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01-30-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Jan 30, 2013|

Tonight Scoot talks about:Who's more to blame for violence in sports; the athletes who play the game or the fans that pay to watch it? The NFL medical concussion study and the NFL experience in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Super Bowl week continues you've got a couple Mardi Gras parades rolling that this weekend not downtown you know there. The whole idea was to shift -- go around so we didn't conflict with Super Bowl week. In downtown New Orleans because there are streets are already blocked off he can't get off the interstate. At pointers says because of supporters from. South clay burn to LaSalle is all all blocked off I'm going to media days the other day in in a Mercedes-Benz superdome. I just saw how they're building these permanent tent structures. Outside and then there is said the Bud Light hotel. Which I believe is the Wyndham hotel but it has now been commandeered by Bud Light but latest taken over the hotel signs up everywhere in the Bud Light hotel. And right across from that is this huge. -- semi permanent tent structure mean it's not really a tent. But this is where Stevie Wonder and and also laugh flo rider and people are going to be performing tablets are you more about that are coming up. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. One a seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy and I text number is 87870. We're talking about the the concern for injuries in the NFL. And there's certainly should be concerns for injuries in the NFL or in any sport. But there's no way you're going to. Guarantee that there will be no serious injuries. You know I know enough about. Snowboarding for example. I know that if you hit hard and it's happened to me if you hit hard enough you wipe out you're gonna get a concussion. There's no way to eliminate the possibility. Of concussions as long as football is football. And I don't think we wanna start playing touch football because that would ruin. The NFL. With all the talk about. Those of the lawsuits in the concerns for injuries in the NFL. This coming at a time when. 25 year old professional snowmobile -- more right now remains in critical condition. In intensive care in a cholera hospital. After crashing last Thursday during a snowmobile. Freestyle competition. At the winter X games and asked him. And there is danger in. Most sports many sports have inherent danger. That's the title discuss blog tonight you could find it on our website at WWL dot com under our opinions down the right column is -- sports are dangerous. And so his life. And I also was there commented earlier bouts. In comments that this set 49ers cornerback Chris -- made. About it now warning any gays in the locker room and didn't think that anybody who's playing football should be openly gay. And when I say openly gay I think that would even mean just admitting that your your gay and he says that nobody should say they're gay until ten years after their utterly depend. The 49ers denounced that and and he issued a statement late today apologizing for comments saying that it took him -- writing. For him to understand. How ugly and hurtful they really -- he does apologize to anybody who. Onboard was hurt by his his comments. And again when you think about all the players -- who have come out of the closet over the years have that there have been that many but there have been some prominent players who have come out of the closet. All the people who played around them. They weren't directly affected. By Sam. That there's a suggestion that. -- gay people don't know how to how to act. And and they do their their heterosexuals who don't know how to control their sexual urges soldiers there will be people within every group who don't know how to control there. Their sexual largest and not act when ever write I talk about sentence marriage talk about this -- armed attacks are sometimes phone calls. Of people asking those who are you game. Well no I'm not. Not that there would be anything wrong if I if I were but I'm just against discrimination. I'm against the judgment of other people and when I talk about the judgment of blacks or Hispanics. When I talk about unfair judgment. Pivotal call -- and say scooter -- black and and they're there are people who have never seen me. So they might not know but why why would you call master fund black why would you call and ask if I'm Hispanic. If I defend. Groups against discrimination. I don't like judgment of of people. Especially when I think that judgment is is unfounded so I wanna set the record straight on this I don't feel any need to promote any gay causes. But I I do honestly believe that there's something wrong. With the judgment of people based on what happens in the privacy of their lives. I don't understand that but it's not for me to understand. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text number is 8787. -- get back to -- Marty text here in just a moment a terror in -- on WW -- good evening. Dario they're good. Always what was -- -- arts carefully got a comment first on what you said in the beginning and story and on the injury in the near -- now -- Do you believe. Keep people -- to kids -- It means you. -- just the physical ability to come at a high school and then going to college not been paid to do. I'm going and the purse and impeding on the defense besides football with everything. I'll -- looking for a paid. Well. -- what you're looking in the -- you're looking to kick people opt in. BP. To do you to be in a sport where I'm going to put on how will it take back with. Yeah -- did that really aren't sure that there's a reason that they dress the way they dress to play the game. I'm that should give you an indication of the potential. Violence. Absolutely absolutely. And now one little common ones and yeah I'd definitely category two armed and the city this weekend. At home safely why -- Slide over president. Everybody all the all the -- hours for years glory. Kurt Warner were pretty pretty -- experienced inquiry. -- -- Didn't. Even gone in. Would not do. And then at the table next to oranges so we know what a patent -- and like. At -- table next to what -- on to win at saint. -- you know. On -- football. And I thought that was very -- Mr. Wright who had are right now the kid that is posters on the wall. And just thought that was great yet and well of course and I argued. But as an overall football and it went down there of the total experience. I would be one person. Only. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm all. Until some football on -- in the ball all the people which network. -- only person just simply. Just yet. And it. If there are there are some celebrities who don't like to sign autographs I don't know if that's the case with Jerry Rice but some. Some celebrities have a policy of just not signing autographs. On May be Jerry Rice just wanted to and not start signing autographs at the -- like I can't speak for Jerry Rice. But I will tell you this that when when when a celebrity doesn't sign an autograph for somebody like Q it does have a lasting impression on you. And so you know -- here is here in the public spotlight maybe that's the least you can do again I don't want to speak for Jerry Rice and everybody has a right to be they wanna be. The way they wanna be and I think everybody has set. Certainly right to a to their own personal space in their own privacy and I think fans also and I'm -- you weren't but I think fans need to be respectful. -- celebrities in in public and I think that's one of the reasons says celebrities like being in New Orleans so again I can't speak for Jerry Rice but. I I know they did it does leave negative son and I image when they don't sign sign autographs and you know you. I guess you kind of what you do you ask to be in the spotlight you work to be in the spotlight and you know that's part of being in the spotlight. That was the biggest thing in -- in -- I would -- you know -- not that emerged on a disputed I would. -- in India and everything like dad are being disrespectful Ernie Banks. I would definitely not a thought it's -- but I was I was -- why. I guessed and so wide body. We'll -- when I was cheap and salaam. Actually right now actually right national and so I would guess the only thing an -- Consider and I guess that was definitely the biggest article -- I'm only now they're four and got mine. China definitely at least it looked at their taste in my mouth. What's your appreciation it would listen thanks for listening in -- Mexico -- night on WWL. Have you had any -- close encounters with a celebrity have you ever. Well not ever but have you seen a celebrity during Super Bowl week. The only celebrity. I have seen two celebrities. From CBS news I saw Jim Axelrod. Excellent correspondent for CBS news I saw him in the halls of the station. And I saw the back of Sharon Osborne head. When I was at Jackson square and Heyward they were taping the view I was gonna -- -- not the view they were taping the talk. And I was passing through there and I saw the back of Sharon Osborne's hand. Only celebrity sightings I had so far have you seen a celebrity. During Super Bowl week and this is something we'll talk about tonight and now I guess throughout the rest of the week -- more and more will be arriving in New Orleans. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- number is 87870 here's a Texan reads as coaches come on out of the closet and admit your libertarian it's okay. Here is its next Amanda -- should sing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl since she's from New Orleans. I'd love that. But it's going to be at least two keys. Here is attacks the two top most dangerous sports are still girl's soccer. And cheerleading. There are dangers in activities that are dangerous -- -- sports but in life in general. I'm -- we push boundaries at night and we'll be right back on target of zero to. Our city. Plus should the title of Sylvester Stallone's new movie bullet to the head. Be changed. Because of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Those are two of the things we'll talk -- on the show tomorrow night here's an update on -- every WL party general opinion poll who's more to blame for violence in sports. The athletes who play the game. The fans who paid to see it. And this is getting a lot closer now 55%. Say the athletes to play. And 45% say the fans who -- The fans support. As a fan you might not want to admit it but you support. All of the entertainment. -- you might not as an individual support every aspect of entertainment at the the only reason that entertainment is there. Is because there's an audience to support. Whether it's football. And the violent nature of football or believe it or not honey Google. You know I mean I can't I did force myself to watch the show and I did find myself laughing but you know I don't know like I kind of had a hard time laughing at that. That total stupidity of total -- again that honey boo boo on the Learning Channel was still the largest tolerate very long. But there's an audience for it there's an audience for every show which is why the show was on. And if the show isn't on anymore it means because there's no audience. -- have you enjoyed any aspect of Super Bowl week so far in New Orleans and have you had any celebrity sightings. During this week of people being in New Orleans here's a Texan -- Stuart Scott from -- ESPN. I checked out in my register at CVS two days and you know I did I I saw him and I saw and I did see a number of celebrities. At media day at the superdome -- and and I've -- to a couple of Super -- but I never -- -- media -- this was the first one and that was really. Quite an experience from Algiers Joseph you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I can't I I saw was -- guys -- I -- got Chris Berman I'm a C a number of people in the media. But the only I -- real celebrity -- so once. What's on the back of Sharon Osborne's hand. That was it. Yet you were -- what you're very easy -- urine or if that's the. No way -- the audience I was kind of in their a backstage era dismisses walking by Jackson square while they were taping the CBS show the talk right. And I saw that saw the back of her hand and -- back ever has really nice to mean I bright red hair. Maria yet that it is some of the people -- people -- -- actually catch it from will protect I was I was. Okay you that you oh. You don't know princes deckers -- -- know what she does so -- Muslims who model for. Optically. It was a straight out she's stored in Adam Sandler would -- just call it the way it also can create a certain -- Kidman and it. And will Republican -- Now I'm sure didn't recognize that name for -- I'm sure I'd recognized or Wear their clothes on or off. I -- like to call the show thanks for listening. I'm I'm sure the the celebrity sightings will increase and it's time as time goes on here's a Texan -- Tony Google is contributing to the dumbing down of America. Is Tony boo boo contributing to the dumbing down of America. Or can we say that unfortunately honey boo boo reflects. An America that is already dumb and down. And you know I have to admit it there there are probably. Intelligent people that watch shows like honey boo -- just for total. Escapism. -- I don't consider myself to be -- But sometimes. I find. Dumb TV stupid TV to be quite relaxing. And I guess I'm somewhat in awe because like I sometimes will try to analyze -- show. And figure out why it's on. Because if it's on. There's an audience. If there was an audience. It wouldn't be on. And honey boo who started off on Todd was NT -- on the Learning Channel which is that did show about when I think it's a sickness in America. Did the sickness of putting. Children dressed up like a little sex symbols children dressed up like sex symbols. And he's beauty pageants. And it's like you know the mom couldn't do it the mom what's the kid to do it the mother living vicariously through the daughter. In the same way that fathers sometimes live vicariously through their. They're -- their their sons when it comes to athletics sporting events. And you know the -- wanted to be the star athletes so they want their son to be the star athlete and you know a lot of these poor kids in you know it's something we'll talk about on another show. But there -- lot of kids out there that really don't want these sports and their fathers forced them and I'm I'm not a psychologist part. And I don't forget to be a psychologist to realize that that's not a good thing. Our John -- studio producer just posted appear. Honey boo boo is the poster child for dumb America. Yeah you know it's really yeah I found myself even now. Feeling a tinge of guilt. As I watched and laughed data because. Again the nature of the show but again there's an audience -- and I don't think it's a stolen all of them audience. I wanna remind you that WWL has your tickets to the best party in New Orleans this weekend. Drew Brees is exclusive hurricane sandy relief concert. And what's great about this is true breach like so many here. Know what it means like you know what it feels like to be devastated by hurricane. People helped us. And we help others that's the way we are and that's really the way this country's. This is gonna features concerts gonna feature Grammy winners -- and Swiss beats. It's presented by Verizon and Samsung at the house of blues Friday nights from eight to 1130. This is an exclusive event and only 750. Tickets have been released. But we've got the -- for. A breeze. -- foundation donor could chime. Which kind enough to give us tickets they purchased two giveaways so you're not getting a ticket and taking up space that somebody who could have paid to go in and give money to the sandy relief effort. I've could be taking up -- you're getting a ticket that's already been paid for. So that should make you feel really good and that's thanks entirely to good time. Donor for the -- dream foundation. Now we're gonna give away these tickets. Every hour tomorrow starting at 6 o'clock in the morning with Tommy Tucker. Through Garland show. -- -- show. Through sports talk. And through dispute showed tomorrow night for eight to midnight will give away a pair every hour. They're valued at 2000. Dollars. You can also try your -- by going to our web site WWL. Dot com so listen and win tickets to Drew -- is exclusive hurricane sandy relief concert. A great effort and possibly just seen -- At house of blues what a great venue that will be and we again we want to thank the the good folks at good -- it's a social media platform. I'm dating -- issues to better manage their health and wellness. And you can learn more like going to good chime dot com and also by going to our web site WWL dot com where the station and it brings you the biggest game in sports and the biggest party in New Orleans. Monaco and -- quickly here's our WWL party ya -- well I'll give you an update on that here's our daily appeal perk of the day New Orleans party costume. Get a fifty dollar certificate for just 25 dollars -- is carnival time in everybody's having fun locally owned and operated since 2004. Choose from thousands of customs. Now sometimes you get started trying to put something together yourself go to New Orleans party. And costume and again get this fifty dollar certificate for just 25 dollars. They've got the best in party supplies anywhere New Orleans party and costume on camp street. That Perkins of the -- are on sale right now and my New Orleans perks dot com. One of the one of the big. Story lines in this Super Bowl 47 is linebacker Ray Lewis. There was an ups and downs in his life and it appears as if this is his last season I don't know if that is. Absolutely official. But it kind of seems as if this might be his his last season. I he was -- -- media day in the Mercedes-Benz superdome about and some of the things there happening that might be the last in his career. And Ray Lewis who is -- talking to the and the media he said you know I think honestly that I have already put that aside. I promise you that that's the last thing on my mind. Is the last thing he says it is the last thing the most important thing for me. Is to be the leader. That I am on my team and really go out and try to win this football game that is really the only thing on my mind right now. And I couldn't help it. Here John Harbaugh and ray Lewis and and and others. I say important things not as football players put a human beings who have lived life. And I've mentioned this on the show last night but he did it bears repeating. In a Ray Lewis has something rather profound he said. Adversity -- defines us. But it doesn't. Necessarily. Say totally who we are being said I don't remember his exact words but. -- isn't his his thought was it weird defines through the adversity we go through. And if you never go through adversity. In -- never challenged. Then you never know what kind of character. You half. As individuals. As a city. As a country. We are defined. And our characters -- through the adversity. We experienced if you are Joyner show the coming tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free numbers 8668890870. And it -- number is 87878. In overtime we've been talking about Sarah all of the talk that continues to escalate about. Injuries in the NFL and concussions and as I mentioned earlier. The the union representing the NFL players has given a hundred million dollar grant to Harvard University to study how to limit the long term damage. To players from injuries. Like this just this is a violent game he knows he says the UUCF fighters. USC fighters you give UC. They they the brutal. Fighting. That goes on now. And rings -- his column -- you want. These people gonna suffer -- later in life. In the same way that boxers have suffered injuries and same with a football players have suffered injuries. We are totally naive to think that we can we can rid the world of off of risk we can read sports of the possibility of injuries. Yeah let's talk about reducing injuries as best we can but this idea that that there's one thing that we can do or several things that we can do it world totally reduced. The risk of injury is absolutely ridiculous. In the same way that we cannot. Totally protect. Ourselves or our children. Every moment. Of every day day after day after there are risks. In life. We should always minimize those risks. And we should to be vigilant and work hard to think about any risk that our kids would DN. But going to school. Isn't a risk. And even after what happened -- sandy hook. Columbine where ever going to school is still not a risk. We should always be again vigilant and if somebody comes on a school campus. It doesn't belong there or if somebody doesn't know them yet something. Needs to be done about that parts. There will always be crazy people in the world and I wish there was something we can do due to totally change that but they're there is here's a text. Just went and got a king cake from. Our -- SO in shell met. Andy told me that the guy. The guy did guide -- man vs food. Was there today and got a Kincaid the guide from man immerses vs the well yeah I don't I don't know about that remember -- -- -- Adam Richman. Is. The guy who's on Travel Channel man vs food enrichment. And by the drama in the beginning of -- maybe that's why this person is is saying this but to Adam so Adam Richman may be in town. Guard your food supplies. Back and I love that show I don't know how that I doesn't. I mean I don't how we continue to do it I I don't know. I'd like to know what he's like cholesterol count is when you see the thinks the time I'd I'd I'd love to know what his blood workers like. He looks healthy but my god I see that things that this guy eats and the amount that eats and I'm wondering -- them. Am I'm worried about your. Really am at love when he came to New Orleans and media. -- I think who is eighteen dozen oysters. And acme oyster house. And again they're gonna be so many celebrities around I was reading earlier that Deion Sanders. Analysts to go to acme oyster house whenever he is in New Orleans and I'll go out in and look around again tonight -- -- celebrities but you know -- really haven't seen very many -- except for -- the media celebrities -- a number of -- it. And media day at the Mercedes-Benz superdome also I wanna remind you is this Super Bowl week continues if you haven't come downtown. I just wanna encourage you if you can't. Take some time to come downtown and experience. Not only New Orleans but experience a Super Bowl city it's right here you're right in it. And I know that there are going to be hassles in getting downtown when you can take. The NC Charles streetcar park we can take the streetcar and you can and a part down. Canal street and take the canal streets streetcar in the town if you're on the West Bank you can take the canal street ferry. And and come across so they're always to get here or just you know park and and and walk a second archer. But it would be fun for you to see if you haven't seen it yet Jackson square. Which is now Super -- -- Jackson square that was developed by CBS told transition there. And very positive for transition out of these are things that are just a temporarily put in as we said the last couple of days. CBS has had done a good job in and really so has ESPN and everybody else had done a good job. I'm when they -- put these things up on making sure that they reflect. The the architecture. And the ambiance. A New Orleans and then ESPN is between Ajax -- and there where the hard rock cafe used to the hard rock -- is now moved to Bergen street. And it's a great location for and believe there's. And -- still a store where the hard rock used to be but in that entire area there's just one ESPN's stage after another. And then there largest so. There are so many. So many events that are going on just all around the convention center and I am gonna mention this again if you've got kids in if you wanna win or amount. So they sleep well at night go to the inning NFL experience. A tickets at -- Tony five dollars but this is really an amazing. And amazing. Exhibition. At the morial convention center. It's at at 10 o'clock in the morning from Tenet for 10 in the morning to -- night. It's the NFL's interactive theme park. And you know you get a chance to. Show your accuracy and passing. There are places where you can you know again interact with and with that with with games there are displays. Entertainment attractions. Kids' football clinics free autograph sessions and the nation's largest football memorabilia exhibits. So that's a good thing I went there earlier today just it took a walk around. And I saw so many kids are running around it just having a great time and nice deceived a family since taking time to do that but again. We've got. An opportunity. To experience a Super Bowl city. It's not the new worlds is an exciting without it but you think about all the stuff that goes along with a Super Bowl if you can get down here. And enjoy it. And the officials security plan for the Super Bowl is now in effect and I noticed it too early this morning as I live downtown -- I noticed when things change. And there were as of this morning. They were suddenly a more police officers on almost every corner downtown and throughout the French Quarter shows via. The official Super Bowl security. -- in effect their fighter jets are flying over the city there are high choppers in the air. And there are some nonmilitary gunboats and these little inflatable boats patrolling the rivers well. I'm all designed to keep us all safe during the Super Bowl week. I'm screwed and we'll be right back on WW Elton. Blues Traveler one of the fans performing. This week a family garage Friday and Saturday in recent parish right. Also our Soul Asylum. Fred LeBlanc Cowboy Mouth you know they're always Austin and setting like -- -- anywhere they won't really get the act at the crowd going. Are you with me believing you'll hear that question asked by a friend just a couple of times Tim McGraw is Friday. And Saturday the first and second. I believe is using on Sundays as well but since said the Super Bowl Sunday and it's not going to be -- Sunday. I mentioned this on the show the other day. They're usually our bosses that to take people shuttles that take people from the suburbs to downtown. If there's a big event. But actually there are going to be some shuttles -- so many people downtown. They're going to be shuttles that are taking blocked a Metairie -- and we draw and I believe this is -- gonna coincide with a parade as it does every year. In Metairie and it's it's a fun family event it's a free concert. And it's right here on the revenue from ground between now and I guess the shell station and lakeside to shopping center veterans. And causeway and it's just an event that continues to grow every year and a number of other bands will be there as well here's a quick update on our WWL party jaguar -- poll tonight. Who's more to blame for violence in sports. The athletes who play the game or the fans who pay to watch it 55% say the athletes who play at 45% say. The fans. Who pay to watch it. And as I've said many times on this show and a little while ago I've I've really believe that there that are ours things on TV. Because there's an audience sport if there was no audience it would be on TV so as much as we criticize. What we think we're being fed by the media. The truth is. We support it. And that's why the media. Gets it to us and that's why the noose is is. Is more entertaining. It is more about it. It's more about entertainment than anything else again this is something we've talked about a lot on the show recently. But it's the news covers the stories that it covers because those -- the things that always. Get our attention. It's all about the things that are. Dead or violent or or or tragic kind of things that are in conflict with each other I mean today for example. There's a federal port report that came out today showing that the economy. On strike. In the fourth quarter last year first time since 2009. Three they have the economy. Shrinks. In the fourth quarter of last year. So what do you think immediately happens. The White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill blame the Republicans. The Republicans blame the White House. Now I guess it could be argued that both the White House. And Republicans are going to blame me nobody wants to work together both are to blame. But wouldn't we wouldn't we feel a lot better. As Americans. If the White House. President Obama. And -- Republican leaders. What -- both sent me just think about what this moment would feel. Instead of the white -- it's the Republicans. Republicans saying it's the president it's the Democrats. Instead of that. What is this report came out. And Americans witnessed. The president. Democrats. And Republicans. Coming together and saying. We've all contributed to this. But we're gonna work together to make it right. We're gonna work together. To improve things. Imagine what that would look like that would be such a you would think that done. You'd think that I know it. Somebody was controlling the minds in Washington from stuff from somewhere else because that would be so unheard off. For the for the two parties to to come together and my god at least pretend. To care about the American people as opposed to advancing. Their party. And their ideology. I'm here is psalm attacks that reads. When you play a sports you know what risk of injuries you at the risk of injuries are. I evens at such a young age is kiwi or pop Warner football. You can have a life altering injury I mean that's true. Why do you think you put on helmets. And pants. To play football. Because somebody's gonna hit you and you're gonna hit somebody else. So we're we're never going to. Totally readjust. The inherent risk in sports. From being part of -- of many sports. I guess there's some sports you could argue that aren't. Dangerous. Where you have lessened the chances of getting this is serious injury but when it comes to football when it comes to the X games. -- comes to soccer yeah I've been reading reports about the the number of -- of concussions. That -- even young girls suffer for playing soccer. It's it's it's it's it's part of sports. -- I've had concussions. -- concussion diet -- snowboarding. It was one of those days I'd I did on this I did on this Iran in the Rockies before. On my snowboard it was a spring day I think it was a Sunday afternoon. It was so nice -- all I had was a long sleeved shirt. But there was fresh no but it was it was warmer that day. And I I paused a moment. And realize that. This was the fastest I've ever gone and I just it was a beautiful day white snow green trees. Deep blue sky. And I'm flying down this mountain and I'm just saying to myself wow this is the fastest you've ever gone I took a moment to relax and enjoy it. I caught an edge. And I went down hard concussion fractured ribs. It was what they refer to as a yard sale I mean -- Helmet was over here my goggles are over here everything was scattered all over the place it costs -- -- It was a mess but I'm -- but but you know what would I strap that snowboard on when I got on the left I knew that could happen. And every player who plays football. Knows they could be injured this is not a secret I'm not sure the NFL but maybe the NFL is guilty of some. Maybe the NFL hasn't done enough to protect players may be that can be proven in court. But a lot of responsibility falls on those who make the conscious decision to participate. In the sports. Whether it's football. Soccer. Snowboarding. Snowmobile in skateboarding what after into -- your team sport. There are inherent risks. But there are inherent risks in life as well. And that's the that's the subject of the -- blog tonight on our website WWL. Dot com it's titled sports are dangerous. And so -- life. And -- it's a VWL dot com down the Donna right column under our opinions. Welcome back and now wrap up our show and I give a final update on our -- WL party -- law opinion poll you can give your opinion by going to our web site WW. Old dot com. Amare via text or coming up next. This is -- to do well on this is on life. Favorite bands right now alternatives down from the year earlier midnight start to get popular Soul Asylum there when the fans and family brought this weekend. In -- I -- so final update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Who's more to blame for violence in sports the athletes who play or the fans who pay. 55% say the athletes who play and 45% say the fans who pay. Here's a text that read so what more can the NFL do Escude they have the top equipment they have made as many changes as it changes have come along. Let their heads are gone and I I I would agree the only thing that the NFL might be accountable for. Is if eight players were injured and forced to go back in the game I don't think that happened so. You know if players voluntarily agree to participate in the game. Then they they assume responsibility for the possible risk when I think John -- studio producer Jack -- -- as a studio have a great evening. -- New Orleans.