WWL>Topics>>1-31 10:50am Todd and Deke speak with Robert Royal about the Superbowl

1-31 10:50am Todd and Deke speak with Robert Royal about the Superbowl

Jan 31, 2013|

Todd and Deke speak with Robert Royal, Former LSU player and NFL player about the Superbowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back we hear on radio row at the artist in more help -- -- -- -- and always a who's who among yes and it's always a pleasure to visit with formal rates but when they close the home. It makes him a bit more special into -- and it was a great prints off. Right across the Crescent City connection it in the car last who's been LA shoe in now. In the National Football League. Robert -- it -- now rob volume a man armed -- wonderful the view to go with it like for you to come back home -- -- been able to visit them. All -- has been terrific Tom obviously become here. It just to see the city home full blast to those feel all of all of great volunteers there that step out besides all applaud him stuff that most people get a chance to do with a lot of volunteer work is going on on here. I know we do with some tremendous work on the West Bank. Would kicking off the repeal and also revealed that together with the AT and what you're doing parents who both times so. I'm just have a receipt receded to a well everybody's enjoy themselves and I'm with the folks over Super Bowl Robert you -- -- sit tight game which he played that role on offense what can people will listen to -- what role could mean you know you play. And -- -- -- -- calls made tennis of the what took that loan book but the biggest thing about we just want to guys it's conceivable -- role phone base in. We definitely thought this thing several years ago so although this is a charity Vienna football camp given back tears on -- to make. When I was grown to a file once the Korean and we try to do was just continue to promote. Positive influence by you know tackling childhood obesity and have an effective program have the kids come on have a -- fun. Whether that's through fitness education. And to bring in bill the words whom garbage to the delight upon erection. Robert let's go back 'cause obviously you would you have done is an influence a lot of people now -- watney coach -- a lot of great coaches you've been up caught up in annual coaching tree. As a player. What it may be a few of them done for you in some of the things educator with you to be so successful now -- mangled -- -- so many people from the wall is an all over. The world updates us who's from the important. Mark wrote as a human being and as a man -- -- in like you said all stored from Norton playground days when -- that. You know that just walk right journal was making them out ticket overtook and the call why I have some great coach and with coach el -- the quote quote Cotto wanna like you said coach bill Robinson and the rock while -- all -- guys so. To have an influence of some some great coaches and great people around through the help me. You know to try to achieve the goals I want the seminoles -- -- and -- -- had to be extremely excited mainstream use him bragging rights and the three straight years the -- -- minute -- yeah. They win this state champion so prom Angelou -- and his staff did a terrific job. Didn't old guys who championship well prepared had those guys tomorrow please call anonymously went. If that's something that we strive on a court that's excellence in don't know we're going to feel but also off the field as a student athlete. And I think by the Harwood Nathaniel Jones that it is bought in the end refill that position at the head coaching job. You can get -- god -- go along my health corps. To go back to fill that role so I think you'll stepped in. There's like we say the guys before him with that at all of them would coach oxen and could not watch means that they can go to a terrific job illegals got. Visit will fall more high school great LSU tiger anchor NFL player Robert raw Robert 2002. You come out of LAQ so. What's the key some of the key to success of the longevity -- the football that's a long time you know and a lot of people think it's all ball you know. Being prepared physically you know a lot of times we talked balls. -- to talk about -- the film in general. That I pursue the work you've been prepared mentally and knowing that. No matter what she can go -- there. In just its job to do things -- -- contributed same guys out there with the same talents you so you gotta be able to going and prepare a little bit from the weather that's in the classroom. Whether that's suffered a small has been the tell you treat your family all those things combined make you also you would be a great football where. Always -- Michael Robert we talked to Scott Fujita yesterday we we have a great fan base -- but the fan base that is obviously. Thirst is often as say the least votes of success and a championship was it like to be quickly. You know. -- enjoy it my whole -- -- them enough so we each team took a different experience obviously going and it didn't draft the bus the spare you if a guy from LSU go through though the big adjustment for him when effort -- And in come from all of like what we have so well hunted him. And -- would you really feel like who wants one million knowing that you go on the plays like buffalo aware of negative load it in negative eleven in that you go to Cleveland so. You off I have great opportunity chance of when some phenomenal places in. Just enjoy each and every one little team that we've fallen especially -- Robert Rollins and Robert let everybody know -- calls and how to get involved and you found it was the rob -- a phone based in. You can look us up there rob Roy who not a war. Will also on FaceBook. -- Robert Royal dot -- army rob Roth on -- and all sorts would Robert Royal in the fleet of policy would almost passed today. Obviously we're gonna continue to try to do off what the community in this raise awareness and also to try to give the -- it's. To some of the positive inside that I was able we gave them throughout the years to football -- just life experience that the try to -- -- of a -- -- what you wind from Washington at buffalo in Cleveland. You know it was Soledad right you you know -- -- argument is that because I'm not -- without all of the panel. And also -- the first thing -- -- of course after Hurricane Katrina had about a third of my family members come up you know from wall with. Then you Snyder I gotta give a shout out to this it's not a could be good move for a terrific job -- -- Tom Oakmont frown lines from the plane down and get those guys that. But the one thing that says you gotta get these profits to them. So -- I hope they can read what city with a little Crawford. Rob there are Robert good to have you back home a -- put it thank you government and if famine all right mama LA Hewitt called great. Both bubbly in the national football league for Robert Royal. It's a special edition of the -- in Providence show with top of the hospitality blow here. At radio -- -- -- if more applicants -- -- Manassas and the Philippines here on the home. A Super Bowl 47 this is that you if you.