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WWL>Topics>>1-31 Tommy talks to James Carville and Mary Matalin

1-31 Tommy talks to James Carville and Mary Matalin

Jan 31, 2013|

Tommy talks to James Carville and Mary Matalin, co-chairs of the Super Bowl Host Committee

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you Chris too narrow we have had some superstars up here but we have two of them now. Both locally and nationally. And in two different worlds really. Politically certainly now in a world of sports in Jordan people come up here quickly please. Jordan fatal we need to appear quickly. Jordan produces the show and I just wanna introduce James Carville and Mary Matalin to him because yesterday we hit Emmitt Smith here. Leading all time Russian history in the NFL into any new news also in the hall of fame we had Rocky Bleier wartime. Super Bowl champion of the Pittsburgh Steelers -- night we're going crazy over that. Jordan is a political science major and the University of Alabama. Net -- -- -- a graduate and I can guarantee used that to him. You guys are probably his Emmitt Smith so I just wanted to introduce Stewart and needle. That Mary Matalin and our nation adding valuable. Like the lottery graduate Belichick. So they go very crowded Jordan and I just know what you are -- -- -- -- it. There were campaigns. Well right now. There you go into I'm not astute well let me say clearly very political to give credit in the world politics when he when you really events. I want to keep working with atomic here's. That's I don't know and I well first he is a target that it. But -- Vitale were quick before we move on days he wants to get into the world of politics if he wants a run campaigns what does he need to do. Or be a congressional -- for example volunteered. Do what you're doing here in the right thing that it does do it but lately -- is -- just do anything go to that -- get off the -- and look for opportunities and do it for free in the is that told American actress died again I guess I let's. Talk about the Asian and I -- -- let's take a quick break get another way it won't come back I wanna talk about. You're workers coach -- of the Super Bowl host committee invasion because I think you can feel it in the city -- see it. But you can feel -- there's energy there's excitement there is passion people are getting pumped up. About Super Bowl. Forties so not even know it numbered as they get so excited 47 I think is an. -- fake -- mrs. art. And pretty easily and others -- instant -- the first few Latin read and it's 47 and it officially numbered if you have 47 hokey -- And there was go to those Roman numerals but anyway because I'm from the west bank and went out and got back our -- great cars again nobody has already. It's like eight. -- were reduced to -- to talk about the agent because these things don't just happen -- this is the end of the journey that began some three and a half years ago maybe even more when you think about the pitch that went to the NFL. We'll talk about getting another one here and and you to have worked very very -- and away. I think it's almost like. Given birth -- more than actors gestation period a lot more nine months given birth and -- -- -- that girl well -- can talk to Mary Matalin James Carville. When we come back Tommy Tucker -- guys on big 870 -- you. Welcome back James Carville Mary Matalin our guest co chairs of the Super Bowl host committee. When it comes to get these huge events for the city it is all about vision and mile we all. Taken inordinate amount of pride at this huge event the eyes of the world on on our our city that we're so proud of it didn't is happen is took a lot of pre planning and a lot of hard work and I don't know which one once -- solar calendar this art. I hope I hope everybody in new Ireland's understands that the presents the very existence of this ongoing sports foundation creating new England sports foundation that's why all of this is on the way it's done they. Few cities if any city has. As one. As an ongoing one but this is no city has been as good as this when -- -- So really weird just weird protestors today did all the work. Brad Weston the pitch that -- -- it's a huge community. Supported. Mayor supported. State supported but sports foundation. Run and we. Yeah. It if you're right America we have -- Her sports foundation but it takes a lot of the a lot of movement -- to things a big part of who -- -- existed and they didn't lobby to get the vote here. Can't say enough about the mayor's office that -- the coordination that we've hit we've been enemies weighed in as many as 75 different. It to -- at one time reporting -- -- that it does take one thing airport. Look at airport today compared to airport six months ago he can't believe that while I was a lot of planet within that. You talk about the area around the superdome. That the -- bonus that -- things people say well. I did -- would -- called a medical three bucks out of might it work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at a terrific come up. Canal. Got a canal street toward guerrilla. I think is really Staunton to to look good from his far out -- use it for a portrait maybe even play the so I think some of the things here have been significant public debate things -- always got more big things on the city. 2015. To an anniversary of the ballot you ought. Huge event very historic is significantly in the 2008 the trust in his city. We would like it does it will back for that we're thinking about it the big thing if it's time. Us to think -- thoughts that it is that it well. Here's it here it's too big shots right at the time from I had earlier this week the secretary of transportation kingdom -- to celebrate the opening. The streetcar -- and the all of our streak tires were made here in our. Resurgent street car and then in our new tricks and opened up a resurgence for street -- across the country -- -- -- -- yesterday we went to the teen Gleason event. -- has some cheese man and is supported. Team Gleason and Steve Gleason spoke to the audience with his eyes we're developing technology here. Right here that exists nowhere else in the world now those are two giant big things that just happens. Absolutely it used to ought to -- don't look at that equality in light pink gear meet the people at the foot of canal street in our industry call. In go to the -- -- -- can now go from from canal street for the canal street that it -- to city walk one of the great Irvin brought to the United States. Anything to them to keep happening here. I gotta tell you about our -- -- really feel it is just took some momentum you know alt. And in the improvements are going to be long last an airport is it was the thought it was a light of our community well not anymore. But. Going back to what you said James about you know if you wanna know what you gotta break some eggs and then. People complain -- -- -- replies out of oil portrait honey get out of that mentality he's the momentum and and it's like you -- does that take the phone calls here every morning and you gotta you gotta get up that idea hit you they beat if you wanna write if you wanna move forward. Looked as if being mrs. -- anyway just gonna complain about it at a column this -- citizens against virtually everything. Okay whatever it is ticked at us hey you know you write it out hundred dollar bills and -- big -- enough or is it. Eat up my message is eat my dust trying to do is leave it used that on the platform and complain the rest Douglas got the got stuffed it is -- at a Scottish. Just on that it ought to apple it's all around us now holding and not -- not likely do well. What are -- don't -- -- -- I don't think it just got a local to local don't used apple. That -- business people -- this city it's been muddy open business development. You're not going to be able to argue that these people cause they just don't want -- at eight. It's you know what you ought to complaint it's really terrible but for -- -- we -- places. And we -- -- -- yet but 294 years in our messages that if we stick around -- people. We plan to build -- again as you one quick political question before I do winds of 1026. The way. It it it. Well now it's not like -- -- now it's on out there and start with you that does make me like napkins at that will be an eight deadline well -- Jesus -- Gearing up to turn his head away from me that he wants to -- -- I would I would -- out merely echo right philosopher Yogi Berra. Who wants that predictions ought to make especially about the future. That that you married at. I think you know I haven't alleyway -- a second non nightly to properties. Who who didn't know if you're first in line over last year but whispers on Hillary Joseph Biden and -- the other night and Hillary if you healers you know outside -- we have -- we have an intervening event. -- -- sixteen and that would be the mid terms coming up and that will be another giant transition. Elections this is still elect a volatile electorate nothing was decided mandate lies in this last election so let's see what happened. In the mid terms it continues to be a country that wants to get control of the debt they wanna do in the country we're doing here. In New Orleans you -- have transparent accountable good government of the likes it -- -- Delivered years so you can do that the national level. But for the meantime we're gonna set we're gonna be the model for the nation. And an as a model for the city -- again -- -- zero of his life thank you both for doing what you do. Forget another job at CNN to stay here because the and then when you a lot of people don't know this in and when did you. To live closer to Washington and be more accessible and you know past comments and -- you honestly you know new long ones and that is commendable resolutely think you vote for doing that you think that was a tough Joyce and I. However some people it would be but -- You do I don't think it was a well I realize that dollars big television but I'm sure that I was an all out legend that you were to be in big thinkers I mean and -- and I like what you said -- 15% and like it. This Mike does it say you know go live Campbell bunkers a note thank you so much in -- Al -- to a quickness they resist a mobile audio thing. New Orleans a year ago good answer 726 that related traffic and elegant -- Robinson.

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