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1-30 9:45am Tommy talks to Morten Andersen

Jan 30, 2013|

Tommy and Hokie talk to former Saints kicker Morten Andersen about the Taste of the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hurricanes into relief concert Friday night house of blues donated 101000 dollars. Every hour will give more weight through 6 o'clock today you can also go to WWL dot com. And find out the details there. Or you cannot purchase tickets on line it Drew Brees dot com of the house of blues New Orleans box office we have had nothing but heroes today. You know as a kicker in high school my hero joins us right now I'm when he your teammates Morten Andersen. Who also did -- nice personal favors a couple years ago -- you know like good morning morning you -- Remember at the the picture with the people that bought your house and knowledge. Oh yeah. Man. Cool yeah it was pretty cool anyway let's not unlike more not to do they were completely been that way his entire career to being here until we're asked naked pictures the Olympics are not only did he -- -- -- because people bought his old house not only getting does anyone and an autographed picture -- -- not only did he do that. He stops by their house on Super -- on the same -- That's how we grow our guy he has written. Article and -- their minds is what morning and is this. Portland bill before we get David Mort you you do remember that little bit that we made. When we were out there now famous past summer right. Well we're -- That lasted you keep going -- you you're you're eligible to go in your first -- making that you can billion that you that you would. Yeah and then I get out right. But it -- right idea. Yeah well I remember what the bad but I guess the vehicles and so -- you're gonna get -- in more and tell me about -- of the NFL because. That there is a lower and kind of party in an opera and kind of party. Well the ball high and disgrace that they hesitate to one and a portable is what I meant to. A year ago if I was off to the left on Alan -- And volley a little there were blocked and as -- it. You know state -- the NFL and I was fortunate and honored to be asked to -- most of which toward MacPhail was the ship at commander's palace -- will be hosting. Take to the NFL along with 3031 other ships and celebrity's. On Saturday night at 7 o'clock body in conjunction with that -- is doing really cool thing Friday morning at the conventions and a true honor. -- -- Of course I'm partial -- -- because he's and is in State Department as -- went to school on local people that remember and most of us. Might not but -- -- was part of that Miami Dolphins perfect season. The only team effort to to go undefeated and in the Super Bowl. I think back in the seventies so -- gonna be on Friday morning. From eight to 930 at the convention center and Don -- was going to be this -- his old teammates are going to be there. What they would Miss America there man and the cake boss is going to be this so a lot of fun and of course all the money goes on the release Tibet Tibet mission -- And what an honor him he's been part of the I hate to be enough so now fifteen years Earl and this is only my second that your involvement -- the issue is as special event than. Tickets can be found there take the nfl.com. And we don't have embodied some really good -- guys for four to get close to some of these legendary players that that played before us and who kind of laid the ground work it's an intimate setting and I guess that do you really great thing that -- -- the second harvest food bank in the wall. That definitely got to re kick on that Morton has not been as low and when -- Ahmad Don Shula and Earl moral and the only -- I'm interested in -- If you're such a Michigan State Spartan or moral that the crew cuts party. Michigan State got the crew not why did you ever go to the crew cut with those with those blonde locks of viewers. Well you don't have roommates so. It. Yup he. He's now. He says you know the -- let's go to new book is that the business from the from the party in the back so I kept that you know he's he's that kind of a union Yang thing. You know got to run we're out of time Morton thank you so much he gonna come -- you get a sub like MC. Maybe -- -- I'm heading on a plane a couple of outside travel safely we'll see either tomorrow Friday iMac comes in at night thank you sir I will be right back -- the W well.

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