FEM on its flagship as Hornets and you tell tonight as well so you had opportunities to account that. And also -- will be on. Also out of its cuisine -- in the Big Easy -- thank you for calling W -- you. -- I don't know what you might be -- pot -- but I would get out. The quarterback is the -- -- be like more -- by a spot in injure anybody in. -- it. Out marathon and but in the bowl he sure what. -- it easier on board this. What Jeff -- go to a what I would think I think UT this kind of similar situation that took place with New England in 01. It's a situation there with kind of went back and forth it was Bledsoe and it was Brady. Brady got hurt against the Steelers in the AFC championship game Bledsoe came in in the Brady came back. And events they stay with a cat that hit kind of taken over in Brady and Bledsoe one another place I think that we're proud of because things and they. Just being yet you looked -- old school when you look at the history of you know starting quarterbacks in. As -- recently as we could have feels themselves to do the color commentary that is doable with CBS and an animal at QB to break it down. Once -- -- wanna see broke his foot. What does he got injured in 1990 Jeff Costello only started four games. And they came in this doable and and defeated the Buffalo Bills and galloped one -- in nineteen you look at Pittsburgh gamble. I in 1979. When the Rams lost to the Steelers 31 in nineteen he only started five games so you look at cabernet. Seven start. So -- when you look at as a third fewest in the regular season as a quarterback Internet doable. Yet they think cabernet obviously is the quarterback of their future. But the guy had it in my notes acquired after the fight and out -- talking about this tomorrow. About why. They get out now and I think just release him because living and have to pay him. As far as the signing bonus going forward so it's definitely yeah they have financial playing in the and there's not 32 starting quarterbacks that are. Then Alex Smith right now if you look at the level. That he was playing at the give and 70% passer. And it was really and it definitely got knocked out in that Rams game in November and got a concussion. I think so much so all of our great help both here at the date time Manassas I was with him -- -- they're great. -- -- -- From falling into 8 PM on the program it always -- and so it was thoughts Foyt and mark. Coming up early LB with Todd among those would be you know we jump back Mike go to will be with -- also met like three networks -- with the New England Patriots including one right here. In New Orleans and also will be John by the great Troy -- Three time Super Bowl -- And that's who will indeed -- and all of it blissful sports book or from four to 8 PM on next -- you find that a basketball at 98. Hornets and Jazz on 1053. Thanks to allison's back in studio I'm Deke Bellavia he would dictate he do it and it -- and -- Blood relation at all tonight.