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2-1 11:35am Roger Goodell "State of the League" speech

Feb 1, 2013|

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses the media at the Morial Convention Center ahead of Super Bowl XLVII

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. Sunday will be the conclusion. Of an incredible season show NFL football. Our teams this season the week after week gave fans dramatic games. An amazing performances. Think about. Inspiring comeback -- Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson. The extraordinary rookie quarterback so. Calvin Johnson Tony Gonzalez catching. And dismiss Ron Miller JJ watt -- The fantastic. Final Sunday of the regular season. Everyone is buzzing about how exciting the playoffs have been. So wouldn't it be fitting if we have very warm final struggle. On Sunday night. And this Superman matchup has at all. The -- cost. Street Louis. Colin -- Joseph Flacco and historical -- And the list goes aren't. Congratulations. To Steve Rashad being able to John and Denise and -- -- work. We really can't wait to see your teams. In the Super Bowl on Sunday night. There are two important people. That are not here this week. But very much on our minds. Art Modell. The legendary former owner of the ravens. Who passed away in September. Our spirit is certainly here this week. And his name will be on the ravens Jersey. On Sunday as it has been policies tomorrow. And this is the first Super Bowl without Steve's favorite. The creative genius behind NFL films. His imprint is all over our game and the Super Bowl. Stephen. They inspire us to exceed our expectations. As a league we have shown this world we always do. And we embrace them but the opportunity do better. On and off the field in the last couple of years. We've accomplished some remarkable things. That have really strengthen. The very foundation. Of our games. We have the most talented athletes on earth. Any game that those players and fans love. Our mission is to make it even better. And we are doing the work. The changes we are making. Are having a positive impact. The game is exciting and competitive. Tough job. And safer. We are making the game better we're also following to a health and safety culture. That is a big furniture. We also improving officiating. Investing in upgrading in the stadium experience. And engaging more people in more ways than ever. Our numbers for in terms of overall -- engagement. In most cases dramatically. So big thank you NFL fans. The best is the -- it. Interest in the NFL's expanding. As we grow internationally. In fact. Today we are announcing that are two games among the next season. The 49ers. And jaguars. And the -- vikings. Already were sold out. The design. That the game is growing global. But there's more work to do see. And more ways to improve. The competition committee's agenda will include looking and eliminate certain dangerous low blocks. Further taking the head out of the game. And expanding the standards for the quality ever -- feels. We will take steps. To ensure more diversity in our hiring practices. The results this year we're simply not acceptable. On the health side. We will update our injury protocols. And that neurosurgeons two -- game day medical resources. We are going to implement expanded physicals. At the end of each season. Three days. To review players -- -- physical. Mental. And life skills standpoint yeah. So that we can support them. In a more comprehensive fashion. We want to pioneer new approaches to player health and safety and emphasize prevention. As well as treatment. And this will include a commitment to supporting. Our retired players. Those are some of the priorities. From the quality of our game. To growing fan interest and engagement. To our commitment to -- call and innovate. We have many reasons to be optimistic about the future. I could not be more optimistic. We're ready -- ago. It's also a terrific for us to be back here in New Orleans. Are ten Super Bowl here the first since Katrina. And it's clear this city is back bigger and better than ever. Are very heartfelt thanks to mayor originally injured. James Carville and Mary Matalin. The host committee. -- 7000 local volunteers. For being truly truly great hosts this week. Also to Tom and Jim Benson and -- -- For all you have done for this community. Everybody here has done an outstanding job. You should be very proud. And we are very grateful. Now we will get your questions I think we're gonna start Ribery will learn the -- Right. There president recently said he wouldn't think twice about. Having a son played football against -- You'll see the fans need to examine their conscience level. Is there any deeper rooted problem with the game and save team in the NFL might have realized and -- an NFL deal. Effectively has such problems. Well the issue of player health and safety has always been a party in the NFL. We will continue to make it a permanent prior to and you have our commitment to players ever commitment -- we will do that. I sort of playing the game when I was in fourth grade tackle football Washington DC. And I love the game of football. And it I started as a fan but I wouldn't give back one day a plan to tackle football. The the benefits of playing football. Teaching you the values. Teaching you character. Teach you how to get up and knocked out power to work and teamwork. They're extraordinary. Lessons in life that I used to just ahead. I -- so I welcome the president's comments because it has been a verdict. And we want to make sure that people understand what we're doing to make our game safer. -- -- -- -- But throughout sports. And the changes were making. In the NFL I think for changing all sports. Is a better recognition. Of head injuries. -- treating them conservatively. And that affects every sport. Beyond sports to your children playing in the kindergarten. And -- troops overseas. So what we are doing is leading the way to try to make sure people understand. That you need to treat these injuries seriously. And that we can make our game safer as we have done and I believe the changes we're making to our game we'll make football better. Who will make it safer. And he will make another sport safer so we're proud of her accomplishments and we have more to do but we will not relent on this tour commissioner Roger -- here on WW. Only -- matter -- -- Mike Carroll following USA today's sports more on the same issue. Joseph Flacco immediate days as the current fine system isn't working it's not changing the way. That defensive players are playing he's gonna get hit no matter while you're doing is taking money out of their pockets. Stephen shot he said he thinks maybe -- needs to be taken into consideration. Flacco also saying maybe suspensions but -- -- it might get through some of these guys are going to use me. Up their comments. About maybe whether suspensions is where you need to go and I know that the league is trying to suspend everything. I'm glad you remind yourself of that but. You know that it it. This is something that we have seen an escalation in the discipline because we are trying to take these techniques. Out of the game. And I think it was about four years ago this very press conference -- said we have to take. These. Hits it out of the game that we think have a higher risk of causing injuries and the focus was on defenseless players. And I stand prior record -- I think we have made those changes and made the game safer. But I think we're going to have to continue to see. Disappointment escalation. Particularly on repeat. Our defenders. And is not just hope the players the defensive player this -- protected. Is the person doing the striking. We see in the injury rates that the defense -- player and if the defense effect for having a higher injured right. So taking these hits of the game can be positive the most effective way of doing that and I'm not for a few -- Aussie dollar players on the field. Is when their repeat offenders and they are to taking and it's been involved with these dangerous techniques. There -- -- take Martha -- suspension gets through to him. Thank you through on the basis that they don't know what to teammates down and they wanna be on the field. And we want him on the field so we'll continue to emphasize the importance of following those rules. And when their violations. We will -- greatly disappoint. Yes. Zero USA today. I know that the system for world distant friends were -- -- violations of the criticism exists in around you have. -- arbitrators in our chairman Ted Cottrell. And also my understanding is that. In a new drug policy -- would be willing to have neutral arbitration. In that regard to sort of -- if you can confirm that aren't. But also the NFL PA said yesterday that. On it is seeking to have neutral arbitration forum on field I'm. The field discipline issues and I'm wondering if you see connection. Demand it as another component to it stands still in negotiations. For raise -- testing. Well it's the -- journey to that point yeah. You're correct in our collective bargaining agreement that we signed two years ago. We did agree to HGH testing and is part of that we reached a new -- neutral arbitration. For drug cases. So we will do that as soon as we reach agreement on the HGH -- I expect and hope will be very soon. So we have moved down that path and effective way on the field to we have a system that. Then I think his work to quite effectively I don't remember all the decisions but I don't expect to. Off the field beyond the drug issue. It's very important for us. To maintain our integrity in our brands. We expect to people or northern game from the commissioners to the players and coaches. To make sure that they uphold those standards. We have three great young man here today. There are finalists for the Walter Payton man of the year award I'm proud of our players I'm proud of what they do. But we always have to make sure there were reflecting. Positively on the shield. And so when they're violations along those lines and better tax on it integrity of the game and that is something that the commissioners had that authority. For several decades. Several versions of CBS. And that is not something we're gonna -- -- always have pulled the students -- the NFL. Because the fans deserve that and I believe the players deserve that. And that is the commissioner's role and you can hold me accountable for it and I'll stand by my decisions. Parents -- racial from CNN turner sports I wanted to ask you make a comment about minority hiring and coaching and you saying that you weren't satisfied with any. What do you think there's some of the issues that continues to make this problem how much can bring about real change. Well first the ready room has been very effective. Over the last decade. But we have to look to see what the next generation of the Rooney rule list. What's going to take us to another level and are committed to finding that answer. And that's going to have to come from. The conversations. With a lot of people in this league to find out exactly what can be the most effective and allowing our talent to itself. And that's what -- is we want to make sure we have the best people in the best possible positions and give everybody that opportunity. To do that. And so we we want to focus back on how do we get to. But Rooney rule or an extension of the Rooney rule or a new generation of -- There will allow us do that. There was full compliance with the Rooney -- mirror. In fact I believe a record number of interviews. But we didn't have the outcomes we wanna. And the outcomes are to make sure that if we have full diversity throughout our coaching ranks runner executive ranks. And throughout the league office that's very important too to successfully to do that from committed to find those solutions. -- -- -- -- I know you've highlighted the players' safety in your opening statement. -- your reaction to begin until he's just thirty yesterday that says 70% of players do not trust their team's medical staffs. Well I did hear that yesterday. Last week we met for four hours with the union officials and several players were there were several owners Rivera. They did raise the issue. Making sure that we have proper medical attention. But they didn't raise those statistics. That was news to me as of yesterday. I'm disappointed because I think we have tremendous medical care for our players. These are not just team doctors. These doctors are affiliated with the best medical institutions. In the world. The Cleveland clinic Stanford. Hospital for Special Surgery. The medical care that's provided to our players who is extraordinary. And we will always seek to improve it we will always seek to figure out how we can do things better provide bedroom better medical care. But I think it's extraordinary and as I talk to players including one yesterday. They feel the same way. But we'll have to address that -- to figure out what we can do. To try and improvement one of those are also mentioned in the opening this well -- a neurosurgeon on the field. They can be there for consultation. Can be different of a set of eyes on the field and support. The doctors and trying to make sure they're making the best possible decisions on the field and off the field. And I believe our doctors to that. Yes doctor assuring Williams four star telegram when you're in Dallas for the owners' meetings in December he met with a match. How disappointing first of all isn't that so soon after Jerry Brown's 1015 minutes is a recipe for DW I. And second is there anything more the -- can do you tell players and this is not acceptable. Grocery and I think we have to go beyond telling. Players. We're telling me executives. The reality is we have to do a better job of educating. People me out of -- That this is not a priority but this is for. You -- safety. For the safety of the people in Cairo and hurt innocent people. Then there around and there are services. That are designed to try to help them. To make better decisions before they leave their homes. And we have to make sure that they understand those services and most importantly. Take advantage of the use of we didn't he was met I met with met last week. We're going to engage in a number of programs. To help educate all of our club's. Players coaches executives. What we can do victim impact programs. Have been very effectively use with several clubs over the past several months. And we're going to do that because this is not hurting. Not to seek the safety is part of our responsibility. In the communities that we looked. I don't know -- enjoy music you know yesterday and he was very cool. Seen -- -- -- satisfaction doctor David Shaw remains a charge people team doctor this. Sentence requested relief finding affordable. Replacement through your strong. It's an -- players deserve better. Let's talk -- Well in the collective bargaining agreement that the union's requests. We entered into an agreement I believe this article fifty. An article -- -- face it if there is an issue with any medical decision. For the medical professionals -- club. There can be a resolution. By engaging with independent doctors simply three neutral doctors including an NFL NBA and turning. And they will review the matter is I understand that's exactly what's going on in San Diego. So will allow the process to unfold. And I'm confident our doctors -- make the best possible decisions. For the players. And we're seeing behind that will engage in the process them little unfold. Yes it's Jim Thomas Saint Louis post dispatch. DO -- in the local stadium authority are waiting for an arbitrator's decision on. Stadium improvement proposals there are you confident that these two parties can resolve their differences and -- Rancho San Saint Louis. Well I haven't -- updated on the arbitration process. I understand that the potential for decision the next couple of weeks. It is seen as you know. Because and a part of the country didn't initially agreed to bring the -- Came to Saint Louis. You talk for ten years ago. And that is something that we are engaging and we want to make sure that the team gets a stadium issues resolved. Because they do need to have the kind of stadium to help support them for the long term. The Saint Louis I believe that the business community and officials in Saint Louis we want to welcome. Simply stand -- he wants an outcome and there are working together try to get there so again that the process is unfolding. I hope that they're gonna be able to reach an agreement and I'm optimistic there will. Just call -- they can't resolve their differences only willing to provide any stadium funding for those improvements. Well we're willing to do that in any market where there's a public private partnership. To allow. The other 31 clubs to help contribute. To financing the stadium. There won't help solve a problem for the long term so we can if we can get to the point where we have the structure of the deal. I am very confident that the legal. Support to and participate. Commissioner during this -- national. Your program remember missiles post recording. These eighteen game schedule and told us -- on the table and it is that a reality. And -- -- aids testing. Is that going to. Well let me start when you're the second portion your questions. I believe it HGH testing is going to happen prior to 2013. NFL season. It's the right thing to do. For the players. For their health well being long term it's the right thing to do. For the integrity of the game. And it's also the right thing to do to send the right message to everybody else and sports. You don't have to play the game by taking performance enhancing drugs the science is there. There's no question about that. These phone Olympics everyone has who believes that this sciences here and are utilizing the test. So we need to get that agreement. On the first part of your question we're always gonna reevaluate our she's a structure. We've been very open about the fact that we wanted to dress or pre season. Do we need for pre season games -- we only need two or three. How we continue to develop talent how we continue to evaluate players. The fans' reaction to the quality of precision. Is a big concern. So we have to do that collectively and that's -- the RC BA jobs. If we wanted to implement an eighteen game schedule we could have done that in the first TV yet. The ownership and management agreed. That we would do that collectively and we were considered. And balance the player health and safety issues with that. So we'll continue to evaluate that I think the changes that we made in the CB particularly in offseason training. The training camp period even during the regular season and limiting contact allowing players to get away from the game. That's been great for the players. And they deserve that. Every player I talked to tells me they feel better at this time of the year than I've ever felt in my past. And I think that's a direct result of some of the changes in the CBS. So we will continue to figure out how we can improve our season structure but will -- compromise if we can't do it a safe. An effective way. They rush hour and -- work well. Yesterday advocated. The appointment of chief safety officer over -- players' safety -- being. Mutually agreed upon whether that person is in them. Also advocated credentialing for all team doctors and trainers. Do you fear could still no way those kinds of advancements. What else. Well again Albert -- -- start with the fact we spent four hours. Last Friday meeting with the union officials including many players and owners. And that -- she did not come up. Was not raised during that entire four hours. That being said I would tell you that I believe that safety is all of our responsibilities. I can't appoint somebody who's gonna make the game safer as an individual. That's all of our responsibilities. Possibly -- probably accountable this part my responsibility. And I will do everything but the players have to do it -- coaches have to do it our officials have to do and our medical professionals have to do it. So all of us are going to have to do that. -- that being said since I just heard this in the last twelve hours. I'll do anything that's gonna help us make the game safer and better. And they have my commitment to that's probably happening -- in the dialogue. In the meeting where we can talk about the pluses and minuses and how we make to game six. Are -- -- receiving courtesy YouTube for. Now I was looking forward to hear from you sure you're if they're Russian unit what is -- -- this time. Yeah I finally decided what I'm going to do is tell your personal life in the forty weren't -- I don't know brand that. Here's what I would ask you pull all of these people. The first it was a booming coastal knowledge. Any sentiment. And that was in Los Angeles. Now -- tickets -- 850. 900 June -- it last year couple years ago somebody as far as our camera. Sounds like the price for example. Where you when certain manner. You're you're kind of our side. But they don't when he knew it as she reboot it loses some way to put a cap on this thing through the ticket only shows -- a certain price. The other thing I was gonna tape. Who says approval. They used to leave it and otherwise. Except to come after this improve. When man makes a pro quo he might make some approval. But the way they were in this arrangement I still think it would be better if we can have that ruling. After this you're going to -- was. Okay well let me start -- -- if there's a second was a comment the first part of your point was could there be a -- farm. Super Bowl ticket prices and I would tell you that I think our prices where we've worked very hard to try to keep the reasonable. To try to give access to people so they can attend the Super Bowl. It is very difficult because as you know they're being sold on the secondary market for multiples. Of the face value. So a couple years ago it was five years ago may have been the first shares commissioner. We put a cap on the certain number of tickets so that they can go to France. I think we captain 500 dollars. We found a lot of times most of the time those tickets ended up on the secondary market and multiples. So I want our fans via -- ten NFL games. I want -- to be able to come. Because they wanna enjoy the experience. Injury the event and it's affordable and it's safe. But the reality is our there's a market demands and there's a limited number of tickets. Only 70000 people -- gonna give him that superdome. But there are hundreds of thousands of people here in New Orleans this week that are celebrated and part of the event. And we worked hard to try to engage fans and create the NFL experience and allow people to be able look to calm and be part of the event. But there's only a limited number of seats producer NFL commissioner Roger hill's live for us from Toronto -- well -- -- after the hour. With the -- European. Looking back do you have any regrets on how the no saints -- investigation was handled and -- even though little younger player. Don't these were going to be overturned ultimately TC feel like the message. Still was sent you know -- teams into the players you can totally just -- manager in the future. Well let me just take a moment you get back to. Make sure every inch clear the record it there's no question that there is a -- program in place for three years. I think that that is bad horror of the players for the game. And I think the message is incredibly clear. And I don't believe management be part of football going forward that's good for everybody. So I do think that messages come through clear. As it relates to the regrets. Think my biggest regret. Is said. We aren't all recognizing that this is a collective responsibility. To get them out of the game and and to make the game safer. Clearly the team -- fell -- coaching staff. Executives. And players we all share that responsibility. And that's what I regret is that I wasn't able to to make that point clearly enough with the union -- others. But that is something that we're going to. Be. Incredibly relentless. Guess what conditions this morning though sports or. Do you find innovation for any aspects of the NFL to be improved. Whether it's consumer marketing digital media. Players' safety game operations for the -- experience. Is is solving a problem -- satisfying a need in the glamorous way to increase his value. And within the NFL. Is innovation primarily viewed as an ideology and we're used to process that is less glamorous but more productive. We'll -- vision that is something that we're proud are. I made that point. And just in my opening remarks. And it's it's a philosophy. It's about you can always get better. And that is your responsibility. To seek solutions. So are -- solutions I believe in solutions. You have to identify problems. And find those solutions but you also have to have a commitment. To finding a better way. And that is part of innovation. What is tricky. In an organization like the National Football League is we rely a lot on our tradition. That's important to us we believe in it. Oral round. But I said this when -- -- became commissioner sent it to the donors. When they fortunately Smart to me for this job. Shouldn't we are biggest risk is being complacent. We cannot assume that our success is going to continue. Just because we've been successful. And I think the last six years we have continued to find ways to improve. For this player health and safety where there is making the game better more exciting where there is giving fans have more opportunities to engage. With the game of football and get closer. The NFL network is now fully distributed. People are engaging with the NFL on their cellphones. We have more ways for fans. To engage and that's wire like to say that there's never been a better time to be a fan. So innovation is not -- just some theme. It is something that we feel on our core and something were always gonna work to try to make things better. Wikipedia college world over here you've got -- -- -- previous occasions that the competition committee. Will this -- towards the needs we don't have a situation like Brian Cushing oh to Houston Texas losing season and a block like that. Is a long term goal for player safety to maybe create. Eight baseball type of strike zone which is really commit chest to just above the two went head injuries and maybe some lower -- extremity issues. Well there's several things he first. We're gonna review all low blocks. In working -- our. Player advisory committee didn't run him I'm John Madden. The chair. We talked about that early this year shortly after the break Cushing. Injury. -- we need to review all of those low blocks and it's important for us to try to find is there a better way of doing what we're doing. And we are. Focused on that with the competition committee. Is your relation to would you call a strike zone. There's no question that there is a focus on trying to get back to the fundamentals of tackling. The number one issue is take the head out of the game. I think we've seen in the last several decades it. The that players are using their hit more than they have when you go back several decades. There's several theories on that. The helmets are better picture of safer use Internet. The face mask you can -- to our series we've discussed. But the reality is we have to give back to that tackling using the shoulders using -- your arms apartment to tackle. And there is a strike zone and that's where we're encouraging our players. To focus and our coaches to coach that way. And it's made a difference we have seen a dramatic change. In the way that's happening over the last couple years so we'll continue that. Commissioner Mike wise Washington Post. Vincent -- and they are -- CC recently said it. If the Redskins were -- and entertain the idea of coming back to districts there and have to be discussion about the name issue. And recent Indian cut the most recent Indian Country today calls the largest the American magazine. Days this view to contradict anything Sports Illustrated world. The Annenberg institute did about ten years ago and say that the overwhelming number of Indians American Indians turned out like the name. He feels defensive one to you. Does the league currently -- absorb the legal costs for the team when they're sued. Over trademark infringement infringement. By the American Indians. And two as a progressive commissioner. How do you feel about the name and and do you have any problem with that going forward. Well the first part of your question I couldn't answer I have no idea who -- legal costs. I do know that. Groping -- Washington. I do understand the affinity for that name with the fans. I also understand the other side of that and I I don't think anybody wants to offend anybody. Preserve this has been discussed several times. Over. A long period of time. I think I -- Schneider in the organization made it very clear that their problem that. Heritage and and that thing and I believe the fans are too. -- -- until -- press conference I. This -- -- commissioner Roger Goodell on the. If you only anathema dot com TVs better down here -- -- next year's Super Bowl pep talk a lot about. You know feeling a little bit of pressure carrying the banner for -- letter cold weather city. Is what they do next year and and you know this extends our problems of the logistical challenge they have left. You know you your future decisions -- or consideration of other cold weather sites. Well the answer is. Undoubtedly. The game next year's going to have an impact on future decisions. Were open -- cold weather sites. We believe though in the new York New Jersey market. We think there's going to be a fantastic event. I have said married times -- Florida believe -- membership. Has supported us through their vote for awarding the Super Bowl where. That not only his community. Prepared for this. They have a great stadium it was two teams. The plans that have been developed. Before the Super Bowl I think her extraordinary and and they're just beginning to. To be released. And we won't we're prepared for the weather factors and this community can do that but the game of football. Is made to be played in the elements. And we hope they're not extreme. On one hand but we will be prepared for that if that's the case. But some of our -- classic games in our history. Replace an extreme weather conditions. You know a moment ago I spoke some of the games that I look back -- -- -- -- -- that was wrong. So I'm confident the people of new York New Jersey. There's two teams the host committee are rendered extraordinary job. Make sure we're looking forward to. And this commission comes from ESPN importance. There aren't just tennis and history in the US and Mexico the first came out Sunday -- -- in Mexico I wanted to ask you why hasn't been -- come back. Since 2005. -- -- -- I'm -- to -- -- -- one -- -- and and there was it was a great event. And you can see the passion. Of the fans in Mexico for that came. And we would like to be back here. Our focus yeah. In the last couple years has obviously been on trying to prove the model works and -- okay. We have. To make sure that when we do come back to Mexico and I expect we will. If we do is successful and there will do with the right kind of television support of fan support sponsor involvement. And this stadium. Will be the kind of stage that we want for that game. So I would expect -- for successful UK which we thankfully you're continuing to grow. There won't have the opportunity to back here and the sooner the better for me. Should it be union talked about following multiple grievances. Against the half. And it recently appealed via its collusion mosque in the Minnesota federal court TV circuit. Are you disappointed -- the relationship with the union has remained so litigious. Well Dan let me start with the point -- I don't really control. -- I think disappoints me is -- we reached very comprehensive agreement. A couple of years ago for ten years. To take the game to another level. And unfortunately. We're spending most of her time. Focusing on issues that we had agreed to. As you point out collusion charges which were very clearly Delaware's. In the agreement litigation was very clearly brilliant -- agreed to. Appreciation. Was agreed to we should have gotten to the point where we solve our differences we got members off. Commissioner disciplined. I can go watch these are things were resolved and are clear in the document. And in our partnerships -- we need to do is give back to focusing on how do we all work together. To make the NFL better. I understand we're gonna have differences I understand why their grievances I understand why there are lawyers. But we have to find solutions. For the best interest of the game and that's my commitment and that's what we have to work towards. Its. Origin -- Sports Illustrated. Addressing the players it is she's just shear responsibility. Report earlier this year Alan Smith sustained a concussion. Was forthcoming about his condition and Molly was found and lost the starting job in my question for you -- how concerned are you they're going forward. Players are going to be less honest about their condition after seeing a situation like that. Well I also believe very strongly that there's a difference between a medical decision -- a football decision. I'm glad he came forward to identify -- had an injury that wouldn't be in the best interest. Alex in the short term or long term so players need to do that. I also believe it and he's been healthy for several weeks that those are football decisions that the coaches -- -- he's healthy enough to return to play. But the coaches made a decision and you're going another direction. And that's something that the coaches have to do. Tomorrow. I need to understand -- somewhat dormant. For highest -- you can have -- former players to make sure that they raise their hand. When there's an injury. And so that they can get the proper treatment these are not going to be effective -- players. If they have lingering problems if they have lingering issues with a concussion. They need to be as healthy as possible to compete in this league and we don't wanna see the players on the field. But -- -- the coaches make there's football decisions and the medical personnel to make tremendous medical decisions. -- -- mentally -- here on WW LI MF your doctor Collins. First of. -- do you feel welcome here in New Orleans given away. People feel about you in light of the bounty gate scandal we establishments and have your picture this they do not serve this man. What do you have. Feel somewhat like your behind enemy lines and and then secondly. Saints fans wanna know why you won't return this second round draft choice in the next draft. Well let me take -- first for your question. I couldn't feel more welcome here. You know when you look back into my pictures you point out each and every restaurant. I had a flow. In the Marty yard parade. We get a voodoo doll. I'm seriously. It's really it's there -- people here have been incredible. The last couple of nights and now -- a lot of people. That are worked very closely -- is following the Katrina tragedy. And we celebrated. The work that we did them for what we did this we are reflected on how great that was who worked together. And they couldn't be nicer they couldn't be more welcoming. And that's the same true with fans. Now I understand the fans' loyalty. Is to the team. They have no part of this. They were completely innocent in this. So I appreciate the passion I saw that for myself when we're done here Katrina. And it's clear that. That's what they're all about so I support effective they're passionate in supporting their team. -- the last point. The reason there won't be any change in the second round draft choice is what I said earlier. There are clear violations. Of the -- -- for three consecutive years. That's not gonna be permitted in the NFL it's not just my judgment. Commissioner Tagliabue reviewed this and had his own process and came to the same conclusion. Sisters and violations. So we'll. The reason why were not returning any of the draft choices -- any -- discipline is because it occurred and it should not have occurred. Larry older and one -- the communal dot com kind of piggybacking on that question. Yesterday talk with NFL PA president Dominic Foxworth and he said because of the bounty scandal and everything has happened. Trust has been fractured from the players within the leave. How do you fix that considering. Penalties were levied and then they were vacated twice spying bill other you know through other -- older than you. Well let's make sure the record's clear error the first penalties for vacated and only briefly to make sure that there is a distinction. Between what was a salary cap violation and what was disappointment on the field. Which that body called the panel established by the CPA and made it very clear that that's the authority of the commission. The second issue is doing and commissioner Tagliabue right. Agree on the facts. There was no difference in the findings of the facts -- respect to the investigation. Done by the league. Overseen by Mary Jo White. Verified by commissioner -- process. The only difference. Whereas it keep vacated due to the disappointment. From the players. We disagree that I disagree it was a I believe that we're all responsible for what goes -- In our locker rooms on the field. As part of her game. And that's a collective responsibility. So we're not going to apart from that that will be something that movie and I showed it to her clothes and December when we met. Everyone here should understand the responsibility for our rules will be enforced. Fairly. And as clearly as possible. So I'm gonna have to work harder. To try to make sure of it we can work together. We can trust one another. But we also need to make sure that we gonna say we're gonna have differences from time to time. And that's okay. But there needs to be a fair resolution and move forward in a positive word for the game before. Commissioner new Reynolds -- -- in London. Tough to tell us what the the selling out fifty games in London for twenty fencing. What kind of message that sense -- ownership with the results of potentially different times. I think the message is very clear. There are passionate fans that love the NFL. In the UK and I did leave globally. And that they heard these and other steps that we need to look forward to him when the very beginning that process. What's the next step beyond the two games. Shrewd move to three should reconsider other alternatives to continue to accelerate the growth of the game in the UK. But I think it's a positive. Reaction from the fans -- our ownership understands. This is a market where we need to be more active. And and we need to continue to Burbank.